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Rapper’s Lyrics Lead To His Own Arrest In Double Homicide Case

(AllHipHop News) Local Virginia rapper Antwain “Twain Gotti” Steward faces murder, malicious wounding, and firearms charges in Newport News after the 22-year-old allegedly rapped about the crime in one of his songs. According to a report by the Daily Press, Steward is accused of fatally shooting Brian Dean, 20, and Christopher Horton, 16, on May 10, 2007. Steward was 16 at the time.

The case went cold for years, but police charged Steward with the two murder counts on July 9 citing his lyrics featured in a 2011 YouTube video as evidence of his guilt. The video has since been taken down from the site.

An affidavit for a Newport News Circuit Court issued search warrant provided the lines from the song:

Everybody saw when I [expletive] choked him. But nobody saw when I [expletive] smoked him, roped him, sharpened up the shank then I poked him…had me crackin up so I joked him, it is betweezy six feet ova, told ya [expletive] with my money I’ll roast ya

Witnesses at the time said that Horton and Steward had gotten into a fight before the shooting took place. Authorities allege that Horton and his visiting friend Dean were gunned down on the front porch of Horton’s house as a result of gang retaliation.

Steward is now being held without bond. He has a preliminary hearing scheduled for October 2.

Twain Gotti’s Twitter feed has still managed to send out a series a tweets proclaiming his innocence after his arrest and detainment.

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  • Ronald Grant

    This is some ish straight off “The Boondocks”.

  • remy730

    How that work if you snitch…… on yourself????

    • Same way…minus the plea deal.

  • junj03

    Well he said there names so….oh wait!!..

  • 1hiphophiphop


  • big wolf

    i mean enough is enough 22 years old ok do 22 years

  • Pickle

    Ninja Moment#Boondocks

  • big wolf

    your turn to get chocked then poked right in your ass for years taking lives like that

  • if u aint keeping it real in ur raps, u wont be respected… this apperently supersedes snitching on yourself.

  • big wolf

    i agree wit you seenthedream i agree my brother

  • big wolf

    my bad seendadream

  • RBG

    keeping it real stupid.

  • Dwayne Nvo

    lmao who is this nigga

    • 1800mossadslave


    • @Real_SirJamie

      It says his name in the article.

  • JJones

    When keeping it real goes wrong.

  • MrNoName2K

    yet another case of when “keeping it real” goes wrong…oh…gump ass nigga

  • Reblogged this on HUEY mix wit RILEY.

  • Pinnacle TheHustler

    You’s a stupid MF

  • johnblacksad

    Still tho… how they tryin to convict him solely off those lyrics? gotta be more to it

    with that said, he still looks like a generic (uninteresting) rapper

    • churchboy2

      I think that “solely” is an assumption.

  • Sean Taylor

    F’ing idiot….

  • LexxBrown

    He want to do a “Boosie”

  • That shit vague as hell.he could have been talking about anybody.Gotta be a snitch weak

    • Mikey Stephenson

      Yes. I love the snitch. There should be more of it.

  • Another dumbass bites the dust. This is why I don’t listen to any of the new rap anymore.

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  • he better get a good lawyer to get off this bs. just speculation and wasting tax dollars

  • It’s sad that Hip Hop culture and it’s fans glorify and buy into this fantasy of thug life and wanting be a gangster so much that artists are brazen enough to talk about the dirt they do in their lyrics.

    • Dead wrong

      It’s deeper than Hip-Hop. There’s an unspoken belief in the black community that being feared and considered insane is the height of black manhood. American Gangster is a whole series dedicated to glorifying brothers who wouldn’t think twice about murdering their foes or destroying the black community for profit. If they had a series called “Black American Scientists,” it wouldn’t be nearly as successful. These youngsters know that to earn respect from their peers and to attract women they need to be feared, not loved. It’s like that with all mankind but mostly black folks. Why? I don’t know. I only know that when it comes to sizing each other up and being aggressive both verbally and non-verbally we are our own worst enemy. Bad is good … to us.

      • ihatehater

        I couldn’t have said it any better. Well-put.

      • Dead wrong

        Preciate it. I’ve worked with high-school kids, did some subbing, and saw firsthand how the ‘nerdy’ smart types couldn’t hold a candle to the thugs when it came to getting women or respect… It’s azz backwards *kanye shrug*

      • love all music

        big bruh you make a valid point we do focus on the bad,but if you really look at it “gangster rap” is really a thing of the past like in the early 90’s as you know, saying that its not publisized as it use to be that kind of rap is not profitable any more, labels are not buying into that as they use to. this guy just trying to make a profit buy telling loosley truth statements just like the rest of hiphop, the way i look at it is that its only entrainment, just like the movies. rip to those that died, and if he innocent free the man so he can get back to the music.

