CRWN X MySpace Bonus Cuts: Macklemore On The Sophomore Jinx

Check out some exclusive bonus footage from CRWNx MySPace with Elliott Wilson video where Macklemore address the dreaded ‘Sophomore Jinx’ question.

  • Jason Mazur

    Great answer. May the days of microwave music come to an end.

  • hoeyuno

    I hate thrift stores

  • Freezamon

    On the Awards him and his lover or whatever..didn’t let the black dude or the chubby white girl get a word in on each of the awards..and they are the ones who make the songs pop because they sang the choruses. Karma will be on his No more thrift shop shit it was luck and timing. Lyrics and real beats are making a big comeback and that feminine shit will fade out.

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  • Kev Dub

    Why is a story about this industry plant even on here?

  • The Audio Villains

    So here’s an artist that symbolizes freedom in an industry thats full of surpression and extortion. Showing everybody it doesnt have to be like that and you can do it on your own. An artist that does NOT talk about dope and guns on trap beats we heard 1000x before but actually has some good substance in his lyrics accompanied by original beats. Still yall wanna bitch and complain.
    Keep on living in the matrix mfs