Nicki Minaj

Hip-Hop Rumors: Who Wins A Battle Between Nicki Minaj And Ransom?

The old Nicki came out on Ransom!

I never thought Nicki ever needed a ghostwriter, but Ransom started a rumor with an open-ended statement left for all to interpret. And so we did. NOW, he is claiming that he never said he ghostwrote for her, but “doing verses for her” is ambiguous at best.

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Now, he has kind of commented on the comments Nicki has said about him: Get off my D**k!” I’m glad she doesn’t really have one of those.

Tell us what you REALLLLLY feel, Ransom!


“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Cory Evans

    well then she need to bring “The Old Nicki” out on some songs !! No Hate but Ransom would crush her…too much to talk about

  • $18592567

    Ransom would body her unless she she hit him w/her “Monster” type of delivery. Nicki clowned circles around Lil Kim…

  • RBG

    illiteracy at its peak. what the hell is “creamate”… thats mighty brokeback…

  • Dubz

    Don’t be blinded by the fame…or lack thereof by Ransom….he got flows and would body Minaj…I actually believe Ransom wasn’t saying he ghostwrote her stuff and I think Minaj in a dumbass I’m gonna take this TMZ reporters word for it way just stuck her foot in her mouth. I hope Ransom response with more then just that tweet cause she made him look stupid.

    • Reefer Sutherland

      this bitch got manipulated by tmz and illseeds bum ass believing that ransom actually said that.

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    Why does AHH post an article about a subject and then a little later they post the same story in the rumor section?

  • Brian Andrew Smith

    he never said he was ghostwriting her verses. he said he was doing verses for her, as in writing verses for himself for her songs. Look back on her mixtapes. He has verses on them. C’mon illseed, this is bush league shyt.


    Old nikki bad as hell


    Why would u compare a nigga to a bitch

  • don king

    why does every hiphop media site say now shit like “I never thought Nicki ever needed a ghostwriter”? sb is writtin 4 her 4 years now. stop the bs, nicki is a shame 2 hiphop. an airhead bitch, who became famous 4 fakeness. fake ass, titts, hair, nails, eye color, lyrics, character n friends. everything bout her is fake.

  • Tyler Byron


  • Tyler Byron


    • Negro Peligro

      My dude got so hype repeating the lyrics he got up just did is thing. I don’t know nothing bout no thizlle dance but if I die I won’t niggas round me to do youtube videos and hold my little corpse down. .

      • Tyler Byron

        THANKS DOG

    • Negro Peligro

      I need WEST COAST NIGGAS ROUND ME WHEN I SMOKE. I’m blazed up right now and I don’t know what this nigga is talking about but he mad and its hilarious.

  • PhilTheGreat

    Man that is why it is important to say what you mean and mean what you say. If he was trying to say he was on Nikki’s tracks he could have said “I was doing verses WITH her” instead of “I was doing verses FOR her” Lyrics are a touchy thing in the media game. But this is all for not. IMO

    • PhilTheGreat

      I aint no sensitive nigguh either so that is what it is, but the way ish gets heard these days you can’t be upset about the backlash.

    • Negro Peligro

      You right my nigga. Either way though which song he write. Ratchet Attack. LOl. I mean he need to gone say when he put his stockings on.

      • PhilTheGreat


  • RazaBladeKing

    If he allows himself to be dragged any further into this, then he already lost. I mean, he didn’t really have anything to gain to begin with.

  • count_210

    so this how niggas get hot now? get someone hotter to fake beef with you, this some ol’ banana in the tail pipe shit ,foh with this bum shit

    • Negro Peligro

      Man what is we arguing a about. Whether Ransom wrote the lyrics or chantelle or whatever Nikki girlfriend name is who cares. Who celebrating that they wrote Starship. What dude is bragging that they wrote Stupid H**.

