Eli and Peyton Manning- Football On Your Phone (Rap Video)

(AllHipHop News) In the last 7 years, the Manning Family has captured three Super Bowl rings. But they have been the undisputed kings of NFL comedy in that same span with countless commercials such as this hilarious rap video in promotion of DirectTV’s new ad campaign.

Check out Eli with a spray tan and Peyton with flock of seagulls hairdo as they rap about the wonders of “Football On Your Phone”:

  • DJ7


    …I Used To Love H.E.R.

    • @Real_SirJamie

      This makes me feel some type of way…

      • Sydney Star

        Gon head and cry about this too

      • DJ7

        You’re not alone B…I couldn’t watch it in it’s entirety…I didn’t find one thing comedic about it…

      • ZUBU

        @DJ_7/@Look At Me King……. I don’t really need to say anything else yall said it all. This is some black face cooning shhhiiiit. Straight mockery….smh

  • Sydney Star

    F**K THE Mannings.. Steelers all day

  • J.Erick

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOO.. Try again.. smh

  • Stay Phokus

    still better than keef

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  • therealest1

    They’re still better than Nelly.

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  • Boomie Rogers

    i dont like to say this but…white ppl, smh

  • Who’s REALLY surprised though??? This is what happens when you let corporate America get a hold of somethin they’ve never understood and never will. They’d been lookin for an angle to make the culture look raggedy since its inception, and we (the Hip-Hop generation) literally sold em the opportunity to do so in exchange for an illusion. As much as it pains me to say this, I’m a realist so I gotta call it how it is…just like BET, this shit no longer belongs to us and hasn’t for quite some time now. Not us as in just Black folks, but people of all races and backgrounds who could relate to the struggle the culture was birthed from. The tired, the downtrodden, the ones tryin to make a dollar outta 15 cents as Pac once said. The average brotha tryin to get by, who once had a plethora of emcees speakin on the exact same issues he was goin thru everyday, is now looked down on and ridiculed for bein a have-not. Wasn’t like that before these moist ass, weak-willed ass, no-morals-havin ass niggas in the game got it in their heads that it was cool to allow their integrity to be bought off by the highest bidder. Nothin wrong with tryin to come up and gettin some bread to better your situation, but at some point there has to come a time where as a MAN you have to draw a line somewhere, and all you gotta do is look around to see that the acts bein paraded to us now have proven to be completely incapable of doin that. So when I see shit like this video, or cats like Riff Raff, etc., it’s almost impossible for me to be surprised or even offended anymore, cuz we ALLOWED this bullshit to happen. We as in the artists who threw the culture under the bus just cuz they saw them dollar signs, and we as in the fans who continue to praise, champion, and make excuses for those artists for doin so…all cuz they’re in possession of a large quantity of promissory notes. I guarantee no one considered “relevant” right now says a word about the fukkery in the video, cuz their scary play-it-safe asses don’t wanna offend anyone or lose any sponsors. Only ones that’ll have the balls to speak on it will be the old heads…Kris, Chuck, cats like that…but the second they open their mouths to speak all the drones will come out en masse with the “bitter old broke hater” remarks, we all know that train’s NEVER late. -_- I didn’t even intend to type all this but dammit some shit just needs to be said…

    • jessica702

      just as Fred implied I am amazed that some one able to earn $8308 in 4 weeks on the internet. have you seen this link w­w­w.K­E­P­2.c­o­m

    • DJ7

      Say word

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  • Obi Won


  • quiksand

    That purple car belongs to a dude that works at tire kingdom on Vets and Clearview in Metairie. He fucked that car up with those stupid ass rims.

  • speedy37

    Wtf is wrong with these crackers.

  • Dan_Tebasco

    Somewhere in heaven MCA is shaking is head