Executive Director Of Al Sharpton’s N.A.N. Responds To Bill O’Reilly’s Criticism Of Cash Money Book Deal

(AllHipHop News) Fox News host Bill O’Reilly has publicly criticized National Action Network president and MSNBC host Rev. Al Sharpton for signing a book deal with Cash Money Content. O’Reilly called Cash Money a company that sells “entertainment that is harmful to children.”

Sharpton’s decision to release his upcoming memoir, The Rejected Stone, with the same parent company that is home to rapper Lil Wayne has also been a point of compliant. Sharpton played a pivotal role in connecting PepsiCo with the family of Emmett Till after the soda giant broke ties with Wayne because of his controversial lyrics about the brutally slain teenager in the song “Karate Chop (Remix)”.

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Tamika D. Mallory, executive director of the National Action Network, contacted AllHipHop.com to issue a statement addressing O’Reilly’s objection to Sharpton working with Cash Money.

Read Ms. Mallory’s full statement below.

As National Executive Director of National Action Network (NAN) and head of the Decency Initiative, I find it a blatant contradiction that Bill O’Reilly would question our President, Rev. Al Sharpton writing a book on the evolution of his principles and ideas, detailing among other things why he is against certain lyrics in hip-hop and has stopped himself from using specific words. Being published by Simon & Schuster in a joint venture with the parent company Cash Money Content, which itself has a relationship with the parent company of Cash Money Records, I find Mr. O’Reilly’s assertions a contradiction because I sit on the Diversity Council of News Corp that owns Fox News and the New York Post in the seat designated for National Action Network. Both of these media are frequent, consistent critics of Rev. Sharpton and NAN, and have done things that many of us disagree with in terms of aspirations of the Black community.

News Corp also continues to support National Action Network functions and events financially, so if Rev. Sharpton can say we disagree with the News Corp entity, but should be open to dialogue, by what standards might he say to Simon & Schuster, that we are not open to doing business with Cash Money, especially since he can express his problems with lyrics and language in the book? Either we have one standard or not.

Secondly, I was in the meeting between Pepsi executives, the family of Emmett Till and Rev. Sharpton. There was nobody from Cash Money in that meeting because Pepsi had severed all ties with Lil’ Wayne, and Cash Money and had done so at the urging of both the Till family and Rev. Sharpton. The purpose of the meeting was for Pepsi to assure the family and Rev. Sharpton they were not going to reinstate the Lil’ Wayne deal. To insinuate that there was some deal in the meeting is a blatant lie. The fact remains that Pepsi had still withdrawn any relationship with Lil’ Wayne, so what would there be a deal around? The book deal with Simon & Schuster and Cash Money Content was signed through Massenburg Media and Rev. Sharpton last year and the book was in publication even before the Lil’ Wayne/Pepsi controversy occurred. The evidence of that is that the galleys are already out.

Finally, as Rev. Sharpton often says, “We can have different opinions, but we can not have different facts.”

-Tamika D. Mallory, National Executive Director, National Action Network

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44 Responses to “Executive Director Of Al Sharpton’s N.A.N. Responds To Bill O’Reilly’s Criticism Of Cash Money Book Deal”

  1. EDOGZ818

    Sounds like Cash Money bought off the good Rev, who traditionally, has always been for sale.

    Bill O’Rielly has been on some BS since the Ludacris / Pepsi debacle, and AHH Writer Truth Minista Paul Scott has consistently made Hannity, & O’Rielly mashed potato in televised debates.

    The Rev is cashing out…still.


    I watched this bullshit the other night and I was livid…..in fact I watch bill o frequently just to hear the garbage he spews….that nigga dr marc lamont whatever used to get in bill ass tho….fox don’t have him on too much anymore lol

    • DJ7

      You actually have to watch from time to time in order to stay abreast of what the opposition is scheming on….you’d be amazed how many brothas & sistas watch fox news religiously…and literally buy into that propaganda bs…it’s a brotha (so called brotha anyway…not gon mention his name b.u.t. I’m pretty sure you’ve seen his post when we’re speaking on real issues) regurgitating lame azz fox programming nonsense

      • TALK_BOSS

        That’s exactly why I watch cuz I work with all them creepy ass crakkas and I need to kno how they think…..never worked with another black in my field for 12yrs now smh….these crakkas disrespectful when a solid knowledgeable young black man come thru that don’t need their tutelage. …but I guess I gotta learn to be a more passive negro

      • DJ7

        It stands for Born Universal Truth…It’s an acronym I use vs. the conjunction/connector “but” because the word “but” proceeds a lie, excuse or some sort of false hood…No need to release negative energy when building feel me

  3. Asher "Black Bomb" Sommer

    This is stupid. Mr. Bill O Reilly. Instead of criticising Al Sharptons book deal with cash money contents. Please look at your own boss.
    Who owns fox news?

    Rupert Murdoch.
    A foreigner from Australia, who entertains a political news channel in the US. The same man who has been spying on politicians in britain. the same man who has been forging fake news in order to generate more sales for his newsmedia group. The same person who ended unbiases news coverage around the world. Giving professional journalism a hard time. Compared to Murdoch, Baby of Cash Money’s record looks a lot cleaner.

