Hip-Hop Rumors: More 2Chainz! Man Smashes Woman's Jaw On Tour Bus?

What in the world?

2Chainz’ tour bus is turning out to be something else. Not only did the cops tow the bus with a bunch of people on it, but the rapper was arrested for possession of drugs too. 

Now the word is a female who was on board one of the buses associated with the T.I., Lil Wayne, 2Chainz was beaten up pretty bad by some joker on the bus.

The girl said that she was invited on to the bus so she brought one of her girls. That’s when things got worse. One of the perv’s on the bus tried to put his hand down the girl’s shirt.

Here’s the cray part.

She smacked the dude and he clocked her in the face so hard she flew out of the tour bus. This supposedly happened right before 2Chainz was popped for drug possession.

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  • That is sad to hear. They are on tour here tonight.

  • Golgo 13

    if this is true should serve dem right actin like groupies

    • Dontoure Smith

      Only a douchebag would agree with hitting a woman. And how exactly did they allegedly act like groupies? Nigga did you even read the rumor?

      • EEEFAFA

        Correction: Hoes not Groupies… Stop trying to SAVE these Hoes, Dontoure Smith, Lol.

      • Dontoure Smith

        If they was acting like hoes…… Wouldn’t she have been ok with a nigga reaching for the titty? Just sayin “Pimp”. Lol

      • NCcatsBALLhard

        They prolly wasn’t hoes for HIM, but I betcha bottom dollar that girl would’ve dropped her drawls right then and there for 2Chainz or Lil Wayne…

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        yup but most of the times shes gotta work her way up security, manager, entourage, then the artist lol …. she must aint get the memo lol …. joke joke joke i kid i kid lol

      • ddsdavey

        Do you honestly think they invited on the tour bus for conversation!

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        tru but we all know how ladies these days like to present themselves as hoes but want to be treated like a lady … make up yo mind trick this is a tour bus not walmart lol but again not saying this is right ….but ladies need to be aware of when they are putting themselves in a potential bad situation …. tour buses always fall in that zone lol ….. a male rapper tour bus especially one that makes strip club music … might not be the best bus to get on if you plan on keeping your cloths on and just sitting in a seat and being chatty lol

      • Celz

        Why so you can trick off to em?

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  • tra mo

    i think 2 chainz a weirdo i think he a nerd as nigga tryna b street it’s easy to c he a lame and dat pervert need to 2 b put in a trunk

    • Da Ledgendary

      Damn, homie do you know the nigga?

      • Casor_G

        LMAO, yeah he got after him

  • Steelmatic

    2 Chainz looking like Alanis Morrissette or some shit, lmao

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  • JJones

    You jump on a rappers bus and it’s full of his crew, you best believe 1 or 5 of them are gonna be pervs, and 1 of them is gonna try to act hard/bold and pull a move. These girls should know that by now. It’s not like they hopped on a Kirk Franklin bus, and even then you may 1 or 2 perves, they just might not be as aggressive as the rappers crew. Dude is lame if he put hands on her..Just kick her off the bus if she broke your heart,lol….Trash!

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      ijs rapper friends go on tour for the B*TCHES NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS !!! THEY AINT GETTING $$$$$ TO BE THERE !!!!! LOL IJS ….

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  • hoeyuno

    big shout out to the girl that tried to defend herself. jaw will heal with the millon dollar lawsuit you’ll win… I understand having goons with you when touring the country but might be time to clean house 2chainz…

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      tru but chicks need to know tour buses aint for school girls … if you get on a tour bus be ready to get on some stripper ish … it aint like this was martha stuarts bus … ijs lol … all 2chainz talk about is sexing down chicks … what she expect they was going to pass her a cup of cofffee and ask her how her day was … im not saying dude was right … but females need to realize who shes dealing with if she knows she aint bout that life she should had stayed her ass off that bus cause it could of been alot worse like (rape) …….. ijs drugs, alchol promoting rapper … ijs what was you expecting !!!!!!!!!!!! ???????? !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DAYUM!

