Hip-Hop Rumors: Chris Brown Man's UP!!


Something halfway decent to report about Chris Brown. It looks like Chris is cleared from a lawsuit that said he assaulted some girl in June at a bar in Orange County. Chris was at Heat Ultra Lounge when the girl claimed that she was injured by Chris as he left the VIP area of the club. Chris Brown and his attorneys said she was just trying to get money and TMZ managed to find a video of her walking around after the incident. The case was rejected for insufficient evidence. Chris still has to do 1,000 hours of community service that he was pissed off about though.

But I think he’s calming down a little. A little while ago, Blood Breezy hit Twitter to thank his fans. Then he accepted his sentence. He thanked his fans for making him a leader.

  • The Real Will Cannon

    Way to go my dude…R&B nigga or not…I fucks wit u…stay strong brudda.

  • Malik

    At some point, ‘we’ all have to come to the realization that this is the system at work here now. They’ve got many of us chastising this brother for everything…at every turn, when all he needs is our understanding and support. Divide and conquer in full effect.

    • DJ7

      I’ve been saying this my brotha…if all you see is negativity when this brothas name is mentioned, beware…”THEY” love to build you up so later, “THEY” can tear you down…

      • Like fattening up a cow before chopping it’s head off for slaughter.

      • DJ7

        You know it…b.u.t. they don’t hear you tho

      • In politics, that ‘chet is a common as running for office.

      • DJ7


    • Casor_G

      This dude is a gump and is responsible for everything he is going through. I have no sympathy for this clown.

      • DJ7

        I see that the negative programming propaganda campaign was a success in your point of view…some people react diffently dependant opon the level of overstanding one has to particular pyscological warfare techniques…I personally am not buying into this illusion they are creating for this young brotha, one that is portraying him as such a nuisance to society, to the point that, every breath he takes requires intense scrutiny…that alone should raise an eyebrow or 2 b.u.t. I guess that’s just me knowing better and witnessing similar smear compaigns launched throughout history….*shoulder shrugs*

      • Casor_G

        Please explain to me the “Propaganda”

        1. Did he not beat up a woman
        2. Smash the GMA set
        3. Claim Blood
        4. hit and Run, then cry about the judge
        5. constantly talk $#!t on twitter?

        Black people are always quick to defend the wrong thing or person and make a big deal out of nothing. There is no smear campaign other than the one he is perpetrating upon himself.

      • DJ7

        No explanation needed fam…your mind is already made up…I respectfully agree to disagree…peace

      • Casor_G


    • Dubz

      They never “divide and conquer” they “conquer the divided”….you can’t listen to everything you read about or hear about…also this is the results of a society that makes it easy to sue someone and win the case.

  • MrNoName2K

    dirty smuts i tell you, always lookin for a easy buck..

  • Good for him, it’s about time to accept your faults and move on

  • That’s what’s up!

    Glad to see his out look changing! Time to start supporting Breezy if he maintains this new perspective.

    • hoeyuno

      For sure… before the boi catches a 5-9 for jaywalking… they wanna see the kid locked up. he’s no criminal, no gang banger ..

  • I think CB said the same thing after he put a shoe on Rihanna’s ass. Maybe this time he’s serious though…

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  • Wavpin

    CB wrote this ….. nah!

  • Buntbelike

    hahahahaha comedy. one tweet and people feel he’s changed….. i hope he does but don’t be so quick to praise the man….. he aint a leader cuz you follow him on twitter

    • Pirate7X

      Indeed. Murders, deviants & idiots also have twitter accounts.

  • Pirate7X

    Not a fan of CB. Never dug his music albeit he has a song or two with good production and he’s a highly talented dancer. I personally think he should have gotten some “street discipline” for his abuse of a woman significantly smaller than him, not permanent damage but an unforgetable lesson. Just a few taps to the jaw by someone of the stature of say a Freddie Foxxx, bubble his face up and then move on. I wasn’t calling for his head, just balance so he understands the reprecussions of what he did and the negative example he set out for the youth. His time served and service partially handled that. And any who disagree with my side need to ask yourself what would you do if some sucka beat down and choked unconscious your wife, girlfriend, sister, cousin, aunt, daughter or mother. I thought so.

    At the same time don’t get into the constant public or media harassment of anyone especially a young brother. We all deal with enough as is, famous or not. If he serves his time and makes proper public actions to atone for his past trangressions, then he should be allowed to live.

  • brotha_man

    clearly his twitter comment was adviced by his legal team.

  • jimbucc

    i dont like some of his actions, especially the fake gangbanger shit..but come on yall sound like bitter women

  • RBG

    he’s acting like he has any other choice but to do his 1000 hours of C0MMUNITY SERVICE. he’s not going anywhere.

  • Tre C

    at least he didn’t claim his twitter was hacked

  • brotha_man

    I still remember the larry king interview with him and his mammy. ssmh (still shaking my head)

  • lol… you know he beat that young lady… he has a history of beating women and acting like a woman…