  4. Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    again! answer the question head on… why do business with a company that promotes that trash but its ok for a check SHaprton? I swear we love to shoot ourselves in the foot over dumb shit. black people wake up!

  5. seektherapy

    Also, president Obama’s daughter’s will never experience racism. If all black American’s looked at their family photos, you can completely tell they are extremely smart and educated. Michele Obama was completely square when they met. They waited to have children, until they were successful. He should have been telling black American’s to take school seriously. Al Sharpton has an agenda and its not to make African American’s equal. Al Sharpton is basically saying, I’ve got a retarded brother/sister who cannot be successful cut some slack

  6. seektherapy

    I’m pretty sure Bill O’Reilly is referring to
    this, “Race and Intelligence: Science’s Last Taboo”. Too many
    Black Americans suck at math and science. The facts are published for the world
    to see. If any black American tried to debate these statistics, then go to all
    the top universities and the Ivy League schools in the United States and
    research the black student’s habits who are attending. Al Sharpton should use
    the money he collects from social supporters and from the civil rights
    committee’s to send a few thousand black American’s to china for a year. Make
    them attend a private school. Most likely these students would come back
    smarter than most.

    • Nemesis_Enforcer

      So you have been to “to all the top universities and the Ivy League schools in the United States”???

      If so, YOU sir probably have some crazy sky miles. Other than that please provide sources when you throwing out “facts”.

      • seektherapy

        Apparently you didn’t watch “Race and Intelligence: Science’s Last Taboo

      • Troll_E_G

        Study Kemet n the Moors ….we civilized europe during the dark ages

      • seektherapy

        You want me to watch some black power propaganda? No thank you ! It’s just as ridiculous as white power beliefs.

      • Troll_E_G

        No its fact….LOL…..maybe hard to believe for bigots

      • truth202

        To add to this conversation and shed some light… Kemet is ancient Egypt. It was referred to as Kemet before Egypt. And if you do some research whether it’s coming from a ‘white’ scientific source or whatever it’s widely accepted that most if not all forms of math (such as calculus and algebra) and science originate with the Egyptians.

        A lot Egyptian influence came from Nubia, they were located beside each other. Either way they are both a part of Northern Africa. and one more for the road (don’t want to overload you) but All people, not just blacks come from Africa at some point in their ancestry.

      • seektherapy

        Nemesis_Enforcer will you please watch what I posted and get the black panther off my back.

      • seektherapy

        What’s a lie? This is my opinion. I do believe some people are born smart and I am not one of them. I think affirmative action should make minorities feel inferior.. Education IS NOT A WHITE THING.. I also think the way someone dresses sets immediate stereo types and profiling.. if I saw a person wearing pantyhose over their head, I would think bank robber. A person of any race wearing hoodie in warm weather raises questions. Personally I would think gangster or Unabomber. To think black Americans are fighting against education and professionalism blows my mind.

      • truth202

        Sometimes people are too smart for their own good. By this I mean you sound intelligent but you are missing very important points.
        Such as, you say you would profile someone wearing a hoodie in warm weather.. Are you referring to Trayvon Martin? He was wearing a hoodie in the rain. I would assume anybody of any intelligence if they had a hoodie in the rain would wear it. Affirmative action was put in place because regardless of what you may think, systematic racism still exist. It’s there to help even odds when it comes to employment because some companies, unless they had to (hence affirmative action), would never hire a black employee regardless of credentials.

        Black americans are not fighting against education or professionalism. Since 1997 its a 1.7 million increase of the number of black americans in college. Also black american make up 13.1% of the population in america(2012 census) and make up 13.1% of college students. Seems pretty on par to me. White (alone no mix) makes up 77.9% of the pop. and 64.4% of college students. Seems like blacks actually send more children to college on a scaled level. Hmmm

        The media does a good job of pointing out the bad and manipulating statistics but not giving a full and accurate truth. I encourage you and everyone else to start doing their own research and lets continue pushing for a better america and life for all

      • seektherapy

        Because this entire argument started from Trayvon death . Let me ask you this. Why would Obama speak out about Trayvon and not Kevin Houston (a true American heroe) I am ashamed and disquisted how Al Sharpton never recognized him. 🙁 google: “Remembering Kevin”

      • seektherapy

        Yep Kevin wore a hoodie, while in Afghanistan. But what he did for our country excused him

      • Asher "Black Bomb" Sommer

        Please don’t be in denial. As if anybody is really looking forward to find black scientists. They are just there to fulfill a quota. Look at Science magazine. All latest discoveries through research are either Caucasian or Asian scientists. I should know that since my brother is holding a doctorate in physics.

  7. seektherapy

    Just thought of another idea.. Why doesn’t Al Sharpton encourage black American parents into making their children take the SSAT or ISEE Test? Then hip hop artists, record labels and civil rights leaders can fund private schooling for eligible students,. Obama’s daughter’s attend Sidwell Friends School. Take a look at the Sidwell Friends School Admissions Process. Poverty is an excuse because allot of the children in China who decide to go to school live in unspeakable conditions.. I bet Bill O’reily would totally donate.

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