Cyhi Da Prynce

Cyhi The Prince Talks Kanye, Jay Z & 2 Chainz

G.O.O.D. Music’s Cyhi The  Prince sat down with to talk about his upcoming EP which is currently untitled. During the conversation Cyhi also talks about working with Kanye West and Jay Z as well as helping to bring 2 Chainz over to G.O.O.D. music. Check out the interview with one Atlanta’s hottest lyricist!

7 Responses to “Cyhi The Prince Talks Kanye, Jay Z & 2 Chainz”

  1. theKID

    kanye is fuckin BULLSHITTIN!!!! cyhi and pusha shoulda been had releases out by now. That garbage ass yeezus was a waste of time meanwhile the real lyricist on the label aint got project the 1st out. nigga didn’t even let cyhi get a verse on the compilation.

    • alisha652

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    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      if cyhi dropped right now he’d flop hard … dude gotta get his campaign rollin ……… now as far as pusha hes been campaigning his behind off … but his joints aint stickin … numbers on the board got a nice buzz tho but its a street record ……… pusha gonna need his lollipop or in the club moment to really take off or @least get some good radio hits a la big sean which is why he is on his secound album ……………….. pusha ouchea waisting studio time on drake and weezy he gotta drop that wave

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