Kanye West Was Booed And Had To Be Relocated At Dodgers Game

(AllHipHop News) The Yeezus nonbelievers were in full force last night  (August 16th) in Dodgers Stadium for the Dodgers vs. The New York Mets. According to ESPN writer Arash Markazi, Kanye West wasa booed by the fans in attendance when he was shown on the jumbotron:

With a smile on his face, Kanye was then relocated to the second row near the Mets dugout while other celebrities in attendance received much warmer ovations:

  • jd

    I understand why they hate him! Cause he… Ummmm….Well he shot…. Ummm… No he smacked…Ummm… Well you gotta admit when he…. Ummmmm… Well damn.

    • TruthSerum

      He’s arrogant. Nobody likes a conceited douche bag. I like his music but in real life, it would probably be less then a full day before I was either ready to punch him out or making excuses as to why I had to leave.

      • wallace

        Ur talking smack though, cause you don’t even really know him.

      • TruthSerum

        I know the person he has portrayed to me through his actions in public. I dont need to know him. I never met David Duke but I can pretty safely assume he’s a racist through his actions in public. I’m not talking smack I’m giving an honest opinion based on the information I have.

      • @Real_SirJamie

        And based on your internet comments you seem condescending, narcissistic, judgmental, and contentious.

      • TruthSerum

        Fair enough. But unlike Kanye I wouldn’t pitch a fit about your opinion of me because I don’t care. He’s the one who chooses to act like that in public, then acts upset when people react to it. He should expect that its gonna rub alot of people the wrong way.

        Either way its not really worth arguing about. I see things the way I see them as should you. I don’t need you to agree Just stating my opinion

      • Casor_G

        Yeah you right., Kanye comes off like a chump

      • chihova

        you need to separate his music from his personal life. I dont care what he do on his own time. if he makes good music that’s all i care about. you sound like a TMZ groupie.


      TAYLOR SWIFT… it is probably the only reason

      • Abrasive Angel

        Like O.J., pink people will never forget how a person of color disrespected one of their own. They will always bring it up yet slavery should be forgotten and erased from the history books.

      • killaa_mc

        you’re a dumbass

      • chosenxeno

        Actually he’s quite right.

      • killaa_mc

        you’re a dumbass too then..

      • chosenxeno

        You do realize that they have already reworded the term “slavery” in some schools? There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be “progressive”. Just don’t become stupid in the process.

      • killaa_mc

        what the hell are you talkin about rewording the term slavery??

      • chosenxeno

        Atlantic triangular trade

      • killaa_mc

        right on kid

      • chihova

        ^white boy

      • killaa_mc

        ^Purple man

      • Casor_G

        Not really

      • $5422264

        Claiming he’s God didn’t score any points.

      • jd

        Didn’t John Lennon say The Beatles are bigger than Jesus? C’mon.

      • $5422264

        Ok. I’d boo John Lennon for that too if he was still kickin….then I’d go back and boo Kanye again for biting the bullshyt rantings of the leader of that overrated group.

      • jd

        Damn son! Gotta respect your consistency, though.

  • Infinite8

    LMAO!! @ JD

  • Wavpin

    Kanye was booed by white people …. should I say more… Ya’ll the only one not listening … “…I rather be a dick than a swallower …”

    • Nik James

      Crowds at Dodgers games are 99% Mexican.

  • BulldogCG

    Misunderstood people always get demonized by the sheep that make up the american population. John Brown was turned into a bad guy because he was willing to kill to help free the slaves. People thought Einstein was stupid half of his life. Personally, I don’t take too much stock in what the “public” thinks, they are mostly damaged and never understand individuality, that is why most people never move socioeconomic levels, no vision, and no understanding of what true originality is, especially from a black man.

    • TruthSerum

      Your comparing John Brown and Einstein to a guy who’s biggest claim to fame is sampling other musicians work (Skillfully I’ll admit). Just stop bruh, Kanye is a talented artist but he didn’t cure cancer or end world hunger. He doesn’t even play an instrument or write his own lyrics half the time (Shoutout to Rhymefest, GLC and Consequence btw).

      Alot of people dislike this man because he isn’t a likable person. He throws temper tantrums in public like an overgrown 6 year old and is generally an annoying unlikable human being. And it has nothing to do with Money or Fame either, I bet if Jay was at that game he’d of gotten a better response, because he isn’t a douche bag.

      • BulldogCG

        He isn’t likable? I can’t call it, never sat down with the man myself. And i am not comparing men or accomplishments, just situations. Just to say people judge a man based on appearance, media coverage and public opinion, which means absolutely donuts. The comparison definitely applies to anyone that faces the scrutiny of a bunch of people that don’t know him, or his motives or even have an understanding of the man or the message.

        On a side note, Kanye could definitely be a liberator to many of his fans, especially a mental liberator, I would say that could be pretty life changing and beneficial to that person as well as the world at large, which is exactly what these people were, just in different times and different situations. I am not sure you or myself are qualified to judge an individuals worth to other individuals.