      • Dead wrong

        I’m from Chicago. The kids here listen to gangster rap, particularly underground trap music from rappers with whom they share gang affiliations with. I was walking down the street the other day when I heard ‘300k’ blasting from someone’s car stereo, the same song that Lil Jojo was allegedly murdered for making. I’ve heard of several instances where kids where assaulted for playing either Chief Keef or Jojo on the wrong side of town. Jojo’s best friend was killed for wearing a shirt in remembrance of him. I can assure you that it’s not just entertainment here. You can make the chicken & the egg analogy … what came first? It doesn’t matter at this point. The conditions in the streets fuel the negative lyrics, and the rappers light the match from behind the mic.. My friend from Africa was telling me how during warfare some of the gangs would go ride on their enemies while blasting a venomous 2pac song such as ‘Hit em up’. I’ve read that studies on how much we’re affected by music and movies are hidden from the public for obvious reasons. Certain beats naturally put one in a hypnotic state where we’re more open to suggestion. Trust me it’s not a game, and it’s a war of good vs. evil going on,,, for REAL. Righteous men don’t want to be entertained by murderous movies or lyrics. The choice is coming soon.

      • Well said Dead Wrong. It begs the question, what can be done to create a spark of change in a more positive influence for people who grow up in these environments?

      • Dead wrong

        It will take a spiritual revolution in my opinion before anything changes. When the Matrix first dropped it was an instant cult classic. It was infused with rich metaphors and analogies that could be explored and interpreted in a variety of ways. Leaders from a host of political, religious and social groups began referencing the movie in their work, particularly with analogies about how the truth was hidden from the masses. The truth was that humanity is programmed and directed by a system that very few can detect.and even fewer can overcome. My interpretation: DNA is the code that controls our behavior, with fear at the root of the program. Like Jay-z once, said, “We don’t even know why we do the things we do.” Macho behavior, being territorial, selfish, violent, jealous, hoarding, deception… Literally all of humanity’s ‘evil’ behavior is based on our fearful animal programming. What will we be without our fear? Once we lose the fear we’ll walk through that door and find out. It’s a choice between beast and man, which is the secret to the battle between red and blue in my opinion. We just need to start by breaking our own code of selfishness and fear so we can see the truth. More and more people will awaken when the time is right. It’s all by design in my opinion. For now, the animals who live in fear will continue to beat their chests and hiss to ward off foes… that’s what animals do. Subtract the fear and you can’t have a beast political, economic, or social system in place.

  • Obi Won

    Damn, I hate to be a “look at our black people” right now, but this is literally killing 3 Birds with one stone. 1 locked, 2 dead. Can we get some good news like 1 Rapper graduates from college, 2 enrolled. WTF man

    • Dead wrong

      Nah an educated rapper who didn’t rap about breaking the law would be considered weak, soft, or not ‘real’ enough. Going to jail is ‘real’.

      • churchboy2

        Sad but true.

      • Obi Won

        I’m curious as to what point in time this happened.

      • 2007

      • Dead wrong

        This twisted philosophy has existed for ages imho. Would we have ever even heard of this dude if his raps didn’t implicate him in a double homicide? People are attracted to negativity… So if it bleeds it leads and mass murderers from the past are loved, hated, but never ignored. Most people live in fear so they’re enthralled by people who were ruthless, fearless, and generally didn’t give a fvck.

  • Dead wrong

    Drop the beat, drop the beat uh. Gangstalicious, my rhyme’s too vicious. Eat MC’s all day mmm delicious. My whole crew up’in this, no doubt we gon win this. smacked up ya moms like i smacked Johnny Guinness. 3 o’clock yesterday, i don’t care what they say. suckaz really shouln’t play, i hit’em with the henesaaaay!” xD

  • scullyson

    Damn they didnt need to interogate this mofo….&^*%$ dry snitched on himself…lol…

  • WillVetterGoodin



    He a snitch and he don’t ither know it

  • Ill-Will

    This is a real life MF DOOM – Rap Snitch Knishes, judge asks do you see the perpetrator, yeah I’m right here

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  • Abrasive Angel

    Play it for the jury.—Gangstalicious.

