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Hip-Hop Rumors: The Real Reason Death Row Failed?

Whoa…whoa. This is one for the ages. But, the dudes over at HSK are reporting that Suge Knight is illiterate. And they are saying that this factored into why Death Row crumbled. Suge Knight went to college as a football star, but they alleging that the scary man was allowed to get by off his sports skills. I know this has happened with so many other athletes but they don’t go on to be music industry moguls. HSK say a source of theirs recently met Suge and asked him for an autograph. Her name was “Yolanda” and he asked her how to spell that.

“A lot of people don’t know this — but Suge can’t read or write. The real reason why Suge lost Death Row Records was because of his illiteracy.”

I’m not sure how real this is to be honest. because Suge is some form of intelligent for what he made happen in Hip-Hop. Illiterate? I don’t know.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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71 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: The Real Reason Death Row Failed?”

  1. Dre Madison

    You gotta be kiddin me, Yolanda?! Yo illseed thats reachin fareal , who wants to give a fan an autograph and spell they name wrong smh i lost a bit of respect fa you n this site off this post, and believe me, this will be the only website runnin this “exclusive story” …

  2. HatingWhitePeopleSince85

    I’m not sure why this is relevant because black people know damn well we try to get extra creative and spell shit 10 X’S DIFFERENTLY then how it sounds. So how is that evidence??? Now if he had a problem spelling BOB then yea we need to talk. But Yolanda??? Really?? O_O

  3. don king

    what a bs-story! so hes illiterate, but givin autographs (writtin) on a daily basis n ran 1 of the biggest hiphop labels ever? how could he do that without readin n writtin? those business men would have recognized that real fast n gave all of them real bad deals n also no artist would have signed 2 death row. “he couldnt spell yolanda, wow he must b illiterate!” some parents spell it jolanda. u guys at ahh r so dumb, its not even funny anymore!

      • don king

        the cave is called germany. can u write accurate in a foreign language? u guys all act like u never make mistakes CHILL!

    • jacksjus

      R. Kelly was illiterate too and he’s written several platinum albums. People find ways around their deficiencies. It’s only human nature.

      • don king

        WAS illiterate! why isnt he anymore (if he even was illiterate)? u cant work with major labels, without readin n writtin. they scam the shit out of u! they do it already with educated artists, so what do u think they do 2 an illiterate? also he wasnt an artist, he was the head of the label. his job was 2 run death row. contracts, finances, planin tours, shows, video shoots, … n u want 2 tell me he did all that bein illiterate? thats impossible!

      • jacksjus

        These were the words that came from R. Kelly in a Black Enterprise interview back in the mid 90’s. he had just sold the rights to I Believe I Can Fly to Disney. He was still illiterate at the time. I have no idea if he has fixed that problem since then.

      • jacksjus

        He was also the head of a label that he personally seeked illegal funds to start up. Interscope did not supply him with capital start up money. So that is how he got around it.

      • jacksjus

        That’s odd because I could have sworn NIGGAZ4LIFE was a classic album.

      • brotha_man

        after Ice cube left, NWA got wack. IMO. Ice Cube was ghostwritting for all them cats. NIGGAZ4LIFE was dope but after that……flat line

      • jacksjus

        I believe MC Ren and Yella were the only two to suffer after the break-up. Eazy went on to introduce B.O.N.E and we know how Cube and Dre turned out. NWA as a group never fail off because Niggaz4Life was in fact there last album.

      • brotha_man

        i see what ur saying. truth be told Jerry Heller killed NWA.

        but lets just agree to disagree.
        “yey, yey”

      • $18592567

        Ice Cube survived leaving like Game did with G-Unit. U buggin…

      • Spadey

        You can say No Vaseline opened Dr. Dre’s eyes to the fact that he was getting robbed, but in the end, no music came from NWA after Dre left after Cube left they dropped 100 miles and efil4zaggin

  4. acapwn

    This is stupid. With the way some of these ignorant parents spell kids names, how is he to know? He just wanted to make sure he got it right.

    • ZUBU

      I thought the same thing, people spell their names any way they choose. Words have proper spelling, even some words have more than one method of spelling which both may be correct. Names you can spell or pronounce any way “YOU” want. Examples: John, Jon, Jean, etc.
      Having said that Suge doesn’t have to read or write all he needed to do was place trusted people around him that either respect him or in his case fear him. Sometimes that fear shihiittt goes overboard and people abandon ship.

  5. jacksjus

    The problem isn’t that he was illiterate. The problem is the fact that he may still be illiterate. Instead of buying cars and chains, maybe a tutor would have been a much better investment. This is inexcusable if true.

