What If The Music Boycott Of Florida Really Did Happen?

Musical icon Stevie Wonder proclaimed that he would never again perform in Florida until the “Stand Your Ground” laws were repealed.

Afterwards, all the other artists magically cancelled their scheduled concerts, which eventually amassed millions of dollars and huge legal woes. However, their gesture of solidarity and commitment meant more than money.

This was about the life and tragic death of Trayvon Martin and the travesty of justice known as the trial of George Zimmerman.

After the list was published, the media ran with it, citing a journalist named April Ryan. Somebody finally put the key in the revolution and started the engine.

And -poof-it all began to unravel.

What if it did happen?

But, what if — what if — the massive entertainment based boycott above had come to life as it had momentarily in the oft-fictitious world of the blogosphere.

What if Young Jeezy stood his ground side by side with Madonna on this issue in protest of the not guilty verdict of one George Zimmerman? Here’s how it would go down…

Immediately, the artists would realize that their emotions got the better of them in the case of George Zimmerman. Their lawyers and business managers would quickly give them a rundown of exactly how much money they could potentially lose for taking a stand of this sort. Many of the artists like Rod Stewart would also realize that they really didn’t follow the specifics of the case and that he sympathized with Zimmerman in a way.

Of course Trayvon Martin deserved to live, but had he been instructed like the jury, what would he really have done?

Some, like Kanye West, Mary J. Blige and Trey Songz realized quickly that it was much bigger than Florida and Trayvon. Some 26 states in America have Stand Your Ground Laws (with Florida being the first) and there was no way they were going to boycott all of them. Will.I.Am talked to Fergie and she informed him that Zimmerman didn’t even evoke “Stand Your Ground” in court and it really wasn’t truly the reason he was found not guilty in the killing of Trayvon Martin.

Erykah Badu, being the mystic she is, empathized with all the black-owned businesses that would also suffer in Florida. U.S. Census Bureau backed her up too, as Florida was right behind Georgia and New York in the recent surge of black owned businesses. Plus, she was with Usher – she didn’t want the fans to suffer for what Zimmerman did. Madonna recalled the ’08 backlash she felt after saying, “Sarah Palin can’t come to my party! Sarah Palin can’t come to my show!” She didn’t want that again.

Heck, The Rolling Stones realized they were just wrong in backing the boycott, citing they were getting close to joining the ever-growing senior citizen population there in the Sunshine State.

And after a while, all of the artists in this fictitious tale realized, “This is deeper than anything I’ve ever been involved in and I’m not ready for this battle.” Folks like Jay Z lent their face to the cause and kept on with business.

And then reality returned.

In my gut, I knew the boycott of this magnitude couldn’t be real, even though I was hopeful that the masses of otherwise apathetic entertainers would do something radical. But, these days “radical” is sending out a tweet opposing the verdict of George Zimmerman.

For the remainder, head over to TheGrio.com.

  • IToldYoMommaYouAintSh_t

    Illseed is that you? Now THIS is WTF I’m talking about! DOPE ASS ARTICLE!!!!!!! We are too comfortable and spoiled with life as it is. Sad to say but, this too shall pass…and nobody is REALLY going to do a thing.

  • One Nite Stanley

    I’m heart broken at the fact that we lost a young black man to some racist bullshit. But I also know that the State of Florida just couldn’t prove its case. I also know have George Zimmerman been Tyrone Robinson, and Travon Martin been Seth Schwartz, the outcome would have played out much differently. It’s the world we live in…this shit ain’t nuthin new…..

    • Sean Taylor

      It wasn’t racist. He didn’t even know Trayvon was black…..

      • biafra

        How has living in mars been?

  • The boycott was a stupid idea, and I think that is why such cases like this are used to sensationalize & divide the population. While the Oscar Grant case was more clear cut, it was also downplayed in the media.

    Ask any 5 Non Hip Hoppers what happened with Trayvon Martin & then asked them who is Oscar Grant. 70% will not know who Oscar Grant is, while the remaining 30% will think he is Darius Simmons.

    It’s like fattening up for slaughter, they Big them up….before tearing them down. While we may look at it like “WTF does that?”, this is the game they play, for that “GOOD” kill. A record setting 800lb deer makes for a better story, but that 150lb deer is much more fleet footed and elusive, and harder to catch up with.

    The economics part?

