Childish Gambino

Hip-Hop Rumors: Lupe Fiasco Vs Childish Gambino Donald Glover?

What The Hell?

Did I completely miss something here? Went on a twit-rant about Lupe Fiasco and threatened him with violence. But…Donald Glover is not about that life! Or is he?

So, here is what happened from what I have deduced.

Childish Gambino didn’t just diss Lupe out of the blue like people are saying. It was not random. Fans hit Lupe on Twitter and Lupe responded “I don’t work with blacks.” I saw that comment and dismissed it because I couldn’t believe Lupe would say that. Then he was asked about doing a song with Rick Ross and Wale (because he recently did a song with them). To Lupe, those were “n***az.” And he said the difference between Black people and N-words is “they come from different sides of the same chicken.” So, Gambino is a “Black” and other rappers are “N***az.” OK. And then Childish Gambino said what he said, but those words were the EXACT same verbiage that Chief Keef said to Lupe when they had beef. This may all be a big joke…

See below.

Guess what? It turned out to be a big joke. I guess that’s why I didn’t hear about it.

Lupe hit VIBE:

“Well that settles it…even wit a private twitter & obvious jokes I still somehow make headlines… #sideeyes @VibeMagazine @childishgambino.”

I was looking for a beef that we could all joke about! A battle of the nerds!

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Herb_Bane

    Who is childish Gambino? i mean shit i try to stay in tune wit the new gen. but its like every other day got a new rapper wit some crazy name beefin wit somebody else.. and this video groupie is a rapper now, etc shit is gettin crazy!

    • MadVillain

      hes a Writer>Actor>Comedian>decided to be a rapper (1 of them hipster rappers) also

      • Herb_Bane

        just peeped it in the tweet.. i remember him now.. i think he used to write for 30 rock too.. and now the n!gga raps lol..
        Literally makin hip hop a joke

      • Truth Powell

        because pretentious hypocrites like Lupe is what keeps hiphop serious and true, yeah.

      • ihatehater

        Lupe is the truth. He actually cares about the music he puts out and how it effects the community. Go listen to all his music…so I would rather listen to a “pretentious” artist that puts out good music than those dummies that glorify killings and selling dope all in the name of “keeping it real”. Btw, in REALity, most of them are plastic and have never shot a gun. So wise up dummy.

      • Truth Powell

        that’s the whole point. His music isn’t good. Every album he has like 4 really good songs ( Kick,Push, He Say She Say, Real, Gold Watch, Tokyo Paris) but the rest is all just embarrassing trash(American Terrorist, the TROY shit,Pressure,the whole album LASERS).

        I guess you didn’t know he does songs with people that glorify selling dope and killing. I KNOW WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT YOU DUMMY. Lupe is the soundtrack to modern smart dumbness. Only an idiot would even say shit like you just did.

        Go pick up that U-God Keynote Speaker if you wanna hear some dope shit from a dude that drops science and really busted his gun(since that’s so important to you)

      • Schooly B

        Ummmmmmmm no…. Just no.

      • Truth Powell

        lol so you think ” American Terrorist” with that lame chorus is dope music? Or that T.R.O.Y. debacle? or “Lasers” ?
        Don’t come with that “ummmm…no” cornball shit, show facts.
        Dude is all hype and marketing generated. His music doesn’t hold up.

      • Schooly B

        If you judge music based upon whether you can chant along with the hook or not I have a cd of children’s songs for you. The beats are nuts. I think its called Music For Feeble Minded Fools. You are the listener Little Brother was making fun of on The Listening.

      • Truth Powell

        What I’m currently bumping:

        Pete Rock & CL Smooth – Main Ingredient
        U-God – Keynote Speaker
        A soul mix cd I burned with Mavis Staples, JR Walker, James Brown, Lenny Williams, The Delfonics(just to name a few)
        -Papoose-Nacirema Dream

        And I can’t wait until tomorrow so I can get that new Pete Rock and Camp Lo.

        I saw Little Brother at an instore at Amoeba Records in like 2004. Been had the Listening since then and bought The Minstrel Show the first day it came out.

        The only feeble minded music fan here is you. I already listed the Lupe songs that are truly dope. That American Terrorist chorus is some wack embarrassing sounding shit. I am the listener Little Brother made The Listening for. A true hiphopper that loves and has soul. Try again cornballs.

      • johnblacksad

        Main Ingredient… timeless!

        Sun won’t come out!

