[Video] Harry Belafonte Wants Sit Down With Jay Z And Beyonce

(AllHipHop News) Harry Belafonte would like to meet with Jay Z and wife Beyonce.

Presently, Belafonte is now in Florida attempting to sway legislation to repeal the “Stand Your Ground” laws and protest the acquittal of George Zimmerman.

Jay and Belafonte have had exchanges with culminated on Jay Z’s album Magna Carta Holy Grail, where he tested the legendary Belafonte’s criticism that he and wife Beyonce lacked political tact.

In an interview with MSNBC, Belafonte was asked if Jay Z should continue to play a concert with Justin Timberlake in August, but he expounded greatly.

“I would be hard pressed to tell Mr. Jay Z what to do with this time and his fortune. All I can be critical is of what he is not doing,” the entertainment and Civil Rights icon said. “This conflict that is emerging was not from me as a direct attack on Jay Z or Beyonce. I was at a press conference in Switzerland. Questions were raised by the international press. They asked about the artists and the social engagement of the past based on a film we were watching…and how artists responded earlier in my life and how they responded today.”

“And I made the observation that the highly powerful voice that our community has – Black America has – there is so much celebrity power that it was sad to see that the collective of the celebrity power had not been applied to bring consciousness to the inequities that we face,” Belafonte said. “Artist that heard that responded in a very strong way. You’ll find that Jamie Foxx, you’ll find Chuck D [of Public Enemy]…you find that any number of highly profiled people have taken that critique and called for [a meeting]. We’ve sat. We’ve talked. And I will tell you now that these people that I’ve just mentioned are officially behind Dream Defenders. They are prepared to come down. They are prepared to perform. I would hope that Jay Z would not take personally what was said because it was not said about him personally.”

He finished by extending an invitation to the rapper and singer to sit down privately.

“Having said that, I would like to say to Jay Z, to Beyonce: My heart is wide open and filled with nothing but hope and the promise that we can sit and have a one-on-one. And lets understand each other rather than try to answer these questions and these nuances in a public place.

Jay Z expressed his grievances recently in an interview with his own Life + Times website.

“I’m offended by that because first of all, and this is going to sound arrogant, but my presence is charity. Just who I am. I felt Belafonte he just went about it wrong. Like the way he did it in the media, and then he big’d up Bruce Springsteen or somebody. And it was like, ‘whoa,’ you just sent the wrong message all the way around,” Jay Z said.

For now, Belafonte remains camped out in Florida with the Dream Defenders, who have stayed committed to fighting laws like Stand Your Ground.

Jay Z has not had an opportunity to respond to the video at press time.

The whole video is below.

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  • johnblacksad

    Now, that’s the type of move one can only respect… propz to all cause i know this sit down is gonna happen!

    • Yeah, but it’s kinda sour already!

      Hope Jay Z doesn’t hold THAT grudge.

      • DJ7

        Typical media sensationalism…they took the man’s response completely out of text…on purpose… to initiate friction no doubt…the ol’ cut and paste technique a.k.a.”soundbite”…Jay reacted accordingly…emotionally wounded…as prescribed by said offenders…in hopes of this meeting never coming to fruition and if by chance it does, already be somewhat compromised, weakening what positivity could have transpired….I’m still optimistic about these two powerful brothas coming together tho…recognizing game….sort out their grievances…come to an overstanding and moving forward in a positive light, regardless of that seed of destruction which has already been planted…we’ll cee

      • Indeed, but IMHO, the SYG law is actually a good law.

        Tray had the right.

        As far as Jay Z & Belafonte, right or wrong, Harry has put in major work, and if Jay Z was doing his part, Harry wouldn’t have checked him.


      • Malik


        But one might understand why Jay Z felt slighted because he was name-checked in that statement by Harry even though the statement was all encompassing. But Jay’s response was flat out disrespectful to say the least, compare the different approach employed by his wife for example.

        “…and this is going to sound arrogant, but my presence is charity. Just who I am.” – Jay Z

        No other ‘Whitie’ goes around telling other ‘Whities’ to keep Us in check but they know to keep Us in check.


        It’s because it’s been ingrained in them from adolescence not to recognize Blacks as equals. They see it everywhere; in everything they do; they hear it in conversations their parents have and they see it in the way the system is setup to discriminate against Us – their kids just saw Trayvon got killed with no repercussions for fcuksake. So for them it’s the natural order of things and they grow up enforcing it consciously or sub-consciously.

        When a ‘Whitie’ deviates from this set norm, he’s labelled irresponsible by his peers and ever so gently gets nudged aside and relinquished of any authority.

        But Jay still consider himself above the collective by labeling his appearance a ‘charity’. That mindset right there is the problem and the reason why we are losing this battle.

        Should anybody have to tell Jay to elevate his race?

        Shouldn’t it come naturally as the air he breathes?

        And for the record, I DON’T RESPECT JAY Z IN ANY FORM, SHAPE OR SIZE, just wanted to put that out there.

        To me, you are not a great man because you excel in business, you are one because you are compassionate.

      • “To me, you are not a great man because you excel in business, you are one because you are compassionate.”

        True spill ^^^

        Hard to put Jay Z in the RACE…because he’s winning the RACE as an individual.

        His appearance is charity, in a sense. Samsung payed 20 Mil for it?

      • johnblacksad


        “I made it so, you could say Marcy and it was all good
        I ain’t crossover I brought the suburbs to the hood
        Made em relate to your struggle, told em bout your hustle
        Went on MTV with do-rags, I made them love you
        You know normally them people wouldn’t be fukkin witchu
        Til I made em understand why you do what you do
        I expected to hear, “Jay, if it wasn’t for you..”
        But instead, all I hear is buzzing in your crew
        How y’all scheming, trying to get accustomed to my moves
        So y’all could tape my mouth, stake out my house
        But I got pride I’m a n!gga first
        I gotta c0ck back and pull the trigger first
        That’s how Jigga work
        The funny thing, I represent y’all every time I spit a verse
        And that’s the shit that hurts
        But hey, I got my mind right, got my nine right here
        So when y’all feel that the time is right..”

        -Come and get me!

