Eminem Ft. Liz Rodrigues “Survival”

Eminem Ft Liz RodriguesSURVIVAL

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  • junj03

    I like it but one. He has to go back to single vocals on tracks and two, he’s ridding that rap rock shit way too long.


    eminem listen to kendrik lamar…ur shouting too much…just rap the way u used to rap

  • brotha_man

    no, no, no em…go back and get alchemist , and come back at a later date

    • Matt Swan

      It’s alright, take out the guitar and put in something else, and it’s ol Em. But I realize its for a game. Could be a lot worst he could be using his Slim Shady voice.

      • brotha_man

        true story

  • John Q. Public

    hope this isn’t what his nxt album is sounding like… need that old marshal mathers lp style back

  • Em is back.

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  • king sodomy

    eminem kills every thing he touches

  • dfwricwil


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  • thebulky1cometh

    To anyone hating on this…do you realize he rhymed “I quit!” with “tool box-es”? I had to rewind it twice to make sure I heard it correctly. Unbelievable.