Bishop Nehru

NYC Emcee Bishop Nehru Added To Kendrick Lamar’s Brooklyn Show

(AllHipHop News) Los Angeles native Kendrick Lamar is scheduled to do a show in the very East Coast city where he planted his flag as king next month. The TDE rapper will be joined by one New York rhymer for his concert at Williamsburg Park in Brooklyn – Bishop Nehru.

Kendrick sparked a firestorm earlier this week when he proclaimed himself the “King of New York” in his verse on Big Sean’s “Control.” The tongue-n-cheek proclamation led to numerous NYC based emcees releasing “Kendrick Lamar Response” tracks as a form of the nonviolent, verbal sparring that has long been tradition in Hip Hop culture.

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As the friendly competition has energized New York rappers to jump in the booth to offer their replies, the Black Hippy member will actually share a stage with one of NYC’s bright young stars in Bishop Nehru. The 16-year-old will be the only New York rapper on the bill at the Williamsburg show.

“Really looking forward to hittin’ the stage on Sept 10th. Going to hold it down for NYC,” says Bishop.

Nehru recently released his second official mixtape Strictly FLOWzand it was announced that he will be recording a collaborative album with DOOM.

Fellow Black Hippy rappers Jay Rock and Ab-Soul will also be performing at the Williamsburg Park show on September 10th. To purchase tickets visit

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  • JimJames29

    I wonder what kind of ‘response’ he will get.

    • You know Papoose is gonna be there…..deep.

      Maybe a Battle on some WWF Hip Hop ‘chet.

      • Taihair Djehuty

        If Pap starts some stupid mess there then that will just show his immaturity and why he never blew up. If he can get on stage and shake dudes hands, then that would get him much bigger props.

      • Pap already made it clear that this isn’t “BEEF”, it’s just a friendly rap battle, but battles are ferocious, kinda like Hip Hop Boxing.

        You can play basketball, baseball, football, soccer & many other sports, but no one, I mean NO ONE…plays BOXING.

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  • @Real_SirJamie

    Resulting to a physical altercation would PROVE that they feel they can’t see him on the mic.

    • Taihair Djehuty

      A physical altercation will prove that NY just doesn’t have IT anymore when it comes to Hip-Hop. And if something like that happens and the NY OG’s and up and comers don’t say anything on it, then it will be really sad.

    • Pap ain’t slapping that cupcake….no need, he ether’d him on wax & K Dot isn’t worthy of lumpinos.

      • @Real_SirJamie

        I only listened to it once. And some of the stuff Pap was saying was a little corny. “On your album cover you was sitting on another man’s lap” He was a baby in diapers lol. Some cats are too caught up in machismo to be taken seriously. You can tell he was raised by a woman. The only way he knows how to be manly is to be violent or stand in bravado. On a lyrical note he went at all of TDE. Which includes Ab-soul… I don’t think Pap is ready for that, Soulo is a different type of monster, and all those vocabulary raps that don’t really mean shit isn’t gonna match up.

      • *As an MC ^

        You have a different outlook, which sounds more on point, but as a *NON-MC, we don’t go that deep.

        What you are saying makes sense & I never thought about it that way (*Raised by a woman) but:
        >> In Loaded Lux’s voice : “Let him get this work! He gonna get this WORK!”
        >>Wipes own mouth with own tongue like the Joker

        I don’t think Ab Soul is ready for Pap.

        Ab Soul can’t lose, so if they go in, they better go in hard body, otherwise they could get pushed out the game….before they “FULLY” get in.

      • @Real_SirJamie

        Damn… you’re right, I never looked at it THAT way, ScHoolBoy Q was joking how they’ve got the whole hip hop world in an uproar, But honestly I don’t think they’re in trouble. NO ONE Kendrick mentioned responded. TMZ asked Wale what he thought at an airport and he *Kanye Shrugged* and said “I’d be offended if I WASN’T mentioned, I still think I’m the best rapper in the world.” yea… OK! lol. But as far as lyrically these dudes haven’t responded because… well… they CAN’T. Pap, J.R. Writer, Budden, King Los, etc. they just feel jaded by the K.O.N.Y. line and they ALSO know that those young scrappers can’t compete. They had no choice but to respond. Maino made the best point on Kay slay’s show… He said the way N.Y. is right now, there’s more than one king of N.Y., Ross, Khaled, Weezy, Drake… They’re ALL K.O.N.Y. because of all the radio plays, The market has attached itself to these dudes because of Media outlets shoving that bull down our throat TELLING us it’s hot. People like you and I, they can feed us POOP with a golden spoon all they want, we’ll still say, “This taste’s like S**T!” LOL. But the masses are a different story. There may be a few heads on this board that know the difference too, but mostly once someone says it’s hot, people agree. Take this Kendrick verse for example, it’s being advertised as the hottest verse/diss verse yada yada yada… when really it has mediocre punchlines and very little wordplay. It’s calling out names and the K.O.N.Y. line that’s got everyone in an uproar.