      • Schooly B

        Well sir I am happy to know that you can make lists. Now, make yourself a rope, tie one end to the back of a Yugo, and the other end to your left leg and have a friend go play bumper cars in it. It seems to me the majority of your opinions are based upon what someone else has told you was “bad”. “The troy debacle”? Really? Read a book. then listen to the words. Then maybe you’ll understand what’s being said, it’s music for the intelligent not sheep like you. That said I will give you a vote up because that was a nice list of music there. Just get rid of that wack ninja Pap and we’re cool, you might as well have said you were listening to the old Angelous mixtape lol. If you want something truly dope, expand your musical horizons and check out Pharoah Sanders classic album Karma. In any case nice list sheep.

      • Truth Powell

        If all you want is words, read a book. Music is a complete product. Words and sounds. Lupe’s music doesn’t hold up.

        All your corny long drawn out attempts at humor and assumptions can’t change that. A sheep can be a Lupe or a Nicki Minaj fanatic. The sad thing is that you *think* you’re the cool one with discerning taste. Look how you follow my lead listing an artist after I did YOU SHEEP. U exemplify smart dumbness.

      • Schooly B

        Not listing but suggesting an artist, singular. Thats very far from a list of crowd approved artists and songs. In any case this was fun, but you sir bore me with your stupidity. Understand, I don’t dislike you because you have a different taste in music than I do. I dislike you because you are ignorant enough to believe that your taste in music is actually good and that everyone else should listen along with you lol. Well sir, to you I say vaffanculo.

        Btw the next time you decide to speak to me about my level of intelligence don’t spell you like “U” it makes you look like you are either a child or a woman. Because those are the only two people that do that. No really, if one of my homies ever hit me up and used U in a sentence like You just did I would either assume he’s turned gay and is hitting on me or his girl is hitting me up. Men don’t do that, we use our big boy words… So, the next time you decide to have a battle of wits… Read a book first. Then bring a loaded gun.

        You have just been Schooled.

      • Truth Powell

        Ur completely reaching with everything U said. U didn’t school shit. Ur Smart Dumb like I said.

        So all your boys have to type out “you” but not “laughing out loud”? LOL UR a bird.

        and with that vaffanculo I can see why you don’t understand the concept of SOUL.

      • Schooly B

        Still searching for that L huh? I see you are getting agitated, do my words confuse you? The only reason a man resorts to hurling profanities during a debate is because the feel they are losing ground and can’t keep up with the conversation. Have you realized how far out of your depth you’ve traveled? Here’s my last piece of advice… Money, go kill yourself. Your lifes a 504 error. Just pack it up and go home.

        Stay blissfully ignorant my friend… It is painfully obvious there is no schooling you.

      • Truth Powell

        Anybody with a brain and some character can see how you’re just running in circles and reaching. You went from Lupe doesn’t promote negativity to telling me to get a gun. If you were such a man as you professed in your diatribe on the merits of “u” vs. “you”(you do realie how stupid that made you sound right?) a little curse word wouldn’t phase you. Nevermind the fact you never addressed the debate at hand: LUPE FIASCO’S PRETENSION AND WEAK MUSICAL OUTPUT.
        You can’t school someone that is leaps and bounds ahead of you in life experience and intellect. I don’t come at anybody sideways but jump in a pit of snakes and trust you will get bit. Schooly B kid you’re second rate.

      • Schooly B

        HAHAHAHA! Oh boy, you are fun. And by fun I mean your stupidity amuses me. As a fan of hip hop, as you claim to be, you should know what a metaphor is. But then again you didn’t like it when Lupe didn’t dumb down his lyrics for you so could easily sing along like you did with “Kick, Push”. Which by the way is some real simplistic stuff by the way. No really, every song you name checked has a simplistic chanting hook that is easy to follow. What are you a retard? But, I digress. The battle of wits I spoke of is in reference to this debate that you and I are currently embroiled in. The gun I spoke of was your brain…. Yeah. Load it with knowledge before you speak to me. Get it, boy? Your choice to use profanity has had no effect on me, I just highlighted how you chose to go there once the battle was lost. And you did lose. It’s obvious that you are an American, and in America the language of the land is english. When you speak to me, speak it properly. Re-read what you wrote.

      • Truth Powell

        you’re having a conversation with yourself then. You go around debating people in metaphors? You’re a joke.

        And what makes Kick,Push dope is THE BEAT. You non soul having sociopath. You’re not even smart dumb anymore. You’ve been demoted.

      • Schooly B

        And so we return to The Listening…. Good day sir.

      • Truth Powell

        If an alien came from space and asked me to show them what hiphop is, I would play “For You” to them.

      • Schooly B

        Dope song, even better album. It is at this moment where two adults agree to disagree on some points and cut ignant ninja talk. You’re not a Lupe fan thats your thing, there’s a larger music world out there and some artists I don’t rock with. So, peace be unto you brother.

        ~Uno and out

      • Truth Powell

        peace doesn’t come without war sometimes. 1.