        I swear Jigga is prophet!

      • Malik

        You quoted a Jay verse…uh? What’s that gonna do for you? Let’s see actions from him to back up those lyrics…like he would ever jeopardize his income stream.

        Talk is cheap.

        We don’t believe you, you need more people.

      • johnblacksad

        oh, so now i deserve a reply? lol…

        either way… i could care less cause i got my point across

        “If money talks, the whole world bout to hear me out”

      • TheOnlyCoop

        Actions? So all of the different charities he runs don’t count? Or is it that you don’t hear about them enough that is and issue? Maybe this quote will work better for you.

        I know what I’m up against
        We as rappers must decide what’s most important
        And I can’t help the poor if I’m one of them
        So I got rich and gave back To me that’s the win, win
        The next time you see the homie and his rims spin
        Just know my mind is working just like them
        (The rims that is)

      • NEWSKULL

        I don’t get it …Charity for who?… Was not he on vacation?…

        Anyway about that quote “It’s because it’s been ingrained in them from adolescence not to recognize Blacks as equals.”

        Actions cause reactions… it can be ingrained in me from birth that a fire will burn my skin if I put a part of my body in it for a long time, I still will try and see what’s the truth behind it…

        Let’s be real even between Blacks we are not equal… From outside in Looking at the way we all act …

        “When we do have access to
        the resources necessary to begin our building process, we don’t feel inclined
        to support those who look like us.”

        That quote is our reality, why would any other race would take us as their equal…

        Always making up excuses… OHH SLAVERY!!!… Always killing our own leaders… OHHH SLAVERY!!!… Impossible to MAINTAIN our collaborative effort… But it seems easier when Whittie is in the picture… OHHH SLAVERY!!!…

        The Jews been through worse but they are influential, feared and respected… one thing they did to reach that level…

        “They teach their children
        to generously target their resources to protect them against oppression”

        I guess that’s what BELAFONTE was trying to teach Jay-Z… But I will re-introduce a small part of johnblacksad excerpt “But I got pride I’m a n!gga first”- come and get meeeee!!!!!

      • DJ7

        You were making excellent points up until you interjected the Jews & their plight into the equation…What makes their atrocities greater than those of African decent? I’m curious as to how you’re going to defend such a bold yet extremely naive statement…With all due respect, I don’t think it’s possible, matter of fact I know it’s NOT without stern opposition from my perspective b.u.t. go ahead, I ain’t got nothing b.u.t. time B

      • TheOnlyCoop

        SYG is a bad law because we already have the right to self-defense. SYG gives you the right to use deadly force as a civilian even though you have the ability to get away safely.

        Zimmerman could have remained in the safety of his car.

        Mr. Belafonte made the statement of a nosy person. He wants to know what you do. His eloquent but ignorant statement shows that. Which is why his being checked in return is valid.


      • That’s what makes it a good law. There is no duty to retreat. You telling me that you want a law that states if I am trying to hurt you, that you have to run…and leave your wife & kids behind?

        Mr. Belafonte earned the right to speak his opinion on the matter IMHO.

      • TheOnlyCoop

        That’s what makes it a bad law. If a person can safely get away for a situation they should. I’m not saying if you’re in your home you should leave. No you should have every right to defend your castle. And several state have castle laws and all state allow for self defense. Look up the case Maurice Moorer Jackson Fleurimon, and many others. A person should have the right to self defense but SYG is just ridiculous.

      • Wait a sec, SYG is simply an extension of the Castle law, applying outside the castle.

        Some dudes ain’t with being a “Louie on a track meet”, you trying to force them to join the track team.

        I’m not with that running ‘chet by law. Maybe by choice, fine, but if some one steps to you, legally you have to book / dip / run?

        They don’t do that in my hood, regardless what the law says, Ninjaz will hold the line…unless of course it’s the man crossing it, then they fold like B’eeyiotchez!

      • DJ7

        SYG in principle… I concur… is a very good law b.u.t. as with any law… it’s imperative that it be applied equally to be effective and less controversial…or at the very least (as with laws in general) explained in layman’s terms to bring about a full overstanding of its purposes, intentions and applicabilities as there’ll be little to no wiggle room for guess work….IMHO

      • Now you’re touching on the real issue. It’s not about the law, but how the law is interpreted. I support SYG. However, I do wonder, if the script flipped, would Trayvon get the same benefit of the law? But answering that question involves dealing the race card

      • DJ7

        You already know fam…that can of worms seems to stay sealed as folks are still truly in denial of there actually being an issue with race relations…go figure

      • True, but Zimmerman never evoked the law or had a SYG hearing.

        So why the fuss?

      • DJ7

        Agreed…IMHO the fuss has less to do with this case in particular yet more like a segue to beat the drum of racial inequalities across the board….it’s a subject that’s going to continually be brought about with little resolve due to white supremacy and the lack of genuine change…for every percieved step forward somehow we’re reminded that we forgot to say “mother may I” thus returning to the starting line…the game is still the same…just different players

      • See, that’s a boycott I’d be down with 100%.

        Boycotting the institutional racism or as you say, the inequality of the laws application.

      • TheOnlyCoop

        If you look at the case SYG was put out by Zimmerman and his supporters way before the jury was even selected. It was put out by a powerful PR machine in such away as to embed it in the subconscious of the jury pool. Then during the case a lot of the wording of the defense was pure SYG this includes jury selection and the trial. Just look how jury selection firms are used in order to play on this kind of subconscious brain games.

      • -*ZIMMERMAN’S SUPPORTERS…not Zimmerman

        It didn’t affect the jury though, the Black chic voted with the law. The verdict was just, it was just unfortunate. If you had the whammer, investigating a bump in the night & the suspect jumped you & started getting the best of you in a fight for *The Gun ( It stopped being yours when the fight started & became just *The gun) you wouldn’t squeeze off to save your life?

      • TheOnlyCoop

        It did affect the jury, just look at the statements by the first juror to come forward. Once people get into those deliberation rooms it comes down to the dominate personalities in many cases. Let me be clear the verdict was correct. But that was only because of how the trial was handled. It’s my belief that the prosecution threw that case out the window.

