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Hip-Hop Rumors: Well Look Who Wants To Fight Joe Budden!!!

Close, but no cigar! Its this guy! TRINIDAD JAMES!

That’s right! Joe Budden did his thing on his new “Control” verse, but he threw a couple people under the bus. Trinidad James has tire tracks on his body right NOW. And he’s a nice dude, but he cannot take this crap. Since he is in no position to go bar for bar with Joey Buddens, he’s apparently willing to go blow for blow!

Check it!

“It’s all love, I mean, I make music to answer a lot of those types of questions. I don’t consider it a diss. I’m from the streets so a n***a talking is like a n***a talking. A n***a punching, you don’t like me, then you fight me. That’s why I make the songs to let you know, if you don’t like me, then you can fight me. I’m never going to diss you back, we gonna throw these hands back and forth. That’s all this is about.”

HA…son said “back and forth.” That’s real. I have no hate towards him at all, because Trini man is just doing what he does. If he wasn’t hot in some form or fashion, people would be talking about him. Furthermore, he’s always been cool to AHH.

He’s not liking this verse coming from Joe Budden:

“This ain’t for self proclaimed legends that nobody wanna hear from /Scared? get a gun, come to peers, I got none /This ain’t for bandwagon fans sit y’all a**es in the same spot /Y’all the same n***as made Trinidad Jame$ hot.”

BUT…the catch is this…Joe Budden co-signed Trinidad James live on the Hot 97 airwaves late last year. He said:

“Well, Trinidad James is performing at Santos tomorrow. I’m performing at B.B. Kings tonight. I thought he might have been in town…Yeah, I was gonna try and bring my man Trinidad out. Yes, he has an EP out. ‘All Gold Everything.’ “He has another song on the EP. It goes, ‘My side chick is my main chick cause my main chick don’t love me no mo.’ I’m serious. These are real records. These are real records. I just wanna know what’s happening with his situation. Is he gonna end up with a label…Has there been any rap act recently that has taken the nation by storm?”

So, is Joe, in part, responsible for Trinidad being hot? When he talks, people listen. Here is the vid of Mr. James talking.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Walwyn Morgan

    He cosigned him for blowing up and not fizzle out like most youtube rappers. Two, that line was for the people that have no business speaking on lyrics. Hence “bandwagon”. Same type of people that thought Jeremy Lin was the overnight second coming to the knicks are a perfect example. So that was no direct diss to Trinidad James

    • acapwn

      You’re a moron if you thought that was a co-sign.

      • Walwyn Morgan

        You’re clearly blind or don’t completely read articles where it states that Joe cosigned him. The writers words, not mine. You know, that’s why we’re responding to the article? Don’t worry we all can’t comprehend everything we see, hear or read so I don’t blame you for not catching that.

      • acapwn

        He was being facetious, can’t you tell??

  • DJ7

    Joe was clearly speaking condenscendingly towards Trinidad James in that interview…he like many in the hip hop sphere couldn’t fathom this dude literally being taken seriously…from his lyrics to his attire…you know it…I know it and anybody who saw the interview know it…smh at you trying to convince folks he meant it any other way…that’s what dumbing down the culture did to folks that don’t have a strong intellectual footing to begin with…sh*t like that goes str8 over their melon…on another note…TJ would have trouble going back and forth with Chief Keef yet alone someone of Joe’s caliber, so the only alternative is to duke it out ala getting Joned on so hard in front of a crowd with 0 comebacks….only way to save face for the slow unwitty cats would be to knuckle up…barring the homie you’re facing hand game don’t equal his lip service or you’re in for a double whammy….

    • Casor_G

      Yeah this Trinidad James dude is a clown. I honestly saw pics of this dude in the past and thought he was a joke rapper. Didn’t know this fool was serious

    • @Real_SirJamie

      You said it all sir. Typical barbarian can’t match up intellectually so he decides to “throw them hands”.

