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Jay Electronica Didnt Know Kendrick Was On Control For Months

(AllHipHop News) Jay Electronica’s impressive verse on “Control” had the unfortunate fate of following up Kendrick Lamar’s seismic shift inducing 3 minute verse. The reclusive MC exclusively spoke with Revolt TV about how the song came about.

According to Jay Electricity, he sent his verse to Big Sean months ago and was unaware Kendrick had dropped a murderous verse:

A month or two ago, Big Sean asked me to be on this record with him for his album. He had a demo hook on it at the time. I did my verse and sent it back

“Control” will not be on Hall of Fame due to “sample clearances”. Hall of Fame will be in stores on August 27th

  • Islamic_King

    This man right here was fire on the track tho, just got out shine but then again it wasn’t like they was all sitting down in the studio at the same time might hav been a different story but really tho “Jay Electricity” stop bullshitting and drop more throwaways(mixtapes).Get the people talking again, come from London do some shows because I got a feeling his album will be a classic like GKMC/Born Sinner, it’s time for the “Heavenly Man” to shine. -Alhamdulilah

    • Thomas Smith

      if you really, and I mean really pay attention with his verse on the track….it was the best verse…..Jay Electronica is a beast can’t wait to hear what the album sounds like….

      • Islamic_King

        I think you miss the importance of K.Dot verse lol. He was challenging all emcees. That is why it’s so great it wasn’t the typical “I’m the greatest rapper alive” nonsense like most would say or “I’m better than you because I sold more records than you”. It’s the fact he is talking skill wise lyrically, he stated he wanted to murder them all by showcasing his bars. So I can’t agree with that he out shined everybody and that was light for Jay E I think if he knew what type of vibe it was he would have spit something different.

      • vandyll

        Actually your right his verse was the best…technically. it’s just that Kendrick dropped names n stirred up emotions. They both did good work in that track the only slip up was Big Sean…Sigh. he should be ashamed of himself with them Billy basic bars. Smh

      • Weedras

        Sean’s verse was aight what he lack in lyrics he made up for in his flow…

      • Papi Peligro

        Ya’ll cats remind me of squinting at the no channels on the TV screen you can see an image.

      • johnblacksad

        He got an album comin?

  • DJ7

    I alluded to this in previous post…you’re welcome AHH


    U can tell it was copy and paste but jay verse was nice but should of been second

    • PhilTheGreat

      Yeah his verse got overlooked nasty. It served his purpose, but after Kendrick spit niggas ran out the room like they heard the best score ever in highschool! Lol

  • J.Erick

    The Laziest rappers ever..
    1. Juelz Santana
    2. Jay Elect
    3. LLoyd Banks?

    • brotha_man

      true story

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  • vandyll

    I realized years ago that why people get so emotional over rappers n who is the best. The answer is simple we listen to Hip hop in first person. So when your listening to a person rhyme you repeat then rhymes as if you were saying it, in turn you take on the likeness of the person spitting the rhymes. No other art form of music does this. When you listen to RnB or a rock song you like the song. You sing the song. But when it’s rap different ballgame. You spit that shit with him like you wrote it. So when somebody says”Kendrick ain’t that good” you hear”you ain’t that good” LOL. It’s fascinating people sub consciously take on the persona of the rapper. THAT’S what makes this(when executed correctly) the greatest form of music on earth. When them bars are on point emotions will rise to the top with a quickness. I like Kendrick n respect his work. What he did on that track was pure genius n forward thinking. That’s the Way to shake these niggas up kid.I’m a big Joel supporter n he bodied that beat. Cheers to the music we call hip hop that raised me n welcome back to life I missed you my dude.

  • It really don’t mean shtt wether he knew or not… now if KL heard JE’s verse and spit then thats a different story but if they just doing they verses with no knowledge of each other then he just got outshined.. you pose to go hard on every track no matter who on it. I still think KL rhyme is average tho…

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  • Judah Nazayar


  • brotha_man


  • brotha_man

    didnt this happen between T.I and Luda

  • Raheem Classick

    According to Jay Electricity, he sent his verse to Big Sean months ago and was unaware Kendrick had dropped a murderous verse: I have A feeling K Dot wrote his verse after hearing the other verses hence the collaboration with Jay on Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe, If that’s what he did kool he’s still dope.

  • greeneyedbandit

    “And, I’m gone get it even if you’re in the way, and If you’re in the way, better run for Pete’s sake.” I know that’s right Kendrick! lol

  • j_pullia

    I cant believe this single verse is causing so much hype! Obviously this is from a much younger generation who didn’t hear much real hiphop growing up. That verse doesn’t even rile up real hiphop heads because there been so many better ones Kendrick is talented, but he is also being pushed by the machine (Dre, Interscope). Old niggas spit that shit on a regular and it was no big deal because that was the norm.

    • johnblacksad

      Big Noyd can spit verses like this before he gets out of bed no homo

      Just to randomly name one…

      >>> even pack my gat when I go to see my P.O.

    • golder1

      I’ve been listening to hip hop since early 80’s, K Dot verse is as hard as anything ever put out. This dude killed it and brought it to every rapper in the game. Only a handful of old head rappers who would come this hard be real. If Dre supported him or not K.Dot would blow

  • johnblacksad

    Let me tell you how it’s goin down, it’s on now
    N!ggas used to love me now they wanna hate me now
    I’m that same n!gga with the Tec holdin the spot down
    Except I’m pushin a Lex lettin the top down
    but wait, you don’t think I live a pop life now?
    Cause hey, you can get popped right now
    Me don’t play, I keep a gun around my way
    Cause I’m a fcuking drama king like my n!gga Kay Slay
    Sex drugs money and murder, all day!
    It’s rules, guidelines and codes we obey
    don’t even trip…. etc.

    >>> on some random sh!t

  • johnblacksad

    Now that’s that sh!t that I’m talking about and sh!t
    Same n!ggas that you fcuking wit
    Fcuking wit them cats that you don’t fcuk wit
    Whatcha supposed to do?
    Both of them are part of the crew
    Can’t choose sides – true!
    I don’t kno, I don’t like to go that road
    If that’s your click, I suggest that you stay wit them yo
    While some say break up to make up
    I say stick together god until y’all cake up
    B!tches meet me at the Crown Plaza
    On they period, it don’t matter
    I’m in the head something serious
    It ain’t a game god, yo it never was
    I get super high, while y’all n!ggas get a buzz