      • TruthSerum

        You don’t have to know somebody to draw a conclusion about their character. I never met Hitler but I’m pretty confident he was a racist Maniac. I never met Kanye but It’s pretty clear he’s an immature crybaby. He knows the cameras are on him, that’s how he made all that money that he’s constantly bragging about, if he didn’t want people to see him the way they do he should act like an adult.

        And I don’t see Kanye as any kind of liberator, I see him as the exact opposite, he perpetuates negative stereo types of Materialism, arrogance and immaturity to his audience. More power to him, freedom of speech is the best thing about this country. But I’m not gonna pretend he something more then what he is.

      • BulldogCG

        Good opinion, but that’s just you.

      • mosestobymcgeethree

        I agree too. and stop talking to yourself.

      • $5422264

        I’ve personally bumped into him years ago in a North Chicago joint and his personality has all the properties of a blood, piss, shyt, puke cocktail!

    • Casor_G

      Kanye to John Brown and Einstein…epic fail…damn Epic Fail

      • mouth

        See… you just made his point. If you were to be unbiased, you’d admit that kanye has a HUGE and eclectic body of work that’s mainly based off of his personal taste, not just what would get rotation.

        The man is consistently and beautifully creative. Is that not definitive of genius? The abiility to thiink outside of the box?

        Funny ish is that the more we dog him as a culture, the more we dog ourselves.

        Kanye reps for us well. Some of your favorite rappers couldnt babysit my kids.

        The BANDWAGON got yall wanting to shade Ye’. Why? He has had a couple of attitudal days?

        Have you ever had a bad day kn the McDonalds drivethru?

        Were there CAMERAS there? Folks who make money off of your expressiveness, good/bad OR ugly… there to PROVOKE you so that they can get that pic?

        No? Oh. How blessed you are. He doesnt have that.

        But he DID sign up for it and Kim IS one of the biggest media draws IN it right now… so #lay in your bed Kanye.

        Or get Kim to have a respect for her personal privacy. SHE can make the media go away. She doesnt want to just yet.

        Make her want to.

      • Casor_G

        I have no problem with Kanye, but how does his booing at a basketball game equate to the persecution of John Brown and Einstein.

  • timwest1000

    The power of Christ compels you

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  • bobshreder

    sheeps bawing. nothing new

  • $11625525

    Reading the comments here and I just think that a lot of people allow the media to control their perception of others; you do realise that’s a form of prejudice don’t you? It’s the same thing that will make a man or woman think; “Cross the road, he might try to rob/rape me”, or “Don’t hire him/her, they’ll steal from the job or they’re not smart enough” before the interview has even started, it’s the same thing that’s made you imagine the colour of the people I’m describing despite the fact I’ve not mentioned any colours. That Is Prejudice … Pre Judgement of character; you’ll be lead to believe certain characteristics are associated with certain sections of society based on their race more than their economic status!

    If you saw Arnold Schwarzenegger in a shopping mall, would you run screaming that he’s going to shoot up the place? If you saw Samuel L Jackson would you expect him to start speaking really loudly, and cursing out someone, maybe even wave around a gun? I doubt it, because you know they’re actors/entertainers, it’s their job.

    We say “none of these rappers are real” but we judge them on the content of their music? And please don’t tell me you’re judging Kanye on his choice of women and the fact he hates paparazzi, because they have nothing to do with us. No, people judge him on what the media broadcast, print and publish about him. Tell me what has ever been written about Kanye that should make us think that he would treat the general public in the same manner he treats Paparazzi?

    Ever heard the term “I’ve created a monster, and now I don’t know how to control it”? He’s an artist, artists create, he’s created his persona, the media breathed life into it, gave it legs and gave it exposure, and now it’s turned against them. Has he turned against the fan in the street? Has he punched, slapped, spat on, shot any fans? Has he hit any women in an abusive manner? (I’m not talking bedroom spanking)

    What exactly has Kanye West done why people hold this personal distaste for him?

    This is straight pantomime hating … You most likely dislike him because you are programmed to feel like it’s the right thing to do, not because he’s done anything to you or your loved ones, personally, that should make you think “I don’t like this guy”.

    It’s no different to some hip hop fans disliking Eminem because of his race, it’s pathetic.

    Going back to the original story, it’s Pantomime booing and nothing else, they are not at a Kanye West concert, but they probably went home feeling all fuzzy inside because they booed someone successful, and they still don’t understand why!

    And people wonder why bullying is on the rise!

    • Casor_G

      Jumping on stage for Taylor Swift, promising to marry someone in a song and then selling that broad out the minute he got rich (and therefore living his own line from “Gold Digger”), general cockiness, etc. Plenty of reasons to not like him. It’s not that hard to exhibit fake humbleness. If you can’t even do that to a basic degree, it’s hard to defend him

      • $11625525

        I hear you Casor Greener but, let’s be honest, that has no bearing on our lives, does it?

        It doesn’t affect how we’re perceived by the general public, and the general public shouldn’t be offended by his behaviour because it isn’t directed at them, it’s media hype.

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