Master P Ft. Game “Heaven For A Gangsta”

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11 Responses to “Master P Ft. Game “Heaven For A Gangsta””

    • mitchdupre

      How you go from ya momma’s basement bedroom to the computer keyboard, just to hate on someone who is successful? P got a song for you called “Stop Hatin”… but you will always be a hater.

      • Joey Barz

        How is that hating? I don’t hate master p i never even said i dislike him i just thought he was gonna go the clean route but he went right back to rappin about sellin dope and shit. You idiots are quick to clal someone a hater lol if his name was rick ross i gurantee you wouldnt be dick ridin tho f.o.h

      • Joey Barz

        ok idiot…them same kids can listen to his songs and hear how he glorifies violence and sellin dope and wanna do the same and be like ”master p” SIMPLETON. He needs to make up his mind fool

      • brotha_man

        damn bruh, you respond ten months later?…make’em say uuuhhhhhh! I got nothing.

      • Joey Barz

        i contimplated for 10 months on a comeback that only me and you will ever see cuz nobodies checkin for this song lol naw but sorry for callin you idiot bro we both made good points

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