    • brotha_man

      naw see its like this. if we in class and i cheat off your test, and the teachers says grades my test first, and replies “wow brotha man, you’re really smart” and now im taking all the credit, how would you feel? out loud you prob wouldnt care, but deep down you’re telling yourself, look at this ni@@a here, getting all my shine. *teachers gives me a gold star, and an extra 30 min of recess, you get nothing because i was recognized first.

      now if the teachers later realizes that we have the exact same answers/score and accuses of cheating and ask “we you too, how did this happen” imma plead the fifth say i dont know i guess we both smart. but you are already gas’d u over my star treatment, so after class you tell the teacher the truth. problem is at this point nobody really cares.

  • Richard Savage

    Ransome?? I thought Joe Budden finished him lol

    • Negro Peligro

      Joe Budden only beats ovaries from the outside over twitter. The only thing Joe Budden ever ended was an unborn babies life over twitter my nigga. SHOUT TO THIS water bowl my nigga and who ever harvested the cronic.

  • @Real_SirJamie

    “Ransom started a rumor with an open-ended statement left for all to interpret.” Don’t try to blame Ransom for you not understanding his lyrics sir. Being an artist I can tell you “giving a verse” and “doing a verse” mean the same thing. Now “Writing a verse for…” means exactly that. But you know what? This is your site Illseed and you run it how you see fit. I will no longer criticize how you or any other journalist here writes. If any of my criticism was ever disrespectful I apologize. I understand this is a business. Peace.

    • Reefer Sutherland

      word this niggaz illseed on some tmz shit.. no shame at all.

      • @Real_SirJamie

        I just edited my post to reflect that this IS Illseed’s site and if it isn’t his site it’s his column and how he relays information is his business. I’m sure I’ve said things that people disagree with but that’s how I see it. And if I could make money off of my opinions I would too. If people don’t like it here so much there is a little red button in the top right corner of your screen with an “x” in it they can click.

      • Reefer Sutherland

        There’s also a disqus comments section where readers can voice their opinions. The keyword here is opinion, but this isn’t an opinion piece,this was something that is being passed off as fact/rumors. It’s shameful reporting and the revenue is being generated by advertising and viewership so it would be better to do right by people and be thorough with the due diligence that all writers should do.

      • @Real_SirJamie

        This is the rumors section. And now I see that it’s doing exactly what it’s intended to. Give Ran, and Nicki some shine and build controversy.

      • Reefer Sutherland

        Yes but when you out tmz tmz itself there’s something wrong with that (the rumor about ran writing for nicki on this site before it was even on tmz). Everyone has noticed the change in the way the rumors section operates there’s no doubt about that.

      • @Real_SirJamie

        TMZ is racist and mostly they try to incriminate rappers and other entertainers. AllHipHop all and all is a good site. They have good editorials and showcase unknown artists (such as myself) and actually give other up and coming journalist a chance to prove their worth. If you don’t like they way they do things e mail illseed and put in an application. If you just want to discredit the site and/or belittle people who you don’t even know go ahead it’s a free country. But we all know if you aren’t part of the solution… you know the rest.

      • Matt Swan

        I would disagree with you on that. TMZ is a gossip rag site, but is honest about their stupidity and even poke at themselves. AHH was a good site years ago, where it was the end all be all of the comings and goings of Hip Hop. As money came, the site and it’s method of madness changed. The hunger went away, and along with it integrity, and objective journalism were in the backseat. Yes they do give up and comers a chance, but so does WSHH and we all know how that site is. AHH needs to take a look back a few good years and see where they went wrong, and where they can bring it back. There have been others that have filled in for Illseed over the years, some were good, and others were horrendous. It’s not so much that we are the problem, the users of this site have been saying the same thing for years and giving productive solutions, but the site doesn’t want to listen, or doesn’t really read the forums to gauge what the masses want. I held this site in high regards, and I still hope that one day it’ll become what was not what is.

      • @Real_SirJamie

        WSHH makes users pay for submissions. Allhiphop doesn’t. Of course TMZ “pokes fun at themselves” they’re a joke. You and everyone saying illseed has someone writing for him is pure speculation and you know it. None of you know him personally nor can you prove without a shadow of a doubt that it’s not him behind a keyboard typing. It seems you didn’t read my previous comment in it’s entirety. If you want the site to make a change or feel you can do better submit a resume to illseed. complaining via comment board accomplishes nothing sir.