    • And Being That You Directed Me To This Post I Will Comment On It…How was that condenscendingly towards James when They Asked Him About a Completely Different Track…They Asked Him About All Gold Everything and Joe Said, “Have You Listened To His Album??? He Has This One Joint On There Thats My Joint” and Referenced “Ladies Welcomed” and Tried to Recite His Chorus…even when they asked was he serious he said Yes…Lets Call It what it is, Joe has Bi Polar Tendencies, but that doesn’t take away from him as being a hell of a lyricist…but all great lyricist can’t make great music, hell, most great lyricist can’t make great Music consistantly…Jay Z and Drake are Really a few of the Exceptions

      • DJ7

        Agree to disagree fam…Joe, IMHO was clowning the joints, not co signing them…He was being politically correct as they were live on the air b.u.t. clearly joking him nonetheless…watch it again and check the body language….it’s was one big “inside joke” fam…trust that

      • i’ll check it again but i didn’t get that impression…because if i truly don’t like your music i couldn’t be like “i’m not really feeling that one but that other one is cool, the one that goes….” thats why i said it took me by surprise because it seems like he was sayin hey it ain’t lyrical but its still not bad music…Hell Joey has been dumbing his music down lately too and getting more commercialized lol That N.B.A. is my Shit but thats more of a Wiz track vs a Joey Track.

      • DJ7

        I feel you and tbh I know the pressure of being put on the spot live on air and like Joe, sometimes those responses have to be politically correct and pretty creative for business sake b.u.t. …those in the know overstand what you’re truly saying without you actually having to spell it out…

      • but really thats up for debate and really based on interpretation being that 2 people can witness the same incident and have 2 different views…in fact thats exactly what happened here, we both watched the same interview and took 2 different things from it.

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  • and i can’t cake joe buddens serious for always making diss songs about ex girl friends, getting snuffed on camera on more than one occasion and being a one hit wonder himself. (pump it up?). used to be one of my fav m.c.’s back in 03 then i just couldnt egt with his clowninsh diva attitude. cry me a river. dudes like joe and joel should be happy kendrick wants fans to listen for lyrics. these bs responses won’t get anyone anywhere. by the way slaughterhouse is signed to eminem who is signed to dre. keep playing there wont be no more albums.

    • AK

      and dre is signed to jimmy I

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  • Caliwaver

    This same nigga that had shit stains on his draws like he’s 5 years old and can’t wipe his ass but want to fight somebody instead of taking it to the mic. Stank looking ass nigga.

  • Taihair Djehuty

    Someone wants to fight Joe Budden? I don’t believe it! lol. Joe loves to talk and so every few months, there’s a new rapper that has a beef or wants to fight him. It seems to be Joe Budden’s thing lol

  • Trinidad James don’t look like he can fight (thats just to me though)

    • $11625525

      Never judge a book by its cover. Sticky Fingaz looked and sounded hard, till he ran into the white boy on MTV.

      • water_ur_seeds

        boxing is different to a street fight though… skinny bean poles can out box and knock a big swoll dude…

      • $11625525

        And not all big dudes have good chins, I’ve seen some fall to smaller dudes.

        Has anyone seen Budden in a one on one with anyone, or are they going by his bravado? I certainly haven’t.

      • hoeyuno

        True. and I know mad mofos who “use” to box. just cause you join a boxing gym for a month once upon a time doesn’t make you a ex-boxer.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        just no you dont want to take an L by anyone who looks like trinidad james … from a distance it look like an old mississippi pimp is bustin yo ass LOL and oh lord dont let someone record it LOL!!

      • Dhz30

        lmao thats real shit

      • acapwn

        LMAO @ old Mississippi pimp!

      • danboy1386

        dude was like a ton heavier tho.

  • grftswf

    welcome back hiphop.

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  • water_ur_seeds

    smh its rap your suppose to diss people and come back with a record, not fight them, these new rappers are weak, they cant rap… someone tell them you dont fight someone if they diss you, you respond on wax!!!

  • CTM

    I read an article and Joe Budden said in the interview he used to do boxing before he started rapping?

    • NoviceStockist

      you are right, as you can tell… Joe Dudden was the punching bag!

      • Steveopa

        Yeah whatever. Everyone always says that because of the Raekwon incident but Rae wasn’t even the one that stole Joe it was one of his goons. They caught Joe with him and publicist and they were 5 to 6 deep. That was hoe shit for real. But look how Royce handled that situation. He stepped right to Rae with his Detroit goons and told him that the shit he pulled was weak and that it wouldn’t happened like that if he was there. Rae and his camp started copping pleas.

      • $18592567

        You know a nigga a hoe when u gotta write 7 lines to defend his gangsta…smh

      • hoeyuno

        It’s too bad crooked and his boys didn’t do anything. crooked just walked around poo faced whining about how it happened on his terf.

