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Hexmurda’s Take On Kendrick Lamar, New York And The Lack Of Replies!

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I know by now everyone has either heard or heard about Kendrick Lamar’s verse on Big Sean’s CONTROL joint.

In case u have been under a rock or dead here’s the synopsis.

NO I.D. produced a song that didn’t make BigSean’s upcoming “Hall of Fame” album due to sample clearance issues. The song featured Kendrick and Jay Electronica & popped up all over the blogosphere on Monday. Well, Sean went first, Kendrick went second and Jay Elect was the anchor.

At least that was the plan.

I played it, listened to Sean’s verse, it was cool. Next was Kendrick’s. His verse was pretty much par for the course, then he decided to spaz the fuck out. I dunno if anybody even listened to Jay’s verse after Kendrick’s. It got the “Oh Shit”, reaction. After giving the prerequisite respect to JayZ, Nas, Eminem & Andre3k effectively immunizing them from the upcoming onslaught, this Compton nigga proclaimed himself the King of New York and basically gave out personal battle me invites to Jay Cole, Wale, Drake, ASAP Rocky, Meek Mil, Mac Miller, BigKRIT, Pusha T, TylerTheCreator AND Big Sean and Jay Electronica for good measure. Kendrick basically called out every nigga in his weight class. He even called Jay Cole by his government name “Jermaine Cole” so there was no doubt who he was talking about. And then he said “WEST COAST” at the end just to let niggas know.

Tupac would be proud.
Kendrick also said some shit about G5 planes & drunk Grandpa’s with prosthetic legs, but that’s beside the point. It wasn’t exactly a dis. This wasn’t “HIT EM UP Part II” by any stretch of the imagination. Kendrick just let his peers know how he was laying. He’s aware of who has the money, champagne & weed, but now he wanted to know who has the bars?

Shit felt like the 80’s & 90’s again.

Twitter went crazy.

I haven’t seen mainstream or underground HipHop fans this excited since Jay Electronica & JustBlaze dropped “EXHIBIT C”. It seems like every rapper in the world had a response to Kendrick’s verse. Everybody except the niggas he was specifically talking to. I don’t know what the fuck those cats are waiting for. Maybe some of them are going to get together & record one “We Are The World” style track. “ThatsWhatFriendsAreFor2013 (The Kendrick Response)” or some shit. Joell Ortiz from Slaughterhouse repped hard for New York tho. He gave an immediate response with Royce Da 5-9-like quickness. He stood tall. As did Papoose.

For everybody else, man listen. If you’re not from New York or he didn’t mention u stop making response records. Technically you can’t respond to a nigga who wasn’t talking to you.

As for Mr. Lamar he ended mainstream Hip Hop’s circle jerk and gave it a much needed shot in the arm. Kendrick Lamar basically said “We’re cool, but I’m trying to kill you niggas on tracks”. Rappers are gonna have to stop fucking doing all these collaborations and stand on their own two damn feet.

It had gotten to the point where I would hear a joint & there would be so many niggas on it I would have no idea who’s song it was, let alone what project it was on. For the longest I thought “DJ KHALED” was the name of a group consisting of Ross, Wayne, Baby, AceHood & Busta with occasional appearances by Drake, T-Pain & Future. Shit.

Lastly I have to say kudos to Kendrick for basically saying “fuck these niggas” on some rap shit, & bringing competition back to HipHop. Good job to Joell Ortiz and Pap. They held NY down. The entire HipHop Nation both young & old await the rest of the responses from both the New York emcees and the emcees who were actually mentioned in the verse. It’ll be interesting to see who replies & what they have to say. We’re waiting. Don’t take too long now.

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  • Brendget Jones

    i dont agree.

    • EniggaMA

      When someone doesn’t say something negative about NY people usually don’t.

