Hip-Hop Rumors: French Montana The Battle Rapper?

Aw, the Ill Community found a good one this time! She knew that French Montana was a damn battle rapper years ago! He should have replied to Kendrick Lamar! This was really funny to me, because I really had no idea. Back in the day, Kendrick and the Coke Boyz got down a bit differently. The used to partake in the Fight Klub-type battles. Look at the witty and skinny French Montana battle it out towards the end of the video.


“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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32 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: French Montana The Battle Rapper?”

  1. SWavveGangBitchhh!!!

    My nigga French actually got it in,he was nice and all.He had a flair, that other guy was just spitting hard dumb lines.I still hated Fight Klub.Look at French n Serious Jones careers,you see who won in the long run.

  2. TruthHurtsDontIt

    One of my favorite parts of watching them Fight Club joints was seeing how nobody use to pay the moderator dude no attention when he’d be screaming for the crowd to shut up lol.

  3. TruthHurtsDontIt

    French said about 4 or 5 hot lines in the battle. That’s 4 or 5 more than he spit on his whole debut album…

  4. Ojay Juice Henry

    most likely this is before he got pop… it was still better bars on this battle rap that whats on the album but you gotta respect the hustle because that whats putting putting bread in his pocket.

  5. Matt Swan

    Chocolate Drop (Kevin Hart) had a stronger battle with T Pain…….CHICKEN NUGGETS!!! I feel I wasted another four minutes of my life lookin at this when I could’ve been droppin a duce because that was about all this video was worth. All it had in it was some dude yelling what and wait for two minutes with three shirts on and neither collar pressed. The rest of the time was ———————————D.O.A.

  6. Brian Andrew Smith

    mmphhh…ive heard a better “16” from my drunk ass roommate who makes folk music.

    even if those cats had punchlines neither of them could stick with a time signature through their whole raps.

  7. Jame Shivar

    Sorry but if you are going to write an article. Please get your grammar right! Damn! Real sad! Ya’ll get paid for this ish?

  8. trilltalk1

    oh, so let me guess yall shocked he battled, because yall thought he was really moving bricks, cause he talk it so well. lmao! yall believe anything these rappers say these days.

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