We Charge Zimmer-cide: Why Our Self-Destruction Is Not Self -Inflicted

“You’re the one that was tryin’ to keep me way down/

Like the sun you know I found my way back round.”     
                                              J Cole On “Crooked Smile”

Last week , Wild Bill O’Reilly went on one of his frequent rampages against  rap , blaming the genre for all of the problems facing the black community. However, this time the Fox commentator went extra hard, obviously, more than a little miffed by the way millions of black folks are outraged  over the George Zimmerman acquittal  for the murder of Trayvon Martin. So Bill used his bully pulpit to lecture 40 million black Americans on how to solve “the race problem.”  In his twisted right wing logic, he seemed to infer that if there weren’t  so many Black baby mamas who  listen to Hip Hop, Trayvon Martin would still be alive today!
Well , it’s time that somebody put Ol’ Bill on blast.
Now, O’Reilly wasn’t the first person in the last few weeks who blamed the Trayvon Martin murder on drugs, Black on Black violence,  rap music etc. But since he reaches millions of people every night, it is fair to say that  he is the loudest. O’Reilly’s Fox News team mate, Sean Hannity,  has had a field day with the Zimmerman Trial and former  “Mr. Party Like a Rock Star,” Ted Nugent referred to Trayvon  as a “dope smokin’ gangsta wanna be”

From the first day of the trial, the murmurs of “forget Sanford,what about Chicago ?” began to float around the conservative blogosphere. This has produced what is referred  to as  “Zimmercide” – the act of killing innocent Black children with impunity under the pretense of fear, then blaming the black community for the act.”

OK. I would be the first to admit that we have some major problems in the African American community and we do need to have a convo. But I refuse to sit idly by and let the likes of Bill O’Reilly and rock-scum Ted Nugent define the parameters of the conversation and determine when we are going to have it!
So, instead of talking about what black people have done wrong, let’s deal with the evil that white men do.
Historically, white people have been incapable of blaming themselves for any of the atrocities that they or their ancestors have committed against not only African Americans, but the indigenous cultures of the planet earth.
Some may argue that it is against human nature to blame ones self for one’s actions, as philosophers have had endless debates over the subject. Also, in his book, “The Great White Lie,” Jack Gratus attempts to use Kurt Godel’s theorem to explain the inability of the European to have an honest discussion on racism.
Whether they admit it or not,  history has recorded their many acts of genocide that make the southside of Chicago look like Disney World. From the Congo of Africa  to the Great Plains of America, the European  has a lot more blood on his hands than the “Chief Keefs”  of the world have on theirs.
Contrary to popular belief “genocide” does not just mean hauling people off and exterminating them in gas ovens.
According to the 1949 United Nations “Genocide Convention,” it also means “deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part. ” So anyone who sets the climate for black kids in hoodies who listen to Lil Wayne to be murdered by overzealous neighborhood watch people are also , be definition, guilty of genocide.
Although  Bill O’Reilly mouthed off a whole bunch of statistics about the pathologies facing black people , as they say , statistics can conceal more than they reveal. While he  named rappers that degrade the black community, what he did not mention is that the top shot callers in the entertainment industry are old white men.  (But since we are supposed to be too  ignant to read books like Fredric Dannen’s , “Hit Men,” I guess we weren’t supposed to know
Also, while commentators keep  preachin‘  about the gang violence in Chicago, they forget the role that government agencies played in shutting down Fred Hampton’s attempt to stop the gang wars in Chicago as early as the 1960’s when COINTELPRO agents sent fake letters to Jeff Fort of the Black P. Stone Rangers ,claiming that the Panthers had put a hit on him.
Even though they blame drug dealin’ for destroying the hood, they can’t seem to remember Gary Webb’s  “Dark Alliance” accusation that claimed it was the CIA that put crack in the ‘hood in the first place.
The list goes on, but you get the point.
What is most insulting about this whole charade , is that they are using their massive propaganda machines to paint the picture that there are not thousands black people across the country who have dedicated their lives to fighting social ills.
There are also many Hip Hop thinkers that O’Reilly , Nugent and their ilk would never face on the intellectual battlefield.
Those who would use the writings of Dr. Amos Wilson and Dr. Frances Cress Welsing  to properly diagnose  problems facing the black community and not just parrot some Moynihan report from almost 50 years ago.
No matter how much these pundits want to blame black folks  for the “race problem,” truth is the problem ain’t the music we listen to or the clothes  we wear. It is global white supremacy and all issues we face stem from that fact.
Like Wyclef Jean once rapped “Black on Black crime needs to stop/ya’ll can’t blame it on Hip Hop.

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  • TruthSerum

    The fact that you bother to reply to Bill O’ Reilly proves how delusional and immature you are. He is the white republican version of a website troll, he says these things on purpose to elicit a response from blacks who are too stupid to realize his only goal is to make you respond, get his name buzzing more then it is and up his sponsor money. The audience he reaches already feel the same way he does, and his circulation increases everytime he gets mentioned on a sight like this. He plays you live a violin and you just come back for more. If people didn’t throw a tantrum every time he made one of these stupid comments, he’d stop making them. Bill O’Reilly is not a politician, he’s a political analyst with a TV show on a republican news network. He has no power other then the power people like you give him by validating his ridiculous opinions with responses. If his opinions didnt rub so many people the wrong way, the people who champion him wouldn’t care about him half as much. YOU are to blame for his relevance.

