Miley Goes Flat, Justin Goes Big: Winners and Losers of 2013 MTV Video Music Awards

(AllHipHop News) The MTV Video Music Awards has been a national past time of nipslips, pregnancy reveals, expensive performances and overall shock for over 25 years. This year’s 2013 MTV Video Music Awards was the first held in Brooklyn at the new Barclay’s Center and from the looks of the festivities, Brooklyn should be the home for the VMA’s from now on.

Check out AllHipHop’s Top 3 Losers and Winners of last night’s MTV’s Video Music Awards


Miley Cyrus’ #TwerkQueen Crown Deflates On Stage

Miley Cyrus’ 2013 (especially summer) was basically three things: left butt cheek, right butt cheek, gyration. The woman who even has Jay-Z asserting that ” somewhere in America, Miley Cyrus is still twerking” performed at the Video Music Awards dressed in flesh color underwear Besides the awkward (sometimes off beat) dancing which included backing her thang up on Robin Thicke during his performance of “Blurred Lines”, the internet took note of Miley’s butt cheeks which sagged out of her booty shorts and did not let her forget:

A$AP Rocky Reminds Jason Collins (and the world) He’s Gay

In late April of this year, Jason Collins became the first active professional basketball player to admit to being a homosexual. While presenting together at the VMA’s, A$AP Rocky decided to remind Collins and the world that Collins is a representation of “homosexuals”. Rocky even makes sure to point in case people were unaware of who he was referring to:

Kanye West Lets His Shadow Perform For Him

Kanye West enjoys being the anti-superstar, reveling in disproving expectations. Sometimes it creates masterful works (“Blame Game”, “New Slaves”, dating Amber Rose). Sometimes it’s over-sensationalized crap (“Guilt Trip”, “Drunk and Hot Girls”, dating Kim Kardashian). His performance at the 2013 Video Music Awards teetered between both but completely went off the deep end when Kanye opted to have a shadowy image of himself flail around(often out of frame) as he performed Yeezus standout track “Blood on the Leaves”.

Fortunately for us, the internet can turn any failed art project into hilarious gold:


Justin Timberlake turns the MTV Video Music Awards Into Justin Timberlake And Friends

Justin Timberlake received the Video Vanguard award for his 15 year music video career and put on a performance that can only be described as “the show within the show”. Justin highlighted the star-studded night with a riveting medley of his extensive catalog of hits including Cry Me A River, Rock Your Body (mixed with Give It 2 Me by Jay-Z), Senorita, My Love, Take Back The Night and more.

Then every child of the MTV generation held their collective breaths as the rumored reunion of NSYNC happened with the fivesome briefly performing “Girlfriend” and “Bye, Bye Bye”.

Macklemore Silences Drake and Has Amazing Performance

Macklemore won Best Hip Hop Video for his and Ryan Lewis’ “Can’t Hold Us” music video beating out Drake’s “Started From The Bottom”, J. Cole’s “Power Trip”, A$AP Rocky’s “F*ckin’ Problems” and Kendrick Lamar’s “Swimming Pools”. After Drake’s priceless reaction to losing the award, Macklemore, Ryan Lewis and Mary Lambert delivered a soul-stirring performance of “Same Love” which included an unexpected duet between Lambert and surprise guest Jennifer Hudson.


The biggest winner of last night and the entire weekend was the borough of Brooklyn.  Katy Perry performing under the Brooklyn Bridge was not only the culmination of the MTV Video Music Awards but also a grandiose send-off for a weekend that included Afropunk Festival and a plethora of pre-VMA parties.

  • JerZeBoy

    “Molly” Cyrus needs to just stop she is nasty

    • Lamar Star

      Cosighn, shit just nasty looking

    • Casor_G

      know yall chumps would hit it LOL

      • MrNoName2K

        aint gonna lie lol

      • Charismatic eNegro Jef Vinson

        Maybe after she puts on 15 pounds and does that Brazilian butt lift workout for 3 months.

      • NCcatsBALLhard

        6 months…then maybe…

      • JerZeBoy

        I might but she still nasty lmao

      • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

        I just threw up a,little. You need higher standards my friend.

  • Lamar Star

    The kanye west living single thing though, lmao

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  • Madstacks520

    I kinda feel bad for drake cuz I was all good a year ago but let’s be real he’s light skinned and not to take away from mack cuz i really think he deserved the award he’s not gonna beat a white man on MTV that’s not how it works

    • Casor_G

      You just said he deserved the award so your entire post is moot. Started from the Bottom was a trash song anyway.

      Thrift Shop should have won it to be honest

      • Obi Won

        Co-sign, Started from the Bottom is trash, and doesn’t drake have 1 verse on there?

      • Madstacks520

        I was going off of the look drake made when he found out he lost cuz he really didn’t have a chance of winning anyways any one of Mack’s singles could have easly swept the hip hop category on MTV so don’t think to hard about my opinion mr.moot KYS

      • micho rizo

        What is this KYS? Kiss Your Sister? I would say FYM instead.

      • Madstacks520

        Kill Yo Self

    • Young money is finished, drake had his moment but he is not hot an popping like he used to be.


      whatever man!… shit Got nothing to do with his skin… SFTB was wack…

      • Madstacks520

        go give sum skull and KYS

  • TheInfiniteToker

    Oh you know, because Eminem announcing the release date and title of The Marshall Mathers LP 2 isn’t a huge deal at all and is less important than Miley Cyrus. Okay cool. Fail.

    • Keith N.

      Announced that 30 minutes after the world found out and before this.

  • junj03

    FCK! this!!! MMLP2 will release on November 5, 2013


    O……K….. Twerking just died!
    Bravo You won Miley Cyrus, You killed Hannah Montana and Twerking at the same damn time…

  • Yo Macklemore aint that dope…
    J.T. definitely killed it.
    Bruno Killed it too. Macklemore needs to get his ass on somewhere.

