Papoose “Control” Freestyle Responds to Kendrick Lamar

“Yo Kendrick good look on that Summer Jam move, but you ain’t the king of sh*t”-Papoose

The quiet before the storm has passed and we are in full on flood mode with the responses to Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse. Up now is Brooklyn’s own Papoose who recently reentered the national consciousness thanks to Kendrick giving him a few minutes of his set time at this year’s Hot 97 Summer Jam.

Pap digs deeper than simply dissing Kendrick on his lyrical skills and speaks on the emasculating of the black man saying “Kendrick, Kanye and Drake act feminine/they wear clothes you usually find women in.”

Check out the full scathing response below and vote if this verse was good enough:

184 Responses to “Papoose “Control” Freestyle Responds to Kendrick Lamar”

  1. Ready Owens

    Kendrick, Drake or ANY one of these other new cats that are supposed to have bars, supposed to be nice don’t want NOTHING to do with these East coast gorillas. Talking bout being competitive and s*** when we ain’t never stop doing that s*** out here. It’s the CULTURE out here so, I expect Drake, Kendrick and the rest to ignore rhymes like this one, Cassidy’s and Joel’s. They don’t REALLY want a comp with dudes that are spitting like that. I’m waiting on Drakes R&B response lol.

    • ihatehater

      You still stuck on that coeat shit…pap is nice but lets keep it real…lyric wise he cant touch K-Dot…that is why he is talking about dick size and fashion.

      • Ready Owens

        If being stuck on that REAL hip-hop mean being stuck on some East coast shit then so be it. Also, to keep it real, I don’t think Kendrick is better than Pap on some lyrical shit. Pap just proved that in my opinion. Time will tell though.

      • DJ7

        Most heads don’t even know what “lyrical” means…it just sounds like the “in” thing to say when a cat don’t necessarily spit like these slow sounding dudes in pop hop nowadays…

      • Ready Owens

        Your 100% right. Hip-hop is so terrible these days that we reach. Whenever an artist comes out that sounds remotely close to a lyricist he is made out to be the best thing since sliced bread.

      • PBM1986

        “lyric wise he cant touch K-Dot”… Nigga you are on CRACK! You need rehab… The nigga who wrote alphabetical slaughter cant touch K-Dot??? In what fake ass hip-hop world are you little niggas livin in?

    • Raksmey Ngoun

      Yo that last comment had me dyin!!! “I’m waiting on Drakes R&B response” hahhahahahah These cats ain’t hip-hop, they all on that “hip-pop” sh*t!

      • Ready Owens

        LMAO! You already know he gonna be harmonizing bruh lol.

  2. Inmadopuroz

    Verse was hot anything pap touch is hot i would swallow papoose kids mmmm check my new song titled what do we want? dicks when do we want them? now!

  3. Megaton

    Yikes… shots fired… He made it a diss… and an indictment on the current industry and all this androgynous hair metal 80’s style dress up and rap shit. I’m not mad it him, bars wise he went in. Problem is he doesn’t get enough commercial love to get the impact this verse deserves.

  4. Mr. Starr Vision

    Pap on some hoe shit…one thats suppose to be his homeboy for 1 and for 2 if anyone shouldve understood what kendrick meant its Pap, but he comin at him on some war shit vs lyrical competition…all these niggaz jumpin out on some “he said he king of NY” shit…who fuckin cares, u niggaz who talkin shit aint the king, musically. The shit Pap just said sounds like hes had some ill will towards K. DOT for a minute and use this as an excuse to go at him cause these were all personals…nothin to do with lyrics

      • Cye B

        yup your a dickhead for that garbage opinion. I am quoting you.

        “The shit Pap just said sounds like hes had some ill will towards K. DOT
        for a minute and use this as an excuse to go at him cause these were all
        personals…nothin to do with lyrics”

        are you serious. It was all about lyrics., Everything he said was true.. the minute a rapper goes against the grain.. people start yelling its personal. what you mad because you dress like a women too? You one of them tight jeans dressing rappers.. oh no you the leather dress type. Remember KRS/MC SHAN… NAS and JAY/ all personal and dope lyrics. You been listening to swag rappers way to long… you forgot how this rap shit goes. Dickhead

      • ihatehater

        are we talking fashion or lyrics here..come on now. You sounding like them emo niggas yourself. Stick to the issue.

