Nicki Minaj

Hip-Hop Rumors: Ransom Replies To Nicki Minaj!

Ransom is speaking on his own behalf with Sway in the morning.

Nicki Minaj To Ransom: Get Off My D*ick (VIDEO)

He really explains the situation now, and it makes sense.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Nicki is short for Ignorant..

  • Chris

    Did Nicki really say she was better than Ransom? SMH.

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    allhiphop you guys should apologiez to ransom

  • DJ7

    I respect the way he handled that situation…It could have gotten very ugly real quick…bit of advice tho…strike while the iron’s hot B, show em what you got…now… you may not get another chance with an audience this large

    • Casor_G

      I can’t believe ignorant people still fall for set up questions from the media. Nikki dumb ass should have checked that nut-hugging media members statements before she lashed out.

      Black people are quick to turn on each other though, that’s why the police get so many young brothers and sisters with that “Your boys is snitching on you in the next room” bull. We take the bait every time and tell it all. Goes back to slavery truth be told.

      • moonfromsoufcack

        yeah and sway tried to qualify nikki’s response by saying she been through this n that and she prolly tired of it now, but Ran’ ain’t let that shit slide. he don’t need to apologize for shit and because of their history, nikki should have know better than to think he of all people would come at her like that when he seemed to always show her love before. dude def deserved the benefit of the doubt, and for her to go so far as to say she raps better than him…stop it. there’s a consensus in hip-hop that Ransom would “snatch nikki’s wig back” if they ever battled. nikki’s popular because she’s got white people and fags as fans…Ran’ will never have that, nor will he seek it. if he maintains a heightened level of street/hood status, and never sells out his stature in the game will be solidified.

      • ConsciousKatt

        Realest post here….topic over

      • oceneco

        “fans…Ran’ will never have that”, “if he maintains a heightened level of street/hood status”, He will stay Broke.

      • Broke or sellout?

        Choices one has to make….or make money elsewhere.

      • johnblacksad

        “nikki’s popular because she’s got white people and fags as fans…Ran’ will never have that, nor will he seek it.” !!!!

      • J.Erick

        Naw homie, Ran want white fans. If i was a rapper, i would want white fans.. Shiddd look @ budden and SH, That album was commercial… cuz they want them white fans

      • J.Erick

        My bad that was for Moon

      • RMfag


    • moonfromsoufcack

      word cuz this nigga really is nice wit it! i think it’d be great if he did a couple features with say slaughterhouse, or j.cole. maybe even t.i.p. good drop tho. and i think you’re right, he needs to drop now! now or never

      • harlemsown21

        He will never do a track with SlaughterHouse because him and budden DO NOT get along.. they have REAL beef..

      • krow132

        Joe Budden is partially the reason where he is where he is at right now. Joe Budden really ended all of Ransom’s momentum and kind of killed his career. I doubt they will ever work together again

      • Negro Peligro

        Man 99.9% of all people don’t even know what you talking about. Joe Budden didn’t kill dude momentum. Joe Budden has no momentum. Colliding with Joe Budden Momentum is like a jet hitting wind or turbulence. When’s the last Budden joint outside of slaughterhouse that was put out in a dj mix on the radio. Let alone the radio. Tyga got more influence. Joe Budden is a clown always has been a has been.

      • krow132

        Check the time span though. You can bring up all that silly radio shit you talking about as if that has any relevance to this conversation. Joell Ortiz has no radio presence, Yelawolf has no radio presence. Big Krit, Currensy has no radio presence, do they not have buzz and momentum? I can keep going. Ransom was nowhere to be found on the radio either they both were underground cats with huge buzz and critical acclaim at that time.

        Ransom fans were Joe Budden fans because Ransom’s buzz started with The A-Team and doing mixtapes with Budden and Fab. So when they beefed and Joe Budden body bagged him, and Ransom released a last diss track calling Budden gay for 2 and a half minutes like a sore loser, alot of fans were like yeah dude is done.

        I agree with homie that Ransom going to jail at the height of his buzz added to it but again that happened cuz Ransom like a dumb ass went and assaulted Budden’s friend in front of his house and taped it. How can someone dry snitch on something you taped. Joe Budden had a huge deal to do with why no one is checking for Ransom right now. You hate Joe Budden thats on you, I dont really care about your emotions as it comes to something that was pretty factual

      • Dubz

        That whole desert storm movement was hot back then. DJ Clue did all of those guys a disservice. He wasn’t putting people out except on mixtapes. When the A-Team split up and Hitchcock stop rapping is when Ransom fell off too cause that is when they were at their hottest.

