Joell Ortiz

Joell Ortiz “Outta Control” [1st Response To Kendrick Lamar]

“It was brave, you took a chancel ike Monopoly cards/But that telly you try to check in, boy, that property’s ours/Cant get a W [Hotel] on Broadway/I’m New York all day.”-Joell Ortiz

Over 18 hours and hundreds of tweets later and an New York MC finally steps up to respond to Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse”. One quarter of the Slaughterhouse group mentions the first him and Kendrick ever met but mostly keeps the proceedings purely lyrical and wrecks havoc over the “Control” beat.

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Stream Joell’s response to Kendrick Lamar below:



    Theres nothing here. All hip hop fails again.

  • Peter Morris

    I like where this is going. I had enough of that “everybody’s friends” bullshit where every song has every fuckin body on it. Compete to eat.

  • junj03

    This shit is not better but its of high caliber.
    JO always comes out blazing with them bars.

    • seveneightyseven

      I don’t get the hype, when I heard last night I went to bed like damn finally somebody said it. I wake up and people freakin out, Kendrick is the fuckin truth best album in years but that name drop shit has been blown out of proportion

  • DOMI


  • James Cali Greene

    joell came with it

  • Wavpin

    Hot Kendrick gonna have to answer everybody for me to respect him again as an MC… you claimed the throne … act like a King now! Let see what happen…

    • realnixxa

      Wouldn’t say he claimed tha throne, he let niggaxz kno he going for tha throne. But everybody is getting all hype and shtx, but I don’t blame them, that verse could make niggas step up for tha throne real shit. And do you have any idea how many lyrical niggaxz are gonna be at K.Dot’s head? No matter what niggas do, K.Dots gonna be remmember because he was the first to snap on this beat.

      • Wavpin

        I`m the king of New York …. can`t be clearer

  • Big Red-Office Hrs: 9 to 5

    Nice try Joel, Buddens you’re next.

  • Wilfster

    Kendricks verse was amazing.. Hes not the King of NY but he may be the king of the game rn…
    With that said, Joels response was incredible. Very impressed. Looks like someone actually heard Kendrick!

  • Taihair Djehuty

    See, K.Dot already making waves. Anybody who has follows J. Ortiz knows that, as Royce once said, “he too mature for beef.” He doesn’t normally respond to cats. Even those dudes that diss slaughterhouse directly. But Dot made Joell feel a little someways enough to do it.

  • Fatz Grizzy

    I don’t know about this one Joel Ortiz is a problem he really has my respect yall better do your homework!

  • 7yoyo7

    Out of subject : I just finished listening to Yeezus… Awful album….

    Joell Ortiz can spit! I’ve been listenin to him since The Bodega Chronicles mixtape (“125 Part 2” is crazy!).
    But KD’s verse was better plus he got credit for having the original verse on fire.

  • True_Fan

    YESSSS, I just love the fact that I will continually hear FIRE for the next week.

  • Scales

    This is what Hip Hop has been missing for a while. KDot opening doors for purest and shaking up those already in the game. No disrespect just straight hip hop.

  • Peace

    Joell was cool but Kendrick’s is better…

  • TM-TSF

    Kendrick ain’t diss NY. He said in Makaveli offspring, I’m the king of NY. Basically saying he biggie and PAC in 1.

    • RW32

      people don’t understand that

    • Spadey

      Even people that understand the metaphor may see if he can back up a bold statement like that…..that’s the thin line between life and art, as artist we gotta walk that line chest out/chin up!

  • 2InchKilla


  • Wavpin

    you don’t understand English if you don’t Joel think verse is better …

  • Sincereb6

    Joell Just bodied it! lol Ive forgotton bout kendricks verse already. lol

    • Dubz

      You crazy if you really believe that….Joell did his thang tho.

      • JEDI

        Joell went in !!!

      • Dubz

        Yea he did.

  • KC The American Pimp

    being a bay nigga that I am, and a rap culture representative this nigga went from L.A to the bay with it, he aint playing with the west coast I’m liking this shit.

