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Hip-Hop Rumors: Meek Mill Stops Near Brawl Between 50 Cent And Former G-Unit Affiliate

I’m not sure all of what has happened between Trav and 50 Cent. I just know they had some back and forth on Twitter a ways back. But today, a video was posted that shows a near disaster was averted by Mr. Meek Mill. Trav called 50 insecure and a bunch of other stuff about him not looking out for people. Then 50 responded with telling that if he didn’t love Trav’s brother, he would have been cracked his head. Lastly, he told Trav not to ever come around him.

The video picks up there, with Trav coming around 50 Cent on stage at MixshowLiveATL 2013 this weekend. Now, for whatever reason, 50 calls out Meek and then Trav is in tow. It seems like Meek and Trav are cool. Maybe he got a new deal with Dream Chasers Records? Peep it:

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • scullyson

    Fif didnt fall for the BS. Thats whatsup

  • lethal5

    Does someone wanna catch me up to speed? Who the hell is trav?

    • MadVillain

      just another 1 hit wonder gimmick rapper

    • Mitchell Patterson

      I usually hate when people do this in the comments section but for real I don’t know who this dude is.

    • ImFred ImRico

      I’ve seen a youtube vid of him playing ball with Chris Brown, Juelz and Waka. Also seen him with Jim Jones in another vid I believe. I used to think he was from Harlem but I recently saw some other youtube video with the SloBucks dudes and Meek riding bikes in Southside so he might be from there. Long story short, he’s a rapper that hangs out with more famous rappers.

    • Casor_G


  • Everything that 50 cent is involved with has to do with beef and drama……We all got the memo, 50 cent is just another hood dude with a fat bank account, he still couldn’t buy class with all the money that he has.

    • Maybe, but he can buy every damn thing else.

      • ZUBU

        Word, The funniest thing 50 ever bought LMAO! Was when 50 flew Faux Ross’ baby mom to NYC and took her shopping and shiiiiitt and totally exposed Ross, put her up for a few days, wined, dined, maybe reclined(?), took pics with the kids, etc. Whatever 50 spent 100k, etc. = PRICELESS!!

      • Actually, narrating the porno with his baby Momz was priceless!

        LMBAO & SMDH @ same time.

      • ZUBU

        Ohhh Snap! I didn’t know he did that bro… I concur that is truly PRICELESS… 50 be going in deeeeeeep that is psychological warfare. Ross will never forget that, that shhhiiiit far worse than a physical beatdown. For real LMBAO & SMDH!………

      • Stop playing!

        I wasn’t even trying to watch that ‘chet….but I did. How you missed that? Locked up?

        It was / is on ThisIs50, he did some “Officer Ricky” cartoons too, as “Pimping Curly”, and actually showed off some acting skills.

        50 fugged up though, he should have hired the dude from Youtube that was doing the “Deeper Than Mac’s” (McDonald’s Big Mac) , that ‘chet would have been even funnier with a budget, it was funny as ‘chet with out $.

        He had a chain made out of construction paper & string, and drew a pic of Rick Fawlse on it & rapped in his CO Uniform.

        Not sure how Officer Ricky survived that one or Lloyd Bank’s diss, unless it is part of a plot to shooby doo the yute!
        << (*Youth in Jamaican accent )

      • ZUBU

        I recall the pimpy curly skit, some of it I just didn’t know 50 went in like that. I been on here for quite a few years not certain how many always as ZUBU, I had a avatar of me and two chicks me in the middle, some brothas clowned cause my shirt was off. Had a pic of me in slacks, button up in front of my Lexus which is an older one (no fronting here I keep real, I ain’t got a brand new one lol), brothas tried to clown. Sometimes work, school, personal shiiittt keeps me away for a sec. Bro I got a cool Boxer puppy (6 months named Dexter). I may put a pic of him or he and I, but of course people are gonna clown, I see a few trolls trying to speak about your pic. Of course since we often have similar viewpoints, I will be called all types of funny style names. Without some of them knowing that you and I don’t don’t always agree, I just like to think that yourself and many like minded brothers I can engage in convo without disrespecting each other. I learn from plenty of brothas and sistas on this site and elswhere.

