[VIDEO] Breeding Ground Spotlight: Two-9

Atlanta group collective has been making a lot of ripples in the game. Two-9 made a huge splash at the #NewAtlanta showcase at SXSW which allowed to spread their music outside the Georgia borders in a big way. AllHipHop sat down with the Curtis Williams, Retro Sushi, Key! and Fatkidsbrotha of Two-9 to find out why they have all of ATL buzzing. Check out Two-9!

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    i ran accross thier song retro sush def some quality ish

  • BillyBobJohn

    Curtis Williams just dropped a dope solo mixtape the other day worth checking out

  • Truth Powell

    Gave it an honest listen….I think it’s fair to say the youth has no hope. No matter how different or rebellious they think they are it’s all weak. It’s not really their fault tho. They were culturally deprived so what can you expect. When “Picasso Baby” is the standard of edginess and pushing the envelope where do we go from here?
    I recently saw the Raekwon “Criminology” video. Goddamn we have really regressed as a culture. Lyrically, sonically, and conceptually a song made in 1995 by grimey hood dudes is light years ahead of 2013 music made by people that are consciously “different” smh.

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