Chris Brown: I’m Probably Retiring After Next Album

(AllHipHop News) All celebrities are humans and all humans have a breaking point. According to a few tweets from Chris Brown’s personal Twitter account, the 24 year old singer seems to have reached his breaking point and is hinting at an early retirement.

Then Brown revealed the inundation of negative press and attention due to his 2009 assault of Rihanna as the catalyst for his apparent departure from music:

This comes a day after the singer reportedly turned himself in to Los Angeles’s Van Nuys’ jail for his hit-and-run incident.

  • NoviceStockist

    why cant Tyga, Gucci Mane, Wocka Flocka, French Montanna, and a whole bunch of other whack rappers follow this example??? Chris Brown music aint even bad (I dont listen, but it cant be worse than their nonsense).


      why would they? people are buying their music and they make money…

    • RapItUp

      Honestly, how many Gucci Mane tracks have you heard? He isn’t a lyrical titan by any means, but putting him in the same bucket as French Montana shows you are simply following hip-hop status quo..

      Tyga, Flocka, etc. I agree w/..

      • Stench Montana & Gucci are on the same level….if you take away Gucci’s features & antics.

      • RapItUp

        Man I gotta disagree w/ you here.. Gucci’s lane is narrow, and .. I wouldn’t put him in front of a classroom of kids, but.. Gucci is WAAAAAAAAAAAY better than French. Gucci actually has a FLOW. French, I don’t know whose hole he’s plugging to have such national appeal, but dude can’t rap at all. Gucci can rap. Don’t think about how much of a buffoon he is. The ice cream tat.. the loud, gaudy jewelry. Gucci can spit. I’ve heard it at least a few times.. so I know it’s in there somewhere. I’m not saying he SPITS. I said he CAN spit. Lol

      • Hahahaa! No Doubt!

        Maybe the Stench Montana comparison was a bit harsh!

      • RapItUp

        Lol dude super harsh!! Now, let’s get back to topic at hand. Which is Gucci >> Nas

        LMAO jk!! hahaaha

      • “Gucci >> Nas”

        That ‘chet made me vomit a little…but then I swallowed it back down after :

        “LMAO jk!! hahaaha”

        I can still taste it though…don’t play like that!

      • RapItUp

        hahaha, fastest way to start a quick e-riot, haha. It’s more funny here, the trolls over at HipHopDX go overboard, and.. it’s almost as if they’re serious… smh

      • @Real_SirJamie

        Go find some French Montana from his Coke Wave (Him, Max B, Dame Grease) days… Completely different French than today. My recommendation would be “Goon Music” or “Wake Up In The Morning”

      • Hell Nah!

        That ‘chet is str8 Basura, on a humid, summer day, with the lid off, after the cats went through it & left the worst of the worst! (*>> In DJ7’s voice )

        “Et tu, Brute?”

      • @Real_SirJamie


      • Crooked Cops >> Goon music


      • @Real_SirJamie

        Thank you sir. Yes that song is a classic and I am currently working on more but I have to make sure it’s the right mood. I remixed B.M.F. and made B.P.P. (Black Panther Party) before Lupe and anyone else remixed it but when they released theirs I just shelved it. I know that “Great minds think alike” or whatever but I like to be the first one with an idea. I’ll send it to you.

      • That BMF ‘chet was better than Officer Ricky’s version…but you already knew that. that’s the type chet I fuggz with…but you already “Know this mayneeeEEEE!”

        Not sure Troy Davis fits in there but…hit me on Facebook & I’ll link you up with Jasiri X & Paradise gray, the architect of X Clan.

      • @Real_SirJamie

        Thank you again. Troy Davis didn’t fit the subject really of the song but I just didn’t want people to forget him, or what happened to him. I don’t have any social media profiles I would have to make one. Can we do it through E-mail? I don’t like fb and twitter and all that.

      • I didn’t either, but it’s good for business. Definitely can do through back channels, just FB & Twitter is easier, but I’ll email him your track right now.

      • Sent it to idasa Tariq, well, kinda, peep Jasiri X’s “Just A Minstrel” he did that beat….& ripped it!

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        wocka actually announced he was going to quit but like i said above …. many has said it but none have yet to follow thru lol

  • GOOD!

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  • Guest

    He need to get back to music and dancing … forget the bulls*it … thats what they wanna see is him quit… now these flappers Gucc, French, Waka, … I agree Novice.. they need to evaporate!

  • Caliwaver

    Thank God! Pls go sit down somewhere. You won’t be missed.

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  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    i bet hes def feeling it … but imo hes too young lol we been here before … this is my last album blah blah blah blah … lol … has there ever been an artist that said this is my last album and they really quit ??????????????????? i know in rap that has yet to happen lol …………………………

    • TRE

      what about Dre, that fool is so retired he wont even put out what is supposed to be his last album haha

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        ha ha good 1 but Dr. Dre is probably the only artist that seems to have “retired” but never announced it lol and stays promoting an album that has yet to drop lol ….. #exception lol

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  • Tre C

    even if he did “retire”, he’d be back in less than two years because the money ran out or he missed the limelight.

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  • pauleyPee

    Fame is crazy. He should follow his instincts to some degree.

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  • scullyson

    He aint thinking straight obviously but thats no surprise….

  • 1hiphophiphop

    he ain’t going nowhere

    • kay863

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  • jerseyqueen24

    sum people cant handle the pressure of fame the good and the bad

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