    • SBRon

      WTF?!? The majority of u butt clowns feel “Ether”>>”Takeover”, rite? It was NOT even close!! Plus, it was B.S. about “DSL”s & other gay ish…? Nas’ whole tone on dat track was like a butt-hurt lil kid who got pooped on!! Jay hit his baby momz, yet he’s “Gay-Z” & “Cock-A-Fella”, etc…? So, y dudes talkin’ bout “personal” & all this other butter soft nonsense now?!? Pap Got dat ass!!!

      • Mr. Starr Vision

        difference is there was a direct beef/war of words…Kendrick Named The Hottest Artist That Was In His Class (The New Regine of Young Rappers) and Said, “Y’all My Niggaz, I Got Love For Y’all But When We On Tracks I’m Trying To Murder You Niggaz” Meaning I’m Trying To Have The Hottest Verse…Pap ain’t jump in sayin that i can spit better lyrics than you…he came at him on some scorned bitch type shit…and even worst they’re friends, well are suppose to be friends…and K Dot even said that its all competition on the song…he didn’t take personal jabs at them niggaz, and as far as the KONY line, that was a Kurrupt Line that he even gave Kurrupt Credit for in the song…Long Story Short, Pap Showed His True Colors when it wasn’t that deep and it’s making him look bad, no one ever said he can’t spit, but he wasn’t named because he isn’t out of or around that freshman class that was named.

      • Mr. Starr Vision

        shit not even….lets keep it 100…if it was a “New Track” from Pap in the #Heater of The Day section vs a response to Kendrick would we even press play on it? Pap is a very talented dude he just can’t make records…everyone who can rap can’t make hits…but again his approach to this was all wrong he wanted a war that will only hurt him in the end because Kendrick didn’t go out for war, just friendly competition…the best way for all of those rappers MENTIONED is to have a stronger vs whenever they’re on a Track with Kendrick, which is all Kendrick said he was going to do…just have a better vs than everyone of his peers…the verse was actually pretty weak over all from kendrick but his message was dope…i remember jadakiss use to go at styles p and sheek in verses on the same track as well.

  5. puppet_master718


    • Da Ledgendary

      Some people just don’t get it. The purpose of Kendrick’s verse is to challenge other rappers to step their bars up and fire back, even people he fucks with. I ain’t that damn serious.

      • DJ7

        It’s serious now!! Also, I think everybody “GOT IT” the verse wasn’t that deep to begin with, it just gave the lesser knowns an opportunity to be heard by a larger audience…some brought it, some should of kept it…it’s all subjective to the listeners and what they like vs being told what to like.

  6. Thomas Smith

    I like the freestyle but that’s little over the top, bringing up his mother and that female shit way out of bounds, considering that your name wasn’t called out and he looked you out for your summer jam appearance….I find interesting he even had to go that hard personally

    • Cye B

      Over the top… ITS RAP!!.. what you want him to do batlle nicely., defend nicely and with respect. See man.. this is what SWAG rappers created…..a bunch of bitches in the rap game and on the streets. you cats should be ashamed..

  7. junj03

    I am from NY & I am ashamed that this guy is trying to
    represent NY cause he is NOT!!

    Trying to start coast beef/ person beef sh!t is not the purpose why Kendrick made that verse. He made it so people would be inspired to make better music.

    This dude lost the little respect I had for him. I am done with him….

    • DJ7

      All Pap did was spit truth in the booth…what’s to be ashamed of?…I didn’t get the impression that he went at a whole coast…just K.Dot…as far as personal…it’s rap homie… Cye B said it best… “what you want him to do battle nicely., defend nicely and with respect?” If anything he should of gained your respect for saying what others are afraid to, on top of dropping a jewel in there…

      • DeeMoe

        what truth did he spit 1. Dot said he was the king of LA & NY Pap said he didnt. 2. Pap said he was afraid of real crips & bloods I guess the whole TDE team being gang affiliated means nothing huh? 3. He’s sitting on his pops lap in a pic when he was a young’n whats gay about that? 4. I guess pap failed to mention Dot threw him a life line at a major NY show where he wsn’t even invited to do the small stage.

      • DJ7

        If that’s all you took from the record, that’s unfortunate…go back and listen to it again as you’ve missed some very important jewels

      • 103homie

        Like “Your dick so little I bet you piss on your balls”?