    Between Capitalism, Meritorious Manumissions, and (1638’s? Maryland’s Doctrine of *) Exclusions, there is no unity unless it’s around the dollar / labor. There is no economic base, only this Monopoly Man system to re-invest in…knowing the bank always wins in the end.

    Stevie’s career is over, it was a great one, he is still great, but the last time he topped the charts, Ice T was dancing in Joe Ski Love’s “Pee Wee Herman Dance” video, and Michael DeLorenzo wasn’t NY Undercover yet, but a dancing gang member in Michael Jackson’s “Beat It!” video….which was actually hot at the time, representing the times in the hood. (Minus the gang bangers flamboyant dance moves …..People saw “Beat Street” (*Rae Dawn Chong calls Oprah N*word, AHH Rumors) & thought because Rock Steady would whup that @$$, that they were the same type of dudes as Spit & Ramo.

    That is where the worlds began to mix, as that was what was being promoted, the integrating of negativity into the music, leading up to Trayvon’s portrayal being negatively viewed by Zimmerman. These same artist are promoting the same negativity, so they aren’t the solution, since they are poisoning the music.

    (No Shots, it’s not their intention or fault)

    The stand your ground law is a good law, and it applied to both participants in this case & neither should have went to prison, but this highlights not only Black Americans, for lack of better words than “Stolen Africans” , and White Americans need for their own. If Zimmerman wants to profile, let him do that ‘chet in White America & if NPP wants to hate white people, let them do that ‘chet in Black America, & let their populations deal with it accordingly.

    These dudes are boycotting the right to self defense?

    Sorry, that’s some coon ‘chet to me.

    Maybe get some Black CCW Holders & restart Panther patrols finaced by the Fla show $$$ & security profits. IMHO >> Better solution

    Kick that ‘chet off with a Jay Bey Tour 1st stop in honor of Tray, and as a recruitment drive & now you talking “PowerNomics”, not symbolic gestures.

    They are paying security anyway, so make it a 501C(3) charitable organization, apply for grants & write off the security expenses as cost of business, and get that Fla $ circulating through the community, as opposed to being siphoned out, while strengthening the community in more ways than one, which will happen when resources get pooled.

    (*Black Wall Street)

    The flip side is, when you start to become self sufficient & independent …they will kill you.

    The verdict was just as fair as it would have been if Trayvon was on trial…instead of Zimmerman.

    • hoeyuno

      I was curious(no homo) on your view of this ish. I know your a for the people type of brother but at the same time you take your self defence laws to heart. but you really think the outcome would be the same if the table’s were turned?? you don’t have to be black or American to see how racism is still very alive in the land of the free. I bet there are more black men in jail for crimes they didn’t commit then all other races put together… I think how the law is written your opinion is educated and unbiased but the law is flawed. it leaves room for vigilantes to harass people then kill them when they get a reaction they don’t like.

      • Hell no the outcome wouldn’t have been the same. They probably would have pressured Tray to cop out to 15yrs, or gave him life after he blew trial.

        Still, that same law gives you the right to give that harassing vigilante some Mocha if he presses up. It cuts two ways, but I doubt the average vigilante or white person for that matter wants to risk it to kill a Black person.

      • Sean Taylor

        “I was curious (no homo)”

        Damn you’re not comfortable enough in your own skin to say I was curious without thinking it’s a “homo” comment.


      • hoeyuno

        was it weird growing up with two dads who hold hands when they walk you to school.

  • ShaStud

    Couldnt have said it better.. Great read

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    With all due respect black people today are cowardly and submissive. They lost that fighting spirit. Some are still looking for them voices from the civil rights era. These people in the position of from actors,rappers and etc… Really do not care. These kids today are all zombies and followers. Nobody wants to be educated on anything. They rather twerk,pop pills, wear the flyest clothing and be niggers! I am ashamed of my race at times!Always blaming other races instead of ourselves. Why cant we get it together?

  • Jahb1911

    Nobody stands for anything anymore but the money.. The days of Ali losing his wealth, his title for what he believed in is gone…….

    • theKID

      True indeed. Ali was a once n a lifetime kinda guy tho. Its fucked up 2 think his legacy will be looked over the same way as a Malcolm, Martin, etc. They sacrificed so we could make progress as a ppl. We’ve only REGRESSED since then. Plus, “our” celebrities aint shit anyways. They don’t truly believe n a cause such as this. They r far removed.

  • MercedNative209

    boycott = manipulation of the ignorant masses