  • fasho

    i swear people try to start ish when it ain’t nothing there. he didn’t say he wanted to fight budden. he basically said that ninjas talking ish just roll off his shoulders and if there really was a problem it would be addressed. ya’ll get gassed so easily by a bullshit headline.

    and for the record, the one who usually got so much to say usually end up getting his tail handed to him. don’t sleep on James in the knuckle up department just cause he don’t walk around starting ish.

    • brotha_man

      20 sack pyramid: ah things people say to avoid lyrical competition

  • ant662

    joe budden is the most annoying rapper ever. he is the reason rappers shouldnt b on twitter. back in the day i think rappers left some kind of mystery for the fans about the real lives. now this guy is on reality tv making a jack ass out of himself

    • hoeyuno

      I like burdens but that Twitter and reality shit is gay.. but that’s what the young of today responds to…. and rappers were more mysterious. the only time you got a glimpse of your favorite rappers life was a interview in the source or on rapcity.

  • brotha_man

    Buddens is too crazy he would probably kill t james

  • brotha_man

    That’s yo problem. Aint’ nobody playin’ but you. You walk up and down the street all day playin’. He aint’ playin’ you think he playin’ ’bout his money? He know where my momma stay know where you momma stay. He say he had a gun when you seen him right?

    • Crenshaw on my shirt

      Yeah… Name one nigga in the hood that play like that!

  • Tony G.

    This a new millennium ass rap clown for u…aint got no bars so claim u wanna fight..and wont even do that if u cross paths with the dude…lame

  • Brickz Flair

    Joe Budden is the biggest clown in hip hop hands down…he has been making a fool of himself for 10 years strong

  • when i heard the track i was trippin cause i remember the hot97 interview when he was sayin that he likes James track…so i couldn’t understand the shot…these niggaz be envious of other rappers success.

    • DJ7

      You need to scroll down to my previous comment B…it’s some real jewels in there for you and your 2 + likes….smh…you really got the impression that Joe was being serious B? Really???

      • Serious or Not I’m Not Addressing The Whole Track, I’m Addressing The Comment About “Y’all The One’s Who Made Trinidad James Hot” when in Essence He Is Just As Guilty Of Making TJ Hot By Co Signing His Music on Hot97….B…So Yeah Me and My 2 Likes (As If I Payed Attention To Likes on a Comment) Understand What I’m Saying…as i Would Still Give You Credit as Some One Whose Educated Enough to Get It To, ButSome People Get Online Just To Argue Back And Forth, I’m Just Not That Guy…B.

      • DJ7

        I was speaking on the actual interview NOT the track in question…Our assessment of the interview are polar opposites, as I feel that Joe was totally clowning the song and TJ in a condescending manner…real elitist like…IMHO it’s obvious by the reactions and body languages displayed between the parties involved throughout the 3 min segment…If you took it as a co sign, so be it, that’s your assessment, although I completely disagree, you’re entitled to it…respect & peace

  • kidcrash

    dude was throwing shade at fans and not trinidad james, peep the line again…

    • MrJayK

      True. But he still threw a name in the ring to attach to the fans cosignin wack shit.

  • digitallife

    My money is still on Joe Buddens in a fist fight..

    • Papi Peligro

      COME ON DAWG. Joe Budden gets beat down and makes stop the violence videos. He don’t want to see it. In fact he been hit in his eye so many times he can’t see it.

      • digitallife

        If Raekwon ran up on any artist in the game with the army he had backing him they’d get handled too. Keep focusing on this more mellow Joe Buddens and ignoring his roots, who his uncles were/are, and the fact this cat prolly been shooting the fives from the moment he could walk…you can’t talk all the shttt Buddens has and still walk around in one piece today being a fraud.

  • Papi Peligro

    Yo please let me ether Joe Budden. Somebody give me a track and let me ether this dude. How you gone diss yo self trying to make a point dissing everybody else. I’m sorry but sometimes I want Junk Food, Sometimes I want Sushi. I don’t want to hear the same kind of rap all day. Trinidad James does his thing in his lane. He ain’t bothering nobody.

    • Papi Peligro

      The 2 tracks Joe mentioned got more real in it and was a hit. Than anything Budden Dropped.

  • brotha_man

    Uh-uh! Uh-uh-uh! I say Jerome’s in da house! I say Jerome’s in da hou-oo-ah-oo – In da house!

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  • hoeyuno

    You never now but my loonies would be on Joe.