      • Ninjaz hating on the avi means it’s official….unless you in front of the mirror, squatting down in a red elmo sweatshirt.

        Same dudes will sweat RMFag when he MAG’s as a female or DMX.


        You know how we do, an “E” war here or there, but Real still Wreckonizes Real.

      • ZUBU

        Word! real know real…….

      • southside4lyfe

        50 would have had to die if he did some shit like that to me. That shit is crossing the line.

    • Dwayne Nvo

      who the fuckk is you, carlton banks???’

  • Brainiac1ne

    Trav is a former g unit member trav brother is banks hype man trav use to be under yayo wing fif and trav been beefing for a minute don’t know all the details though

    • J_Arrogant

      Trav is not a former G unit member! He was and still is an Affiliate.

      • Brainiac1ne

        Wasn’t to much Info out saying he was still G unit

  • Dointer

    Speaking of rappers named Trav. Does anyone know where Trav from Team Arliss is ?


      trav and straw are nasty use to be sign to d block

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  • yesanditcounts

    50 and beef? 50 and drama? Naw, not 50. The shame of it all is 50 is now more famous for beef and drama than his music.

  • Papi Peligro

    Meek Mill over. You know 50 just made him choose.

    • Looked like he choose Trav.

      • ZUBU

        I had to watch that vid clip a second time I peeped Meek’s body language and he act like he was riding for Trav, like he was gonna stop 50 from putting hands on Trav. Then after a lil’ thought then Meek’s body language seemed to say lets just all get along.
        I don’t claim to know any of these brothas personally, but in my opinion Meek don’t want to see 50 physically, and he damn sure don’t want to see 50 fiscally!!!

      • >>Vomits from the sick wordplay at the end.

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        u know dick riding isn’t a form of transportation right?

      • If you know, then please stop putting them in your mouth and humming Tupac’s “I Get Around” while trying to emulate the bass beat with your stuffed larynx.

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        that’s too detailed in a way that it probably happened to you. #factsonly!

      • thats funny doe

      • really?? you mean pushing trav back like a bitch and saying this is 50 doe, somehow tells you he had travs back?? lol

      • If it was real, & Trav didn’t know who 50 was & needed to be told, etc., then he had 50’s back.

        If Meek was fake & doing things for fake people & Trav knew who 50 was, then it was a smoke screen for people like you.

        It’s safe to say that Trav knows who 50 is, so why feel the need to tell him? Why even bring him to the stage? Why tell Trav to chill / stall out like Meek is saving 50?

        Why even bring him in the 1st place?
        Why would Trav try & flip, if he wasn’t comfortable with Meek co signing it?

        Great minds think alike, just like weak ones.

      • trav was banks hypeman and was down with gunit back in da day

      • So it’s safe to say that he knew who 50 was & didn’t need Meek to tell him?

        Unless your theory is that Meek didn’t know he was Bank’s Hypeman, and thought that Trav didn’t have internet or cables or ever seen a news stand or newspaper, and therefore didn’t know who 50 was, because he grew up in a Somali jungle & that was his first time in civilization?

        Real people do real things, Fake people do fake things.

        Pac, Big, Quad studios….Pac’s whole beef with Big, was not taking a stand on his behalf & stopping the ‘chet b4 it even started.

      • huh?? no im saying meek pulled rank on trav (who works wit meek now) telling trav to back down. Meek acted like a fan Like yo dats my nigga 50″ not saying anyone didnt know anyone lol thats just how he reacted, he pushed trav back hard lol..

      • So if it was legit…it wouldn’t have happened that way, #1, Trav was about to get fugged up…along with Meek, so telling Trav to chill, is like telling the roach to chill vs the foot.

        Meek would have severed ties with Trav over that if it was real.

      • he would of severed ties with him if it was real?? not really doe, trav chilled and took his order. lol.. Not like trav started it in this instance.

      • Show up your boss at an event he brings you too & see if you have a job in the am.


