Eminem- Berzerk (1st Single From The Marshall Mathers LP 2)


Eminem debuted his latest single “Berzerk” on Shade45 earlier this evening (August 26th). The song will appear on his upcoming album The Marshall Mathers LP 2 due out on November 5th.

“Berzerk” will be available for purchase on iTunes at midnight.

Check out the song below:

  • Love Marshall, but not feelin this.

  • TruthSerum

    Better then anything I’ve heard from him in a minute.

    • chosenxeno

      Really? lol

      • TruthSerum

        Yeah, everything he did in the last few years has been cringe worthy bad IMO. this is at least a step up from garbage like Not Afraid or that song he did with Rhianna…… Still not blown away by it tho

      • chosenxeno

        Did you listen to the Recovery Album? There’s some decent tracks on there. It’s not a classic album but everything on it is better than this lol

      • TruthSerum

        I listened to it, half of it was “Woe is me, I use to be a drug addict now listen to me cry and preach and moan about my own mistakes because I’m a loser” blah blah blah……… Only track I liked on that album was On Fire tbh…. Of course, the technical problems are still there, his voice on this was still awkward and loud but hey, any time Eminem can do a song without moaning like a hoe these days I’m at least a lil less annoyed.

      • chosenxeno

        On Fire is what I listened to the most too. There was a couple of decent tracks.

      • Steelmatic

        ‘Cold Wind Blows’ got lots of spins in my player.

  • thebulky1cometh

    Had to listen twice…there are some nice lines in there but everything is just too jumbled with that beat and what’s up with that weird breakdown in the middle where he just makes weird noises? haha but i was laughing when he said he woke up with the ugly kardashian

  • chosenxeno

    This is worse than “We Made You” as far as his lead singles go. Less of this shit and more “Not Afraid” and “My Name Is” out of the gate.

    • TruthSerum

      And for every one of you who says “More Not Afraid” ten more will pop up and say “Thank god its not as bad as Not Afraid”

      Eminem has the single most divided audience I’ve ever seen which is why no matter which direction he goes somebody is still not happy with it.

      • chosenxeno

        Not Afraid was at least listenable. This song is a garbled mess. 10 people liking this over Not Afraid is a huge stretch. I’m talking about lead singles. Not Afraid has a half billion views atm. This won’t even come close to that. It’s not good. It started out nice. It starts with a nice Beastie Boys vibe. I dunno wtf happened after that.

      • TruthSerum

        Emo styled, 12 step program, “Positive Influence” Eminem is never listenable to me, “Not Afraid” made me want to slap the dude, sounded like every other 40 year old burnout who walked out a rehab clinic and now wants the world to feel sorry for him and listen to him preach…….. At least here he was trying to be ill and not whine and moan lol I never said it was great but its a step in the right direction

    • TheInfiniteToker

      This apparent ‘garbage’ as people are calling it is actually true hip-hop. Scratches, a classic 80’s feel, this track is actually really good.

      Sorry that if it’s not about misogyny or some messed up dark shit you think it’s whack.

      • chosenxeno

        This sounds more pop rock than hip hop. Scratches don’t automatically make it hip hop. It’s a bad song.

        Mysogyny and Dark message? My favorite Em tracks are Business, Til I Collapse and Mosh, Square Dance and Soldier in no particular order.

        Again. To me this song is wack.

    • king sodomy

      creativity evolves unlike anybody rapping today.only a lame wants to hear the same flow ,style and subject matter from an artist.

      • chosenxeno

        I don’t want him to sound the same on every song. I’m talking about in terms of quality. This is by far his shittiest lead single and 1 of his worst songs ever. I can barely listen to it. Half of it sounds like unintelligible Garbage.

      • TheInfiniteToker

        One of his worst? I can name a bunch that are his worst. This isn’t one of them.

        This isn’t Fack, W.T.P., Just Lose It, We Made You, Ass Like That, Puke, or Drips. Those are terrible songs.

        Berzerk is one of his better songs from recent years.

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  • Josh Sykes

    Amazing. Can’t wait

  • Shit is trash!!

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  • I hope this is one of those “My Name Is” type tracks and he comes with some fire! Shout out to the Beastie Boys but I’m not feeling this remake at all! He needs to get back on his “I’m a Soldier” shit!

    • chosenxeno

      Real Talk. This shit is trash lol People need to stop. Only the 1st few minutes was Beastie Boyish. And then…..

    • Tony G.

      Damn..u want mufuckas doing the same shyt over and over…u want the old Shady buy his old albums…WTF

  • Markiezy

    Slim Shady off of MMLP was one of the worse songs on the album. Yet MMLP turned out to be a classic. Same goes for My Name is in the SSLP. Eminem and Dre wouldn’t call the new album MMLP2 if it was based on songs like Berzerk. I like the new song, but I’m sure their will be a lot more to that album than just a beastie boy feel to it.

    • Agnel

      U like “Berzerk” I mean its kinda okay not up 2 dat mark…was expection mo…

  • Henry

    This is rap evolving nothing more and nothing less, a true artist at work you guys are idiots if you don’t see that, as for it not being intelligent you obviously can’t see the metaphors and references he makes, pay attentions you goons


      Stay in that long river in Egypt

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    Can’t Wait for 50 Cent- SKI… “Heart Beat” dropping soon

  • Wavpin

    2 words … Beatie Boyz

  • Tony G.

    Everybody that wants the old Marshall…listen to the old albums…ur damned if u do ur damned if u don’t in rap sometimes….its one song off the album..and its not that bad…I like that he’s in a different lane on this one….let it be

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    too late marshall … macklemoore already snatch ya spot lol …. you stilll in my top 10 all time lyricist tho !!

  • J.Erick


  • jd

    Same Eminem since Encore… Dope rhymes, Average to wack beats. This dude is so bored. I just want better beats. He’s capable. I heard him do it.

  • Agnel

    “Berzerk” form MMLP2 not up 2 mark…Eminem old school rap…wid his blond hair..its okay…(y)