Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Chaka Khan Doing Drugs Again?

I didn’t know that Chaka Khan had a drug problem until she was revealed to have served time in rehab with druggie Lindsay Lohen. Well, a few days later I see more on Chaka’s issues, which she has been pretty outright with it. But, part of the story about Lindsay and Chaka was that the legendary singer actually left rehab early. Well, this leads me to the rumors in circulation over the weekend. Steve Harvey held his annual Hoodie Awards. Hoodie Awards? I thought they ended that, but they didn’t.

Basically, a lot of eyewitnesses say that Chaka was acting rather strange at the Hoodie Awards, almost like she was high. The awards, held in Las Vegas, are probably ripe with debauchery all in Sin City too. The people that saw Chaka say she really acting erratic on stage and really didn’t have a great show. Now, Chaka is a hot 60 year old, but 60 is 60. Maybe she was just having an off night and let her background singers do most of the heavy lifting. She’s a legend and she’s stated on the record that she deals with her health issues aggressively.

Look at Chaka from back in the day. Doesn’t she look a bit like Nicki Minaj?

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • johnblacksad

    Young Chaka would have definitely made it on the team with Pam Grier and ’em

    • ZUBU

      I concur bro, yet my boo from back in the day was fine ass Jayne Kennedy. SMH… in a good way… Jayne was fine ass shhhiiittt

      • johnblacksad

        Jayne Kennedy? Mos Def! Pause.

      • Matt Swan

        Marylin McCoo from Solid Gold, the two singers from A Taste of Honey, the Asian chic from Soul Train……damn back from when the hair was real, and the fro’s were deep.

      • ZUBU

        Damn, I forgot about the two chicks from taste of honey… I remember one of their album covers both of them wearing not much if I recall correctly, holding two guitars.. Yeah the Asian chic from Soul Train with hair down past her ass lol

      • Matt Swan

        lol I know you’re thinkin about hittin that Asian chic from the back and grabbing all that damn hair lol. But she had a daughter that danced on the newer shows.

    • The 70s had some cold pieces, a lotta cats just don’t be payin attention. I just wish I coulda been around back then, back when sistas were more comfortable in their own skin instead of doin all that extra shit…

      What about Precious from Willie Dynamite though?? Somethin about shorty makes me wanna pull a Kip from Napoleon Dynamite and order me a time machine, baby was all types of right.

  • $11625525

    Chaka’s hair is real, no surgery on the body.

    • Chris M. McDade

      Sure looks like she’s done some changes.

      • They didn’t have / do that back then.

      • Chris M. McDade

        I’m saying now. It looks like she’s done something.

  • Malik

    “Look at Chaka from back in the day. Doesn’t she look a bit like Nicki Minaj?”


    Point of correction illseed, Chaka is the older of the two, so ‘Nicki looks a bit like Chaka’. That’s a subtle form of disrespect…if I ever heard one.

    • johnblacksad

      In Africa they don’t even call that ‘subtle’… they will tell you that’s blatant disrespect.
      True story!

      • Judah Nazayar

        shes not african. africa was a whyteman..carry on

  • acapwn

    Chaka was so fine…

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    No disrespect but I have no idea what y’all talking about saying how fine she used to be. Her face wasn’t pretty at all. I just don’t see it but to each his own.

    • Nah, Chaka was / is the jawnt!
      Tina Turner too!

    • Negro Peligro

      t was a bad angle that 1 picture. it was her shy demeanor to that made her sexy.

  • johnblacksad

    No disrespect but on the second pic I can only imagine the furry puzzy to go along with that ‘fro.

    I’m tryin to start a petition to bring the hairy snatches back… that natural sh!t… i’m about tired of all these look-alike-clean-shaved sh!ts… no homo

    • MildManneredReporter

      i lol’d

    • dehova

      All I give a shit about is the smell. If having a bald punnany helps a broad keep it cleaner, then I’m with the bald punnany

      • Negro Peligro

        Dont mess with that old Gossamer.

    • “That snappy nappy dugout??” “That snappy NAPPY dugout.” LMAO

      • johnblacksad

        yeah, that happy snappy nappy!

      • Guest

        Whatever you do dont mess with that old Gossamer.

      • Negro Peligro

        Panty Rapunzel.

    • Negro Peligro

      What yall know bout that herbert walker that old bush.

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  • dayleedumped

    honestly she looks like nicki minaj.. before the surgury

  • Fatz Grizzy

    I cant say she looks like Nikki

    • alisha652

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      • MidWestFlyest

        Y’all need to be blocking the users that post this dumb shit^^^^

  • ThatBostonMan

    She looked way better than Nicki Minaj. How can people act like they are in the same league in terms of talent?

  • greeneyedbandit

    Much love to Chaka Khan~

  • whoa

    Chaka had the ass WITHOUT the implants. FAIL for not posting the old skool backshot from the Chaka and Rufus album.