      • Matt Swan

        AHH has been know for YEARS to use and solicit others to get rumors or write articles for this site. Ask anyone that has been with this site longer than five years. Or you can search past rumors from many years back and see who’s name is attached to it. As far as submitting anything, I wrote the owners of this site a open letter explaining what I’ve seen over the years, and how they have gone from relatively believable journalism to this hack they do now. And I didn’t get an reply or anything. I just don’t do my complaining here, I’ll let them know personally and directly. And if this site had an actual moderator, they would know what is going on, what the pulse of the fans are like and would market the site to that effect. They do neither.

      • DJ7

        I’ve made a few suggestions recently that didn’t seem to go over well…such as…don’t comment on a weak article…if there’s a sensible comment already posted, simply ^ vote instead of chiming in…the less comments…the less they’re inclined to report on it again b.u.t. we all know that they’ll keep that particular subject up until we give in…if nothing else, just to kick it with each other on some whole other sh*t not pertaining to the thread itself until the desired hits are achieved….that’s mainly why a gang of us are here initially


      • Reefer Sutherland

        oh please If people are not allowed to give an opinion on things in the rumors section then remove the ability to make comments it’s that simple. I get it you feel offended that I’m speaking out against this type of rumor that is putting a strain on the relationship of two entertainers who have had a past with each other but your vitriol is misguided I’m speaking on the rumors section and not the whole site. The site in general is a one of the top sites for hiphop but if this type of thing continues it would be bad for business and speaking out against it is part of the solution. A rumor that might have been started by illseed or someone working for this site has now picked up steam enough to get on tmz and affect a rappers income. I’m glad you had a change of heart but I’m sticking to my guns on this issue just deal with it.

      • @Real_SirJamie

        I am not offended sir. I disagree. That’s where it ends. I am glad you are sticking to your guns. I don’t think I am giving up, But me personally? I don’t think criticizing illseed and calling Ms Lance names or pointing out mistakes on grammar makes the site better. It actually makes it look like the comment section is full of contentious trolls. I’d rather look at it for what it is. Media. I can easily point out how you didn’t begin your sentence with a capital letter. But so what? I understood and agreed with most of what you said and in no way are you “stupid” so what would that prove?

      • Casor_G

        Dude d-riding heavy trying to get pub

      • Sydney Star

        U aint going no where, give it up

      • Delonte West

        Illseed…is that you?

      • Your in the rumor section stupidddddddddddddddd

      • Kyle Meta4ce


      • Reefer Sutherland

        a clown who doesn’t know the difference between your, you’re, and your calling me stupid. Yes a rumor that was started by this site.

      • I don’t care how i spelled it, u understood what i was saying stuppppppppiiiidddd

      • Delonte West

        Rumor section has never been as gay at this…sissssssssssssyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • filthymouth116

    Doing verses clearly means “features”. He would have said “writing” verses if he meant otherwise.

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  • Ransom all the way….

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ


      • KillaKatona


  • Pierre Elliott



    • Guest

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    • Rita Bookman

      Post YOUR music on here Insane Relick!!! I’m SURE everybody will then understand how you can criticize everybody else. Here…let me help you:

      Look up Insane Relick on SoundCloud. If y’all like ANYTHING on there then feel free to join his other 68 followers. You’re welcome

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      who is a radio NGGA??? not Ransom!

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  • Arrie Mental Woodard

    people in the music biz, (signed or unsigned) knows/knew what that means… i do verses “for” people all the time. Jay did a verse “for” Kendricks’s remix, etc…. dumazz article and even dumber comments. do we really need a debate on who would win a battle???? No we dont!!!

  • brotha_man

    we’ll if ransom did her ghost writing, ransom wins by default

  • ╭∩╮(︶︿︶)╭∩╮✔️ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Nicki Minaj is hot garbage … Ransom wins …