Hip-Hop Rumors: Was Kanye Set Up?

According to sources, Kanye West was PISSED at the images of him, Kim and Baby North that were put out there on TMZ. Click here if you missed it.

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Well, Kanye is reportedly very convinced that he, Kim and the baby were straight up set up at the medical center. There was supposedly a very, very, very short list of people that knew they would be there at that time. Kanye is supposedly very sick of the Kardashian penchant for the press. Not sure what family he thought he was coming into.

But there is something else Kanye should be pondering and that is that heat that Papoose put out. He mentioned Kanye as a reason for the feminization of Black men.

This WAS a set up!

Papoose “Control” Freestyle Responds to Kendrick Lamar

Take the poll when you hit that link, because they saying Pap got Kendrick!

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • KaiC

    I am not a Pap fan, but he was the closest to getting at Kendrick. joel Ortiz’s verse was good also

    • brotha_man


      • @Real_SirJamie

        Cassidy is ok… But he say’s ish like “These gun’s will make you BREAK-FAST like an egg mcmuffin”… I’m cool. give it to Joell, Pap, or even King Los. Even though he raps about circles and squares like Kindergarten kids.

      • brotha_man


      • Pap, Cass, Joell, in that order….which is reverse of the drops.

    • ihatehater

      The closest? Is it because he took it personal and talked about his dick size, fashion and manhood? In my opinion,
      Joel Ortiz’s shit is the best response so far.

      • Ready Owens

        Who says he took it personal? He dissed him the way Hip-Hop artist are SUPPOSED to diss someone. Kendrick dissed dudes and basically apologized at the same time lol. Pap went straight for the juggler. If Kendrick comes back he’s gonna have to come correct.

      • #Ain’tNoComingBackFromThat

    • Inmadopuroz

      mmm f*ck me hard

  • ihatehater

    Do you even know what set up means? Pap just called him a bitch…not a set up, that is a diss period. SMMFH

    • Inmadopuroz

      suck my d!ck before i suck yours

      • >>Tries wiping the tears of laughter…but they keep flowing.

  • brotha_man

    i wonder if remy can still spit that fire

    • Inmadopuroz

      i dont know about that but i can spit on your d!ck b4 blowing u sir

      • brotha_man

        get the F*ck outta here elmo fag

      • Bawaqhahahaaa!


  • El moreno de Queens #Dominican


  • J.Erick

    Pap, it’s over!! Sell bricks

  • DJ7

    **WARNING** Paps diss (b/c it was a diss) is not for the sensitive types…one that requires a response from 1…scratch that…all of those cats mentioned or look like the b*tches he painted them out to be

    • Ready Owens

      I’m not the biggest Pap fan by far but damn he destroyed that beat!

      • DJ7

        That he did

  • Inmadopuroz

    kanye can get it on all fours by me i would swallow his skeet no homo tho

    • Drank

      that was THE MOST homo.

      • That’s that B’ish Ninja from WSHH,

        He stays on every thread talking about sucking some rapper off & how tough he is, coming ( PAUSE ) out of Queens, NY, with a red Elmo sweater on, then he be off his schizo meds, talking about he didn’t say that & ‘chet.

        He even has 2 accounts with the same gay avi & argues with himself.

        That dude is #Wild4Da’Night

      • dehova

        He and RMFag are the same person. I can tell. Like any b***h, ignore it long enough and it will fugg off. No pu**y getting Papa Sucker!

      • Nah, they are different, trust me & RMFag is better than him.

        You from the old board? I know who RMF is.

      • dehova

        RMFag is “better” than him? “Now yell Pause and No Homo that”!

      • (PAUSES)

        ** crickets **

        No red Elmo sweater!

  • Didn’t listen to it but, I know Pap got him!


    >> Checking now.

    • Yep! Pap ROASTED him!

      • Matt Swan

        K——dot———-flat lined————-by Patpoose. Please don’t try to come back to that. Pretty soon we’re gonna see a milk carton with Kendrik Lemar’s face on it “Have you seen my rap career” at the rate these hits keep comin. But I figure Drake will (autotune)sing his way out of this.

      • Honestly, I expected Drake to work with K Dot, even tour, and flip the hype into a business power move, but after Pap, I don’t even think West Coast dudes are willing to stand behind / with K Dot.

        Maybe some hungry up & comer with nothing to lose, but I mean really, KRS probably doesn’t have a battle rhyme written for K Dot that will end his career, but that’s only because K Dot isn’t in his top 10, & “The Teacha” is always willing to be gracious & educational, as opposed to ending MC careers, but that’s how he started out, and secretly, he likes that kinda ‘chet.

        Look for Drake to side step it & KRS to support it, but don’t look for K Dot to even dream about Battling BDP / KRS, or hinting at agreeing to any type of tournament (AHH’s MC UFC) that KRS could end up being a part of.