      • he didnt show him up, he backed off when he was told to back off, you need to learn how to evaluate a situation

      • Call it what you want, if you are my guest & flip on me peepz…it will be the last time you are my guest!

      • 50 was the one who flipped.. if you my boy and you let someone punk you and not stand up for yourself or at least try, i lose some respect..

      • If my momz flip on you & you flip back, you will lose a lot more than respect. Sometimes you have to let ‘chet ride.

        IE: Jesus on turning the other cheek.

        Best believe if the Pharisees hadn’t rolled with the cops, er, um, Romans, Jesus would have let Peter cut the guy’s other ear off.


      • oh we talking bout moms??? lol i thought we talking bout ganagstas in da rap biz!!!

        Jesus?? Jesus christ smfh

      • Street life* / Respect

        Momz was for illustration purposes.

        To go clearer, you & your goons, all armed with glocks & gauges, run up on with with a gun for every bump on your face & start talking ‘chet, even jump me on some Game / 40glocc ‘chet, like ya’ll the police, I have to take that L, & will, it’s not like you ran up on me dolo, hand 2 hand.

        Trav was on the stage because of Meek.
        Now Meek knew there was beef, peep the way he stopped 50.

        You see it one way, I see it another, but look at it like this, if you have a job & put the word in for your friend & they hire him, but he snuff’s the boss on his first day….didn’t he violate you…unless you co signing the duffing beforehand?

        IE: Pac & Big / Quad

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    Some childish shit.

  • trav should of stayed backstage. period.

  • keylon jackson

    50 is over

  • 123kid

    Ja Rule Wins

    • ja rule has never won anything lol

      • johnblacksad


      • 123kid

        50 had his ass whooped at least twice by Ja Rule Murder INC theres no disputing that outside the booth, He won a Source Award for “Phat Tape Song of the Year” so whatchu mean ?? “he never won anything” lol

      • I mean he sucks


    50 is a lame dude in my book, i almost feel sorry for how much he has fell off since his In Da Club dayz, now its real funny that we’re the ones looking at him saying Damn Homie WTF Happened To U lmao and Smdh

    • fell off? he still got more money then everyone except jay lol..

      • dehova

        and Jimmy Iovine

      • oh yeah i forgot he raps

      • dehova

        Donald Trump gave Mac Miller that work!

      • dehova

        and Lyor Cohen

      • he is a dope MC

      • dehova

        and the Sultan of Brunei…..but he’s made a lot of money and done very well for himself so if he’s fallen off, I hate to think where the hell I am in life’s totem pole.

      • tru, dude is hella dope, lyrically the best ever!!!! LOL

      • oh and you forgot the OG himself Bill Gates!!! That boy cold, IMO best rapper ever!!!Listening to his collection right now, *chills *goosebumps

    • vexkat

      Fell off, you are exactly the kind of dude that gets left behind. This guy is a business man that is making sure the money is coming in from all angles. The music industry itself has fallen off, in the club is now started from the bottom and not everyone is feeling that, fif has evolved musically and kept his style relevant, whilst making sure he does not have to rely on gimmick rap or soulja boy style records to make a living, we up man…

      • HUSTLExXxMAN

        I get ur point man and I prolly worded that wrong when I said he fell off, I was talking musically tho, dude ain’t had a hit in years and yeah we know he got bread but the problem is he ain’t really making any outside of his royalty checks and spending a million plus on security ain’t helping and he’s prolly spending more then he’s making, think about it

  • “ayo this is 50 doe”, *meek pushes his boy back like a bitch ahahahaha

  • meek skinny as a rail

  • KLewis

    But wait, wasn’t 50 beefing with Ross thereby beefing with MMG?

    • JaffarR

      He doesn’t exactly have “beef” with Rick Ross at this point. They just don’t like each other…
      On the other hand, 50 Cent is like a role model/mentor for Meek Mill, and Meek has been cool with him even before he signed to Ross, so he doesn’t get involved in the 50 and Ross dispute.