        If a person is investigating a bump in the night a person has every right to protect their home which why I mentioned the castle laws.

        Let me ask you as question. Have you listened to the 911 calls where you can hear someone screaming for help? Mr. Zimmerman says it was him, while Mr. Martin’s family says it was him. Now let me ask you if someone is screaming frantically for help what would make that person stop screaming the very second you hear BANG? Clearly Martin was screaming for help and stopped the second he was shot. This and other facts show how the prosecution dropped the ball.

      • I think the prosecution didn’t have a case or threw it, but more the first.

        If that bump in the night was next door, and the bumper jumped you in your neighbor’s back yard, you do what you have to do to survive.

        Out here, it’s a shall issue state, so if you gonna be on that BS, it’s best to make sure that you on it with a Black male that has been disarmed by the system, like Trayvon, or the risk of you catching a hot one will increase significantly.

        Should Tray have hooked off on Zimmerman?
        In hindsight, of course not.

        Zimmerman shooting Tray would have stopped Zimmerman’s screams for help.

        Zimmerman was beat up, not Trayvon. I doubt he called the cops, waited & then intentionally killed Tray.

      • TheOnlyCoop

        They had a case but they didn’t prosecute it correctly. First they over charged, they should went with manslaughter from the beginning. Then at trial they should have educated the jury on what manslaughter is, the fact that the jury asked for more information on manslaughter during deliberation shows that is true. Second just look at the star witness she clearly was prepped correctly.

        You’re going way out. If the bump in the night is in your home you should have every right to defend it. I.E. Castle law. But you’re talking about your neighbors house now. That is a whole different world. Why should you go to your neighbors if you hear a bump? If you’re concerned then do the right thing and call the police. What if you hear that bump and go next door get into with that person and it turns out it’s your neighbors cousin and he defends himself against you not knowing who you are? And you shot him. You had no business there in the first place and he did. That was a bad analogy.

        The only system that disarmed Trayvon was his age. Remember he had no record.

        You seem to forget that Trayvon wasn’t doing anything to Mr. Zimmerman. In fact Zimmerman said he ran past him in the other the direction. But Mr. Zimmerman followed him and Trayvon defend himself against an unknown stalker.

        Mr. Zimmerman’s shooting would have stopped his own screams, but they would not have stopped them on the split second.

        He was beat up after he called the police and was told they (police) didn’t need him to follow Trayvon. The reason I would have pushed for manslaughter from the beginning is because I doubt he set out to kill him as well. This is why I say the jury needed to educated on manslaughter during the trial, because manslaughter doesn’t mean you set out to kill someone, but that your actions resulted in the wrongful death of another.

      • It became a bad analogy when you added the cousin, but even then, that is basically closer to the case, since both had a right to be there, so flip side, tensions flare, etc., or cousin jumps you with the whammer, in a common area*, now the anology is eerily similar…

        No bad intentions, but you still have to defend yourself, same with the cousin, if he takes the whammer & gives you that Mocha’.

        Neither should go to jail IMHO, absent any reckless conduct & Zimmerman didn’t follow after he was told not too, according to his testimony / evidence, and was actually asked Tray’s whereabouts by the police, which prompted him following Tray in the 1st place, according to his videotaped statement.

      • TheOnlyCoop

        I added the cousin because you said “If that bump in the night was next door, and the bumper jumped you in your neighbor’s back yard” That’s your neighbors yard why are you going over there call the police if it’s and issue. It’s not a common area. So the intruder would be you.

        No bad intention is correct but you had no reason to be on property that isn’t yours and isn’t a common area. So SYG should not apply.

        Zimmerman didn’t testify that he didn’t follow. But if you listen to the 9/11 tapes he began to tell the police were he would be sitting in his car because he didn’t want to say where he lived out loud (reasonable) but instead he told the operator to have the police to call him and he would say where he was. The prosecutor should explored the theory that Mr. Zimmerman didn’t want to say where he was going to wait in his car because he wanted to continue to look for Trayvon.

      • *Common area

        Could be right outside alley, gate, etc.
        To further paint the setting, ad a rash of burglaries.

        Would I go check my neighbor’s house?

        Hell yeah! I would hope he did the same for me.

        So if a struggle in the common area ensues…then what?

        Ad in that the police were called, and now it’s checking on the neighbor’s well being, etc. No bad intentions, ‘chet just got crazy. Could even be profiling, if it was a white guy & assumed that he was in the hood to satisfy his heroin or crack addiction, etc.

      • TheOnlyCoop

        The thing is your going to check on something just because…………..would you go and check if you didn’t have a gun? Or would you call the police and just keep and eye on things from the safety of your home until they arrived? Just like people get liquid courage when their drunk they get metal courage when they have a gun. And times sh!t can go wrong.

        If a struggle ensues it’s because the other person is minding their business and doesn’t know who you are. That’s why I said it’s their cousin, h3ll it could be their white buddy they told could stay there where their out of town. You just don’t know so call the police and stay where it’s safe then you don’t shoot an innocent person by accident. AKA manslaughter. no you go over there planning to kill anyone but your reckless behavior allowed it.

      • Not always the case as I see it.

        Even with no gat, you go & check neighbors house & dude is like “WTF? is your problem?” & hooks off on you, & takes you down, but you put him in the yoke & snap his neck…Manslaughter maybe, but also self defense.

        Now imagine it wasn’t his cousin, just some stranger taking a short cut.

      • TheOnlyCoop

        Ok how’s this? You go out there no weapon and you get into it but you only break his arm and he was doing nothing wrong presses charges because he was doing nothing more that walking? Do you think differently next time?

      • I’d think about it after 4yrs or so….into the 7 1/2 – 15yrs bid 🙂

        Dig though, that is a good ending, I’m talking about a choke out, permanent choke out, after dude attacked YOU, in the common area, after YOU BOTH made a mistake about the other.

        What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander / gaggle.

        The test is, if Tray would have gotten the whammer & Jelly rolled Zim, would you be using Zim’s pic as a profile pic?

        Of course not, so it was a fair verdict, given the case the state put on, and in reality, absent a stalking / harassment charge or something to indicate Zim was acting unlawfully, there really was no case.