  • Nate Morrow

    Dry snitchin on yourself, you can’t blame the police nigga

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  • Dead wrong

    Last comment: ‘Gotti’ is his twitter handle… really? Italians, but especially mafioso types never liked ‘moolies’…. never…. ever. They clown on brothers worse than the Klan. There’s no need to imitate their culture or use their handles for rap names….never. Gotti probably used to drop the N-bomb on a daily basis.

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    Lol um for yall saying he dry snitch on himfself, yall shouldnt believe everything you read…. One to get an arrest warrant you need real evidence. Ie murder weapon,
    Postive ID, um a witness??? Base on those lyrics that is not enough to lock him up for a murder, cause it was vague, & even if he said names , it still wouldnt make it pass a preliminary hearing off just that as evidence….

    It got to be more to it,

    • churchboy2

      It has got to be that the lyrics revealed an aspect of the crime that was previously unreleased.

  • Ronny Dæili

    The United States og America… Its like watching a show. You couldnt write this shit..

  • water_ur_seeds

    he didnt stab him though? the rap talks about shanking, sounds like anyother rap…

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  • love all music

    the FEDS always watching 2chainz warned y’all.

    • Realist4200

      Yeah, thanks 2Chainz. Never considered it til he said it. Without him we never woulda known… Praise be due to the one with the duo of fine metals.

  • ybe87

    Just like Lil Boosie’s lyrics led to his arrest and conviction right? Yea.. good luck with that!

  • youngplaya

    Don’t matter. Why rap about a crime so similar to a real murder if you in fact committed the murder. Can’t even feel sorry for niccas like this. Lost in the sauce gotdamn shame.

  • Matt Swan

    When keepin it real goes wrong……..
    But if this dude can get hemmed up from someone listening to his lyrics, how in the HELL can’t someone arrest Fawse for impersonating a bad rapper? Isn’t assaulting a mic a federal offence? How is it that TI and Jeezey can continue talking about being in the trap knowing that neither one has seen it other than on documentaries in 10 years? Off Ricky arrest these two for microphone assault. And while you’re at it arrest lil wayne for being a microphone fiend and impersonating a human and the real Microphone Fiend Rakim.

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  • @Real_SirJamie

    You guys who are confused should watch the video on world star. This article left lyrics out of the song. They “got a tip” that this Twan guy and the person he murdered had a fight 2 days before his death. Then he was murdered on his porch with his friend. In the song he says “Everybody saw when I [expletive] choked him. But nobody saw when I [expletive] smoked him”. He also (in the song) says he “walked up on the porch” and even names the murder weapon (357 magnum). Being a sole practitioner I can tell you that is all the evidence they need.

    • EL_BARK

      Lol thats is still not enough to get a murder conviction homie…
      Or make it pass to a preliminary hearing…

      Knowing the detail of a crime isnt not a crime.

      Cops withold evidence from the public all the time, but you knowing about a crime doesnt get you a conviction. Plus he a rapper & can say he made it up or wasnt serious… Its not like his lyrics are a confession.

      • @Real_SirJamie

        Like I said, Not only did they “get a tip” (Since only a few people got what that meant it means someone SNITCHED that this guy had beef with and actually fought the victim) but they HAVE proof. My friend I am currently practicing law, And I will tell you that catching cases all the time does NOT make you knowledgeable in the law, it just makes you THINK you are. You actually hit the nail RIGHT on the head with the “confession” part, that is EXACTLY what they are treating his lyrics as. No offense at all sir but “lol” at rappers X Rated or Project Pat whose lyrics were used against them. I’m sure they don’t think it’s funny. By the way, a preliminary hearing is always not required nor do they always have one in every case. It’s not like “Law & Order”. In the end this guy snitched on himself though.

      • EL_BARK

        Are you practicing criminal law? Because although its not in the constitution, you have to have a pre-trial of the evidence. Also if you are in criminal law, how many times have you heard of a person not getting a preliminary hearing?? Its very rare. & if a person didnt get one its because the evidence was so overwhemling that a conviction is a guranteed. Even them uou still going to get one. ?? Cant nobody just get arrested and go straight to a trial. I bet its very rare that a person doesnt get one. Also my brother is A DA, in philly & i have took law courses a few at temple taught by a well known criminal defense lawyer. No i’m not a lawyer but everyone knows in college, you only get theroy. But you dont really learn anything until u get field experience. So a person who has caught cases or been in the system, might have some knowledge of how the process goes.. In fact most lawyer only get good once they actually start practicing..

