Drake Didn’t See Kanye Before He Brought Him Out At OVO Fest(VIDEO)

“Maybe we can do more music now like we were supposed to”-Drake

(AllHipHop News) Drake spoke with Revolt TV following his OVO Fest and explained how the surprise appearance of Kanye West came about.

After attesting their lack of communication to the high competitive nature of Hip Hop, Drake said he did not speak or see Kanye until the Yeezus rapper appeared on the stage to perform “New Slaves” and “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”.

Near the end of the interview, Drizzy leaves the door open to the possibility of more collaborations between the two MC’s who have never did a song together outside of the Forever posse cut from 2009.

Check out Drake explain his relationship with Kanye, the moment of sharing that stage with him and more:

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22 Responses to “Drake Didn’t See Kanye Before He Brought Him Out At OVO Fest(VIDEO)”

      • Caliwaver

        Yeah wasn’t sure how I felt about him when he first started but he grew on me. I just think ppl hate him for the wrong reasons.

      • EDOGZ818

        He raps like he has a pink flamingo stuck in his throat but…he’s definitely been good for Hip Hop.

      • Caliwaver

        Lol! To bad he mad it mainstream cuz his joints with little brother and a few other underground artis were dope.

      • EDOGZ818

        Actually, his mainstream ‘chet is propper too!

        >> Clutches heart & falls out as famz rushes medical attention, fearing that admitting Drake’s music is good might kill me.

      • Caliwaver

        Lol. Yeah I like his mainstream Muzik too but I just wonder how he would have been if he didnt sign to cash money.

      • EDOGZ818

        Nah, if I did, I’d have to change my S/N every time i moved. Kinda like those with a year ( 2011 ) or age (25) after theirs.

        It’s my B day.

        If Drake didn’t sign to YM…I mean, it’s not like he was on some DMX type ‘chet.

        That is one signing that worked out. No way can he pass for hardcore, but he has the cupcake lane on smash, no disputing that.

      • Caliwaver

        Oh ok. Damn then your bday is damn near here lol. What can I say, I got drake tickets to see him at the staple center. I’m a fan but my wife is a stalker lol.

      • EDOGZ818

        How much they hitting for? $50? $100? Front row? Nose bleeds?

        Let me know how it was….see he brought out Ye’ & Cole, etc.?

      • Caliwaver

        $100 plus. Really good seats. Yeah it’s his last show of the tour plus it’s in l.a. So u know its going to be big. Ill mosdef let know.

      • EDOGZ818

        Under $200 is pretty reasonable, considering it probably is the biggest show besides Jay, Bey or Ye’.

        Would be nice for some vintage Busta to get it started for Drake!

        Definitely keep me posted. Actually, take video & do a write up on it & submit it to iLLseed as an exclusive.

      • Caliwaver

        That’s good thinking. I’m going to. The only thing I’m not liking about this concert is the opening act if Future and Migel. I had tickets to his last toure when he had Kendrick and ASAP Rocky but I had a sprained ankle. Wife said they had good shows. But yeah I hope he brings out some good special guest.

      • Caliwaver

        Lol I know right. Dude gon come out in the crowed and do it.

      • Peter Morris

        Lol same here. I couldn’t stand his music but I think he made so much of it that it got better. Or.. it grew on me too.

      • Caliwaver

        Yeah it grew on me too. I thought he was going to be a one album artist (I hate those).

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