        I know little dudes, that Big Shaq type dudes can bully & rob daily, but don’t, because little dude is leaving big holes with small gats.

        Once you get into the whole “Was his injuries life threatening?” etc., the case is over. Zim can’t be held accountable for violating the escalating force continuum , because the police aren’t held accountable for it.

        They shot Amadou Diallo 47x because they claim they thought his wallet was a gun, as he handed it to them, thinking the armed under covers were actually thugs in the street. (Easy mistake to make #IJS) No way in heck one can argue that the 47th shot wasn’t excessive, any more than they can argue Zim’s first and only was.

        Sean Bell, 51x & no convictions either, on some ‘ole “I thought the echo of my shot was him shooting back, so I shot again and thought the echo of my shot was him shooting back, so I shot again and thought the echo of my shot was him shooting back, so I shot again and….& so on.

        This case was a stinker from the beginning, and that’s why the cops didn’t charge, but peep game, and “ASSUME” that if there was a small group secretly ruling the world on some Pinky & The Brain / iLLumanati type ‘chet, conspiring to maintain power & ‘chet, they would be delinquent in their duties if they didn’t make exploit certain, if not all circumstances to divide us upon issues that we could never unite on.

        That Oscar Grant ‘chet was hush hushed by the media, and if it wasn’t for Hip Hop & it’s off shoots like Youtube, we wouldn’t have heard of the case.

        Show me some gavel to gavel coverage of the Oscar Grant case on more than 3 major outlets, if you can even find it on one, let alone Paparrazi following dude around and ‘chet.

        I bet you don’t even know the cop’s name who shot Oscar Grant str8 off the muscle, you have to dwell on it for a sec…like the chic’s name from Peru with Joran Vadersloot, but you know who Natalie Hollaway is though.

        Right now we beefing instead of building, over what?
        >> In my white people voice : “Trayvon would have beat you up over a perceived slight!”

        You’re kidding yourself if you think Tray didn’t knuckle up in the past. He was probably raised up listening to songs like “Guard Your Grill” by Naughty By Nature, like an old school classic his parents played, as opposed to Marvin Gaye’s “Between The Sheets”, “What’s Going On?” or Al “Let’s Stay Together” Green.

        Might have been listening to Wu Tang & Kool G Rap in the womb & probably listened to little Wayne & Rosie Perez…um, I meant, Ricky Rozay.

        You know, the 5 Stages of Consciousness ( Killa Army)
        1) Conscious
        2) Unconscious
        3) Semiconscious
        4) Subconscious

        ^ That’s what they targeting through music and Trayvon is part of the results.

      • Troll_E_G

        Foh edogz, sound like u stereotyping your own kind,

      • Just keeping it 100% how I see it.

        If you doubt this younger generation will set it off on you out ‘CheYeah! you’re sadly mistaken, and I don’t even live in a BAD area.

        Look at Chi Town.

      • TheOnlyCoop

        Look I grew up in DC and have touched hoods all around the country. What these kids are is over hyped. It’s also funny how you’re talking about the youngsters, but you’re using all this slang.

      • Out “Che’Yeah!” youngings get their slang from the old heads…not the other way around.

        Not sure where you’ve been, but out “Che’Yeah”, these youngings get it popping, while old timers like myself, stay off & out of that scene.

      • TheOnlyCoop

        It all depends on what are youngsters to you. To me a 20 year old is a yougnster. I remember going to All-Star Weekend in LA and seeing a kid from Detroit using slang every other word and some girls I knew from uptown kept him talking because he was looking like clown and him and his friends didn’t even know it.

      • 20 is a youngster, but really, any non adult, meaning they aren’t self sufficient and handling the responsibilities that encompass being an adult. Hustling isn’t considered, because it rarely last forever, so it isn’t a long term plan, in that sense.

        School, Crib, business / job, family, durable goods, etc.

        A ninja with a bag of clothes & a hoopty is more likely to take penitentiary chances than a family man with a career and his own home, etc.

        Ninjaz out her, 17? squeezing off. It’s not happening every day, week, month like in NYC, but that’s probably because less people are willing to test.

        Put Zim & his family out here on the HOT BLOCK and I bet you his @$$ stay to himself, in his home & minds his own business, but those same people on that block, will check out that bump in the night at their neighbor’s next door.

        “Yo! WTF was that sound coming from Barbiesha’s?”

      • TheOnlyCoop

        Man I’m sorry but I’ve seen a lot more of the streets then you. Not being mean, I’m just going by what your saying.

      • Hahahaa, maybe…..Maybe.

      • TheOnlyCoop

        Most people would thinking about it as soon as they are charge and those legal fees start rolling in and it start to cause them to miss work. Unless they are stone cold killers.

        I use that ending to give the other person a chance to tell their story. Also you’re the one who STARTED it by following the other person. They are just reacting to you following them. Just like Trayvon did, Zimmerman even said during his interrogation Trayvon asked him what is your problem because he was following him. And he never said he I’m such such and we’ve had some break-ins.

        If Tray would have gotten the gun the picture would still be up because Tray would be in jail for protecting himself from a stalker.

        I’ve followed the case and listened to the 911 calls and all of the police interrogations tapes and by doing that I can tell you this was not a fair verdict.

        It you look at Zimmermans coat there are no stains on the back of it. Yeah got punched in the nose, but it’s not hard to make someones nose bleed. Did you even know that Zimmerman had martial arts training and those injuries on the back of his head can be caused by a take-down? I’ll guess you didn’t, this is why say verdict correct based on the case that was presented, but not based on all the evidence that there was but wasn’t used?

        I’m not sure if you real life or death situations, but I have. Or if you know about combat tunnel vision and how a person think in the heat of the moment they only fired 5 shots but they really unloaded a 15 round clip. I’ve even been in combat simulators that show how this happens under low stress. This is one reason that I know that was not Zimmerman screaming for help. Anyone screaming for help like will keep screaming for a few seconds after they shoot. Trayvon was screaming and stopped as soon as he was hit.

        It’s almost like you’re saying because those cops did what they did it makes what Zimmerman did ok.