  • Dubz


  • JEDI


  • 2InchKilla

    Gotta respect that this is a QUICK turnaround. He ran right into the booth.

  • DJ7

    That was cool…who’s up next…let’s go!!

  • @Real_SirJamie

    This isn’t about lyrics. It’s about him saying everyone’s name. Kendrick is a NEW RAPPER lets not forget that. So compared to the people he mentioned he IS better. But compared to my favorites he is up to par MAYBE.

    • Linkz

      K dot isnt new niigga just cause you heard of the nigga like last year nigga been doing this shit for while now dont be fooled by mainstream man

  • Slay_Em_Seven

    No ny rapper could win this battle because no matter what your standing on Kendrics foundation now. Joel went in tho.

  • Tjzoo

    Kendrick woke up Hip Hop!… Love it… Joell went hard, not hard enough tho… who is next!

  • 1hiphophiphop

    oh boy, this is about to get ridiculous

  • seveneightyseven

    Damn, that cypher line was cold

  • Fokie Bourne

    I’m really about to appreciate this phase of music

  • J0shinya

    kendrick wins just for getting at ppl and making them step up their game

    • Spadey

      yeah okay but joell been doin this…so maybe it’s he wins because listeners step up their ears when beef is involved #laim ears

  • CoutureLevelFlow

    Kendrick already won the battle, cause he got everyone making better music and real hiphop, which is exactly what he was trying to do

  • Madstacks520

    Well damn the verse speaks for it self he went real hard on um this is getting good

  • Guest

    Hip Hop Is Straight Competition

  • speedy37

    Can’t wait for a joint from,fab,jada and my nigga banks

    • Sincereb6

      Co sign. I don’t know if flint Michegan is on the eastside but I wanna hear a jon connor response. Immortal Technique and Papoose would be good to.

    • Spadey

      I know u stuck on the ny part but he called j cole’s name, and this would be a great time for him to go hard.

  • chung_byrd

    It wasn’t better than Kendrick, but it was solid as hell. I like it

    • Celz

      Imma Cali nicca an Kendrick is harder than Joell easily.. But Kendrick got merced str8 emcee shyt

      • chung_byrd

        Yea, I’m from Cali too, LA. (Crenshaw district) so I guess I’m being a bit bias Joell did his shit

      • Celz

        Kendrick had more of a message so it was easy for Joell to get technical with flow, word play, patterns, imagery, and etc when he’s just bussin.. But boy did he buss lol

  • Terri Phillips

    we are definitely entering a new golden age of Hip Hop, K.Dot very has everyone reacting and feeling to step their game up. Any rap foolery will be chewed up and spat out. Now to be in the game, you gotta come hard.

    As for Joell, he came hard, I like the cypher part but K.Dot won this one, plus he started it and everyone who respond is on Kendrick’s territory.

    Anyways, who’s next…

  • Surf

    Damn, this is ill too.

  • Surf

    It feels good to finally be excited about hip hop again.

  • Malik

    I keep telling AHH, I refuse to answer any of this surveys, I’ll go to hiphopdx to get a listen, then come back and go back and forth with peeps on here, period.

  • Honest Phireworkz

    Great loved the flow all Kendrick did was have a tantrum with words!!! #salute and no should say I’m the king of New York . Even in a metaphor !!!

  • Werkkk

    He killed this shit. But Kendrick’s verse was better.

  • Malik

    Since AHH is slow, I’ll give you the scoop…this Kendrick thingy is already popping off sideways, now my man Styles P and Joe Budden are fitting to square off one on one, their twitter timeline is heated…developing

  • ccwaterbound32

    oh shit this reminds me of the roxanne wars!!!! kendrick got the advantage though because he got everybody dancing to his tune not to mention they gotta make a better record in order to best him… bring it!

  • Nintendo-Nigga

    and it starts… kendrick will lyrically murder any one that comes at him.

    • Spadey

      evidently not Joell Ortiz…..he lucky budden ain’t from ny

      • Los Guttierrez

        You right about that. Leave the Slaughter alone.