      • DJ7

        If that’s all that grabbed your attention, that speaks volumes about you kid…no reply is needed

      • 103homie

        I heard what he said about rappers commercializing feminism in hip-hop but if he wanted to make a song about an issue like that, then that’s what he should’ve done

      • DJ7

        He got his point across regardless….you got it as well b.u.t. chose to highlight what you did…

    • Truth Powell

      ju crazy man. how is Pap not NYC?? He’s one of the last real lyricists left.
      Pap did make better music. He took that control beat flipped it, went off and kicked some knowledge at the same damn time . What’s more NYC than that?

      • junj03

        That’s not the point. This is not just a regular diss. He mention
        his mom,pops etc. it’s very disrespectful . this is not personal , its a competition and it should be treated like so.
        Kendrick showed the dude love on hot 97 summer jam, he let
        him take over the show & he does this disrespectful shit? Na man, this is not cool at all.

      • brotha_man

        like i mentioned before what beef does not get personal. I remember being in school and dissing cats wit jokes the moment someone disses somebody elses mama, it was on. just be ready… is not ready

        i.e pac vs biggie, nas vs jay-z, ice cube vs eazy, eazy vs dre, Ja rule vs 50, ll vs canibus….etc.

        others: KRS vs nelly, U.N.L.V vs Mystikal, krs vs mc shan

        its just the way it is.

      • Mr. Starr Vision

        thats just it…it was never a Beef…If it was a beef then shit all gloves come off…Kendrick initiated friendly competition amongst some of his New School Rap Friends…and Pap Voluntarily jumped in and went waaaaaay out of content…i think Los had the best response overall because he took the track for what it was and replied in a “Hey I Got Bars too” type of way…not that out for blood shit Pap did, especially to someone who’s suppose to be his homeboy…i think Pap had some ill will towards Kendrick and just used this as an Opportunity to get at him, cause he was just praising him after Summer Jam for being his homeboy even before he blew up and know all the personal jabs??? that shit suspect.

      • brotha_man

        speculative vs operative. to some its comp. to others its beef.
        i feel like rappers just wanted a reason to get at maybe jealousy, maybe they feel he is wack.

      • Mr. Starr Vision

        yeah thats what i’m sayin if you don’t like him then don’t like him and go at him for that reason, but this is a bullshit cop out that his verse about competing against his friends and a KONY line that came from Kurrupt (in which he gave credit to on the song) is why they coming at him in a Beef Like format

      • junj03

        Dude its NOT beef, This is people getting their feelings
        hurt cause they were not mentioned or cause he said “king of NY”.

        As of matter of fact , not that hes the king of NY in anyway but his rhyming style. His beat selection
        for the most part is boom bat NY style, plus he’s the only one spittin fire at this point.

        Now J. Ortiz, King LOS etc responded the way the song
        structure was, as a competition but the entire mom, dad, gay thing etc is out of line. No respect at all.

      • Truth Powell

        I do have issues with the fact supposedly Kendrick let him get on Summer Jam but technically Pap went in. He spit absolute venom. The shit about feminizing the black man and the Compton and MS 13 stuff cmon man that shit is dope.

        Also knowing how Pap claimed King of NY on that ‘Get at Me’ track(which he performed at summer jam) maybe Kendrick should’ve thought about that before he said it.

    • Cye B

      Yeah fuckit im trolling only for today!!!!! you a soft ass bitch ass… What you mean too personal… WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN…

      • Frank

        Lol he talking about his manhood sucka. I think control was just some general shit and he just named the people off his ipod at the time. This shit is a straight publicity stunt. Kendrick is gonna eat a bunch of these dudes up. Thats the end to the publicity stunt. Hes gonna rock out for like 60 minutes and that shit will be shown everywhere. And i dont fck with him like that. Im a east coast dude. Cass joell and pap killed that shit but they dont get the play they deserve.

      • brotha_man

        all is fair in war….no such thing as too personal. Kendrick better find some dirt real quick if he even hopes to respond. Cuz one thing I know is that hip hop beefs get pretty low.
        i.e pac vs biggie, nas vs jay-z, ice cube vs eazy, eazy vs dre, Ja rule vs 50, ll vs canibus….etc.