  6. scullyson

    Similar to Dexter Manley who couldnt read after four years @ Okllahoma State Univ although Dion Sanders admitted attending very few classes and was not illiterate. Suge did get a chance to play in the NFL as a replacement player when the players went on strike in 87…He played with the LA Rams….

  7. BORN86

    ILLSEED NEED TO TAKE THIS DOWN IMMEDIATELY! This is the wackest rumor ever, people are asked the spelling of their name everyday. Like i read in the previous comments, “THIS WILL BE THE ONLY SITE WHO PUTS THIS BS UP” I USED TO THINK THIS WAS A CREDIBLE SITE TO GET INFO FROM BUT NOW I’M HAVING SECOND THOUGHTS “BEEN A AVID READER SINCE 02”

  8. JerZeBoy

    I think this is BS! If this was true, they wouldn’t have made it at all, they wouldn’t have made it, and then failed…….

  9. OSBKE3000

    Illseed how are you going to talk about illiteracy?? YOU help run a website seen by millions everyday around the world and YOU can’t even spell ..

    so to say

    “I’m not sure how real this is to be honest. because Suge is some form of intelligent for what he made happen in Hip-Hop.”

    has to be some of the dumbest shiet I ever heard .. ever heard of John Gotti? .. oh yea he was pretty powerful and “successful” as well .. ask anyone who knew him .. dude was as sharp as a spoon .. he made it off being just a tough street thug ..

  10. RealAngel7

    All Hip Hop, Keep Up The Good Work and God Bless All and Don’t Care What Haters Say. Much Love, Peace and Joy Up To You All and All This Net Thugs, Is Just Real Hard On The Net, But Love For They Who Speak The Mind and Heart, But Think Is A Lot Down Talk For Nothing.

      • RealAngel7

        Say It To My Face, Love You To and Do You Know What You Say, Stupid Words. Grow Up.

      • RealAngel7

        I Never Dick Ride No One, I Speak My Heart and Stay True To Who I Be, I’m Happy For All That Speak From The Heart, Just Think It Is A Lot Down Talk For Nothing. So If Illseed Is Homo, Why Is You On.

      • RealAngel7

        I Feel Sorry For One That Hate For Nothing and Say A Lot Stupid Words For Nothing, You Can’t Get Through Life With Hate, You Can Only Get Through Life With Love. I’m Sorry For You To Say So Much Stupid Words, Be Better and Get Up In Life Brother and Wish All The Best In Life.

  11. Freebe Jackson

    so the teachers that mispronounce students names would be considered illiterate as well i guess…. I hear professionals butchers peoples names trying to pronounce or spell them all the time. and Im sure if this was any kind of true it would have been came out…by ex label mates, haters, attention whore…..Suge spent to much time in jail to be illiterate …he probably could have a degree or two

  12. lethal5

    There might be some truth to this.

    I remember it was Monster Cody (or one of them OG’s), was a featured guest writer in one of them Hip Hop mag’s. He said he was imprisoned in the same prison Suge was, and Suge passed him a note. He said he was surprised because Suge could barely spell……so this definetly aint the first time I heard this. And that article was years ago.

  13. STPizzle

    Wow Illseed…You were willing to risk your life for this shit. Do you realize you just put this nigga on blast. You better pray you don’t cross paths with this nigga…Then again, what the hey…everybody knows this nigga cant fight for shit.

    Oh yeah…What about all the FUCKED up spelling mistakes you make damn near every article

    • MalcolmLittle

      Damn near? Shit Illseed holds the title for Most Consecutive Fukkups…I also heard he’s set to receive a Lifetime Acheivement Award for Male Groupiism, but that’s neither here nor there…

  14. Smurfaveli

    So he built the empire being illiterate, but couldn’t maintain it because he was illiterate? Doesn’t make sense.

    • Big Flo Da Back Pack Nigga

      It makes PERFECT sense!!! I tell rapper the same thing I’m about to say to you, being educated is the BEST thing you can do for yourself! At the end of the day no one can take away what you know. We were told in schol or school the “Knowledge is POWER!” Which is a BIG lie! APPLIED Knowledge is where the power comes from! As a business (Man, Woman or Person), if you don’t take care of your business, your business won’t take care of you.

  15. trilltalk1

    people don’t kick you when you down no more. they stomp, spit and piss on you. lmao know way you could create a fortune 500 company and cannot read or write. you could get rich yea, but create a buisness that at it’s peak was worth well over 200 mil.i can’t see that being possible.

  16. $11625525

    You don’t need to be able to read and write to have an idea and make people believe in it … Just look at the articles posted on here half the time!

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