    • Just what do you mean “get his ass on somewhere” ?? You realize that Macklemore’s album is a indie as in no big record deal backing it? He earned every fan he has by touring and making a quality product that people passed on to other people to build his hype. He deserves more respect that Drakes bullshit about starting at the bottom, when he grew up a privileged life in Canada as a TV star in his teens….

      • Mike Swiff

        AGREE 100%.

      • greenhouse records

        And he really not indie. Look it up. They have an under the table deal with Warner Bros. and used their radio promotions department to promote the music. They are also distributed by Warner Bros thru ADA. They mostly likely got a similar deal like Master P had back in the deal. 100

      • That’s something I didn’t know good look

  • Tom Rufer

    That JT shit had no impact and just seemed cheap. None of those songs are really classics but they were trying to put on like we’re supposed to go crazy everytime it switched up. All the smoke and mirrors can’t make a song have soul.
    And Wacklemore……..cmon.
    It saddens me to think the next generation is going to be inspired by this shit.

    • I disagree, he ripped it & the NSync reunion was hyped, not for us, but for their fan base, and they do put on an energetic & professional show. I’m sure soccer moms reordered their albums,etc.

      It’s not a Hip hop awards show.

      Kinda glad I missed it though, that Miley Cirus @$$ cheek picture made me want to gouge my eyes out.

      • RapItUp

        Yea, JT did his thing last night.. and had many panties wet across the nation running through his own “classics” I’m sure! He’s got some decent songs

      • You know it!

        Wet panties with deep pockets.

      • johnblacksad

        I was happy to see the N’Sync reunion. Not happy for me of course, but I could just imagine what it meant to their fans… it’s all love

        Definitely not a hip hop award show, you got that right!

        (I didn’t think Kevin Hart was funny really…)

      • Yeah, and it was even more love by JT reaching back for his peepz & looking out!

    • trixnkix637

      C’mon why diss Macklemore? He’s a indie making it. Hopefully not because he’s white and it’s just not your style of hip hop. You don’t have to diss something that’s successful to prove you don’t like it fam. Just my two cents, I know it ain’t worth shit.

      • Jason Omar Battles

        White show so the white people gone win even when they doing black music

      • Lamar Star

        Reminds me of what scarface was talking about

      • greenhouse records

        And he really not indie. Look it up. They have an under the table deal with Warner Bros. and used their radio promotions department to promote the music. They are also distributed by Warner Bros thru ADA. They mostly likely got a similar deal like Master P had back in the deal.

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  • Drakes ego got shot down. Miley……….smh but you know what it’s all good for her though cause at the end of the day when she outgrows this phase she’s in she’ll be able to still crawl back on that Disney money and live a happily retired old white lady life.

  • Mike Swiff

    Drake wackness in a plastic bottle; being that Kanye took all of Drakes moves prior Drakness couldn’t really do the moves he usually do bottom line…GARBAGE PERFORMANCE. Miley Cyrus a dirty disaster I guess thats how upscale dirty trailer park white trash dances in the double wide trailers…again GARBAGE PERFORMANCE. Kanye performance was nothing extra its the same old style RUN DMC hand waving and bouncing- NOTHING PERFORMANCE. Justin Timberwack; how can you be the Big performance with NO SPECTACULAR HIGHLIGHTS HIS PERFORMANCE WAS EXTRA VIRGIN GARBAGE! Macklemore was ok he gets a OK Performance..ALL IN ALL THE VMA’S WERE A BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGG WASTE OF TIME!

    • Mike Swiff


  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    Miley knows damn well she doesn’t need to dress like that……Gross!

  • Hector G

    asap rocky a closet fag for real

  • DJ7

    All the outrage for Miley is comical…cats been swelling this pink toe’s melon for months now and she delivered what many and I already knew…she is not cut out for the urban lifestyle / market…she needs to stay in her lane…it upset white folks so much that it made national news…where’s the national outrage when Sista A 1st made a fool out of herself gyrating around the dance floors / parking lots / libraries / supermarkets ect… of Amerikkka “twerking” in similar fashion as Ms Cyrus? Not a peep…you see, Sista A is the prime example needed to perpetuate the stereotypical views they consistently label upon my people. Last night proved if nothing else, as long as we’re the ones doing the cooning it’s acceptable because that’s the order of the day b.u.t. as soon as one of their own starts to mimic us in an unfavorable light…it’s a travesty…one with serious implications…. pundit after pundit…nightly news show after nightly news show…hell, even the spokesman for whitey himself, El Rush felt the need to chime in to chastise young Miley for what he and others have deemed inappropriate behavior…I could do nothing b.u.t. chuckle as once again, the same things they point the finger and shake their heads @ black folks for doing along with the whispers of us acting like a bunch of uncontrollable wild jungle monkeys will eventually end up on their doorsteps….it’s only a matter of time before it all blows up in their faces..hey…Mr White man….you need to come to grips with reality and accept that your kids love our stlye…be honest for once and admit that you yourself, love our stlye, due in part to you have little to none of your own…it’s undeniable….the only difference is, y’all take it too far…where it becomes disease like…one that spreads similar to cancer from neighborhood to neighborhood… household to household because you can’t contain it…it turns into an epidemic of grave proportions…one that requires national dialog to try to curb it’s appeal…hahahahaha….sh*ts so sad it’s funny b.u.t. you bring it upon yourselves…everytime…I have 0 sympathy….sorry…not sorry!!

  • plsDontreply

    wack ass award shows are for lames. White people stay trying to take over shit that dont belong to them… Fuk is macklmore?

  • Pierre Elliott