    • brotha_man

      he better start a list…there are a lot of people waiting on his response. the bad thing is the new artist he mentioned havent even responded yet.

  8. patrick smellie

    yo i dont wanna hear shit kendrick put him self in this position he started this he said imma tryna to murda all of u niggas much sure ur core fans dont wanna hear another verb or noun from u niggas

  9. patrick smellie

    yo i dont wanna hear shit kendrick put him self in this position he started this he said imma tryna to murda all of u niggas make sure ur core fans dont wanna hear another verb or noun from u niggas and he said he the king of ny

      • DJ7

        To the contrary…he challenged hip hop…some will step up, others won’t…nothing more nothing less…it’s funny how you got folks claiming no one understood what he meant yet so many varying opinions on what he meant…relax B, let the music play

  10. acapwn

    Damn! Pap just shitted on em. He’s gonna have to say something back or he’ll use an excuse like Pap’s a nobody, why respond.

  11. wickedjones

    Nobody is talking about his locked up wife. Not to mention she raps better than him. Dumb nigga taking it personal. Pap ure not the chosen one.

    • brotha_man

      rap is all about the battle. a real lyricist will take subliminal shots and turn them in to all out war fare. “killing aint fair but somebody got to do it” -2pac

  12. Rodney

    the funniest thing is that pap thought kendrick dissed anyone. solid shit, he goes in…but for no reason. he’ll keep doing him and pap will keep doing pap and thus kendrick have the last laugh.

    • DJ7

      What train? The one to commercialization? If that’s how you measure success in hip hop, you’ve been hoodwinked and don’t even know it!

      • danboy1386

        what other success does papoose have at the moment? not even underground hot last i checked?

      • DJ7

        There are a few factors why this man hasn’t gotten his just due…Not playing nice being one of them…politrix being another

      • danboy1386

        i remember he had all the heat n the buzz in the world and then a flipmode deal was what it amounted to. i like pap but to me he is like a slightly less skilled saigon….. who i would kinda like to hear a response from.

  13. John Q. Public

    He says Kendrick will never be a real west coast artist like Eazy E… Eazy never wrote or produced a track in his life. He was just a puppet who spit wut other ppl wrote. I never understood why ppl stay on eazy’s dick.

    • Celz

      Eazy had a lotta charisma. He was a real nicca. So yea he can’t rap as good as Rick Ross but the raps that someone else wrote are more authentic then the what Ross writes for himself.

      • John Q. Public

        don’t know where ross came in but ross is more of an artist then eazy… u aint an artist if sum1 else is painting your picture

  14. KC The American Pimp

    This shit rite here fire!! the comments on here are to funny, pap wasn’t called out he didn’t have to respond wtf? pap career been over nobodys checking for him wtf? this nigga jus single handedly gave a few niggas ammo to talk shit back.

  15. Black Exodus

    Pap went for the gusto and kinda missed the mark (my opinion). It was time for him to be clever witty, intelligent, lyrical and a controlled beast. He came off sounding sensitive, emotional and defensive, dated and too direct. This could be what he intended…try to bring his style and fight to Kendrick to make Kendrick respond to him directly. This won’t happen! It’s like Mayweather fighting a good fighter rated #26, when he could fight the #1 contender. The reward is much greater and that’s the fight the crowd wants to see. Nobody wants to see Pap vs Kendrick…rather Pap going bonkers on the whole industry constantly. Pap did a good job, he brought it like he wanted to bring it but I would’ve went at the whole industry in this rhyme so cold to cause little doubt about who you are and your relevancy, expose your skills to highest level…take chances, throw a few verbal jabs at Kendrick but keep it moving. Remember Kendrick is trying to go for the CROWN…not just one particular MC! Pap go for the Crown…not one particular MC. Still Hungry…. :O

      • EDOGZ818

        Youtube “Diamonds” by Black Exodus

        Not only will you like the track, you will begin to understand Black Exodus. Check him on FB & see how he’s doing big things in the industry & how he has come a LOOOoonnnnNNGGGG way!

        When I hit the West Coast, I’m definitely linking up with @blackexodus:disqus, anyone would be a fool not too!


      • Black Exodus

        Edogz…you had my back from day one! Hit me up when you touch these west coast rocks! Good look brother!