      • krow132

        word. Everybody started breaking out and doing their own thing. Fab obviously became a star, Joe Budden started dealing with his bullshit with Def Jam. But I remember Ran was at the prime spot in 06-07 where he was building buzz. He was on mixtape cuts with Lil Wayne and all. Had an amazing mixtape in Best in the City 2 and when he went into his issue with Budden and lost that battle and then had the jail stint thats when it all fell apart.

        Its ironic too because what brought about the Ransom/Joey battle was the fact that Joe Budden put Ransom and Hitchcock together on Family Reunion and Ransom did not want his fans to have it confused and think the A-Team was back together and instead of calling Joe Budden and talking about it, he just started releasing diss tracks out of nowhere. Lol the same mistake Nicki Minaj made now, is the same one Ransom made 6 years ago

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        agreed, everybody talks dry snitching when these dudes roll around videotaping dumbshit. Ransom went to jail for busting his gun in the air and hitting nothing. Dont get me wrong i am a Ransom supporter but im also realistic. Joe Budden didnt make them smack homie on tape and then bust his gun in the air. good response homie.

      • krow132

        word it was a shame too cuz Ransom is talented

      • chosenxeno

        Arrie “Peaches” Woodard • a day ago

        “right after Rihanna cuts her hair… good timing mrs jay-z”

        Why would a man say this?

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        chosenxeno, keep my fukin name out your mouth. fuk you in here for, trying to get people behind your lame azz. this a whole different topic. you allhiphop stalking now sucka!!! eat a dik and choke on the semen!!!!!

      • chosenxeno

        STFU Peaches. A man shouldn’t be that catty. Are you gonna talk about her choice of nail polish color next? lol

      • Reefer Sutherland

        The gun in the air wasn’t recorded … that’s where the dry snitching came in… he didn’t got to jail for the guy getting smacked. You got the chain of events wrong and the reason for why Ransom got locked up wrong as well. The only reason people knew about the guns busting in the air is because joe buddens spoke about it he’s the only one who mentioned it. Everyone know’s joe budden has hardcore fans that will defend him but on some real shit after the pump it up days he’s had no presence besides slaughterhouse which was also a fail. If it wasn’t dude wouldn’t be doing reality tv which is the graveyard for entertainers.

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        nah homie, im a supporter of budden and ransom, if i had my facts wrong i can admit to it. I appreciate the clarity and see what you saying. this is how intelligent people resolve a conflict or misunderstanding! No dis to you Reefer its for this dikhead who keep stalking my comments

      • Papi Peligro

        Jailed killed his Buzz. Budden fans make up like .0000002% of the hiphop community. I remember. Everybody was laughing and didn’t even know Joe Budden had some track out about dude. They just knew he went out like a punk when he showed up to his boys house. Budden made that video. Nobody knew Joe had some flames track. I didn’t even care to go listen cause MAJORITY of Budden stuff is weak. I don’t remember anybody knowing about that track being out before the video dropped. Of him smacking his homie.

      • krow132

        and its 2013 my nigga, no one needs to be on the radio to have an impact on hip hop. stop talking that silly shit

      • Reefer Sutherland

        yeah joe budden didn’t kill the momentum lyrically… nigga went to jail at the height of his buzz and joe budden dry snitched.

      • $18592567

        Joe Budden snitched on him

  • Guest

    Am I missing something? Ransom says his comments (3:23 please “LISTEN” to video above.) in his song were not said to challenge Nicki’s credibility. Ghostwriting then and or now and revealed challenges any accomplished mc’s credibility. What is Ransom and Sway trying to make the comment digestible. It has been common place for a large majority of female rapper’s in the HIP-HOP music industry (98% or better I would say)to have their lyrics penned and co-written by male writers. This is not to say it has to be this way, woman have otherwise never in my opinion had any trouble with speaking their mind on any level. It’s just the music business and the games played on the female act and this behavior or policy towards female entertainers i.e. female singers, rappers is not exclusive to HIP-HOP music. I’ve only known one or two accomplished female rapper/mc’s to be known to have penned her own rhymes: Rah-Digga and Lauryn Hill, Oh and maybe Remy Martin. Nicki’s running with a music camp with a history for hiring ghost writers…so why would she be any different? I mean her label mate and star cash money performer don’t write? Drake does though…Tyga does though (wink wink). I think Nicki’s rhyme delivery sounds like Cassidy…who knows? For the record though real MC’s don’t have ghost writers. Rapper entertainers require them. You can’t be the illest MC and you don’t write the body of your songs. We know music producers/beat makers many times write hooks and even give plots to many songs, but real MC’s always pen their own shit period. How are you a poet, lyricist, artist, MC, if you don’t? Rapping is not singing.

