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Hip-Hop Rumors: Judge Joe Brown Goes WILD In Hollywood

Judge Joe Brown Fron

I hope Judge Joe Brown knows better and wasn’t driving. Whatever this dude was drinking I need some. He has some bad ass babes with him, LOL! If we were on the street, I don’t know if I’f recognize him until he started speaking. And speak he did while drinking a DOUBLE BOMBAY SAPPHIRE!! Judge Joe Brown grabs up to FINE jawns and proceeds to talk all kinds of PIMPIN’!! You won’t believe it, so here are the Top 5 quotes from his craziness.

1. When a bystander says “Not guilty Judge..” “F**k that s**t. I did that s**t 20 years ago. I do not do that bulls**t anymore.”

2. “You talking about an olllld man, who’s a baadddd motherfu**er”

3. After hugging two women…”Make an old man feel like a goood motherfu**er”

4. Tells a girl she’s bonafied “LTYJ” a “luscious. tender, young, juicy.” “Pretty women are insecure…like this one and that one..”

5. On if he would look a bystander out if he was his judge: “I aint playing a judge. I am playing his fu**ing lordship. Come forth peasants…”



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