  • BigHomie337

    50 one of the FEW rappers that if he has beef or an issue with someone, he’s not gonna blow it off and not do nothing when he sees the rapper. This era of rap is filled with soft, bisexual dudes. Street/Gangsta music has become underground. Just seeing 50 shoo a nigga offstage and than push him makes miss the 90s and early 2000s, when rap was filled with more real dudes.

    • JaffarR

      Now it’s just like a big old happy family where everyone is collaborating with everyone. The spice, the flavor, the excitement between real hip hop contenders is long gone. But yes, 50 is one of the very few rappers that are keeping it 100% real. I wish there was much more of that though.

    • jay

      last of a dying breed

    • KillaKatona

      YOOOOOO that beef wit Kanye was mad real brah.. remember when he shooed that nigga off stage? ohhhh wait………

      • BigHomie337

        He never had beef with Kanye tho. They competed by dropping their albums the same day.

      • KillaKatona

        u must not remember the radio interviews and shit

      • trixnkix637

        They both admitted that was just for promo though. Show me the diss records. 50 ain’t a quiet dude.

    • johnblacksad

      Oh you mean like when Pac and Big were getting shot and killed?

      I’m not sure I miss that era as far as that aspect of things

      • BigHomie337

        Lol. Those were the only 2, but u know what I meant. All the fake love that goes on in the industry nowadays is embarrassing. They only got luv for the ones that’s hot and its as if they wanna be friends because they scared to compete with one another.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        you cant always compete sometimes the way to go is to befriend … did you ever think about that ?? and everybody aint buddy buddy you just repeating some bs you heard ……..

    • soyhiphop

      I agree look at drake and lil wayne

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      gift and curse … its cool that fif was being real … but his being real almost ruined the event .. which is the BIGGER situation there … and cooler heads need to prevail … i feel ya but this is why we will never progress cause we let the SMALL ISH hinder us @ times ……

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        imo a real 100 person knows when and when not to engage and this wasnt the time ……….. fif f’d up with this one … luckily meek was there to put some common sense in the air ………………………

  • Mo J

    I love Fif, no question, but business vs street loyalty to too different things … too much family business aired out in the public eye … there was no reason for G-Unit to go the route it has if not for the public display of disrespect towards one another (starting with Game -> Olivia -> Buck ->). The general public wants unity, brotherhood…. the street fam / gang we all love to hear them rap about and do photo ops and concerts with.
    Think about how many songs G-Unit has as a fam that they can’t perform in whole no more. That’s a s*** down on records without spins or performances.
    Fif is a great business man, but he’s far too honest and transparent with s*** that should be behind the scenes … Meek said it best “Don’t do it on stage”!

    • dehova

      And yet the ones who will dip in there pockets will be the ones who want the opposite. I will say I think this is a huff about nothing. What French was saying on twitter was worse but maybe that was staged.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      everyone has thier flaws mane!!

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  • dehova

    This is so WWE. It’s like watching Brutus the Barber beefcake flipping on Hogan. All that needed to happen there was for 50 to bring out Cassidy, Gillie or Cyssero!

    • KillaKatona

      hahahahahaha real talk

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  • speedy37

    Trav is a lil groupie.

  • soyhiphop

    50 keep it gully he dont do that fake industry shit

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  • trixnkix637

    Respect to 50 for handling business and respect to Meek for keeping the peace. Though one should’ve known better than to bring Trav around the other.

  • 8Galaxy5

    50 was about that life and just because he aint hood anymore,doesnt mean hes gone soft.He definitely will f*** you up if you have messed with him and you meet him in public.
    An can never take the hood out of n****

  • MildManneredReporter

    wtf? who is trav?

  • dehova

    50 needs to feed this n…….

    • alisha652

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  • $17637591

    Say what you want about 50 musically….but hes a beast. One of the few real ni99az in Hip Hop.


    • therealjjohnson

      Not at rapping.

  • therealjjohnson

    Y’all so distorted by 50. I just don’t see what y’all see. After the first album, and the first g unit album…it’s all been wack to me.