    • Casor_G

      Lauryn Hill didn’t pen most of her songs, that’s why she got sued for big money by all her ghostwriters.

      In no way did Ransom state he wrote her rhymes. 90% of your post was wrong or unnecessary

      • Guest

        Not true…though she was sued….it was over music production credit. Persons hired (musicians) for session music that made the album and did not receive proper credit. Now uh…what are you hearing at 3 minutes:23 seconds of the video above. Ransom clearly stated he supplied “VERSES”, translation: lyrics, rhymes, for Nicki. Please reply and tell me what the hell you are talking about. You obviously are falling for some sort of jedi-mind trick or can’t hear.

      • Casor_G

        Check your info, those people were making major contribitutions to writing music and songs and she tried to stick them for their money and credits.

        Dirty thief!

      • DJ7

        Nah fam…that’s inaccurate….they only contributed a minor portion to the writing process…the poster above is correct actually….they pulled a Prince move credit wise with her album…I believe they settled out of court upwards of 5mil…it’s not out of the ordinary for labels to do this…Is it right/fair? Not my call…I suggest folks read their contacts thoroughly to avoid any confusion going forward

      • @Real_SirJamie

        You and the people who voted you up must not be familiar with Ms. Hill or how music is made sir. Lauren wrote ALL of her music and little do people know she produced too. Lauren Hill, Dr Dre, Sean Combs, Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones all “produce”. Maybe they can’t play the exact instrument but they tell musicians what and how to play. Those musicians are nothing but that. Musicians. But the real ARTIST is the producer. As far as writing even New Ark (who sued her) said they only helped write 2 maybe 3 songs on her album and they were credited for it. The problem is everyone wants to be rich and famous. They got paid to play instruments then when L starts to generate more money and fame they felt jaded and wanted more.

  • $11625525

    In hindsight, after hearing the whole song, watching Nicki’s response and, now, Ransom’s interview, I think; if someone accuses you of that, should you laugh it off or get defensive?

    Nicki’s response was very defensive, to the point she came across offensive, she could have easily said “Oh, that’s my dude, I’ll need to call him, we did some work back in the day but he doesn’t ghost write for me” but she was so aggressive it displayed an arrogance that clearly was a cover up and could be her undoing.

    Let’s be real, how many mainstream rappers still battle rap? How many would risk their credibility? It’s all done in a studio now, re-recorded and edited so it sounds tight, so people shouldn’t even get amped over it anymore.

    • JEDI

      Yeah but that would be giving her to much credit, to think her thought process is on an elevated level. She is a hood rat who got rich. i expect this type of deamnor from her. Loud mouth and quick to throw darts before making a judgemental decision

    • krow132

      Pretty much. Ransom put her on two of his tapes when Ransom had a buzz and nobody knew who Nicki was at that time. Swear to you, the first time I heard Nicki Minaj was on Prince of the City 2. The least she should have done is call him. And even after Ransom hit her on twitter, her response was not an apology, more like it could have been interpreted either way.

      yeah no shit Nicki Minaj, just because the line was able to be taken out of context don’t mean that you have to respond that way.

      Her response might have to do with a bigger issue. I think Nicki Minaj truly senses that her star is starting to fade. She has so much pressure on her, if she doesn’t drop a really good overall record, shell lose all luster among Hip Hop and will naturally fade in the mainstream

      • Matt Swan

        I think she knew her 15min was winding down a long time ago. All that hype about her album, and when it came out the sales weren’t there, so she does a few remixes and re-releases it with the same results. I’m not hatin on the woman, but if the team you’re with isn’t making the results you want or think you should have, then maybe it’s time to jump ship change your style and image (which is her case is QUITE tired) and come out hitting hard like she did in the cypher. Going mainstream only lasts until the next “hot” thing comes out, and while you did that, you’ve alienated your core Hip Hop fans. Back to basics lady and use your rapping skills rather than showing off your fake body parts and lets do this. The only thing lil Kim has over her IMO is that she stayed more towards her core element, but lost herself in plastic surgery to the point where she is a fragile shell of her former self

      • @Real_SirJamie

        Kim is lyrically dominant over Nicki as far as bars. People might disagree because Kim has help on her lyrics but I’d rather take Kim’s lyrics over, “It’s going down… BASEMENT” or “Just let them bums blow steam…RADIATOR”.