      • Schooly B

        I see you edited that post. Haaaaaa!!!! So, it seems you have been schooled. I retract my statement on you not being able to learn. Today you just learned a little italian and you learned the correct way to spell you, good for you. Now, in reference to my inability to understand SOUL as you put it…. Ummmm no. Where do you get that idea monkey? Did you find it in your poo, boy? How does an idiot like yourself speak of a soul, when you don’t even possess the ability to understand the simple concept being quiet to avoid people learning of your ignorance? Wait, you do know what ignorance is right? You aren’t ignorant to the definition of ignorance are you?

      • Schooly B

        Heres a chorus you are sure to love. E. I./ E. I./ Nooooo

      • johnblacksad

        U-God came through on that Keynote Speaker!

      • nastydhl

        “Take that cool shit, make it lame

        Take that nerd shit, make it bang

        Yeah, you heard us make it bang

        Yeah, you heard me make it bang

        Melt the change and make a ring

        Take that ring and make a bracelet

        Take that bracelet make a chain

        Look how far my necklace hang

        Connect that chain up to a crane

        Pull the game up by the brains

        Could not move it just with brains

        So I had to use some bling”

        if that goes over your head in reference to him making music with people who glorify ignorance then…

      • Truth Powell

        If you think that’s some genius shit, hey ok. Just stop it. Please. lol

      • nastydhl

        over your head

      • Truth Powell

        you’re like 3 days too late with this. This is redundant to me. Maybe that went over your head. To a baby 2 + 2 might sound genius you feel me? I already had my debate with Schooly B. Read that if you wanna peep game.

      • nastydhl

        ^^ #swag ^^

      • n n

        Lupe fiasco glorified violence in a interview he did about the Pete rock ” beef” until he came to his senses.

      • MadVillain

        agreed, hes a good actor/writer but thats it. his stand up isnt great and hes nothing special of an emcee

      • He’s done a lot recently. He’s been making music for a while, he has around 10 tapes out with his most recent stuff being a well sold album called Camp and his mixtape Royalty with a lot of upcoming artists and R.Z.A. and other well known rappers. He’s definitely not a joke of a rapper, I think he’s a breathe of fresh air compared to a lot of other current rappers. Although if you’re not a teenager/young adult I could understand not being able to relate since a lot of his music is based on either wanting/missing a girl, being a poor/outcast black kid in a white school, his family such as mother, father, uncle and cousin and the traditional wordplay rapping.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        sounds kind of kanye ish and odd future ish if you ask me not all that fresh

      • He still has a different style compared to them, he produced Camp himself so the whole album has the same feel to it, it was amazing.

  • junj03

    Childish Gambino will eat this dude alive.

  • MrNoName2K

    damn everybody wanna b*tch slap Lupe..

    • Obi Won

      Everyone “says” they wanna slap Lupe, but no one is on record of actually doing it….ijs

      • Truth Powell

        because when the shit hits the fan Lupe gonna pull the “nah brother we don’t gotta go there” card.

      • Obi Won


      • @Real_SirJamie

        Lupe is trained in martial arts since he was a child like myself. If attacked in a “street fight” the average citizen or “hood dude” doesn’t stand a chance. Street fights are almost always the same thing. No defense, wild haymakers, feet NEVER planted and no head movement. And when they DO move their head they imitate Ali’s rope a dope and end up almost falling over. Just because people choose NOT to fight doesn’t mean they don’t have the ability. It just means we understand how much damage we can really do sir.

      • Truth Powell

        If you’re so raw you know how much damage you can inflict you can conversely hold back on that power and use what is necessary to subdue your attacker. Unless the dude throws the first blow(something a true martial artist should never do)
        A fight between two martial artists looks about the same as two street dudes brawling. All forms and stances go out the window.
        Some ppl are true pugilists and dedicate their life to that craft. But those are few and far between.Just because you got a black belt at Joe’s kung fu class at the strip mall doesn’t mean you’re infallible.
        And let’s not get off the subject here: Lupe’s sub par musical output.

      • nastydhl

        nobody said anything about being infallible.

        people who practice martial arts NEVER get into fights outside the ring/mat because they respect how much damage can be done.

        since when was the subject “Lupe’s sub par musical output?” nobody mentioned anything about that in this thread until your last sentence of that post.

        the hate is strong with you, eh?

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        martial arts dudes dont take Ls ?? lol

    • @Real_SirJamie

      It’s been proven since the beginning of time that once neanderthals can no longer understand whats being conveyed, they turn violent.

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    I fukk with Lupe tho……Glover has done some funny stand up before.

  • Golgo 13

    this rumor is wack

  • DollasTX

    IF IT WAS A rumored JOKE — TF you post this sheet for

  • Escobar

    Dong Lover goes in heavy, it would be a dope battle.