  • yahemi!whoafieldz

    Its on and popn now! Who got next? We finna get more bars than a Vegas party in the French Quarter. Should be a good couple weeks.

  • Global_Mission

    Man!!! Finally HipHop is BACK!! Shout to Kendrick for putting a pulse back into mainstream HipHop. Joell Ortiz did he thing..Whoaa. Still got my popcorn ready. Whos Next?!?!

    • Celz

      You know shyt is big when it’s on Yahoo’s front page top trending news.. Kendrick is the #1 story of the day.. That’s Hip-Hop.. Joell served him though

      • Global_Mission

        LOL, Shit is real!! I still think Kendrick got the crown but Joell did his fuckin thing..Mann!

      • Celz

        Kendrick is better than Joell IMO.. But hindsight is 20/20.. The verse was big but not as big as the shyt he was talkin.. I think Kendrick said the big shyt to make a statement though.. Shyt was fallin off.. If I haven’t rapped since I was younger and I feel like I could kill a track harder than you please don’t expect me to get excited or buy your music.. Looks at Jay Z (which is the GOAT IMO)

  • Thomas Smith

    Ok Mr. Ortiz…..let’s get right for hip hop…..who’s next

  • pauleyPee

    Kendrick Lamar’s verse was better because it was left-field. But with that said, this was official. But again, KL better than a ni**a like Jadakiss or ______ etc. etc. ill-lyric’d NYC rapper? Come on son.

    • Charles

      I disagree. Kendrick Lamar better than Jadakiss based on what? Jadakiss resume is too long for KL to compete.

      • pauleyPee

        I was referring to the fact that KL said he was the king of NY. I’m saying, he’s not better than a lot of battle tested NYC emcees. @disqus_8obYq6kJU2:disqus

      • Charles

        I read that again sorry I agree with your comment 100%. Just so many KL lovers out there I misread the first time haha. I like KL but you are correct his resume isn’t long enough to compete with the likes of Jadakiss etc. He’s just another good talented rapper right now. We need to see where he is at 5 years from now before we accept his bid for the king of anything.

    • Thomas Smith

      we know he ain’t on that level…but its good to see if these niggas really say who they think they are….or are not….

  • scullyson

    Sheeeiiit !! LOL !!! Did he breathe ? impressive…… next !!!

  • Spadey

    Kendrick Lamar fans are in a panic…what will it feel like after ten more of these a$$ kickin’s by NY hip hop cats….if you think k. lamars verse is better u r probably not a person that listens to hip hop for lyrics, you are in denial.

  • Guest

    Yo my ninjas. Big KRIT responded. Lol

  • 8Galaxy5

    Joell got Kendrick,that freestyle was pure fire.And Joell wrote this in less than 48 hours!
    Kendrick got bodied.

  • dfwricwil

    Dam.. Who’s next…

  • J.Erick

    Fail attempt #1.. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


    • Callum Crook

      werent a failed attempt joell destroyed him

  • Caliwaver

    The only thing that I hate about this Kendrick thing is that it’s a trend and we won’t be talking about this once the last reply is done. If this was the 90’s then it would stand the test of time. Just my opinion.

  • Apollo Showtime

    Joell would’ve had it if it was an original track. He’s just an opportunist for this and Joell’s not a new artist so Kendrick’s not referring to Slaughterhouse niggas.

    • Malik

      Fvck that!!! Kendrick claimed the throne man; King of NY? Joell’s from NY, so does he bow to K.Dot? I’ve listened to Ortiz’ response 20 times in a roll and that shit’s got quotables for weeks, I keep hitting the repeat button…Fiyah!!!

    • Darkwin

      Opportunist? are you retarded? you do realize the whole point of Kendrick claiming the NY crown is to stir up drama and make all the NY rappers come out of the woodwork and defend there turf. Bet when ‘Amilli’ came out or ‘grindin’ and a shit ton of rappers were dissing each-other you would call them opportunists as well? Joell signed for 12mill you really think this is about money? Hip Hop is a sport competition is needed, get with it.

