Joe Budden’s Control


  • Nasty Nate

    Oh there aint nothin to say here. Joe’s got a firm grasp of the obvious, and he spit it.

  • MrJayK

    Joey did his thing here. Kept it in spirit with Kendrick’s original verse.

  • MrJayK

    Little jabs at Joey Bada$$ and A$AP Rocky tho!

    • Maybe, there is a little wiggle room on the Joey line.

      • MrJayK

        Yeah I hear what you’re sayin. Still with intent I thought.

      • Intent? He aimed center mass & scored a direct hit, but you know Joe is Bi Polar & will apologize for it later, or at least, left that wiggle room to claim he wasn’t actually aiming at Joey.

        It was a dope line though.

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    he did it kill it.

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  • Jason Mazur

    Never disappointing lyrically.

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  • cromthelaughinggod7

    Joey is a smart dude! He killed it! Never comes wack! Pap had the most disrespectful verse but Lupe, Joell and Joey top 3 responses worth mentioning and the young kid astro at his age I have to mention was dope. He spits incredible. He makes joey bada$$ look average.

  • DesignatedH8R

    Who cares?

  • JEDI

    Lyrical Monster

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  • Adrian

    any hate on this is just ignorance….lyrically he went in and respond like a G

    • Inmadopuroz

      adrian u can rocky punch my anus

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  • $18916246

    BUDDEN!….we know dude get down……but all these responses so far though some of them are hot….are still missing something…..Kendrick need one to the gut and more like food for thought. If I was Kendrick and based on the inspired replies so far…I wouldn’t respond. Honestly I think J.Cole needs to handle dude..(no violence) I just think Cole is a much nicer (better) MC than Kendrick.

    • j_pullia


    • If K Dot keeps quiet, he wins.

      The beat is on it’s way to be the new Battle classic.

      The hotter the responses, the more K Dot wins.

      Technically, he has started some ‘chet!

      • OSBKE3000

        and if you start it .. all you will get is followers .. so there is only 1 at the end of all this .. KDot wins

      • Yeah, he already won…he just didn’t have the best flow, but yeah, every response is a win, and starting this battle trend is an even bigger win.

    • Inmadopuroz

      i get down ..down low mmmm d!cks

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  • JerZeBoy

    Joey brings it as usual. This is my favorite “reply” so far. I say reply not diss for a reason. I also like the Mickey Factz diss he did a lot of name dropping

  • I hope you are fineass hoe

    • Nah, he’s a bi polar / schizophrenic B’ish Ninja from Queens, out of Chicago, via WorldStarr.

      He’s either talking chet or trying to….well, for lack of a better term, become a brain surgeon.

      Just look at his avi. His real name is Julian Sommers, a whiteboy from the ‘burbs, that picked up some bad habits his 1st & only night in the county lock up’s Drunk Tank.

      • dammit!

      • LOL~N

        Yo! He’s Wild 4 The Night….every night!

        Most we can do is down vote all his comments & hope the system’s B’ish Ninja filter boots his profile.

      • OSBKE3000

        I just think it’s RMFag .. AGAIN .. no wait .. IT IS RMFag .. every time RM goes missing there are these other “profiles” that pop up an pick up with this gayboy fag persona ..

      • >>SSsssHHhhhh!

    • Inmadopuroz

      i can be one if u like me too just turn off the light and ignore my c0ck being in the way

  • Budden always on point

    • Inmadopuroz

      i suck your d!ck

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    hot garbage…nikki minaj turn

    • You should kill ya’ self, slowly, 2x.


        no,i should kill you,swiftly..1nce and for all,cornyorker

    • Inmadopuroz

      why kill ny rappers kill my anus with hard pounding instead



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  • *Over, not “of” #IJS

    Grammar = The difference between knowing your ‘chet & knowing you’re ‘chet.

    • Inmadopuroz

      shut up bitc(h before i suck u off and give u hpv …queens and pause

  • Live Well

    Joey just caught a body.

    • Inmadopuroz

      live well u can dive in my hole with your c0ck

      • Live Well

        Homo trolls exist too?

  • Spadey

    Slaughterhouse!!!!! Emphasize the word SLAUGHTER!

    • Inmadopuroz

      spady f*ck me baby

  • scullyson

    Ehhhhh…..He alite…no cigar tho…NEXT

    • Inmadopuroz

      i suck you off bitc(h gimmie your c0ck

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  • MikeyRon

    No matter how LAHHNY made Budden look, he hands down one of the illest on the MIC!

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