A$AP Ferg Responds To Kendrick Lamar In Funkmaster Flex Freestyle

(AllHipHop News) Harlem’s A$AP Ferg becomes the latest NYC rapper to offer his response to Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse where the Los Angeles emcee claims that he is the “King Of New York.” While on Funkmaster Flex’s Hot 97 radio show, with fellow A$AP Mob members, Ferg spit a freestyle taking a few shots at K. Dot.

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“Makaveli from Harlem, how you wanna be Pac? Wanna be a jiggy n*gga from the Eastcoast right? The Beastcoast right? I know you feeling the feet close right? A heat to ya face and ya teeth all tight. Flex got beats? We gonna beef all night. Schoolboy ya betta school ya boy. Hit you with the ruler boy. I’m the new 50 Cent. I will f*cking Ja Rule ya boy,” raps Ferg.

A$AP Ferg released his debut studio album Trap Lord on August 20.

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Fast forward to the 5:00 mark to hear A$AP Ferg’s response to Kendrick Lamar in the video below.

  • Inmadopuroz

    i would suck the whole asap mob asap yum yum yum mouth full of cum ..pause no homo tho u bitc(h Queens!

    • johnblacksad

      Your whole style is like Kwame with the polka dots…

      • Played out!

      • NEWSKULL

        Flow indefinitely like the memory of nigga Biggie!… Baby!

    • soyhiphop

      you’re the biggest fagg*t in this site

      • El moreno de Queens #Dominican


      • soyhiphop

        we know u gay

  • Dointer

    Im not really a fan of these dudes,I thought they were wack ass south d*** riders… They went in on this..

    • Anyone can go in on that beat, let’s hear him spit on the control beat & then compare.

      • You Got Me Hott Out Here!!

        So I’m assuming Riff Raff, 50 tyson and lil b can go in on this beat as well. gtfoh

      • It will be the best beat they ever had & I bet it will be better than any of their other raps….’chet, all you have to do to make their freestyle on this beat a hit is….turn off their mics.

  • Tom Rufer


  • soyhiphop

    smh asap ferg is garbage so is rocky they whats wrong with ny rap they talking trap this trap that and they aint from no south harlem got the worst rappers in nyc history from cam to jim jones to this clowns rip big.l only harlem rapper i liked

    • Tony G.

      def on point about Cam and JJ lol

    • Live Well

      Immortal Tech is ill too.

      • soyhiphop

        tru i forgot

    • atlantahiphopshop

      Shiiiiiiiiit, Cam is a pioneer, hands down.

      • MrNoName2K


    • Dointer

      Dude ,Cam is dope. (somone is going to type computers puting under this i know already)

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  • Banksy

    I don’t get it why are all these niggas named Asap? On another note on the low i think Ja would smack the shit out this nigga

    • Obi Won

      lol, that wouldn’t be a good look for ferg

  • The Arsonist

    Kendrick Lamar is probably sitting back laughing at how in one week hes twisted the thongs of all these wack rappers, and he hasnt said a single word since the control record dropped. Hes a puppet master and all these goofy’s took the bait.

    • Live Well

      I agree but I hope Kendrick realizes he also set the bar mad high for himself. He was this likable “good kid” till now. Now he’s a target. Hope he’s ready.

      • The Arsonist

        The thing is hes getting responses from Dudes who arent relevant none of the dudes mentioned in the verse was even offended its these clownbirds looking to get heard and they are begging for him to respond so they can get a career jump start, If I was KL I wouldnt respond to none of these mixtape dudes because of he didnt say your name apparently youre not relevant, A$AP Ferg? LOL.. N*gga Please.

      • Live Well

        I agree that some, if not most, of the responses were from NY cats that nobody’s checkin for. But, when you make a sweeping statement like I’m the King of NY when you ain’t from there or live there, it’s only right that the darts come back. It’s also appropriate for other emcees to bomb on you when you say you’re Pac’s offspring and on the level of Nas and Jay. As far as the dudes he did name, they SHOULD be responding. They’re lame for not firing back. All that said: I LOVE Kendrick for doin this shit!

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    pfff! Whatever Man… ASAP Rocky please stop frrucking around and respond … Them niggas on Kendrick list ain’t saying shiit what the frrruck is wrong with them niggas… spit some shieeet!! choking ass nikkass!… lmao
    Ok Side note… I see 50 influenced a lot of these young cats Lil Wayne included… Can we finally consider that 50 left also his blueprint in Hip-Hop?… I believe 50 added strategy in that hip hop competition shit…


    LOL ASAP FERG….. NIGGA PLEEEEEEASE!!! Time will tell with these dudes but i ant MAD at em. Just not on Kendricks level with the lyrics.

    • John

      yea dude, he spit a pre written free style…I am not impressed!! I am sure most rappers pre write rhymes before they go into radio stations to spit bars, but at least if you watch kendrick’s freestyles, you can tell that most of his material is actual freestyle of the top of the head content. Anyone who really listens to lyrics can distinguish the differences. Check out Kendrick’s funk master flex freestyles!! Good attempt Rocky but I am not impressed !

  • anonymous

    asap is a acronym and means something different for each person & the “non irrelevant mixtape dudes” he did mention asap rocky in the verse

  • ShaStud


  • om3n78

    was anybody checking for his cd tho

  • all these new york rappers are embarrassing my city! stfu and stop crying like lil bitches and just drop dope albums! only ferg i know that sold records is the chick with black eye peas. on a serious note though, 50 fucks with kendrick and he’ll dispose of him before it even gets there. some of these rappers need to stay in their own lane and focus on themselves.

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  • Golgo 13

    at least he is 1 ny rapper that knows where 2 pac is from

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  • Synista

    All these diss tracks going at Kendrick but they suck,niggas gonna be dropping responses for the next year SMFH

  • John

    yea this bull shit’s going to far!!! why are all these rappers so emotional about the “king of NY line ” ??? People need to get over this crap, it’s getting old already! I think these rappers are using that line to fuel the beef even though he clearly did not mean it the way people are taking it!!! I suppose Kendrick wanted to spark a reaction to bring back competition with his verse, but a lot of people catching feelings on that New York line!!! Le’ts be real…Kendrick is not that kind of person to disrespect New York, he actually loves NewYork… do your homework, watch his interviews !!! Kendrick say’s he get’s a lot of love from NewYork!!

    • Moralityplease

      lol it’s not going too far. Kendrick can deal. The fact they’re taking it personal goes to show how badly Lamar’s verse was necessary. Ferg went Lindsay Lohan for real.