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Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Pharrell Get Married?

Maybe there is another celebrity Hip-Hop couple? According to reports, ok MediaTakeOut, Pharrell may have gotten married recently. This almost slipped past and went into the news section of the site! Whew! So, this is just a rumor. So, the rumor is Pha-Real had a very small, intimate ceremony – under 50 people of family and friends. There were reportedly no celebrities present at the wedding in France. For a long time, Helen Lasichanh has been the fiancee and mother of Pharrell’s 4-year-old son Rocket. Congrats if this is true.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • JimJames29


  • MrNoName2K

    Hm..nice chic..

  • Tom Rufer

    He had to wait until gay marriage was legal.

    • Thenatural503

      You know I always find it funny when people bring up some gay ish where nothing gay is even mentioned. Really makes you wonder what’s going on in that “straight” persons mind…..Just saying.

      • Tom Rufer

        Of course that’s what you’d find funny. Cuz you have no sense of humor.

      • johnblacksad


      • Thenatural503

        Or maybe my sense of humor is above a 10 year old level?

      • Tom Rufer

        Or maybe you have a cucumber up your ass?

      • HaterOfTheYear

        i cant lie..that line was hilarious

      • Thenatural503

        Damn homey you are stuck on some homosexual act type stuff. Does anything else go on in your mind outside of homosexual activity?

      • Tom Rufer

        so are you defending homosexuality or is it a diss to be gay?

        Look in this world there are cool people that are opened minded and like to joke around and then there are square turds like you and the 3 people that liked your comment. I am not gay but I defend anyone’s right to be involved with whomever they choose to be. You didn’t get my joke, fine. Get over these lame attempts at trying to make me feel bad and impress other losers like yourself by insinuating I’m gay or something. Your hero Pharrel is gay and that’s ok. No need to get butt hurt about it.

      • Thenatural503

        Jokes are supposed to be funny. Not sure how someone getting married to a woman brings up homosexual thoughts in your mind. Then you bring up sticking something in an ass. Then once again you mention ass by saying butt hurt. It sounds like a pattern to me that’s all I’m saying. You seem fixated on male ass.

      • Tom Rufer

        You are such an uptight turd. It must suck being you. Get that cucumber out your ass, you might smile again one day

  • MidWestFlyest

    All that money, and that’s what you end up with?! Sheesh


      With all that money I would rather end up with the real thing than a trophy wife…

      • MidWestFlyest

        Easy to that now

    • Tony G.

      ur ass for that bro


      you’re the type of guy who would wifey a hoe just because she’s nice

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  • Boom.

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  • Blaq_Boi

    I’m still stuck on “Rocket”… /’-_-

    • Word7

      lol word lol

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  • tellyourstoryfast

    that’s good.

  • Mike Swiff

    Truth Powell
    • 4 days ago

    He had to wait until gay marriage was legal. ENUFF SAID!

    • Tony G.

      But he married a woman…fuggouttaherewiththatbs

  • Tony G.

    Rocket…North West….Bamboo…Seven….the list goes on for weird ass celeb baby names