      • Brendget Jones

        no you dont understand, I dont agree with the article i dont think it was to ‘elevate the game’ or anything like that I think it was a case of a guy trolling for hits. I mean how are you gonna call someone out but not really say anything to them. It seems like that verse was the hiphop version of a publicity stunt.

      • EniggaMA

        nah fam i wasn’t comin at you. i know its hard to tell when ur reading something. but not sure if i agree with u %100. but even if it was for pub in my opinion he bodied that shit and im from NY

      • johnblacksad

        You might not be lyin… in the end it felt more like he was giving props than really ‘attacking’ them on the mic

        You might not be lyin for real for real…

        Saying “I’m the K.O.N.Y.” when you’re from the C.P.T., does it really make any sense? It ain’t even like he was born in N.Y. like Pac… to me it seems like he said that just to create what he successfully did buzzwise, but he didn’t back that up with factual claims… the whole thing was still ‘friendly’ in the end.

        And let’s not forget… if we’re talkin about HIP HOP, you’re supposed to go at everybody, including Nas, Jay, EM & 3Thou. … going at them is what deserves this kind of buzz

        but again, let’s try not to complain too much and let’s enjoy the moment… still woke mad n!ggaz up… props to Kendrick for tryin, I don’t think he meant it as a publicity stunt, you can tell he’s passionate, but just ‘friendly’ at heart… he doesn’t really wanna do no harm… he is a good kid!

      • Taihair Djehuty

        It makes perfect since. He said he’s the k.o.n.y, king of the coast. He’s juggling both with one hand. Translated, King of Hip-hop. He’s already been passed the torch on the West and is looking to build beyond that and he’s open to any challengers. Too many cats in the game now want to claim to be the best but don’t have the balls to back it up. They head straight to freaking twitter. And he’s not looking to upset or diss anybody. Just good competition amongst friends.

      • Brindle

        finally someone gets it

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  • Inmadopuroz

    kendrick is a small piece of work i wonder how big is little brown c*ck is hmm i can taste it in my mind..Pause!

    • ^ This Ninja is #Wild4Da’Night


  • Oknas

    A 25 year old PAC would be proud, not to sure about a 40 year old pac

    • johnblacksad

      at least I hope not…

    • Taihair Djehuty

      Pac would be proud. Kendrick pretty much said, “lets skip the bullshit, lets see who got skills and at the end of the day, we can still be cool.” Pac would of loved that shit. The aggressive style and confidence. Bring some competitive spirit back to the game. It’s not like he’s saying that he plucked someone’s wife or anything

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  • j_pullia

    Over my life I have heard at least 100 better verses! Niggas need to quit sucking this nigga’s ass. He is a great talent, but that verse was so overrated. I guess this is what happens when you dumb down the radio culture and then flip it with something lyrical. Mafukkas lose their minds. So I guess all the hot verses over the last 20 years in hiphop don’t mean shit huh?

    • johnblacksad

      to all my mob crimey, money, hungry and grimy, mob shiesty…

      Co-sign… a hundred verses!

      All Kendrick did was stir up sh!t which he gets props for, but nothing impressed me really… ok, i liked the part about “bombing your mom’s house while she watchin the kids” or something… i thought that was real gangsta… but it’s an overall good verse… maybe the ‘furious’ delivery added to the hype… that’s all

      • @Real_SirJamie

        You’re exactly right, it was the energy and the fact he called out names. But if people don’t think Kendrick is lyrical or punchline savvy check him out. This VERSE may not be all that but it’s a feature. He’s actually an overall better rapper than most rappers out today. Comparable to legends even.

    • Brindle

      all ya’ll with the homosexual talk, sucking and kissen and all that nonsense is homo’s for talking that way and being so emotional about it… whats wrong with him trying to get rid of the trinidad james’ of the world? but you like that…

    • Blaq_Boi

      Look this verse was hot cause for once in this modern Hip Pop, someone gave names. No subliminal shit, nothing.

