Hip-Hop Rumors: See How Future Has Taken A Loss…DAG!


I don’t know much of anything about Future’s label Freebandz or his artists for that matter. Its like something serious has to happen for them to get on my radar. But, I guess we are at that moment when things cold get serious. Because, right now I am getting word that Doe Boy, one of the rappers in Future’s camp, is about to do some time in jail. That’s the word. I am getting that Doe Boy, who is from Cleveland, has gotten close to 2 years in jail for aggravated robbery (or some sh*t, my source says). Apparently, the alleged incident involved a gun and that’s the charge that would not go away. So, I am hearing that he ultimately had to suck up and catch a “carrying firearms” case. 18 months in the bing and I don’t mean searchable images.

I assume this won’t hurt Future too much.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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33 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: See How Future Has Taken A Loss…DAG!”

  1. Inmadopuroz

    Future is sexy he can get it ya gone tell me ya dont feel like sucking him dry when u see his videos? ya’ll fronting it cant just be me feeling this

  2. ccwaterbound32

    i can’t speak for dude because i don’t know him or been around him but after what illseed did to boosie i don’t trust NOTHING he says…guess him and grouchy got mad at me for telling it like it is in that lil post next thing ya know they deleted ALL THE COMMENTS and then they had the NERVE to pat themselves on the back because they copy and paste up OTHER people’s stories and trademark them off as if they are they’re own!… illseed you’ve changed dog you’ve devolved from a man into a straight up bi*ch! to all the dudes who was in that post that particular day know the real. and hopefully you look in the mirror and take a good LONG look… anyways hope homeboy beat his charge because NO BLACK MAN should be in there as a caged animal!

    • $11625525

      Not sad at all. In life there are millions of people who are working hard, trying to get a break of any sort that might get them to their dreams a little faster. He was greedy because the only work he wanted to put in was ignorant street type sh!t. Impatience and laziness put him where he is, now he’s got at least 18 months to think about hi next move.

      Just the other day I was listening to “NaS” and wondered whatever happened to Quan, because I know he also did some dumb sh!t like this, and that “Just A Moment” was even being played on mainstream pop radio in the UK, talk about wasted opportunity … To make it worst, that was his song NaS hopped on,

      • @Real_SirJamie

        Quan lost a infant child and fell victim to the whole “Dame/Jay or Beanie/Jay” thing. In other words he thought Nas would really help him when it wasn’t about music. He’s got a song over Pusha T’s “Alone In Vegas” about his seed on you tube, Along with videos sneak dissin Nas in the same way of the old Rocafella. Same old “I thought we was family, I had his personal number, He said he’d never let me down…” type ish. Sad really.

      • $11625525

        I’ll have to listen to that. Thanks for the heads up.

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