  • MadVillain

    maaan Donald Glover aint slapping the sh!t outta NOBODY anytime soon lmao, just stick to Community bro

    • Apparently you haven’t heard, he’s leaving Community after 5 episodes because his music career is so big now.

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  • Dwayne Nvo

    Dat bitch Childish Gambino Can Suck Skin Off Of my Dick

    • Controversy Sells

      You gay

  • MidWestFlyest

    Glover iz soooo slept on. Dude has bars for daze and if you don’t think so then you haven’t listened to his shit. I been waiting for somebody to get at Lupe’s whiny ass. Get ’em Bino.

  • john blaze


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  • Doc Franchise

    I dont know why people think Lupe is soft. Im from Chi and was doing rap thing he used to be goonie up at the shows we did together. The dude he got on with is doing 50 yrs behind running heroin ring. He’s from westside of Chi and Dude is like a black belt. Coming from where hes come from I doubt if he is soft that people think they’re going to slap him and nothing is going to happen.

    • @Real_SirJamie

      Don’t even try brother. To these type of people none of that matters, They’d easily believe that Shawn Carter stood outside Marcy Projects all night in the snow with Memphis Bleek and made hand to hand cocaine sales (Even though there is no proof of this whatsoever) than believe a black man with a military background upbringing can defend himself. They probably think Wesely Snipes and Michael Jai White don’t know martial arts either. Its easier to believe a black stereotype. If you don’t perpetuate the negativity ignorant people tend to believe you “aint bout dat life” or you’ve never seen any poverty or been in anything violent.

      • EVOLONE

        @ Look At Me King, I hate when people make comments about something they know nothing about…… I know if Jay Z and Memphis Bleek and made hand to hand sales well yes and no, if you know the history Bleek wasn’t picked up until Jays rap career got started. Now if you believe 50 cent life, he cosigned for Jay saying he know that Jay was in the street doing his thing and who have you heard say that he wasn’t……believe me if there was an opportunity to pull his card it would have been pulled.

      • @Real_SirJamie

        ^^ case and point.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        i hear yall but yall make it seem like there is some kind of major interview process when it comes to getting into the drug game … if you can pay the fee you can get in … there aint no requirements lol … if you want to really measure a mofos drug game … how much $$$ did they generate?? @ what levels did they peak @ ?? lol and yall talking hand to hand lol smh my nephew can start hand to handing tomorrow starting with a $20 investment …. come on son !!!!!!! lol THATS WHY ITS A TRAP !!

    • $18592567

      Lupe one of the trillest dudes in hip hop. His history is documented…

    • Negro Peligro

      It don’t matter no ways. People too rapped up in loud mouths being the hardest these days. I remember everyone saying Ricky WIlliams was soft. I was like you must not have ever seen dude. Gay or whatever he knock you out.

      Lupe lyrical content done fell off on that last album. He used to be ill. He doing the right thing though. FInding something else. He would be an ill host of like an awareness or political show. MSNBC. He just lost in the hiphop. He got too many thoughts and nothing centered.

      • stop it, did you see lupe on bill o riley, he was terrible he shouldnt be anywhere near a political type of show.. lets be honest

      • @Real_SirJamie

        How was he terrible. Everything he said was true. Are you a fan of Bill?

      • no it wasnt, he got owned by bill, and i cant stand bill, lupes lack of any real knowledge got exposed, just because someone can write some rhymes about a subject dont mean they should be speaking on those subjects as some expert… lupe dumb as hell

      • @Real_SirJamie

        Ok sir. If you call being rudely cut off every time you try to express something being “owned” then yes you are right. He clearly stated what we went to Afghanistan for (in the first place before they switched up the reason like they always do) and pointed out that politics aren’t as complex as people try to make them seem. He also gave an opinion on our president from an outside view. So again, if you call stating your opinion only to be ridiculed for it by a racist pompous man with an anger control issue being “owned” then yes he did get…. “Owned”. Maybe you need to watch it again because you are very vague when describing what “real knowledge” he lacked.

      • ahahahahahahahaha, lupe got shut down, bill made him look like a complete idiot, kinda like you

      • @Real_SirJamie

        Exactly sir. Insulting is always easier when faced with intelligence and facts. I’m sorry you can’t hold conversation without stooping to that level. To prevent offending you anymore I will end our dialogue. Shalom.

  • ” I still somehow make headlines” this rumor the biggest headline i have seen from lupe in a couple years lol

  • BulldogCG

    why pit the black man vs the black man. As many brothers spitting knowledge as possible is a good look, even if they have different perspectives. They are different people, conscious for sure, in the same lane, I do not necessarily think so.

  • tommy

    Dont yall know he was quoting chief keef…

  • Anthony Nash

    You guys know Donald glover just copy/pasted what Chief Keef said to Lupe, right? Its a joke.

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