        Do you even know the age of Tray’s parents? It’s a sure thing his Mom’s wasn’t listening to that song.

      • *The verdict was RIGHT…even if it wasn’t fair.

        Tray’s parents are old enough to listen to that song. (Popz )

      • TheOnlyCoop

        I’ve said the verdict is correct based on the case presented, but not the evidence the bad but didn’t use.

        My grandfather was old enough to listen to it but didn’t.

      • They either threw the case…..or didn’t have one.

        What did you listen to growing up, that you heard your parents playing?

      • TheOnlyCoop

        Temptations, Four Tops, Marvin Gaye, Luther, Maze, and etc. See everything isn’t cut and dry. I’m the one that introduced them to rap.

      • Yeah…but you ain’t 17 or anywhere close. My Guess 35?

        What was popping in the 90’s for soon to be parents, who rocked fitteds & such like Tray’s pops?

      • TheOnlyCoop

        In this I doubt that Mr Belafonte was taken out of context. It’s more like that he put his foot in his mouth. Hopefully he will learn from this mistake and make real apology and not and eloquent statement in order to put the ball in the other court.

        “I think one of the great abuses of this modern time is that we should have had such high-profile artists, powerful celebrities. But they have turned their back on social responsibility,” said Belafonte. “That goes for Jay-Z and Beyoncé, for example. Give me Bruce Springsteen, and now you’re talking. I really think he is Black.” – Harry Belafonte

      • DJ7

        Again….it is not possible to grasp the magnitude of a conversation based solely on a snippet…that leads to speculation to which we ALL are currently guilty of. You’re assement happens to differ from what I took away from it. Right or wrong, it born dialog, and to me, that is the building block for inspiration to take action. If nothing is ever said…nothing would ever happen…

      • TheOnlyCoop

        Very true, but to me personally it’s a very nosy and destructive statement. Mr. Belafonte is saying he wants to know what they do. I remember before the 08 election people were complaining that Jay-Z and Beyonce didn’t do enough to support Obama because they didn’t hear about it enough. Once that was put to rest we moved on to the next non-issue. So now I ask you when is it enough? I ask you should celebrities record everything they do like the NBA player that posted a video of himself giving a homeless person $100.00?

        When Mr. Belafonte makes statements like this “”That goes for Jay-Z and Beyoncé, for example. Give me Bruce Springsteen, and now you’re talking. I really think he is Black.” it is destructive and only serves to divide us, and can only be taken in one context. When I see older blacks like Mr Belafonte and Mr. Cosby I feel they are just getting old and out of touch and people will defend them until they see what they have really become. Mr. Cosby’s Zimmerman statements are a great example.

      • DJ7

        1st you must acknowledge that you didn’t do due diligence in your research and you are basing your opinion solely off of propaganda…that’s irresponsible on your part fam…as mentioned in my previous post…you can NOT fully grasp the magnitude of a conversation based solely on a soundbite, exert or snippet….upon doing the knowledge myself, my initial response holds true pertaining to the part the media plays in this debacle…what the brotha said was clearly blown out of proportion b.u.t. in the context that it was presented to us purposefully, there’s room for concern. You can NOT take separate interviews and combine the two in order to fit an agenda and expect intelligent individuals not to question the motives. I highly suggest that you take the time to actually read the entire transcript and then make an informed decision as to whether you want to continue slandering brotha Harry. Based on your rebuttals, you have yet to do so, to which I must ask…what is your angle?…to continually post off of sheer emotions is counter productive to say the least and definaty will not bring forth the understanding needed in order to bear fruit in this dialog…that my brotha is only obtainable thru the proper channels of educating oneself on the subject first…mentioning brotha Cosby and other irrelevant entertainers has little bearing to which we are presently speaking on and is considered a failed straw man argument attempt …stay on topic please sir…In closing, in no way did I intend for you to feel disrespected by my response as I’m only here to enlighten our people through building b.u.t. 1st it is my duty to destroy the falsehoods that others have created for diversion and divisional purposes. Peace

      • TheOnlyCoop

        To acknowledge that would be a lie on my part, because I have read the transcripts. Do you know what question Mr. Belafonte. was asked when he made that statement? It was no where near what he rambled on about. Go and look up his interview with the Hollywood reporter. Review the transcripts as I have and then lets have a real conversation about it and how he choose to not answer the question and instead he decided to name names. And yes it was his right to name names, but it was also the right of those individuals. to reply. Right now it is disheartening for you to play down the magnitude of this conversation based on a sound bite, isn’t that what many that support Mr. Belafonte viewpoint are doing?

        Also let me be clear I’m not basing this in any form on the NBCNews interview. The NBCNews interview is nothing more than spin after the fact. Anyone that falls for that is allowing themselves to be played. If they have the meeting that they suggested and then he makes a statement that then be a better measuring stick.

        My mentioning of Mr. Cosby is valid because so many found his statements on point until he proved himself wrong. I’m extremely sure the same will be proven about Mr. Belafonte.
        The sad truth is that many start out on righteous highway in their younger years, but end up on misguide side roads in their later years. I’m just adding balance in order to add some real perspective to this conversation. It’s easy for someone to lead our people down the wrong path by flying an Afrocentric false flag.

    • TheOnlyCoop

      Better yet maybe Mr. Belafonte could learn from such a meeting.

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  • $18916246

    JAY & BEY could only learn from such a meeting.

  • $18592567

    I got nothing but love for the OG Harry Belafonte. Bill Cosby could learn a thing or two from this wise man. The elders and the youth have to come together to make things better. #RespectOnlyBreedsRespect

    • TheOnlyCoop

      I have respect for what Mr Belafonte has done in the past, but he was clearly of base with his statement. As far as Cosby I have no respect for him.

      • Malik

        What is it you actually know that Harry has done?

        You obviously don’t know jack because you used the phrase ‘…what Mr Belafonte has done in the past’…Mr Belafonte never stopped doing what he does, duh!

      • john blaze

        He marched with martin luther king. Dedicated his life to the betterment of ALL colored people. He stood up again the criminalization and incarceration of our youth. theres an HBO documentary about him.