      • It’s the same masses in in uproar?

        Wale taking it as a compliment, and it kinda was, because it implied that his opening week 30K / K Fed #’s signify that he’s a “TOP DOG” in Hip Hop.

        The one’s he called out are safe, FAT targets. They can’t reply like Pap, or they risk loosing their Reebok deal, or whatever, where as Pap doesn’t have a deal to lose…only one to gain.

        MC’s are offended that they weren’t called out, and even more upset at dude for opening his mouth in the 1st place to spit the KONY line.

        I haven’t heard Budden’s response, but it’s good for Hip Hop, even though it might not be as good for K Dot. If he doesn’t reply & let’s it slide, he can turn it into a win, and that beat will become a Hip Hop classic.(Just due to the sheer # of responses.)

        K Dot really can’t compete with seasoned veterans yet, J Cole did / can, but he was still hungry then, and might still be.

        K Dot has the industry fawning all over him, and Pap made a good point, these dudes are feminizing Hip Hop.

      • @Real_SirJamie

        You aren’t familiar with Kendrick’s music are you? Like you haven’t heard anything aside from his singles huh? Listen to “rigamortis” or “poe mans dreams (his vice)” or ANYTHING for that matter. LOL. “The Spiteful Chant” or “Ronald Reagen Era”… All of these songs I just named show his ability on the mic. He even said himself, “Don’t call me lyrical, cause really I’m just a n***a thats evil and spiritual/ (human), I know some rappers using big words to make they’re similies curve/ my simplest s**t be more pivotal.” CLASSIC bar.

      • Not really, peeped some & he does have skills & bars, but still isn’t KONY or the West, or South.

        He’s like Kelly Pavlik, perfect form & fundamentals, and they will take him to the top, but he lacks the veteran caginess that will keep him there, so when he comes against a Bernard PoP’kins (KRS) he’ll get dismantled, just like Pavlik did.

      • @Real_SirJamie

        You gotta remember… he just turned 26, and under the tutorage of Dre, Kurupt, Game, Top Dawg and others… he’s on his way to becoming a legend. In my opinion.

      • A *Manufactured legend.

        He has folks behind him, but they have a VESTED* interest, right now, he isn’t the best, and it’s to early (1 Album?) to get a swollen head.

      • @Real_SirJamie

        Kendrick actually has 2 albums if you want to be technical. (#Section80 & Good KiD M.A.A.D. City) so I guess he’s biggie status? His flow is crazy and his energy is unmatched (in his weight class) As far as having folks behind him who doesn’t? That young with a sword that sharp needs sharpening.

      • >>In Alpo’s voice : “What good are soldiers if we can’t use them?”

        KRS has 27? Albums?

        I just think it’s too early, not for his weight class, but to step into the OPEN class? He better sit his @$$ down.

        I admire his courage though, and in reality, this ‘chet has gotten hella buzz, so it’s definitely a power move, the light is shining on him, but that same light reveals any flaws if he has them.

      • @Real_SirJamie

        Hell yea you right about all of that, we’ll just have to see! I personally think he told his story in full, so he better have the ability to “Wow” the thirsty mainstreamers. Or else like you said… he’ll be exposed. lol.

      • That’s exactly the sentiments I was trying to express. I couldn’t have said it better, in fact, I’m gonna use your analogy if I’m asked again.

      • @Real_SirJamie

        LOL. I am a fan of Kendrick, But as you know I’m MORE of a REAL HIP HOP fan. And as of yet, He has proved that he is a GOOD RAPPER. That is all. whether or not he is along the likes of a Nas, or a Pac is yet to be seen.




        u garbage…just like ya city rappers..STFU

      • Mr.CPT

        IT’s funny how lames are so easy to dis and call names when they wouldn’t do shit if they saw KDOT> SMH

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