Brandy Performed To Over 89,000 Empty Seats

(AllHipHop News) Brandy recently learned that a day of soccer and rugby is a hard act to follow in Johannesburg, South Africa. Brandy was slated as a surprise guest at the Nelson Mandela Sport and Culture Day but ended up performing to reportedly only 40 people in the 90,000 seat FNB stadium in Soweto.

Slated as the surprise musical guest, Brandy sadly performed to a crowd that had already began to trickle out following a day of rugby and soccer games at the Nelson Mandela Sport and Culture Day.

To make matters worse, the South African national television station, SABC cut off coverage of the event before Brandy’s performance.

Here are some tweets from concert goers at the event:



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20 Responses to “Brandy Performed To Over 89,000 Empty Seats”

  1. IL4M

    Did she get paid? Where her expenses paid to fly to Africa? If so brush your shoulders off, cash that check and move on to the next one luv.

  2. DJ7

    Fail to see the need to report on this story again seeing as how you’ve already done so…must of ran out of Kendrick material as if we need another one of those either…

  3. KingsCountyCrooklyn

    that’s all right because she still got paid for the whole show. ALLHIPHOP uses old media take out R&B news, this site has gone to the birds

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