Hip-Hop Rumors: Did T-Pain Find God?

T-Pain is all on Twitter so I’m thinking he may address this rumor directly. But, I am hearing that T-Pain has “found God” or is in the midst of some sort of religious revival. Now, I admit, I don’t know anything about his beliefs – past or present. I’ve not stalked his twitter either, but I’m hearing a change is on the way.

This video below is something that T-Pain reportedly has an affinity for.

Speaking of T-Pain. Look at him and Tech N9ne:

Maybe he’s not fully converted. LOL!

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Belvy

    He trash just needs attention

    • DollasTX

      T-Pain talented

      • Belvy

        Yea 3 4 years ago

      • DollasTX

        before 3/4 years ago … currently … and until i say so

      • Lmao!! Good shit…but seriously, music doesn’t expire.

  • MsPeaceful

    Tpain grew up Muslim so, I hope, he sticks that religion

    • DollasTX

      why ISLAM – ?

      • MsPeaceful

        why not?

      • DollasTX

        so you A-RAB now?

        ISLAM aint the BLACK MAN/WOMAN’s faith –

        hey, guess you gotta start somewhere … smh

    • Do you consider his music Islamic?

  • stackzscrilla

    I denounce the term when folks say “I found God” The truth should be the truth! The fact of the matter is God Finds People in his perfect timing. The good Lord is a lover of EVERYONE’S soul whether you like it or not. Most people are lost in there Sin and cannot contemplate this. May whoever reads this comment find the Lord of Peace, Patience, Forgiveness and freedom of guilt and bondage be led by the Holy Spirit.

    • Aisha K Lindsey


    • MsPeaceful

      Thats how you feel. everybody isnt christian! so dont put it on people who arent christian. who says, christianity is right. You grew up christian and that dont mean, you should impose it on people!

      • So who’s your god?

      • MsPeaceful

        Allah is my God!

      • I’m Muslim & his comment was still Peace!


      • MsPeaceful

        I was saying to these people on this board t pain grew up muslim he should stick to his religion.

      • stackzscrilla

        Look, lets not take this out of context. You seem to be bitter for one reason or another. If you didn’t like my post, perhaps you need to check yourself. I am called to spread the good news.

        I encourage you to read this passage and pray that it will help you understand.

        Romans 1:16 For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile

      • greenhouse records

        He didnt say anything about christianity. And for the record, the God of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity is the same.

  • Synista

    Oh great,now he is gonna do christian autotune songs!?

  • SiC Vicious

    Tech N9ne’s one of the dopest out, and has been for a while now. Hate it or love it, the guy’s track record speaks for itself.

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  • Cswift85

    Its kinda fucked up how everybody t pain was mainly making music with ( Wayne, Khaled & Ross) dropped him for Future. Just goes to show how fake the music industry really is.

    • As well as every one you named…including T Pain.

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  • Judah Nazayar

    if u black..and u aint going back to the Torah and your nationality as a israelite. Your full of shit. You still boolshitting. You still a Gentile heathen negro

    • Abrasive Angel

      you sir are full of shit as well there were many other african cultures enslaved as well not just hebrews while you up here calling other people out like you know them. Take your bullhorn and get on the street corner and shit on black women like you love to do. Punk ass wannabe.

  • KLewis

    Isn’t he Muslim?

  • KJB

    Yo, everybody should check out the dude in the video. His name is Propaganda. Check out his album “Excellent”. It really is Excellent..

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  • johnblacksad

    all this bacon he been missin on…

    yeah i fux with pork on my fork… filet mignon FTW!

    • Filet Mignon isn’t Pork, you wanna be Brave? Eat some “Scrapple”…medium rare if you have a death wish, then Holla back about eating pork 🙂

      Side Note : Read
      “Life Without Pork or How Not To Eat The Pig” by Sharazad Ali (*Blackman’s Guide To Understanding The Black Woman & The Black Woman’s Guide To Understanding The Black Man)

  • DEEelEM

    Propaganda is the truth…don’t sleep

  • FREEfromslavery

    it really cracks me up how niggas want to proclaim some kind of GOD all of a sudden. i didnt hear this clown referencing a higher power when he was successful on top of the music world. he let soft ass jay-z punk him out of his auto tune scam and he aint been shit ever since. now that your auto tune empire has been reduced to rubble you want to start focusing on religion. typical black amerikkkans, lose your confidence and self esteem and go running like a bitch made nigga to some kind of religion for a safe haven. im done talking about this weak dude, i’ll just remember the chubby dude who was making dope music with the auto tune. every human being needs to be at one with a higher power regardless if your on top or doing bad.

    • ladynamor

      auto tune is in full swing, future, kirko bang, pop music, drake, lil wayne sheeeeit. crap never dies in this crappy society. “A well packaged lie passed on through generations makes an honest man look insane”

  • Being anti-Religion etc . . . seems to be the new cool as we all learned in HS are learning in HS – everyone “wants” to be cool.. We should just respect each others beliefs, who are you to judge that mans walk if you don’t know what roads he had to cross to get there??? …

    • MsPeaceful

      I agree with you, I was just saying he grew up muslim and he should stick to what his prior beliefs were. Everybody isn’t christian. Im not an arab but I have all different religions in my family.

      • I feel you. Im not religious at all, I believe in a higher power, and in respecting each others beliefs.