Danny Brown: Big Sean Feeding Detroit During Holidays Don't Mean Sh*t

(AllHipHop News) Detroit and “beef” is as synonymous as Miley Cyrus and twerking. After seemingly resolving their dispute over Big Sean’s Detroit credibility, Danny Brown still maintains that Big Sean’s music isn’t authentic Detroit.

In a recent interview with Sway In The Morning, the Old rapper said Big Sean trying to prove his Detroit authenticity by noting his holiday giveaways didn’t mean anything:

I wouldn’t be in the hood either. Sh*t, n*ggas is starving. And then he got to talking about giving out turkeys and all this sh*t, man, who don’t come to the hood on the holidays? Everybody come to the hood on the holidays. So sh*t, that don’t mean sh*t.

In an interview with Hip Hop Nation, Sean stated he’s the only new rapper “who was paying for Thanksgiving dinners last year, buying Christmas gifts.”

Brown did assert that him and Sean are cool and no beef would arise.

  • MrNoName2K

    You know what, Danny Brown do got a hell of a point there.. cant deny that..

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      yeah but its not a good point you know why … because all those people coming to the hood are just coming to visit family … big sean came bearing gifts for all who NEEDS IT !! big difference …… dude just trying to justify ish and make it look like it aint nothing …. im sure those families def appreciated those meals … if you ever did anything like that before you def would knoww how appreciateive the have nots are ………………….

  • 7yoyo7

    Why would you even give a fcuk about somebody doing something positive for your own city though?

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      cause danny is feeling some type of way in my rich homie voice LOL !! he probably like i aint get no free turkey LOL

  • Jeff Active Reynolds

    dude’s got a point. i always felt like Big Sean is a fraud. watch his interview with Nardwuar and you’ll see what i mean.

  • Good on Big Sean for making it where he wanted to be in life. I can’t tolerate his arrogance tho, and the nonsense he says, like “my verse was better than Kendrick’s on control” or “I don’t beef, that’s for those ni66az not getting money”….the worst one was “I can out rap Nas, JayZ, and Eminem.” That little nigglet is a cornball

  • Severe Thebeneficent

    *sigh* ahhh boy…I got what he was saying…no need to start with the picking sides bullshit…my question is for allhiphop, why do you have it worded like that in the headline? especially if he and big sean is cool? I know niggas who arent rappers who come through the hood and give back to the community as well…and after awhile it just becomes “a normal thing”…I think danny was coming from THAT perspective, not the shit you and only your website has as a headline…in quotations at that…again, AHH what your purpose of reporting it like that? just to have a “story” nobody else has? I dont get it…

    • It made me think that he was sayn coming thru on the holiday is nice but if he really wants to help he should be doing something all year, like helping fund an after-school program or job training or something that actually going to help Detroit not some free meal for one day…

    • Keith N.

      Danny Brown CLEARLY said “notice he mentions giving back to the hood..but who dont do that? That dont mean shit.” Meaning..giving back to the hood is looked at as some “everyone does it” when in actuality everyone(example, Danny Brown) dont all give out gifts and food on the holidays. Just because rappers say “we cool” I hope you can also read between the lines of a lot of the things they say.


      AHH = TMZ

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  • bs_hater1

    Dude needs to get some dental benefits & get his grill fixed, then maybe he can bite one of them turkey legs. I would imagine he probably be spittin all over the mic, lol! Big Sean on the other hand is his own biggest fan which is anoying as hell. I wonder sometimes if he’s trying to convince his fans or trying to convince himself that he’s as good as he thinks he is…..

    • 400DGreez h60d

      Lmfao!!!!!!!!! Dental benefits!!!!!

    • golder1

      Stop your hate. Big Sean has skills no matter what you say. The dude has talent and who gives a fuk if he went to school in the hood or in the burbs

      • bs_hater1

        ?? I dunno what “hate” you’re refering to. I made a joke about Danny Brown’s grill and how Big Sean is all into himself. You probably should’ve took your ass to bed instead of blogging at 2am…just a thought

      • golder1

        Get your weight up…just a thought b!tch nigga. Anyone out here making money knows there is money to be made at all hours of the day. So while you droolin on you pillow with your pamper on, Im up get money. Now take your ass to bed.