[NEW MUSIC] Eminem- “Survival”

“Beginning it wasn’t about the ends(N’s)/It was about rapping busting raps and standing for something, f*cken acronym”

GUESS WHO’S BACK….BACK A-F*CKIN-GAIN. Eminem releases his new song “Survival” from his upcoming album in the commercial for Call of Duty: Ghost.

Check out the commercial below:

  • InTheNightKitchen

    I eff with EM, but this sounds typical, not a progression in sound to me

    Call Of Duty looks ill as always. Too bad I don’t play video games


    weak…i’m disappointed…Where is the nigga that wrote the Dispicable Freestyle?

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  • Steelmatic

    Em’s lyrical darts as are sharp as ever…. wish he would flow over some boom bap hip hop beats once in awhile though, he’s been on a rock guitar driven beats kick for too long. Still dope though.

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  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    It’s okay.

  • Spadey

    I like it….live instrumentation and cool rock chick hook, Em got verses so it’s hot. There is NO music genre that you can’t transform into rap music.

  • vandyll

    This dood ain’t made a authentic hip hop joint in a while. I remember when he was “the one man on the planet that’ll hop off the grand canyon, hop out a grand am and land in a hand standing, any man planning to battle me will get snatched out of his clothes so fast it’ll look like the invisible man standing”. That’s the Eminem that had me wearing out my rewind button. I have no clue who this troubled soul is

    • Apollo Showtime

      Hell yeah, I don’t really listen to Em these days. Where’s that “What a wonderful day, I should go outside and play. Ain’t no need to sit inside the house and hibernate. Hi Renee! I was just about to toss a live grenade in your driveway and drive away. Are you afraid of a blade made of razors and AIDS, blood drippin’ from it rippin’ your stomach like a paper meshe? You talk a lotta shit, but you was never ill tho, I’m sick enough to beat you to death with a feathered pillow…” Man, he used to be insane!!!

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    em is becoming very lame…he needs to stop shouting

  • jd

    As usual with Em nowadays, dope rhymes, wack beat, corny hook. Call me when he starts making Hip Hop again.

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