Goodie Mob Reunites For New Music Video “I’m Set”

(AllHipHop News) Cee-Lo Green, Khujo, T-Mo, and Big Gipp are back together as Goodie Mob for the new video “I’m Set.” The track will appear on their upcoming reunion album Age Against The Machine. This will be the first LP featuring all four group members since 1999’s World Party.

The Dungeon Family affiliates also recently released a lyric video for the song “Special Education” featuring fellow Atlanta resident Janelle Monáe.

The reassembled Goodie Mob is set to go on tour this fall. The 12-city trek will open in Washington, DC on August 24 and close out in their hometown of Atlanta, Georgia on September 14th. Other stops include Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Miami.

Watch Goodie Mob’s “I’m Set” video via Noisey and the lyric video for “Special Education” below.

  • Nice video, nice sound, nice to have them back for another album.

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    LMAO… OK Listen HIP-HOP… I understand Y’all running out of MOJO… But Don’t revive the dead… STOP that RE-UNITING Trend! … For real next thing we will hear is the St Lunatics reuniting… oh yeah! can’t wait!… please!

    I think I understand what is happening to HIP-HOP/RNB and why it is boring…. All the new talents don’t do enough and there is just not enough talents… Maybe it is the industry, Records labels don’t spend that cash on Talent scouting/grooming like they used to do…. it seems to me Only Jay, Dre ( really TDE) are willing to do it… I am saying that based on Kendrick and J.Cole…

    At this rate them Miley will take it over… SMH at that thought… Oh lord don’t let Rock’n’Roll happen twice…. Ohhh Slavery!… just playing…But at this rate though!… Sooner or later though!… Miley twerking though?… ok not funny…. Wake the hell up!… I don’t want my Grand Kid to be like Eminem invented Hip-Hop…

    Truth is A considerable effort must be made to ensure that hip-hop repeatedly produce world class artists… It is time to treat HIP-HOP as an Art, set some standards and create The RAKIM High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts… With KRS-ONE or RAKIM himself? as the principal… Nas Prof of Mathema-Spits lol… Just Playing but y’all got the idea…

    Dr DRE get your BEATS money back and create a school like that… on second thought forget about it shit might take 20 years… Ok DIDDY or/and JAY, or/AND 50 please make it happen… Don’t let the BIRDMAN IN for Christ sake….

    • Ronlg1

      I can’t agree with everything you said. Some was truth, but some went beyond me. It sounds like you are saying the same thing that Jay spoke against, which is the “resurrecting the dead” issue. You never see fans of any other genres telling their older artist that they should step down in order for younger artist to shine. The Rolling Stones are like a million years old and still tour. Their fans take their kids to see them and they develop NEW younger fans. The problem with rap is the same problem with black people, period. We are crabs and love nothing more than to tear our own people down. This is also why majority of our youngsters don’t know what real hip hop means or how to create it. I say NEVER let your older artist go, learn from them!

      • J.Erick

        Naw, some of these old ni99as need to quit.. As with rock, pop, etc. some of these dated ass ppl need to let it go.

        Goodie mob, this was some bullshyt..

    • arrdeesss

      Dumb nicca nonsense homie. Rakim and KRS aint done one thing relevant in two decades. Dre drops one album every 15 years, Nas and Jay work with all the rappers you hating, and Diddy only good for a remix. Knocking one group of older rappers and praising another? You sir are a moron. Sick of you tity babies with your dry hating and general lack of anything to offer to the human race. They need to bring back slavery for some of you waste of space azz ni99as. Nobody hollering that hip hop this and that nonsense except rappers that don’t sell no more and dumb monkey fans like yourself. Hip Hop died when New York rap turned into toilet filler. Get over it son or go get you some gospel rap and listen to it. You don’t like it, don’t listen to it. Simple solution.

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  • $31339281


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  • Buck55

    yall haters are crazy These Dudes Bout to bring whats missing in hip-hop we tired of hearing about Drugs, Money and hoes from some dudes who can’t even Rap. I Can’t wait til their new shit drop. # G. Mo B

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  • Julius Jones

    Welcome back now outkast it’s time

  • WillVetterGoodin


  • ytgarner

    Cee lo dropped a few bars and merked you new rappers best versus

  • ytgarner

    One more thing the good die mostly over bullish. Rest in peace Trayvon.

  • The first song was dope unless all that cut video is really in the song

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  • The Silencer

    The rap style and sample part and beat and them nodding is a tribute to Kool Moe Dee and the Wild Wild West song and video he did the beat is the wild wild west hook

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