      • Malik

        Harry’s the man, no doubt!

      • tammy gilbert

        leave them alone they are comming from diffrent era. they will talk when it is time

      • TheOnlyCoop

        I know enough and I’m not trying to discredit any of it. You’re taking issue with the fact that I said “past” but take no issue with full sentences of Mr. Belafonte’s destructive statement.

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  • InTheNightKitchen

    Of course idk if this transpired before Mr. Belafonte’s quote, but why didn’t he ask for a meeting in the first place? He’s been around long enough to know journalists/media types print things out of context to generate attention. Also Jay-Z should’ve called him as well when he got wind of this and been like “What’s good B?” before recording.

    I like how AH took Jay’s response out of context too, without the explanation of said quote. He meant it about himself, Obama, or any successful person for that matter. They are a living proof of what’s attainable.

    • TheOnlyCoop

      The fact is Mr Belafonte singled them out by name. Yes he sounds eloquent in the above statement, but he was clearly in the wrong. Hopefully this sit down will happen and he will begin it with and apology.

      . “I think one of the great abuses of this modern time is that we should have had such high-profile artists, powerful celebrities. But they have turned their back on social responsibility,” he accused. “That goes for Jay-Z and Beyoncé, for example. Give me Bruce Springsteen, and now you’re talking. I really think he is black.” – Harry Belafonte

  • wickedjones

    young fools grow up to be old fools.

  • plsDontreply

    Dont believe everything you read, Alize and weed


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  • ZUBU

    Jay need to respect his elders plain and simple! Anybody who thinks that Harry B. needs to bite his tongue obviously does not understand the body of work Brotha Harry B. has put in for our cause. He has earned the right to call out anybody he desires. He has put more work into the cause than he has into his career. The man is a civil rights, human rights legend. For yall too young to be aware look at old footage of him standing shoulder to shoulder with MLK, Evers, etc.
    Jay got a serious problem with overstaing his importance, in society at large. Lil’ boy from Marcy just cause you big time in the rap game, don’t mean shiiittt in the big scheme of things. Robert Dinero had to check him a while back for being disrespectful. Essentially he reading his own press clippings, smelling his own shiiiittt and thinking it smells like roses. Naw nigga yo shiiittt stinks like everyone elses.
    Sadly I use to buy all of his albums, loved his flow, but now I’m losing so much respect for him as a person. If Harry B. was my father or grandfather I would smack Jay all up side his head for having that tone with my elders.

    • Malik

      Exactly, Jay aint shite in the larger scheme of things. There’s nothing he brings to the table, absolutely nothing. He’s busy believing he’s somebody when all he does, he does for the sake of padding his pockets.

      What does he advocate?

      • TheOnlyCoop

        WoW ain’t shite? Then what does that make you and Mr Belafonte?

      • johnblacksad

        exactly!… and ninjaz wanna be taken seriously

        “hublot homie, two doors homie,
        you don’t know all the sh!t i do for the homies”

        Jay knows exactly how to hit the nail where it hurts

    • johnblacksad

      “to lead the people, follow them”
      -Confucius or somebody



    • DJ7

      You are one immature & ill informed brat….Beat it kid, This topic is well above your pay grade!!
      In Korean bodega store owners voice (Menace To Society); I feel sorry for your mother



      • DJ7

        Permission denied!!… you sound like an unwanted little boy longing for the attention your daddy never gave you or at least you’re displaying the traits of one online…not impressed lil’ buddy, you trolls come a dime a dozen…head back to WSHH or whatever other corny sites you frequent for acceptance…this is grown men B.I. and the intellectually deficient such as yourself have 0 business interfering…

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  • Malik

    Not only did Harry march, he used millions of his money to bail MLK and others arrested during protests out of jail. He paid for lawyers, transportation…name it, he did it and this is how this generation repays him?

    The gist is Harry didn’t owe anybody, he didn’t have to do squat; he could have claimed his appearance was ‘charity’, he could have kept his money and invested it, he could have aspired to have half a billion or more and constantly write lyrics that tells us how much money he’s got but he chose to FIGHT oppression with all his might and resources at his disposal. He didn’t just write some BS lyrics, the Man showed & proved, he talked the talk and walked the walk.

    And people come on this forum and defend the actions of men you can’t back up their spit…absolute rubbish

    • DJ7

      Say word!!

    • ZUBU

      Speaking the truth my brotha!

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  • Wavpin

    Jay is simply too powerful …

    • brotha_man

      please explain, as i do not understand the context of “powerful” as u use it

      • LetsBeRealpeople

        Right, I am glad you, particularly, asked that question.

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    “The gist is Harry didn’t owe anybody, he didn’t have to do squat; he could have claimed his appearance was ‘charity’, he could have kept his money and invested it, he could have aspired to have half a billion or more and constantly write lyrics that tells us how much money he’s got but he chose to FIGHT oppression with all his might and resources at his disposal”………………….and I respect that but do understand that was his CHOICE just as Jay Z has a right to do whatever the he wants to do with his music and his money, nobody in here no what Jay Z do with his money, and why call out Jay Z is it because he is on “TOP” and we wont even talk about musical content because its 50 other rappers out there being played on the radio everyday saying absolutely nothing!!!! if every black person played a part in politics or was an activist then we would be smarter and doing better but the truth is most people don’t even the people speaking on this topic right now I am sure more then half don’t do a damn thing.

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    The presence of Malik’s comment covers the truth of the whole matter. Now next topic. What’s the 411 on the DOJ with Zimmerman. Also, what’s missing, or who I’m missing in a time like this is Beanie. Just want to put that out there.

  • Guest
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  • TheOnlyCoop

    Pardon my hubris, Stanley Kubrick

    With eyes wide shut, I could cook up two bricks

    Turn nickels to dime, turn dimes to quarters

    Turn wives from daughters, oh, I’m clear as water

    And just for clarity, my presence is charity

    My flow is a gift, philanthropist

    Everybody around me rich, or will be

    Baby boy I promise you this, or kill me

    And when a nigga go as the old adage go

    You die rich or you die a disgrace, so just let me grow

    Watch me cook, throw no looks

    Like Magic in his prime when Kareem sky hooked

    Y’all not worthy, sometimes I feel like

    Y’all don’t deserve me, my flow unearthly

    The greatest form of giving is anonymous to anonymous

    So here y’all go, I promise this

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  • Really?