  • @Real_SirJamie

    Hex murda…. Man we need dudes like him back around. He was one of the first dudes finding Internet gangstas ip addresses and hunting them down when they popped Ish. Showed up to somebody’s job once on some jay and silent bob Ish. And before y’all say “oh I’d have something for him” remember how Detroit and the goon squad rolls. 1 gun doesn’t help you from 30 n****z with BIGGER guns lmao. Then he had a stroke and is confined to a wheelchair now. You know what that means right? Even GOD couldn’t kill him and the devil don’t want him.

  • johnblacksad

    oh, so you mean to tell me “DJ Khaled” is not a hip pop group with Birdman, Acehood & Lil’ Wayne?

    I don’t believe you

    • Blaq_Boi

      hahahahahahahahahahahaha that line killed me dude. hahahahah

  • WillVetterGoodin

    No one replied because this little dude aint shit but runnin his mouth. Someone needs to shut this lame up.

    • Brindle

      why don’t you? nothen worse than a man calling upon “someone”

      • j_pullia

        You in on this shit late as hell. Find another article to troll on nigga

      • Brindle

        stupid, and here you come later than i was

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  • $5422264

    I hear a lot of folks talking about ‘if he didn’t mention you then you shouldn’t respond’
    But no one mentioned Kendrick and yet he unleashed a challenge to several MCs who have the machine/fans behind them to go up against him.

    So why does Kendrick get to challenge MCs/the game but you wrong if you challenge him?

    • Brindle

      its not that your wrong, if your offended. its that your wrong if you’re not offended and just trying to get in on the hype. example: lupe fiasco, 2 songs for 1 verse…. ridiculous

      • $5422264

        I hear you and agree…good point. But was Lupe’s ‘SLR 3’ a diss record? He referenced Lamar yeah, but he didn’t really go at him in that one.

  • Tha High Priestess™✨

    I agree with everything said in this article, except about Papoose. Papoose is lame and his response was garbage. I heard one from, Cassidy too that was ass…I could only listen to the first 20 seconds before I turned that shit off..his voice annoyed me. Kendrick wasn’t dissing anyone…he was simply saying Lets step our game up..and yes lets all stop hopping on the same damn track..that shit is getting old. Also as to NY, I love NY …but yall niggas really need to step yall game up. I came up in the 90s when yall niggas was running who yall got ASAP? That nigga clearly makes music like he went to ATL band camp. French Montana? Aint he doing music with Miley Cirus or some shit? Okay….go ahead and name a bunch of niggas I never heard of, or that gets no radio play? Or name some Joey Bad ass type rappers thats up and coming, but aint came up yet. NY been silent for awhile.all yall got is JAY.SO If it takes KL to have yall son, yun, dun asses to step yall game up…so be it!

  • Tha High Priestess™✨

    To add, no need to respond with a diss track, respond by simply stepping ya game up.

  • hoeyuno

    So hex you fully recovered now homie??? Missed your posts. hexmurda to those that don’t know is a very respected individual from the D.

  • The Real Will Cannon

    Okay,he has mad talent…no question…but do he really deserve all this praise so early on in his career. Give the guy room to grow before handin’ him nominations & titles that other artists put in years of work for. Interscope obviously has been buyin’ the masses for years…just look at their roster of artist. Of course his verse is gonna be considered the hottest of the year…cuz he sneaked attacked his opponents…after previously collabin’ wit’em…they didn’t see it comin. It’s kinda shady if ya ask me… He’s good…but…not…great…like…his “Control” verse.

  • Global_Mission

    I agree with a lot the article, but i do have to disagree with the Papose part. Dude took it way to personal for me which was on a level that no-one was on but him. He spit no doubt, but he caught to many feelings about it and it came out in his verse.

  • Da Ghost of vegas

    do any of you guys understand the metaphor in which the king of New York line meant..he said he is Pac reincarnated ..that line was to say he is also B.I.G that is how he is able to juggle both coast with one hand….come on people stop making this what it is not learn to listen before you type.