Meka, Spike Lee

Spike Lee Talks Football Legend Jim Brown Documentary

AllHipHop rep MrMecc  spoke to the incomparable  Spike Lee during New York’s coveted Harlem Week to speak on Spike’s Jim Brown documentary. Spike also talks the struggles of independent film making and how the highly publicized Kickstarter program has helped this film.

Take a look MrMecc’s interview with Spike Lee:

  • DJ7

    This Is a MUST see…Jim Brown is that deal!! Spike Lee > Tyler Perry

    • acapwn

      I met Jim Brown a few times during high school. He’s awesome. I’ll definitely be checkin this out.

    • ZUBU

      Yeah Bro, I gotta peep this. Jim is that brotha for sure. Jim (As I’m certain you know) has done sooooo much for us as a people and society in general that words can’t begin to measure the man’s greatness.

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