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Hip-Hop Rumors: We Weren’t Supposed To Hear Joe Budden’s “Control”?

Joe Budden’s control leaked over the weekend and boyyyyy did it bring back some momentum to this whole thing. Just when you thought it was over, Joe decides to add to the mix. And it was good!

Click here to listen to Joe Budden’s Control!

But, was it supposed to come out? I have heard from sources that say it was never supposed to see the light of day. I can’t say much more at the moment, because it would violate a confidential source. After a version hit ustream, the internet went semi-gaga, but all went semi-dark…and there is a reason for that. But, yeah…there are some things being created and responses to this song could create friction. Friction can stop things from being created. I know that’s super vague, but as close to the truth as I can get right now.

HEY…from a Hip-Hop perspective, this is great!!!!

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.


Illseed, Out.


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  • ShaStud

    NO MORE REMIXES PLS.. WE GET IT ALREADY SHEEESH O_o.. Now make good music.. Leave it alone

    • Nah, at this point, MC’s almost have to spit on that beat to get their name into contention for Top MC. It is now the standard to compare too.

  • BrotherMan21

    I stopped listening after 2mins… tired of the beat and Budden voice puts me to sleep.

    I still bump Mood Muzik though

    • @Real_SirJamie

      Yea the beat is played out now. But the publicity that Kendrick and Sean are getting is CRAZY right now… They should send everyone bottles of champagne for the free promotion.

      • Nah, the beat is officially in.

        The standard has been set. They used it, so to make it an even comparison, those following have to use it.

        It is actually shaping up to be a power move by K Dot, but Budden ripped it more than anyone so far, but Papoose brought the most venom.

      • @Real_SirJamie

        Papoose did it like he was battling Kendrick lol. Talked about the whole TDE, his mom, EVERYTHING. Joe was more like “I’m better than you and everyone you did AND didn’t mention.” Joey is full of himself. He is still one of my favorites but he was hyping it like he was going to BURN K Dot. Come with some Eminem type bars and wordplay. It was kind of light. I’d compare it to Cassidy’s response. But the beat is played out c’mon now. Imagine if when pac dissed B.I., instead of dropping “Long Kiss Goodnight” Big rapped over “Hit Em Up”. Or instead of Mobb Deep dropping “Drop A Gem On Em” they rapped over… HIT EM UP. lol it just gets redundant.

      • I think it was more on some Goldilocks type ‘chet, it was just right!
        The best “Reply” so far, although it might not be the best response.

        Propz to Pap & Cass though, different styles, but same lane.

      • chihova

        Completely forgetting Joell’s response which IMO is right up there with Joe’s. Cant stand Cassidy’s voice sounds like he is a comedian trying to rap…can’t take him seriously. Pap just took this shii to left field makes you wonder if Kendrick called him ugly to his face at some point or something.

      • Pap represents that hardcore Hip Hop, the type that will give it to you on your own song. He represents a mainstream battle rapper, a lyricist from the true essence.

        >> In Rah Digga’z voice : “It’s not that Pap is to hard, it’s that these Ninjaz are too soft!”

        Pap’s wife is Remy Ma, and she bust her gat more that 90% of the Top THUG rappers. (Remy = BX, Castle Hill, Boot Building)

        They keep it 100%. If Pap is gonna step, it’s all the way.
        Peep the Fat Joe beef. Pap tried to avoid problems, when Fat Joe pressed the issue, Pap chin checked him….instantly.

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  • @Real_SirJamie

    My guess is that this throws a wrench in a Slaughterhouse/Black Hippy collaboration. As far as speculating as to why it shouldn’t have come out.

    • YouKnowWhat…..

      Ortiz was the first to respond so that prolly doesn’t matter. It would be dope though, I doubt if anyone from Black Hippy cares though, too smart a group of guys to take any of this seriously.

  • Joe Budden: “I want to make a diss about these hoe ass niggaz, but I don’t want nobody to hear it, ok?” …lmao, joe budden lame

    • Eli Pinilla

      Exactly….nggz recording from home and shit but somehow it leaked.

    • Golgo 13


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  • Wavpin

    Lame …

  • Malik

    Joey was only interested in releasing the ‘artwork’, which I must admit is dope. That ‘artwork’ is sick like a mudafuca…Kendrick Lamar and all you non-lyrical rappers ‘take that’, ‘take that’. Joe tear your head off with that ‘artwork’, no need to spit bars



  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    foh and joe budden also doesnt like tahiry anymore and rather be with katlin LOL!!

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    They have a mutual boss, Interscope.

  • vandyll

    Joey is definitely high in my emcee rankings. Although I thought his response was fire I feel he should have came with a new beat n hook. Nas didn’t spit over the take over beat. That nigga lay dormant till the dusty settled them came out n stirred shit up with Ether.

  • Sleep

    Looks like Buddens was wearing a helmet and goggles while sweeping a chimney.

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