Tyga Getting Sued For $20 Million By 2 Video Vixens

(AllHipHop News) The two video models featured in Tyga’s “Make it Nasty” video who filed a lawsuit against the YMCMB rapper are now asking for $20 million according to TMZ. Vixens Elizabeth Velasquez and Azia Davies claim that their breasts were exposed in the clip without their consent, and the two women want $10 million a piece in punitive damages.

20 million is 250 times what fellow Cash Money employee Bow Wow was ordered to pay a French porn star for using her image in a version of the video “Drank In My Cup.” In a Facebook post Bow Wow contested that he did not make the song or the video with Celine Tran’s likeness, but because he did not answer the lawsuit Tran was awarded $80,000 by default judgement.

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It’s likely to say that Tyga will be pursuing legal measures for the Velasquez and Davies’ $20 million case.

24 Responses to “Tyga Getting Sued For $20 Million By 2 Video Vixens”

  1. Yanks or Nerve

    When he gonna get sued for trash music? I don’t even want damages, I never spent money on his music!

  2. Dointer

    What a disgrace, people who get raped, seriously injured at work, people who lose limbs ,and people who become paralysed (the list can go on forever) do not even get close to a pay out of 10 million dollars….This puts the taste of a beer with cigarette butts in it in my mouth.

  3. DiscoverDior.com

    How are you a stripper and you wanna sue because your breast were exposed….It’s hard to prove your case when being a stripper is your job….Secondly Tyga seems to like that kind of environment so you can’t expect anything else.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      you said it right there “stripper” …. all about money … lol @ 20 mill tyga prob didnt even make that his entire career lol … but im sure they are shooting high so they can settle for a low ball high settlement if you get what im saying lol ….

  4. Herb_Bane

    this is awful.. if tyga lived to be 10,387 years old and rapped for all that time.. he still wouldn’t earn half that 20.. smh

    And bow wow that’s even worse.. so what is his net worth now? -$60,000

    • Nemo hos

      damn homie you ever thought that lil nigga probably had the money in his moms account so these nat nats dont try to sue for everything a nigga be havin? just saying

  5. mademan3000

    Really 20mil, these two bitches have their two Tyga’s (Tiger) mixed up…tho both of em like trashy stripper type hoes…they gotta realize they’re sueing TYGA the rapper and not TIGER the golfer same taste in hoes huge difference in finances! *drops mic*

  6. MrNoName2K

    Man niggas be getting too damn comfortable with these video hoes..but of course, suckers a born everyday..

  7. 129 Dead PIG SKIN Peckerwoods

    these dumb ass hoes need to get a career instead of trying to live off of a guy. since this is america (a feminist nation), i’m sure those bitches will get paid very nicely.

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