    Much respect to Mr. Belafonte for what he has and continues to fight for. With that being said it seems that he called out Jay and B because they are black and successful. With that in mind if you call them out it will be taken out of context and I know Mr. Belafonte is smart enough to know that. Probably a mistake on his part that can easily be squashed with a private conversation. Now on the flip side of course the media is going to take what Jay said out of context as well creating beef where there is none.

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  • LetsBeRealpeople

    There is going to be a teachable moment in all of this. Both can say what the f/ck they want. Let’s not forget that.
    Now if there is a on camera chit chat, we will be sure to watch. My two more cents on the matter- Mr. Belafonte’s principles are the ones that made a way for us to be enlightened to the bullsh/t that exist in the American system. He is having to sit/stand/walk and talk with the young people of today who are changing the political system in order to have not just an abundant life, but to have life.
    We as a people are being systematically killed. Only a few are fighting or highlighting that.
    When we do take to efforts to make our very neighborhoods safe- none of that gets pressed in media/lyrics/hip hop websites. Ok, maybe after a tragedy somebody finds some good news, but good news has been there the whole time. Sh/t has gotten better, but we allow to be stereotyped that we have increasing Black on Black crime. That good news don’t make news. By the way White on White crime gets a made for tv movie or a who cable station dedicated to love gone wrong type of sh/t. Glorifying sh/t.
    If you look at the events as they are- there is a law that allows someone to kill you. So, before you get all kinds of disrespectful about Harry Belafonte- do know your place in this world and get a hold of what is really going on. Big up to the Dream Defenders and anyone on the daily making it better by calling the system on it’s bull.
    If your dude is all like the Freedom Fighter in Capitalism, then that’s his. What I see as the general consensus is ground level, walk down the street without being harassed, jailed or shot-sort of Freedom Fighting, in the skin we’re in 2013 forward. I can be corrected, I could be wrong.

  • Kylie Ryan

    I completely agree with everything Belafonte says; Black artists should not shy away from social responsibility. However, here, he backtracks from the fact that he did call out Jay-Z and Beyonce; he wasn’t forced by a journalist to say their names, he could have said that those with power and celebrity status should play a more active role. Yet, he singles the couple out when they actually do a fair amount; Jay-Z has his Shawn Carter Foundation supporting young Black Americans to progress through education without social barriers and Beyonce has her Survivor Foundation and her current tour raises welfare for Europeans and Americans in poverty, and awareness for female empowerment. All artists could do more, some are doing nothing, but why choose to disparage those who are doing something?!

    It was probably just an example that in earnest was not meant to be offensive, however “shaming” people into giving to charity is not healthy in terms of long-term contributions; encouragement and education on such matters is far more productive.

    • LetsBeRealpeople

      Just so you know there was a time when you actually said the name to whom you are referring to in a opinion. Whatever the context was a few months ago, somebody asked Harry Belafonte a question and he is a man of specifics. A grown man of specifics. If you are a fan of being passive aggressive, then that is you. He is not. Also this particular back and forth has come back to life because of the timing of MCHG and the Celebrity reaction to the Zimmerman verdict. few months ago, the Belafonte vs. Carter hit for a few days then went away-now folks are up in arms and this fight fits the bill for internet. Let’s not forget what we should be concerned about and it is the value of us in that Zimmerman verdict. Belafonte is talking about big brand celebrity’s putting their neck out for social causes. Jay Z is all my presence is Charity. It is what it is. They have two different approaches to what seems to be socially important. You know you are going to watch the sit-down. Don’t lie.

      • Back in the day, there was no such thing as subliminal….they didn’t know what it was. Hummin’ Comin’ at Cha’ was the style.

    • Raheem Classick

      If you don’t mind, Let me take your post and spread it around.

  • Guest

    The only channels on TV that you
    can find a black man or black woman consistently on are B.E.T. or MTV Jams. So
    in essence, rap music has become the voice of the African American. The most
    powerful black man in America is not Barrack Obama it’s Jay Z. It’s saddening
    and disappointing when political activists (insert names here) blame hip-hop
    for the failures in the black community. What do 70% of African American kids
    being born out of wedlock have to do with Sean Carter? If anything hip-hop is
    going under the radar and should be heralded for exposing the drugs, poverty
    and violence in the black communities. The crazy part is that it’s all in audio
    and a peaceful manner, yet pundits want to bash the movement. Now you see there
    are 2 ways to look at a cup, advantage Hip hop. Oh and another thing,
    WorldStarHipHop.Com is number 185 on rankings according to Alexa rankings,
    advantage Hip hop. Rappers should take advantage of the pedestal they are on
    because they are the voice of black America not the NAACP. Now I understand
    that artists are trying to make a living for themselves and not all of them
    want to be role models, they just want to make some money and live good like
    the rest of America. I’m encouraging artists to let your music be your music,
    rap about sex, murder, money and drug all you want, but don’t be shy to be
    vocal in your community. I don’t know how many people Clint Eastwood has killed
    on camera but he still spoke on stage at the Republican Convention. You got to
    stand for something homes. The lil homies aint tryn hear these ol heads like Al
    Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. I’m 28 years old and I never cared what they said
    and I’m sure most of black American my age and under feel the same, maybe even
    the ones up to 40 years of age also. We appreciate all the effort and
    everything our former leaders have done and I hope the Harry Belafonte’s and
    Sean Carter’s can meet eye to eye. Let the music set you free Black America. 1
    Love. @Phillyboy19143

    • Mike Davis

      If Hip-Hop is the voice of Black America…then I want my voice back!! The argument or position held by Mr. Belafonte is that as a successful Black man, there are responsibilities to the community that you have been supported by, and when you have an opportunity to push a cause, you should do so.

      But this generation is not like the previous generations, who had a social conscious. If it’s not a check nowadays, a lot of these so-called celebrities ain’t with it. But when they run into some issues, they come running back to the community looking for support.