        *Not saying KRS would take any battle MC in the world, but he might, and he’ll destroy damn near every mainstream “RAPPER” over all. ( “Instead of punch lines, let’s see who headlines, instead of flow for flow, let’s go show for show, toe to toe, Yo! You better act like you know!…(Hook = MC Act Like They Don’t Know)”

        Pap did make him lyrical mashed potato, but what else did you expect?

      • DJ7

        It would resemble Loaded Lux vs Calicoe…on some “Look At Me King”…”You gon get this work”…”You gon learn today” tongue lashing…they don’t want it with Kris for real

      • J.Erick

        ni99a plz

      • God Body

        he got you. LOL. You get more respect just admitting it.

      • DJ7

        No ni99a over this way B….you got me confused with one of your playmates…”Don’t call me nigga, call me GOD cause that’s what the black man is” KRS ONE **AH YEAH**…you need more of that in your life and less Nelly

      • dehova

        That’s whats up. More black people need to get on that mentality and stop with all the self depreciating and disrespect.

      • Well obviously at least one person (*Not Nelly) thinks Nelly won that battle!

        >>LMAO, slaps thigh, gets up & walks away…turns back to look @j_erick:disqus’s post, bwahahahaas 2x more, wipes little snot bubble, looks back at monitor & LOL’s again, smdh & sits back down like nothing happened.

        *Still laughing on the inside

      • J.Erick

        I never said he won shyt, I said He aint get ended.. Ja rule ended.. lil flip ended.. Fukk is u talkn bout? Of course KRS out rhymed him.. Thats a given, but when u say career ending, that means never to be seen again.. SMDH.. U jus did sum xtra shyt there buddy

      • “Ja rule ended”

        >> Grabs E Brake & does 180 skid

        Ja Rule dropped records after 50 beef, he just dropped one when he got out of jail…or will, if he didn’t get out yet, and you saying his career was ended, and it was, how many NELLY albums have YOU bought since that battle?

        Don’t stutter now…1? If that?

        You can’t even find 3 people on this ‘chet that illegally downloaded Nelly’s last album for free, let alone bought the ‘chet.

        This is Hip Hop, not RAP.

        Nelly’s duet with Miley Ray Cirus / Hanna Montanan doesn’t count.

        Jay Z & Kanye’s ‘chet barely counts.

      • J.Erick

        Laughable.. So u think KRS could end anybody who’s worth something in 2013? LMAOOO ni99a plz!

        He was suppose to end Nelly wack azz right? The “Teacha” was suppose to make sure that Nelly disappeared back to STL, and possibly working @ iHop, right? What Happened?

        Nelly went on to make millionsssss of dollars, drop more “music”, and even got a new Cheerios commercial I saw the other day.. Yea, he ended that good… Lol

      • Actually, check your math, Nelly disappeared for like 5yrs? after that battle.
        2004 – 2008, you heard zilch from Nelly.

        Sure the industry got behind Nelly & promoted the feminization and coonery of the Blackman, but no REAL Hip Hop head felt that Nelly won that battle, even Nelly admitted defeat, apologized & begged for the onslaught to stop.

        That ‘chet was like the foot vs the roach.
        Just because a few soccer moms & you bought the album doesn’t mean he won, or has a career in Hip Hop, in fact, that ‘chet Nelly doing now isn’t even Hip Hop.

        He let fans like you gas him & then he got ignited & burned.

        Other notables : MC Shan, PM Dawn, X Clan, etc.

      • J.Erick

        Fan? who? Me? Ni99a i jus said he was wack but tha dude aint disappear.. Check yo math.. IJS he suppose to be on a milk box.. Right?

      • He is on a milk box where I’m at. The only Nelly disc on my playlist is the Adam Sandler flick “The Longest yard”, where Nelly plays a cooning inmate. (Very well I might ad.)

        Do you drive down the street bumping Nelly?

        No one around here does either.

      • dehova

        I really , really….I’ll say it one more time fore effect, REALLY don’t get all this reaction to what Kendrick said.
        Really, it was just about stepping your bars up.
        I’ve heard MUCH worse lyrics

        Jadakiss once rapped how Siegel could visit his man’s b***h (Aaliyah)

        Jay-z rapped about bussing nuts and chucking condoms in Nas’ baby seat

        And come on, every time we have a Smack URL battle involving Arsonal, you know you’re gonna hear some foul s***

        What get’s me about Papoose is dude claims to be defending Muslims and New York. As a black man the only 2 things that are real to you are your race and your gender. Where was he when Eminem was dissing black women?

        SMFH at all these coons that exposed themselves.

      • Em > K Dot

        K Dot is a much easier target than Em was, and Pap wasn’t out when Em did that, and Em wasn’t out either, technically.

        With that being said, no one, I me No 1, got fouler than Loaded Lux on Calico.
        That ‘chet hurt my soul.

