Dred Skeezy, Rick Ross

Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Rick Ross Threatening George Zimmerman?

We know Zimmerman is riding around with a piece in the glove compartment, but that wouldn’t help if he was, say, involved in a drive-by. I’m not advocating that, but just saying it wouldn’t be of any help to him. But, these recent comments Rick Ross has said made me think. George Zimmerman is not even in hiding and tensions are still very high. Peep what he said in a recent interview with Global Grind:

“I’m still angry [at the George Zimmerman trial verdict]. I’m upset and really, really enraged. I’ve just been trying to keep from putting too much negative energy out there. So, you know, we’re just doing our thing behind our closed doors. But most definitely, that’s a big problem and something has to happen and it will.”

When I read it, it read a bit differently than after seeing the video. But the words are the word! Sounded like somethings going to happen!


“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    It’s all just talk. None of you are going to do anything.

    • RapItUp

      None of WHO?

      • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

        Rappers……I would better you wouldn’t do a thing either …….running your mouth online doesn’t count either……if ya catch my drift

      • RapItUp

        it’s a good thing I don’t run my mouth online.. but what one would do could only be determined if one were there. It’s easy to say what somebody WON’T do online….. if you catch my drift

      • Celz

        Why you runnin yours then?

  • 420King

    He is going to use his inside police connections . . . . . Fawse.

  • chevy_weight_champ

    Well riccy get ya lawyer numbers on stand by cuz when zimmerbitch get hit,you know they gonna start they first 48 with your video homie!

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  • It’s about to be on & popping!

    Rawse don’t play! He will ride in front of Zim & eat up all the chicken wings…& call it BEEF!

    • Matt Swan

      HE ATE THE BONES!!! Like his fat a$$ has enough energy to even try Zimm. He’d be huffin and puffin after the first step. Needs to get Gunplay on Zimm. At least he’ll get a few licks in before his face meets the ground.

      • I’d put ChinPlay on him first, and let the chin break every bone in his trigger hand, by smashing it repeatedly with his chin.

      • Matt Swan

        Naw Crackplay would go into an alley, take a hit and come out on redballs gives you wings ish. Zimm can’t catch or kill a crackhead.

      • therealest1

        Dude please, Gunplay and his crackhead ass would get shot under stand your ground. If Zimmerman could shoot a kid who was the aggressor with him, he would shoot a crackhead.

      • Matt Swan

        Crackheads are the fastest moving human…. faster than Usain Bolt. Let Crakplay think there is a rock for him if he beats Zimms ass, Zimm is goin down and Crackplay is getting high.

      • Pedro Matos Jr.

        “HE ATE THE BONES!!!” – LMFAO that’s classic.

    • @Real_SirJamie


    • Truknown


  • Sydewayz Soundz

    Ross fat ass ain’t gonna do shit….Ross ain’t ever bust no guns, we all know Zim will…Ross better watch his fat ass or call his police buddies for back up. FOH

  • J.Erick

    Ross is actually a cool ni99a, but needs ta shut up sometimes


    its easy to take the ending part of that interview the wrong way, but I think when he says something has to happen, he’s saying that maybe a change in that Stand Your Ground Law has to change, or even a few other blacks who was caught up in that law will finally get off, like the black women in Florida who was given some stupid time for firing off a warning shot

    • scullyson

      Thats pretty much what I took from that.

  • Q.

    Officer Roberts would’ve probably let Zimmy go. It’s okay though…Zim will be living in fear for the rest of his natural life. Carry on.

  • therealest1

    Fat bitch please, William Roberts would probably provide information on how to be a fat C.O. in Florida and parlaying it into a rap career while sharing some food with Zimmerman’s fat ass.

  • Jared

    Niggas still hate on Ross? You either a square who stay on the Internet or a young nigga.

    • brotha_man

      im a square, but prob not in the context in which u use it

      • J.Erick

        Only one kinda square

      • greenhouse records

        a square sharp on all sides

      • J.Erick

        I see what u did there

      • dope!

      • NEWSKULL


    • Celz

      You sound like a square and a young nicca lmao

      • Jared

        You sound like an unintelligent nigga who has nothing to but stand on a corner, square. Lol

      • Celz

        I speak English, Ebonics, and Spanglish.. WTF was that tho..

  • WillVetterGoodin

    Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz GTFOH will all that BULL SHIT.

  • infinit221

    Mr. Roberts has street ties…all jokes aside I believe him on real issues more than most other rap dudes ( and all the fat joke haters on this board) cause I’ve seen him touch the lives of people on the streets. If he says he cares about this I believe him.

    • brotha_man

      u seem a lil gullible.