    • junj03


    • LiddyBug86


    • MIIHP

      What do you mean get O’Reilly buzzing? His dumbass is the highest rated cable news show in the country. He works for one of the most powerful media companies in the world. Thats pretty mainstream to me. His ratings suggest that a substantial amount of people in America agree with his racist as point of view. By supporting him, sponsors support his message. He is the mouthpiece of the people who run this world. If anything he is one of the 1st people that should be responded too. Keep speaking the truth about him and his message.

      • TruthSerum

        One of the reasons his show is highly rated is because people like him consider him an Icon because he’s capable of getting under the skin of people like the one who wrote this article. That’s why his show is so highly rated, he’s the mouthpiece that you all respond to and get offended by, so conservatives champion him. If O’Reilly didnt get under the skin of Black Folks and White liberals then conservative republicans would have no use for him. You give people like this power every time you acknowledge their foolishness. You want to argue with somebody, do it to somebody in office who has a vote that counts, not some douche who wants your tears to boost up his profit margin.

        Every Time Bill O’Reilly finds out an article like this was written about him on a rap site with high traffic numbers, he probably jumps in his swimming pool full of money like Scrooge McDuck and screams “I’M SO HAPPY” at the top of his lungs……..

        But whatever, keep responding to him and making him an Icon to his people.

      • MIIHP

        His popularity has nothing to do with us. Our acknowledgment of him is nothing to a global media company. He’s been on Fox News since 1996. How many people do you think get their perception of what Black people are about and from him? That is what must be fought. It makes no sense to ignore what is the voice of those in America who have power. He says things they want to say but can’t. His job isn’t to get under our skin but to keep the overall perception of us negative. If nobody is around to intelligently refute the things he says, then the only Black people will speak on the this he says are ones that agree with him, like Don Lemon.

  • ShaStud

    Great Read…

    • Hector G

      well yer an idiot then..the fact that you have a kanye profile pic ppl should know how much your opnion is worth..the guy has a song called black skinhead and ni**as in paris created post 2010…the joke is on you as soon as you read this trash article…tool

      • ShaStud

        Really???? Well i guess it say a lot about you with no pic huh lol…

  • Hector G

    ppl are gonn hate me for this but fukk you….whoever wrote this article is a racist moron and dosen’t deserve to have me read past the first paragraph….ya i think trayvon was murdered basically in a manslaughter situation but if you think that gives you the right as black ppl to try and create a never ending race war with concepts such as what this article suggests you are worse than bill o’reily…kill yourself….you are what is wrong with america…keep to yourself and fukk off….you are trying to start a movement because some kid who was stupid enough to swing on a person who is strapped died….trayvon could have ran for his life but he didnt he confronted a stupid wannabe cop with a gun……this case is nothing more than what do you get when you mix a stupid wannabe hard kid with a stupid wannabe cop…big problems…you should know what state you are in and not to fukk around…if you think i’m losing sleep over this shit the answer is no b!tch no…zimmerman won in court so just shut the fukk up and be done with it…..if you dont like the result, it’s not for you to decide…the black community is bunch of whiners for real…over 50% of athletes and entertainers are black making millions of dollars and are some of the most recognizable people in america + the president is black and everyone still has to listen to this “they’re after us bullsh!t”….ive got news for you i’m a white person and ive had a hard life. If you are a minority, shut the fukk up…we don’t care…go find another stupid motherfukker to feel sorry for you

    • @Real_SirJamie

      Quit crying and complaining Sir. Go find something constructive to do if you don’t care so much.

      • Hector G

        i do care…..thats why im on here dissing a bunch of angry, mislead black people trying to create a divide through articles like this, written by a complete moron that shouldn’t even have a job..quote from article:”Although Bill O’Reilly mouthed off a whole bunch of statistics about the
        pathologies facing black people , as they say , statistics can conceal
        more than they reveal.”…lolololol @ the author you are a sucker and all of the people listening to you are too….this entire article is the product of an excuse maker….i am a history major and that’s why i am clowning everyone in here so take your black panther shit and stick it in your a$$hole…the fact that you support this clown and this article actually means that you are the one complaining because this entire article is nothing more than a complaint against who!?!?!whites??!! it’s 2013 i win

      • obamasuxass

        History major? LOL you sound like a real idiot. Racism still exists but it is done in a different way nowadays. Racist words are not used as much but its done in other ways. EG: Non white goes for job interview and has all qualifications but they don’t hire him/her cuz of race but make up some lame excuse..

      • DJ7

        You are not a history major sir, stop the deception immediately, you’re embarrassing yourself!!