      • LetsBeRealpeople


      • Guest

        -i see someone took this lil post i put on my blog and ran it here ….

        These rappers didnt ask to be put in that position and i dont think they completley understand that they hold the most power as the voice of black america. If you read clearly you will see my point also is also that these artists today have to accept social responsibility. You can have your voice back im sure the kids aint tryn hear you anyway. They wanna hear Jay Z. Whats a shame low key is how todays black leaders are irrelevant to our youth and that they are looking to hear from Jay Z before Harry Belfonte. But im sure you blame hiphop for that and not these leaders for not being able to reach the kids.. @Phillyboy19143

  • Guest

    I guess just like a black person would upon hearing banjo music, whenever/wherever I hear rap music, I turn around and go the other way.

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  • bikejedi

    These people don’t even understand two things . One Stand You Ground was not applicable to the Martin case to the point that it wasn’t even brought into the trial bny either the prosecution or the defense . The fact that Obama brought it up in his comments should prove to anyone with a brain that his intentions were divisive because he KNOWS that Stand Your Ground had nothing to do with this case . Two Stand your Ground laws basically say that in the face of an attack you have the right to defend yourself and aren’t compelled to just take a beat down or run . It is a law that basically says you have the right to self defense . If Liberals understood these two things they A would support Stand Your Ground and B realize that Trayvon was not somehow denied justice because of it . Of course your President is counting on the fact that his low information base doesn’t know this .

    • ZUBU

      Ok, I read your lil’ rant. Now please explain to me how SYG applies to someone stalking/chasing another harmless individual down applies. I believe if you are stalking someone you are not SYG you are Invading Ground! I’m listening with open mind.

      • bikejedi

        As I already pointed out SYG was not applicable to this case . If you watched some other news sources besides Liberal ones you would already know that SYG was not applicable to this case to the point that neither the Prosecution nor the Defense brought it up during the trial

    • LetsBeRealpeople

      ..and you were forwarded this topic, weren’t you. Good Jesus man, at least pretend you are a regular here

      • bikejedi

        No I saw it on my msn feed and yes I have commented before on the Fluff Po

    • DeezNuts

      The Juror who wouldn’t show her face to defend her decision said she used it as a basis for her decision. So Liberal this and that all you want. The law in and of itself is reckless. And should be repealed, Trayvon Martin not withstanding.

      • bikejedi

        Which Juror are you talking about ? It seems you are living in an alternate universe . What is reckless about a law that says that if you are faced with attack you are not compelled to run like a coward and are entitled to self defense ?

      • DeezNuts

        I just specified the juror, so perhaps you’re the one living in an alternate universe or just avoiding facts in order to push your agenda. You’re always entitled to self defense. That’s not what “stand your ground” is. Everyone has the right to defend themselves. Stand your ground basically tells you to kill someone if you’re provoked instead of allowing cooler heads to prevail. Read a book.

      • bikejedi

        Is this the Juror you are talking about ?
        Speaking on the “Anderson Cooper 360” program, the juror identified as B37 said she wanted to find Zimmerman guilty of “not using his senses” but that “you can’t charge him with anything because he didn’t do anything unlawful”.
        As YOU DID NOY SPECIFY A JUROR …I looked it up and this article was in the Huff Po so I figured this is the Juror you are talking about . Did you even read the article ? A couple of Jurors mentioned the SYG law in their deliberations and they decided they couldn’t consider it as it WAS NOT PART OF THE CASE . Because I ACTUALLY followed the case and didn’t just read things from a slanted Liberal media I actually know the facts of the case and not how some Liberal Journalist FEELS about it .
        You are so mis informed on the Stand Your Ground Law that it makes it perfectly clear you don’t know anything about it . No where in the SYG does it ” TELL ” you to kill someone if provoked . This is how misinformation of the Liberal media is brainwashing people like you to believe totally untruths ..
        What kind of books do you read ? Harry Potter ?

  • ant662

    jayz saying his presence is charity enough is just plain bull shit just cause he’s star doesnt mean shit if u dont use your talents to change anything.

    • He took the pic with the family & went on record stating Tray had the right to stand his ground. (Young Turks TV / Youtube?)

      They could have had Jay Z do a Meet & Greet & raised $$$.
      His presence is charity.

      >> Certified Jay Z hater

      • ant662

        the way he is saying it to me is that he aint got to raise money for anything or even talk about any certain situation just show up and thats it. basically just to show up to something and ppl well know. how would ppl even know what charity to give money to if he is just present with certain ppl. no mans presence is charity but god. this shit was said on some straight egotistical shit.

      • It is egotistical, and it is charity.

        Not the same as donating cash, but like Occupy, presence helps.

      • ant662

        i dont remember his presence helping anything about occupy wall street what i do remember is that he showed to occupy to hang out with the 99% and he himself being a 1% was just trying to act like he wasn in support but the fact that he turned around and his clothing company made a tshirt, which i dont believe went to helping support the movement, that said occupy all streets and lined his pockets showed that his presence wasnt charity but a mere campaign to line his own pockets

      • Hard to contradict the reap of money, especially when MC’s should have other ways of making $$.

        Why do you expect Jay to keep it real with the public when he ‘chetted on Dame, Kareem, Dehaven? etc.

      • ant662

        i dont expect shit from jay he dont make me money he don’t feed my family. im just stating facts. im just not gonna put a him on a pedestal like the stans do. i do listen to jays music but if i met him i wouldnt think he’s any different from me and u the difference is if he tells ppl to donate to a certain charity ppl will do it. not when he just presence himself. its about voicing ones opinion not about presence.

      • He’s a “Role Model” that’s undisputed, but in reality, most people save what little extra they have, if they have any, rarely donated, so whatever effort he put forth, is something better than nothing, to the people he helped.

      • ant662

        the thing is he dont have just a little cuz that would b understandable but he has the funds to make a huge change in ppls lives which he has with his organization him moms runs. thats not my point im sayin his presence is not charity or anyones. charity needs voice and action

      • It’s not for me to say, I agree with you, but…..he’s doing him.

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  • Paul

    uuh yeah it does sound arrogant Jay lol smh

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