  • The Real Will Cannon

    God giveth…and he taketh away… 2Chainz lucky to be in the game with his old age and mediocre lyrics… Instead of bein’ on some upliftin’ shit….from the years of bein’ a underdog…he chose to wear freak gear…and promote self destruction…Well…now dude got a target on his back…

    • @realseanbarnes

      salute to u homie!! realest shit ive heard in long time

      • The Real Will Cannon

        And I salute you for recognizin’…It takes a real person to give props.

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  • Who writes these stories? You mean to tell me that the writer through everyone else’s name in the article like “T.I., Lil Wayne, 2Chainz” instead of the actual person who smack some groupie chick in the face?
    Secondly if what I am hearing is correct this tour bus got towed while people were on it? Bullsh!t.
    Third what do these lame a$$ groupie chicks think is going to happen on a rappers tour bus with a bunch of weed smoking, pill popping, liquor heads? Eff a lawsuit she deserves what she gets…You wanna ride around with horny dudes who been on a tour bus for 2 weeks and not expect someone to try to smash…I would have smack her off the bus too.

  • Guest

    It must have been that Cleveland bus driver on that bus.

  • beulah752

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  • Delonte West


  • Cereal Killa

    Where were these niggas when he got robbed?

  • ZUBU

    Years ago that slore who went to Mike Tyson’s hotel room in the middle of the night then claimed rape. WTF did she think was gonna happen? Same thing goes for the tour bus, WTF did she think was gonna happen? What she think brothas want to play chess, engage her in political debate… SMH… If my lil sister went on a tour bus hell I would kick her ass for being on a tour bus.
    Years ago I knew a chick who went on Keith Sweat’s tour bus, before she ever stepped foot on the bus she told Keith she wasn’t doing shit, he agreed and she was treated with respect. Some women I treat like ladies, some women I treat like sluts it’s all in how they treat themselves!

    • G. Lamont

      The article said some random dude on the bus tried to grope her. That’s different than going to a man’s room. If she had planned to give some up to somebody, it wasn’t some random dude.

      • ZUBU

        The article said some “joker on the bus” “One of the pervs on the bus.” Bro you do realize that a tour bus is essentially their “room” it’s a motel on wheels. Not to condone the dudes actions, but she took her groupie a$$ to their room for whatever reason. Any woman with common sense would not willingly place themselves in that position. I know she brought her girl with her as if her girl is gonna protect her against the pervs.
        True dude should never have groped her, then she wouldn’t have slapped him and he would have not clocked her. First and foremost she should have never taken her a$$ on the bus. Every night in a different city groupies come on the tour bus and get smashed. That shiiittt is common knowledge, that chick knew better!
        No disrespect bro, but you can’t save these slores who don’t want to save themselves!

  • FREEfromslavery

    this dude 2chainz might be the coon of all coons. first off this clown dresses like the idiot on the joker card in a deck of 52 cards. your making songs directed to the feds as if your al capone or something. like your some sort of tough guy in amerikkka. after the feds are done with your blackass for boasting & bragging you’ll wish your punkass was back in some traphouse in college park or wherever your country ass is from. this is just the start wiseguy. the biggest fail for this chump is the selling out of his soul inorder to make a few dollars rapping. your lyrics are garbage so you say things that are contradictive to the real dope game. things that will have some young idiot who looks up to you going straight to jail. when in fact we all know that real gangsters move in silence and never even want the feds to know that they exist. but in your dumb ass case you make it known loud and clear that ” you’ll be fresh as hell if the feds watching”. MORON. OH YEAH I FORGOT, THIS TYPE OF PERSON IS TREATED LIKE A HERO IN OUR BLACK COMMUNITY. WE HAVE a STRONG FASCINATION FOR DRUG DEALERS, ATHLETES, AND FAKE ASS PREACHER’S. were some backward ass country niggas.