  • Infinite8

    For real!! This dude Ortiz went hard !!! I don’t even like him! He DID NOT ETHER Kendrick!! but it was hard though!!! This is what im talking about!!! Kendrick wasn’t dissin anyone!! So anything said should not be a dis track!! STEP YO GAME UP!! If you wanna respond and put Kendrick’s name in there THEN GO AHEAD!! Kendrick never called any one of these rappers B*tches or F*gs or whatever!!! Some of yall saying Kendrick really didn’t say much in this freestyle. I remember when Eminem was on BET HipHop Awards freestyle he didn’t really say sh*t and people acted like it was his hardest verse or the Forever verse but he really just rode that track hard with the way he said his verse. If you read his lyrics it wasn’t special at all. Just Em flowing on a hard ass track. But Kendrick lyrics and flow killed this track!! Rappers need to step up their game!! PERIOD!! That’s all Kendrick was saying!! He killed the verse on B*tch don’t kill my vibe remix with Jay Z!!!! HARD!! Just throwin that in there.

  • Harlem Lanski

    Joell don’t need to make a diss record he need to make a hit record. Go and get a deal nigga and stop spitting struggle bars. If he wanna take the King of NY shit personally go out there and make records and be the King of NY. NY niggaz is funny cuz they basically been non-existent for about a decade or so … Jadakiss, Fab, etc. these dudes been T-Macs for years. Yea they rap aiight but where the rings tho ?

    • IzBayArea

      You lame son! I bet you got French Montana and 2 Chainz in your top 5…GTFOH! Hip-hop aint about rings or record sales. That’s for all you mainstream catz. Some of the greatest hip-hop artists out there ain’t gettin airplay but don’t mean they ain’t hot or ain’t hip-hop ’cause they ain’t got “rings”. You’re so consumed with what’s sellin that your lost in what hip-hop is all about. Like Tribe’s album, it’s about Beats, Rhymes, and Life. You keep your top 40 “rings” and your “Million Dollar Koochie” rhymes. The rest of us will stay reppin true hip-hop!

      • Harlem Lanski

        you’d bet wrong too idiot. I got a lot of Joell Ortiz , Joe Budden, and Slaughterhouse shit in my Iphone. From Bodega Chronicles to Halfway House to Escape Route to you get the point you idiot. Nevermind the Action Bronsons or Smoke Dza even the Joey Bada$$es and the dudes who are really relevant in NY hip hop. The fact of the matter is making a diss record aint gonna get you on because diss records don’t sell records. You know what sells records ? Making good music regardless of what the radio does … you know who sold a shit load of records this year without being corny or selling out ? Kendrick Lamar. TDE laid the ground work from the Overly Dedicated to Section 80. Got signed and didn’t drop the ball with GKMC. Ortiz and Buddens had about as much hype as anybody in rap after the cypher what they do ? Dropped the ball with Welcome to Our House trying to make commercial garbage like My Life when they coulda put out On The House and still sold the same numbers and delivered for they fans.

        The fact is that Kendrick did what he did and within 24 hours it was front page news on every publication including USA TODAY, MTV, VIBE, TMZ, ALLHIPHOP, HIPHOPDX, it was trending on facebook, twitter, tumbler, instagram, vine, etc. Joell Ortiz dropped an unneccessary diss and it’s on Allhiphop. That’s power. The boy isn’t stupid or biting off more than he can chew. He can rap his ass off and he’s taken the top spot regardless of whoever wanna talk shit or make diss records the boy just sold a million records you think a diss track that nobody ever heard gonna change that ?

        The game is chess not checkers …

      • fuzz

        The rap game right now is checkers. MC’s stopped playing chess awhile ago, but the underground is still holding it down with that Bobby Fisher-style play

      • ImFred ImRico

        That Slaughterhouse X Cee-Lo was super trash…

  • David Person

    Both these guys have boxed the entire industry in a corner this is what rap suppose to be competition! Also Kendrick’s Jig is Up is the real shot at the industry but nobody paid attention because he did not mention anyone’s name what a fake industry.