        Pap is a smack type rapper, K Dot is not. As far as battling, Pap will & did tear K Dot out the frame, but K Dot is HOT? right now.

        “Heavy is the head that wears the crown!” >> Opening of original “Conan The Barbarian.” (*With Arnold)

      • dehova

        Papoose been about for ages bruh. I can’t remember exactly when he first did Alphabetical Slaughter but I’m sure it was late 90’s.
        I agree with most of what you’re saying, I just think his reason to go there was wack. For me, he’s been the better MC for a minute, ain’t no reason to go in. If you ain’t already, check for Budden’s “Lose Control”

      • If you get a tittle shot against a paper champion, do you pitty pat with him or flatten him like a steam roller?

        *Never give a minor injury to a major enemy.

      • TALK_BOSS

        Yea lux slaughtered that nigga

  • LiddyBug86

    Lil Wayane is the reason for the feminization of Black men.

    • dehova

      How? Ain’t you seen Dre in the World Star Wrecking Crew?
      Besides, Dwayne made a child with Lauren London. I’d be a b***h for a day just to get the chance to dagger that

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  • brotha_man

    mr. ‘ye what exactly did u think u were signing up for? *takes swig of henny*….quiet time at the cabin.

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  • Sleep

    Sheeeitttt, wake up, Kanye. You lay with dogs you’re gonna get fleas.

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  • $11625525

    All these idiots blaming rappers for the feminization of Black men … IDIOTS!

    You need to blame the education system and the media; TV, Film, Magazine publications, who all push homosexuality out to the masses and give children exposure to a lifestyle at ages where they shouldn’t even be thinking about sex yet.

    The prison system (needs no explanation)

    Also think about the greed people have for money, that greed has caused many men to give up the chocolate starfish for a quick buck. There’s also the drugs people experiment with.

    Lastly, and I have said this on here before, watch a lot hip hop video’s and all you get is a bunch of men hugging each other in adoration; see Chief Keef’s video for “I don’t like” for example, a bunch of topless men hugging and jumping around in a room, getting high, and not a woman in site.

    Kanye raps about women and being in love, doesn’t sound too feminine to me, no matter how emotional it may be.

    • $18916246

      I agree Kanye’s got nothing to do with Black men being feminine. Black boy’s over the last 30yrs have largely been reared by understandably scorned black woman. What I have to to say next is no attack on my sisters, black woman, mother’s, aunt’s nieces,grand mothers, female guardians of any type. The black family unit has all but diminished, disappeared in America. With the larger issue being the fact that both black male and female have grown numb to the importance of raising their kids in a father and mother family unit. Our children it seems are mere byproducts of one too many and in some cases I feel are single sexual encounters. Many of are children are born to black woman that are mentally underdeveloped and misguided. This changes everything as it pertains to values needed in raising children and preparing them for adulthood.

      Children of black women have been made into tokens for survival as our young sisters have been mis-educated on the importance of building a future for themselves. Having random babies in many urban circles is now seen as some sort of rights of passage. Babies being born as way of qualifying for government aid and housing. Our sisters are sold on child support as a means of survival. Our woman have been separated from the view of caring for functional black men. Many have never seen or known of a black man that has raised a family. This has lead to our black woman giving birth to black boys with absolutely no value or concern for her sons male maturation into a educated responsible man. Our boys in turn have no example or inspiration to function as responsible men in society.

      Our boys are seeing mother as sole controler’s of the home environment with many desiring to remain teenagers long after their time as a teenager has passed. Our boys have been mislead with no understanding of his role in building and maintaining the black family structure. With no consistent positive, functional male role model he clearly does not understand his role in providing for and protecting his woman (See Frances Cress Welsing’s ISIS PAPER’s). This sad tradition has lead our black males to develop a sick adoration for our black female as he has not been socially encouraged to be the man he has matured into. He is raised largely on values set by scorned black woman sometime left to raise children on their own and by themselves. I say sometimes because many of our woman are ignorantly choosing any male suitors as mere disposable partners in an unhealthy birth process.

      Our boys come up in home environments where our woman now mislead mothers have taken up with and had children for not one, but in many cases numerous misunderstood and irresponsible black males, setting into play a debilitating non-family cycle. Then there are poor social examples and campaigns that support the exploitation of these known conditions that largely exist amongst black americans. Black men are socially seen as powerless incompetent cowards who fill our nations prisons when the truth is our boys are mis-educated, targeted, and exploited. Feminine and or gay has now become a promoted option that has no origin or place in the history of a healthy black society. We cannot blame gay society as black people must re-educate themselves and begin to correct our family problems internally and at its core.

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  • Delonte West

    My nuts itch.

  • D_Ably

    Kanyes a true gender bender FACT nothin wrong with lookin like a queer in this day and age tho, its the norm right?

    • $11625525

      Define looking like a queer please?