      • Weedras

        if you had said Jean Grae or someone else i’d give props but Kim aint write her best music and whatever else she had credit for was co written with someone else… Kim is the root of why Nicki carries on like that remember all of Kim’s beefs with others because of he said, she said shit… and she reacted the same way in many instances… on the whole situation i think Ransom knew what he was doing when he laid that line and so far its working well in his favor…

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        it aint her team its moves like this thats killing her brand .. she was doing the same with the whole kim beef ……. divide and conquer

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  • JEDI

    Man light fire to this dumb broad she still being arrogant !!!

    • Negro Peligro

      What you say in response to a female. You dedicate a whole verse to a female. That’s not a good look. You gone have to pull a Hov Diss.

      • JEDI

        Its no need to place a lyrical response to this broad. As you can tell she still trying to play her angle even when she know she wrong somebody need to humble this broad. A quick tupac jab like when he dissed Lil Kim would be effective. Nothing more nothing less just a watch your mouth response is needed

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  • eddieknucks

    The batch is supa sensitive and make me believe he did write for her because of her response. You supposed to be superstar status and still sound like a hood rat.

  • Dubz

    Them chicks in the studio want Ransom to apologize…lmao That dude like I aint apologizing for nothing…she gon apologize to me.

  • EniggaMA

    you can’t misinterpret anything if u didn’t hear what was said. so that there is bullshit

  • TrannyMagic

    awwww he mad cute for that. Nic took it out of context and that’s her bad.

  • The only thing I have noticed is that damn ‘Myx” drink that’s been following these stories about Nicki Minaj, it’s obviously another promo scheme.

    • DJ7

      You noticed that too I see

  • Musickid203

    Nicki should’ve handled that WAY better. Especially if yall are tight. And it’s the paparazzi they WILL stretch the truth no matter what, she should at least apologize or something…. damn.

  • Dadon850

    I’m really feeling this Ransom dude. I hit him up on twitter to tell him
    I was late hearing about him but I was feeling his music. Dude replied and retweeted my comments. Im digging up all the Ransom I can find. Perfect rapper. DMX type voice, Nas type lyrics.

    • So you have more respect for some street dude rapper who been rapping for 20 years and still can’t find a deal, over a woman you successfully climbed to the top of the charts, who is now and international superstar? It’s really crazy who people choose to idolize these days.

      • Malik

        “…over a woman you successfully climbed to the top of the charts, who is now and international superstar?”
        And how many people’s style did she jack on the way to climbing that so called charts of yours?

        Kim? Gaga? etc?…really how many?

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        and how many times did she have to show tits and ass to get to that point lol ….. oh wait she still showing tits and ass to maintain the status #twerk

      • Weedras

        i agree with this more than what Malik’s talking about… females gotta flash them assets sometimes to keep us talking or rather paying attention lol!

      • Weedras

        Gaga Jacked Grace Jones’ style via Madonna… Lil kim aint had no got damn style that’s what all the hood chicks were rocking back when Kim came out… all them wigs and shit… besides every artist has taken something from a predecessor.. so that doesn’t define em per se… but Nicki has sure sold out and dumb down for the fame and the bit of success though…

      • $18592567

        bitch please

  • $25766220

    y’all started this

  • Weedras

    That boy Ransom knew what he was starting when he laid that line now ppl who never came across him are no on to him and the ones like myself who forgot about him after Buddens are now looking to see what he got… he played his cards right now Nicki looking like the villain for responding… but hey… he getting some shine in the rags and on the net and ole girl get some free Myx plug

    • “Free MYX plug” you really need to give Nicki the respect she deserves, Nicki Minaj is one of the most successful female rappers of all time, she doesn’t need any “free plugs”.

      • Malik

        ‘Nicki Minaj is one of the most successful female rappers of all time’
        How come?
        Selling tons of records to white teenage girls now = a dope rapper in 2013?


      • Steven Wright Montgomery Of Co

        hundred pro

      • Weedras

        so because you have a large fan base and some success it means you’re now above a free plug? man quit it!

  • Synista

    Nikki GARBAJ just proved how dumb she really is,gucci told yall that chick was ungrateful !

  • CooL_KiD_305

    Lol, this dude sounds hurt! I’m sure by next month no one will care about this shit!!

  • greeneyedbandit

    “Someone’s been eating my porridge, and they ate it all up!” cried, baby bear.

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