    • greenhouse records

      Get a life. Your delusional and need to read up on your history. Whitey

  • Danny

    Good article…..excellent one in fact. White people have been the most evil race of all time, and compared to the extreme crimes they have committed against Blacks and other races, in their own homeland, Bill O Reilly has a lot of nerve to say what he said. Fucc him

    • Hector G

      ahahahahahahahahaha….have you personally suffered under white ppl?!?……do i feel sorry for you personally.?..NOOO…lol……..then why are you on here caling the white race evil you stupid racist moron. i think it is funny how many stupid racist black people come out to play on these hip-hop blogs. if you are still crying about trayvon martin YOU are a joke. if you are still crying about injustices committed against blacks in the past YOU are a joke…things ARE different now and you get respect wherever you go depending on how you carry yourself not by race…..you are a cry baby idiot with the same rights as anyone so go give al sharpton a blowjob or start a pointless rally to create a further divide a$$hole…fukk you

      • @Real_SirJamie

        You are very uneducated and disrespectful.

      • Hector G

        ahahahahahahahaa go cry me a river twat….yer jus mad cause you got nothin to say and yer part of the angry black community…..like i said earlier, 1. go find another stupid motherfuckker to feel sorry for you cause i don’t give a shit. 2. you are very obviously uneducated if you think you can throw the term uneducated around when you don’t who you are talking to. 3.while yer butt-buddy is up there is blowing al sharpton you can get fukked by jesse jackson..girl

      • greenhouse records

        Troll Alert

      • Yo_Daddy1

        Hector G you sound like the G stands for George…Lol! Is this George Zimmerman? Lol! We have the same rights? Our neighborhoods and schools are set up for failiure. Books falling apart and stuff, liquor store on every corner… Not in the white community. Look at the crucked politictions who run this country, they don’t give a damn about you or me, just their pockets. So you can get on here and talk foolishly and let the people who read your views on it and see that you are not as smart as you think. The blinders are off, we see who this country belongs to. They control the music, they find these ignorant people to put out the worst message out to your kids so they can get paid and destroy us at the same damn time, and yo dumb ass will cut off your nose to spite your face and support them, when they are the reason people fear blacks cause of the images they present on their news about us for the world to see. I don’t hate you though, i feel sorry for you cause you must think they look at you different then me.. They show rappers talk down do us and give them a budget to get fancy things you can marvel at that you cannot afford so you can feel like as a youth I should go rob and steal until i can get those things. It’s a fucked up message, but look at who it’s really coming from… It starts from the top, not who you see in the videos….

  • Q.

    Truth Minista’s saving this site’s last shred of credibility. Props.

    Only way to calm this clown O’Really down is to pull his sponsors like they’re doing to Rush…they don’t respect nothing but dollars.

  • skep10sk

    Im white, and there is no denying in that europeans have A LOT of blood on their hands true the history of mankind. But for me to sit in Norway in 2013 apology for something some long dead white people from som colonial power did 100 years ago, is not right. I accknowledge the facts, and the long term consequences of their actions, but why should I appologies for smoething another person did just beacuse we share the same skin color? I beliveve we wont get anywhere if we dont stop puttin the racial aspect first, and the individual aspect second. The Trayvon Martin case has got a lot of publicity in Norway, and I belive 99.9 percent of the people over here shake their heads in disgust over the fucked up judicial system American have, when you can shoot and kill a 17 year old boy dead and get away with it.

  • RBG4Life

    Man, my thing is both black and white know what it is. They(ignorant ones) just like to play dumb like all that other sh!t dont exist. They use the uneducated and avoid the articulate and intelligent ones of us because that helps create this false truth facade. Its a fun make believe game they like to play where they tell half of the story and point at everything else but their involvement. As long as you can tell lies and hang out around your own where all of you keep spreading the lie around, brainwashing yourselves to believe sh!t is true that your perfect little angels, they aint never gonna own up. They like their privileges and they gonna do everything to keep them exclusive to them until they cant no more.

    Black folks got to get on the job and realize that these m.f.’s playing hardball. They made the game and they know all the loopholes. As long as we keep our shit looking sloppy, they’re always gonna tuck they sneaky ass little racist darts where they can be hidden behind some dumb sh!t we did. We gotta remove them rocks they like to crawl and hide sh!t under so that attention cant be diverted to everything else but the part they playing in this sh!t. They gonna front and run with this new reverse racism bullsh!t until we pull the sheet off that ass.

  • OReillyJewFRO

    Blame Whitey !!

  • Jacob R.

    I am Eastern European and there’s no doubt that historically Western European colonial powers have by far the most blood on their hands. But as far as today goes, you have rappers (who I listen to all the time) glorify a lifestyle that is responsible for the deaths of countless numbers of kids in urban decay. The ones who are saying anything about Trayvon Martin are simply hypocrites or are probably just jumping on this media bandwagon over this case.

    Jay Z, Jeezy and anyone else who is involved in this Trayvon Martin hysterias are simply trying to draw attention away from their own lyrics. They have presented to millions of young impressionable black males the positives of living a criminal lifestyle that include carrying a gun that you are prepared to let off and selling illegal narcotics as a means of providing for yourself.

    • kay863

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