    • Celz

      Yea real shyt.. Imma Cali nicca an Kendrick was outta line for sayin that.. Ny rappers get alotta respect out here so he knew he was takin a chance with that line..

      But bein an OG Papoose should have known Kendrick was bein facetious and not literal; threw a couple jabs murdered the beat and kept it movin, like Joell did.

      If Papoose is the only rapper from NY who takes it too the streets then he is either overly emotional/ desperate or NY rappers are soft. We all know NY rappers ain’t soft so it makes him look emotional/ desperate.

      This is like Jayo manufacturing the Jay-Z, Memph beef back in the day. It’s like yea they was low key exaggerating and poppin off at the mouth, but if you took that as a diss to Cali then you’re reachin. And the Jayo is from Daygo and Daygo niccas is known to go hard on L.A. niccas anyway. Point is Jayo was left lookin stupid and Papoose should tone it down before he ends up looking the same..

      • EDOGZ818

        Nah, it was a WAX beef, Pap ain’t taking it there, no need too.
        A friendly battle, but Pap is in it to win it, always has been, especially with Wifey in prison (Remy Ma), Pap is going to swing for the fence, every time he touches a mic.

    • EDOGZ818

      He kinda did, dropping ‘chet about promoting prison & sugarbooty’ism.

      Pap has 1 gear, FORWARD, and one speed, FULL THROTTLE. He’s from Brooklyn, that’s how they get down. Remember when Fat Joe ( 350lbs?) stepped to Pap? (6’1 / 145lbs?)

      Fat Joe : “Yo! You got a problem with me?”
      Pap :”No. Do you have a problem with me?”
      Fat Joe : “Yeah!”
      Pap : >> Instantly catches Fat Joe with the ‘ole 1, 2 (Classic 2 piece )

      >>Fat Joe’s security beats Pap’s @$$

      Brooklyn dudes don’t take shorts…they just wear them.

      K Dot was out of bounds….which is right in Pap’s lane.

      It ain’t West Coast Vs East Coast unless ya’ll clique up, right now, it’s NY vs K Dot.

      He gets props for bringing it, but there is no way he can win.

  16. 103homie

    Don’t get me wrong..Papoose can definitely rap but It’s not 2003 anymore. Throwing childish disses at the few rappers actually trying to DO something for hip-hop is sad

      • 103homie

        I don’t mean Drake and Ye. but TDE definitely. Especially since Kendrick showed some respect to Pap at summer jam.

      • PBM1986

        I feel you on the summer jam tip but what is Kendrick doing for hip-hop??? Dont get me wrong, he’s nice and he spittin some shit… But compared to a revolutionary like Papoose, I’d say K-Dot is in the same league as the rest of these niggas… They spittin some shit… Yes goodness… But they aint given us NO substance..

  17. Bks_Finest393

    I don’t understand why half the commenters are butt hurt about what Papoose said. This is rap/ hip hop there is no out of bounds, you want to call yourself the king of NY then you are going to get checked, especially if you are an outsider. Stay in your lane. Back in the days there was an interview where Pac said B.I.G. can be the king of NY, i’m the king of every other state. I like kendrick but with that one line he woke up the sleeping giant that is NY. You have to expect and accept a backlash, he’s hot right now but the king of NY. GTFOH B…

    • That_N

      Hip Hop has gotten so soft that battles have to remain cute. Pap went hard and people can’t take it. What exactly did you all expect???

  18. PBM1986

    Papoose is a beast… Good shit… This whole situation is putting Kendrick where he wants to be. He got niggas gunnin for him now. Thats what he wants. He in the spotlight. But bein in the spotlight makes you an easy target. With the way social media is, Kendrick is going to have to ride this wave very cautiously… All of NY is together on saying, “this nigga is not the king of NY”, and they’re going to set out to prove it. But when NY cliques up; history shows us the west coast cliques up too… And we know what the media could turn this into… Let’s hope this time around its all bars…

  19. gerald bransol

    shutup noone care bout lil wayne plus he say he hate he didnt say he was king of ny that shit more personal being that nigga from cali and he aint even the king of cali so he need to get checked and pap and joel already got on his ass reallll goooood waitn to see what this nigga gon do he gon reply to everyone lol

  20. brotha_man

    cats just dissing to diss now….pap murked this dude.