      • infinit221

        Explain…I would say the same thing to the people that judge him by storylines. Do you really think its an accident that EVERY major player in hip hop supports him? You know Rick Ross was known for years as a great trap rapper before jay-z signed him in Florida? My wife says everybody was bumping him from tallahassee down to south Florida since 03( she should know, she’s from there). But look up his YouTube, the love he gets on the streets is HUGE. Its no mistake he’s been able to stay successful despite all the negative press.

      • Celz

        He’s a fuccing impersonating liar. That’s really the beginning and the end of it.

      • dehova

        Every major player in hip hop will go to where the money is at at present, that’s apparently William

  • brotha_man

    soon as reebok says “well i guess we will keep our money” Rick will be singing a different tune

  • baller187

    ross really puts out the best music peroid , its funny how niggas hate , he is the best and everybody knows it

    • STPizzle


    • i wouldn’t say best. he is good at what he does.

    • Celz

      If he’s the best kill yourself.. I got homies that spit better than that fake fraudulent lying cop.. He has a few hits, he’s better than average, but he has zero lyrical content and no classic shyt..

      • dehova

        Sir, this is the first thing you and I agree on and we appear to be in complete agreement.

      • Celz

        Looks like we agree on what matters the most

      • baller187

        nigga u kill yourself, thats y nobody knows u or your sorry ass homies , u really a dumb nigga

      • Celz

        Where u at? I’m in So Cal and I’m out here in the music industry, I don’t name drop in comments but I got homies that had nationwide spins before and others that fucc wit camps you heard on the radio today.. That shyt is irrelevant. Shyt I was VIP with Khaled and Ace Hood last year at my boy’s show at Kress before it closed down. I don’t need to lie cuz the whole industry is fake. Ross has no integrity as a man, he has no message good or bad because he’s not an accurate depiction of the gangsta lifestyle. He’s a lame nicca like you are.. I bet you believe Noriega, the REAL Noriega, owes him “a hunnit favors” lmao

      • baller187

        u really are a dumb nigga, i live hollywood, normandie, born raised in la. the more u talk the dumber you are stupid mutha fucka

      • Celz

        IIf that’s the case it’s a small world, I’m sure I’ll see you around at events and functions my nigga.. And I’d rather be a dumb mutha fucca than a Ross fan any day lmao..

      • baller187

        nigga the only thing youre gonna see , is your own broke asshole, u cant see mee fool

      • Celz

        Lol emotional ass nicca relax

    • Manstopmakingmeregister

      You aint a fan of hip hop

      • baller187

        u idiot, that nigga beats are smooth

      • $11625525

        He don’t make the beats, and the beats aren’t hip hop. Nice music, but not hip hop.

    • hoeyuno

      Rawse is that you???

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  • obamasuxass

    Rawse just talkin thats all it is, just chatter like khalid an nikki

  • Reblogged this on City Press.


    don’t talk about it, be about it….THIS THE BIGGEST FRAUD THAT I SEEN THUS FAR!!!

  • Pause @ 1:55 than look at illseed’s pic below

  • dehova

    WTF is he gonna do? Kill Zimmerman with his sausage tits?

  • dehova

    I’ve got it. He’s gonna call out the GD’s from the porch of Zimmerman’s house then, when they arrive, dive for cover when them things ring out.

  • pauleyPee

    1) The real Rick Ross has a point about his name and image being jacked… 2) The rapper Rick Ross is still tight, though. 3) This headline was some bullshi*. It was a general statement.

    • Tony G.


  • MercedNative209

    the Z-Man would “187 on that muthaf*ckin'” correctional officer… who apparently also sells boatloads of cocaine and made millions before rap (according to him of course) #WolfTickets

  • Tony G.

    well we know if anything is done he wont be the one doing it so

  • D_Ably

    C’mon now. We all know Ross ain’t touchin shit but fried chicken

    • dehova


  • MrNoName2K

    he mad?? join the damn club..

  • jacksjus

    Rick Ross is using Trayvon’s name to clear up his own troubled past. I am not sure how passionate he truly is over the verdict.

  • ONE

    Question. Why aren’t the G.D ‘s going at zimmerman the way they were going at Rick Ross ?

    • Matt Swan

      One fake fat a$$ at a time maybe? IJS

    • rob rob

      That’s a damn good question “One”! The G.Ds put so much energy in shaking Ross down yet a racist gets away with cold blooded murder and he free to travel the country with no worries in the world. Pathertic!!!

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  • Will dudes ever learn?? If you gonna move, move in silence . . .

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  • T0m0

    ‘Can you tell us what you’re gonna to do on stage?’
    Yeah, rap about slappin’ the hoes, use the n-word and complain about racism.

  • Elcapo

    rick ross shut that shit up you aint gonna do shit but keep eating