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  • Callum Crook

    They both left hip hop at a stand still. Ortiz just ripped him though. i respect both artists. But Ortiz is king of NY. I’ve always liked them both but I’ve always been more into Ortiz. This is Hip Hop. Plus the song Hip Hop by Joell just won me over with him. I’ve always liked him but after Hip Hop. And the whole brick album hes just been so good. All of them in slaughter house is good crooked budden 59 and ortiz. All just to good. all on shady records. All on true label. All speak true shit.

  • $28962954

    Somebody gonna get shot over this beefin

  • Callum Crook

    joell bodied him in less then 24 hours

  • j. nicole

    We do know Kendrick Lamar’s verse was NOT, I repeat it was NOT a diss track!!!

    • fuzz

      It was a claim of being the best atm. And when you claim to be the best, you paint a target on your back. Fair game

  • ruthlessntoothless

    If kendrick was goin directly at Joell it would be a fair comparison

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  • plsDontreply

    Ok this nigga have a lil Big Pun in Him…. I’ma have to check for ’em. way ta step to the plate young man!

    • chihova

      man you late to the party. Joell BEEN droppin verses

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  • Randen Montalvo

    Damn I must say Joell bodied.

  • Ready Owens

    Maaaannn! These wack rappers that are out now aren’t going to step their game up because of Kendricks luke warm verse. Their going to make the same non sense they been making before this verse. If they had the ability to step their game up they would have already done so. There aren’t ANY new rappers out now that have the ability to make a song like One Mic or If I Ruled The World, they don’t have the talent to make something meaningful sound good at the same time. They don’t have the struggle in their background to make a song like Juicy or Shook Ones. We’re in the age of the middle class rapper.

    • $28962954

      cuzin, if you signed to a label you gonna be mid to upper class….ain’t no poor rappers gettin radio lol

      • Ready Owens

        What are you talking about? Did you even read my post smh. I’m talking about BEFORE they get signed. Their upbringing is middle class. A rapper like Drake. Also, a guy like Chief Keef who comes from the lower class gets plenty of radio.

      • $28962954

        Keef signed to a major cuz, he rich now

      • fuzz

        Who still listens to the radio for hip-hop…?

    • Nah, it’s just that you have to be middle class to get that type of deal & be willing to sell out to corporate interest.

      In reality, the lower class is increasing, while the middle class is decreasing, so they take garbage rappers who will promote their businesses ( IE: Prison heading, drug abusing ) life styles.

      KRS has $$, but is still one of the fiercest MC’s in Hip Hop, even without a deal or proclamation about being king, etc.

      “While you reign I’m loving it! You be the king & I’ll overthrow your government!” …KRS

  • Themachineyou

    Kayos KeyiD had my favorite response with that Ali The Greatest song

  • Willie Wilson III

    Yowwah! we hear you Ortiz. dope shit. If any thing Kendrick should be applauded for putting lyrical prowess at the four front for a week or two.

  • UptownProject

    “My main girl is special. My side girl a rere”

    • Heart of a Slave, Blood of a k

      Your main chick is a precious, my side chick is a Rhi Rhi

  • No bodies found here… I’m still waiting on a GREAT response.

    • chihova

      go back to your R&B

  • bowsaa

    Imagine what it woulda been like if Twitter was around when Ether dropped


    That’s the shit I don’t like… Mr Ortiz I don’t think you understand what’s going on… you reacted as if KENDRICK was a regular New York MC or some. And that clearly Let US know what is your creative Level …
    Why do you think people are taking their time?… Kendrick Fans are no FOOLS… They didn’t buy Kendrick Album on some “Mainstream” shit like Drake… They bought it on some real CREATIVE Hip-Hop shit… J COLE fans and B.O.B fans are in the same league…
    As a matter of Fact…B.O.B is the only one so far that UNDERSTOOD it and pass the contender test…
    So all you rappers out there thinking about a response… it is a battle of CREATIVITY NOT BARS…

    • fuzz

      WTF are you talking about

    • Sincereb6

      LOL U acting like Joell is a regular New York MC.
      Kendrick don’t want it wilth Ortiz on ANY LEVEL creativity or bars.