    “on your album cover you was sitting on another N*ggaz lap”….whoa!

    “kiss your jewelry good bye/ put your lips on your cross”

  21. g4teen

    about 6 months ago Papoose crowned himself The King Of New York & NO ONE CARED! Kendrick Lamar SAYS he’s The King Of New York (& The King Of The Coast) & the WORLD goes nuts! if I was Papoose I would feel some kinda of way about this myself but this just shows the power of hip hop, we have such of an influence on the WORLD but don’t know how to use it to your benefit………….. & Kendrick’s The King Of New York line comes from Kurupt’s verse from the 2010 song Get Bizy (Feat. Bad Luck & Kendrick Lamar)

    • Taihair Djehuty

      Well your name says teen, so I understand why you don’t get it. Papoose is from New York for one and two, Pap’s buzz died a long time go. It is one thing from a New York rapper to claim to be king of New York, though there hasn’t been a true king in a long time. But Kendrick is from Compton. A Compton cat claiming King of New York……….

      • brotha_man

        I live in the midwest i cant just go to new york and say im king with out repercussions. i cant even go to the chi and do that!!! I co-sign!!!

      • g4teen

        did you read the comment, everybody knows where there from & Kendrick didn’t make that claim Kurupt did (a rapper from Philly that claims the west coast)

      • Taihair Djehuty

        Kid, lyrics have been repeated and reused over time. It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it. “I’m important like the Pope, I’m the king of New York. I’m live like South Central, I’m a Muslim on pork.” vs “I’m important like the Pope, I’m a Muslim on pork, I’m Makaveli’s offspring, I’m the king of New York, King of the Coast, one hand, I juggle them both”

      • Taihair Djehuty

        There are rap lines and there are battle cries. Kurupt’s was a rap line that no one even bothered to look at. Kendricks was a battle cry and an actually Claim on the throne that made NY’s say, “hey, wait a minute there.”

  22. Taihair Djehuty

    Pap sound like he taking things personal. But oh well, it’s been a long time since hip-hop has seen bars thrown like daggers like this.

  23. Fire on a Cracker Pie Ow

    Just lost respect for Pap he dunno what he done did his mentality and “beef style” is what killed New York when they was beefin with each other this don’t sound like a diss track this sound personal like he wanna box or sumn, knowin he really don’t wanna do that jealousy is ultra dangerous and I hope it help him with is real album sales but probably not….NEXT!

  24. Sicko

    Papoose went in no doubt, but went a little crazy with it, he was sayin some shit that could spark up some East Coast vs West Coast shit and cause niggas their lives especially the line about a nigga moms. He made it too personally and I think it is mostly because of his frustration with the Industry and how his career haven’t popped yet. All the other shit I’m good with but calling a nigga Moms ass Backward and suggesting that because of his Album Cover in which he was sitting in his dad lap with no shirt on that maybe they molested him? WTF? That Is Going WAY Too Far!

    • Mr. Starr Vision

      i don’t even think it can go East vs West because honestly Pap isn’t a Strong Enough Artist to create that kind of division…alot of NY cats are actually mad about the Pap came at Kendrick…closest thing that could’ve popped of a East vs West Was Game and 50 going at it…Pap is a Small fry…Hell Kendrick came to NY and Gave Pap Stage Time on an Event He Wasn’t even invited to in his hometown…Pap looks stupid out here.

    • EDOGZ818

      Uh, what do you call it when a dude with no shirt on, sits on another dude’s lap?

      It’s a rap battle, he’s supposed to lyrically wreck him & he did.
      Then again, maybe it wasn’t a battle, but either way, Kendrick knows not to fugg around now.

      • Malik

        ‘…Kendrick knows not to fugg around now.’

      • Sicko

        The nigga was a basically a baby not a grown as man? WTF is wrong with you niggas, your father never held you as a baby nigga? Come on some of you clowns sound real stupid and try too hard!

      • EDOGZ818

        I doubt that was his father, but even if it was, Pap still roasted K Dot.

        It’s a Battle, don’t get butt hurt because your favorite FAKE rapper was made into mashed potato.

        Stench Montana, P $hiddy, CamRon & all these garbage @$$ rappers don’t represent the real Hip Hop. NY has some hungry MC’s that will eat your favorite rapper’s lunch, crumple up the brown paper bag it came in, then hit them in the face with it.