        Do you know the rules of a confession? That are govern by the laws. I think your speculating that they are treating his lyrics as a confession…. Do you know why all confessions have to be recorded by the police? did he ever say a name in his lyrics? My point was there HAVE to be more to it for them to arrest him & CHARGE him with murder…

        First to get charged with murder. You need an ARREST warrant. Now maybe in the affadvit for the arrest warrant they mention his lyric. But the lyric alone arent the end all or be all, even with the TIP, that is call circumstancial evidence, and that person can only be a witness to the fight…. But if that person didnt witness the actual murder, they wont even have a chance of getting a conviction……. My point was there has got to be more evidence to link him to the crime then just a witness saying he got in a fight with the victim. & his lyrics of him rapping he got into a fight with a person (who he never named)
        & killed him… Them lyrics he never said the person named so therefore it not a confession. In project pat case their lyrics were used to show his character, but they had a whole bunch of other evidence. That was my point. X-rated pose with the MURDER WEAPON on his album cover.

      • @Real_SirJamie

        SMH at X Raided… But you’re right about me speculating on whether or not they’re using his lyrics as a confession. (Good observation!) As far a legal process I am not VERY well rounded but I do know that a prelim. is not mandatory especially if you don’t know the law. For instance, say the cops are called because the music is loud, They barge their way in because you don’t know the law and they are a**holes… smell weed, check you and find it put you in the car only to talk sh*t, flag you on file as “non-compliant” so officers are more weary of you now, then let you go without your weed lol. Not only is that “forced entry” (a criminal act whether you’re a public servant or not) but that is illegal search and seizure. What the law/constitution states and what these people do are two different things. If they feel he’s not knowledgeable in the law they will TELL him it’s a confession and lock him up until he cracks and signs or he gets smart and lawyers up and they MAKE them take it to trial. Thats when the prelims come in. But thats why they have judges/magistrates in jail houses to stop that. The good old, “you look guilty to me” and “this evidence is enough.” I’ve seen these things happen and so have you. It’s just dudes like us don’t play that. lol. We’ve been in enough and have family members and homies to learn from, like “F**K your deal, Where’s my attorney, I’m taking this to trial”. But yea I’m practicing criminal justice. and you are right WE KNOW that if someone is accused a prelim is needed in OUR EYES. Because that’s fair. And WE KNOW they need warrants to accuse us or search us. But usually “Lil Pistol Starter” from the hood or “Nuck Nuck” down the street doesn’t know that. He’s gonna take the deal with that “I’ll do that time standing on my head” attitude. not knowing that a trial may take longer, but you’ll be completely exempt from charges and your record will be clean. But remember, our people look at a clean record as a sign of weakness or if your record is clean you haven’t done anything.

      • EL_BARK

        Well in that since your right. But that dumb on his part by not asking for a lawyer… Its just that simple.
        You get arrested, you only got to say 3 word. Get my lawyer.

        After you say that aint arent suppse to ask u a thing. Does it slways go that way no. Look at first 48. Lol the first thing i learn in that class, was these young cats, see these cops & detective & think he going to out smart them or lie his way out, cause they think detective aint street smart, & they dont know the law & the jam themselves up everytime… The number one mistake is,
        I was there but i aint do it….. Or i was there but left..

        Just saying that, is half if the battle won for the DA, cause you done place yourself at the scence by your own admission, lol

        Half of the time, they got a tip our heard you was there, but once you admit being there, they now have ur words as evidence lmao. That shet has me dieing everytime i watch first 48. Lol

        Shet they tell you ANYTHING you say will BE USED against you. & cats still talk thinking they going to talk they out a murder case lol

        I do want sto see the out come of this.

      • EL_BARK

        Also when the DA do stuff like this. Its always another motive for it…… Chance are they always knew who killed him, but could never prove it. & him rapping about & bragging about a murder prolly didnt sit to well with them. Now a person cslling in a tip is one thing. Noticed they say they got a tip
        & not a witness. Big differernce in criminal court. Lol
        A tip can be from anybody? And doesnt have to be proven or valudated. Hell they could be lieing about this TIP they got. Or maybe the person who snitched, only called the po after hearing the lyrics, who knows…. Until you see ALL the evidence & based on this article. Its implying that the smoking gun is his lyrics for bring charges. & if that is the case & that all the evidence they have. I doubt he get convicted…
        A tip about him getting into a fight with the victim, & his lyric about fighting someone & then killing them. Is not enough for a murder conviction…. I dont care how suspect it look.
        Boosie beat his cases & had much more incrminating evidrnce.

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  • R.E Dykes

    stop it lil ppls