Fight At 2Chainz Event In New York?

Def Jam was doing an event for 2Chainz, but apparently they ended up outsourcing it to somebody else. Well, what had happened was it was way too big of an event for the person to handle. There were MAD people there from the music industry – ‘CEPT 2CHAINZ!

I don’t know if you heard, but 2Chainz got arrested and married is in the bing.


Somebody said something wrong to the security guard and it was ON! Now, I heard this whole affair was video taped somebody so we are looking for that. Anyway, it was apparently some real “police brutality” from the security. I heard it was NUTS!!!!!!

I will keep you abreast of it.


    Arrested and married?

    • Guillaume Pilon

      yeah wtf

      is supposed to mean


      • Google the 1hr long brawl they just had at Rikers Island & watch the news footage of the guards standing around on some “I’m not going in there!” type chet.

        Watch their boss justify it by explaining how budget cuts leave him out staffed 20 to one & the riot squad has to let it rock out, because the inmates have more people & weapons….then think about them tossing 2 (Can’t even run in those pants) Chains in there, sandwiched between inmates who are never getting out or never wanting to get out & he’s becoming some one’s wifey, just like what happened to Inmadpuroz, the dude on here, in the red Elmo shirt & matching hat, that is always talking about wanting to suck this one & that one, etc.

        Look at what happened to him his only night on the Island, when he got arrested for vagrancy, for not having I.D. He’s the Queen from Queens now, but he wasn’t like that before he went in.

      • Steelmatic

        inmadopuroz is annoying as hell… and I know he gets at you and all, but you are becoming just as bad, edogz, bringing him up for no reason.

        Don’t stoop my man. Peace

      • Yeah, just fuggin with him, but I already know..

        >> Closes Ziploc bag & puts up the “Don’t Feed The MAG’s” sign. then exits stage left.

      • Godless Heathen

        wtf is THAT supposed to mean. Dont crticize if you yourself are dumb af

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    arrested and married is in the bing, small comment and still couldn’t catch a misprint in a one liner. this site should be called allunprofessional dot com

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  • DJ7

    Shocking…never would’ve thought such incidents could’ve taken place at such a classy show

    • Did you see the 1hr brawl at Riker’s in the news?

      Man listen…..that’s some scared str8 ‘chet.

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        hopefully someone in ur family was in there at the time!

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  • DJ7

    Over a grill cheese E….you know it’s going down if somebody touches the grill cheese…you know how long it takes to make a grill cheese fam…co’s stepped back and let it go down…cats tossing chairs like it was a game of dodge ball…taking water breaks…time outs…All while being filmed…smh…out of control…you know cats gonna be regretting that sh*t come rec time…visitations….early outs for good behavior is a wrap

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  • Jared

    Did a J.H.S dropout write this? Smh.

  • Dam this is what the news is reduced too? “I Heard This, I Heard That” this sucks.

    • Godless Heathen

      These are “rumors” not news. If you come here for news somethings wrong with your slow arse

    • Weedras

      the heading says RUMOURS… yet’s you’re here looking for factual news… smh

      • But still, these sh!t sound like a story coming from a person who was hearing voices in this head…..Some of you just eat up everything they feed to you, without asking a question.

  • Sydewayz Soundz

    AHH got some retarded 8 year old writing stories now?

  • AK

    since when does 2chainz become the main editor on ahh

  • Golgo 13

    thought tha guy under tha pic was action bronson

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    remember zimmerman there is no such thing as police brutality when we are talking “security” 🙁 smh

  • beulah752

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  • Mike Swiff


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