        K Dot wanted lyrics? I doubt he wants any more of Papoose’s!

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        thats rap homie get wit it … take something and flip it …. its like the time nas called jayz a taebo hoe lol altho we all know he was taking boxing lesson … but thats nas taking it a step futher to make a funny ……. “he doesnt get it” lol ….

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        and very clever ish had me lol like damn pap went in lol that was a real clever right there lol

      • EDOGZ818

        Rosenburg from Flop 97 had an issue with it, but …Pap called in to the morning show with Sway & the two sparred.

        Funniest ‘chet was when Rosenerg was claiming how he does so much for NY Hip Hop & be rolling in the clubs, then Pap countered “That don’t count because you be rolling with weirdos!”

        Worth the whole interview.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      dats papoose tho dude always goes over board lol what else was yall expecting … its like the time nas made ether and he told jayz to suck his d$ck and mofos was like WHOA WHOA WHOA too far ….. like yall forgot the original Nasty Nas !!

  25. John

    is it just me or this the only rapper turning this whole “Kendrick Lamar Verse” into real beef shit ?? I don’t understand, this guy was giving Kendrick major props for giving him some of his stage time at summer jam even though Hot 97 did not approve it! I think he is the only one taking this shit too far! Kendrick was just telling NY that someone from New York needs to step up and solidify that spot! If you are going to attempt to save hip hop, than why not attack the source..”NewYork! It’s just a friendly way of saying, step up your game New York so we can get this hip hop shit going again !

  26. kweensALLday_718

    For the record, he showed love to west coast dudes…..he just shittin on Kendrick…no east vs west over here

    • Blaq_Boi

      This is not angry, this is battle rap. Hip Hop is so soft now that this is deemed angry… 2 Pac vs B.I.G was angry this is battle rap.

      • MildManneredReporter

        nigga i was kidding and you know what the hell i meant. just spit dont make it personal just spit… and dont say it aint, with this response and him calling hot 97 blowing down on the radio

  27. Antoine Hart

    another irrevelant rapper response…no one cares to hear these irrevelant rappers response..they want to hear the rappers he called out

  28. Malik

    Y’all need to stop with all this BS post.
    The sticking point is that ‘I’m the king of New York’ line
    Kendrick knowingly/willingly put the bullseye on his back, so it’s open season.
    It is what it is.
    Nuff said!

  29. poloplayboi

    Yo, I don’t know why everybody is getting so sensitive about this verse. K Dot was making a reference, a reference, when he referred to the “King of New York” first off. From a song he did with Kurupt. Second of all he wasn’t literally talking about being the King. Another thing is all the rappers he named haven’t said anything yet. So why the HELL are all the C class rappers coming out saying something!! I don’t wanna here Papoose getting on nothing and dissing nobody until he becomes somebody, LOL!! You feel me?! I haven’t heard from this dude since 200…. you know what I can’t even remember, the boy never blew up. I respect Cassidy, but your irrelevant. I respect Mysonne, but your irrelevant. I don’t wanna hear no irrelevant rappers coming out trying to say anything on this track, for real!! Let the relevant ones come out and say something, not the ones trying to come out and resurrect their careers by trying to diss, come on!! If he didn’t name you like Jay-Z and Nas, or anybody else WELL respected from NY back in the day, and I’m talking bout WELL RESPECTED, like Jada or somebody. Don’t nobody want to hear you lol, for real!! I do give props to Joell Ortiz though, he responded first and he’s RELEVANT and he went in!! How many times have you heard people respond listen to what K Dot is saying?! I mean even Nas came out and was like listen to what he’s saying. Come on now !!

  30. ItGoesDownINtheDM

    “Kendrick, Kanye and Drake act feminine/they wear clothes you usually find women in.” ….. in order to really fully get this punch off he needed to add an ASAP lol

  31. That_N

    Some of yall need to just STFU with all that “Pap went too hard” “Pap is turning this into beef” “Pap sounds like he took it personally” “This ain’t 2003” “he shouldn’t have said that”. GTFOH! He said what he said, it is what it is.

  32. Obi Won

    Pap did his thing on this cant lie, this is the one that KDOT has to respond to. This was pure fire/disrespect/NY ish.
    Side Note Papoose Vs, Cassidy asap

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