Meek Mill Talks Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” Verse, Magna Carta Holy Grail & Upcoming Projects (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) While Meek Mill has yet to respond on wax to Kendrick Lamar calling him out on Big Sean’s “Control,” he did speak with Power 99 about K. Dot’s verse.

“With some Hip Hop you like alright bet. Put your vest on cause I’ma throw some shots too, have some fun with it. That’s what Hip Hop is about,” said the Maybach Music Group rapper.

Meek also talks about his favorite tracks off Jay Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail and his plans to release a another solo project in the near future.

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Watch the interview below.

  • Casor_G

    Meek Mill isn’t going to drop anything lyrical. He better stay in his lane and keep doing him, before he ends up like Ja Rule.

    • Good advice, but a little late.
      Cassisy Ja Rule’d him.

      • Casor_G

        Cassidy didn’t have enough pub to Ja Rule him

      • Cass did make it clear K Dot can’t fuggz with him.

      • NEWSKULL

        Indeed… Cass exposed Meek Milk… he made it clear that Meek is a yeller more than a rapper… Kendrick did him a favor, dude doesn’t deserve to be on that list…

  • junj03

    Fck interviews with people talking about Kendrick control verse, lets hear some bars.

  • johnblacksad

    Meek Mill should be happy his name was on the list…

  • $11625525

    Does this woman have listening difficulties? Damn!

  • j_pullia

    Kendrick is nice and I like that he set a fire under niggas, but he name dropping other real mc’s. name drop trash mc’s like 2chainz, french montana, chf keef, gucci, and so many more I cant even count. Run them gargage ass niggas out the game so that real mc’s can reign again like the 90’s.

    • $17637591

      He was only callin out new school rappers. Those new comers he left off should feel DISSED because that meant Kendrick feels they aint even in the conversation.


      • $11625525

        He didn’t even mention 50 in his list of best rappers (and we all know 50 isn’t one of the best but) I’m sure that would have hurt 50’s pride.

      • NEWSKULL

        lawl you wish… 50 is actually very proud of Kendrick… he was clowning Meek MILK and all the other leaders of the new school on tweeter… plus Kendrick didn’t have to mention him the whole thing is 50 Cent Blueprint …

      • $11625525

        No wishful thinking, I have a lot of time for 50 (as a personality/business man) you’re probably right though.

      • j_pullia

        True, its like he gave em props! I feel you!

  • this is exactly what i was saying. i think everyone he mentioned was on the xxl freshman cover along with him thats why he named them. people who arent mentioned “feel some type of way” rhq voice. he’s talking to his peers because they are the next crop of mc’s to do their thing.

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  • Jakne

    Yo, I feel K.Lamar, HipHop rappers need that wake up call! But we as HipHop listeners we need to STOP letting these rappers into the game w/ the bubble gum rap! The homies need to step the bars up, and white label owners(and blk label owners also) don’t care. There looking to make the first fast buck, & if it make the blk man look stupid at the end of the day but make “there” family live a better lifestyle, they like F’ the rapper, rap some more stupid bubble gum stuff, the CEO saying “I’m getting paid B$%^H”

  • Yeah, Meek will battle if K Dot puts up 100K…wait, no he won’t!

  • Harrison Boateng

    Sit up str8 nigga lol

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  • Pickle

    Glad to hear folks keeping it on wax..

  • thevoyce

    Running the streets lol. Funny Meek was nowhere when Jeezy got into it with Ross or when his man’s got jumped by 50 and his crew “I don’t participate in none of those beefs”…. but he running the streets though

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