    • chihova

      why B.O.B. pass the test cause he rhymed like Kendrick? GTFOH….you obviously dont know real hip hop when you see it. Ortiz murdered this shii and you talking about some B.O.B. and overrated J Cole??? lmfao….stfu

  • Joseph Sncc


  • Joe-L!!!!

  • erykah badu in a bikini is sumpin i dont wanna see

  • Loco

    Kendrik came in H.A.R.D no doubt! Very creative & gutsy.. no wonder Eminem likes him. BUT Lyrically from start to end ORTIZ’s pen (CRAFT) was possessed it probably caught fire after the song was done. “I love competition, constructing a compositionOf destruction, putting Destructicons in the composition” WHAAAT!!! ya’ll gonna learn.

    • HalfPast7

      I love how that was his response to Kendrick’s Decepticon line

      I love competition/constructing a composition of destruction/puttin destructicons in the composition/I’m Optimus Prime truckin ya boulevard just wishin/that a STAR SCREAM so I could go on a bombing mission

      That was my favorite Decepticon lol. Kendrick betta respond at least to acknowledge that Ortiz smacked his hand away from the crown.

  • Russ Shanks

    I wont say it’s better but it’s definitely fire. This is Ortiz all day everyday and I think Kendrick is on par with the best of these lyrical MC’s.

  • Whodis

    Mannnn….after reading closely k.dots verse….to me looks and sounds like eminem ghostwrote the shit lool the use of words like “relapse, drop the bomb, saddam, jauuggernauts. Live in the basement,.. All the word play all methaphors and style reminds me of slim.. And i aint even a fan loll

    • Obi Won

      That would suck if true

      • Whodis

        Dont know homie….just sayin lool But shit sounds kinda suspect tho!. kendrick with all his talent sometimes sounds like he hasnt found his own style yet.

      • Celz

        When you that good you can have more than one.. He aint no Andre 3000 yet.. But he has more potential than most new cats..

      • Whodis

        Yall got a point…

    • EffYoFeelings

      yea that was kinda the point as eminem is not only an inspiration to kendrick but a label mate…you’ll notice the extended metaphor at the end, and use of the line “i dont smoke crack motherf*vker i sell it” yet another eminem reference.

  • La Tony Tony

    Broadway? Boardwalk, maybe?

  • Pickle


  • labelladon_bmore

    Ether…. as only Ortiz can do it! If anyone could do it…it would be Him! Get em!

  • Obi Won

    I cant lie, Kendrick raised the bar, and Ortiz did pull ups on it, SHEESH!!!
    Definitely FIRE!!

  • Jason Almenas

    Lamar’s joint was hot, but Ortiz just murdered it.

  • mike lopes

    respect Ortiz , but come on u sound like the mad kid that didn’t get picked for kick ball…

    • chihova

      what’s he supposed to sound like? his delivery is dope!


    joell ortiz always kills it

  • Infinite8

    ON EVERY WEBSITE!!! THERE IS A MILLION COMMENTS ABOUT KENDRICKS LYRICS!! I bet Kendrick never ever expected this type of response from the whole damn world!! NOW EVERYBODY WANNA KNOW WHO IS KENDRICK LAMAR AND WHAT HAS HE DONE!! HE got Phil Jackson replying to his lyrics!! REALLY!! Unbelievable!!!

  • j_pullia

    Much Better than Kendrick!!

  • AlexBlanks

    Odd – every comment seems to agree that Joell destroyed this, yet the votes still say Kendrick’s verse was better? Hmmmm…

    KL is good, not gonna front – but hardly the cat to be talking about raising the bar. I’ll give him extra for creativity, but not on this one.

    HipHop definitely needs to up the game, to much pop, hook driven clone s*** out there.

  • Jeff

    Ok Ortiz. He sounds hungry on this song.

    “Your main chick is a precious, mine is a Rere, I f*** her then take her out for fries & a panini”, LMAO.

    I’m waiting for Joe Budden’s response to Kendrick.

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