MGK on The Street

Hip-Hop Rumors: MGK Goes IN On A Dude On The Street After The VMA's


I guess this is the downside to fame. MGK was in New York, just doing his thing after the VMA’s. He was out with his crew when he ran into a bunch of mean dudes from the Bronx. For whatever reason, they decided to get at MGK and his crew right on the street, in front of all of his security! I even think I see MGK’s lawyer rolling around in the background. Anyway, this dude calls MGK out. Machine Gun Kelly is far from a punk though yall. He got back at the dudes and was ready to fight. When the camera cut off I heard MGK spit at the guys too. If MGK and them hadn’t fed into it, we wouldn’t even be talking about this.

Check it out

MGK should have handled it like Martin:

  • Arrie Mental Woodard

    Should have never given iggans camera and internet

  • Thenatural503

    These dudes is clowns. They just trying to get him to beat that ass so they could try and get some money. Clown ass ish. These dudes trying to act hard on camera to get famous lol.

    • digitallife

      It’s one dude standing amongst other wanna be paparazzo’s..

    • MGK’sfaggysblouse

      Yeah not gangster, not at all like the Bronx so this dude prolly from wherever the gay district is in Manhattan.

  • junj03

    This was not even that serious, Giovanni A.
    from GTV! Always like to get in to peoples skin.

  • Terrance Goodman

    Lol super thugs trying to get paid .. Move along nothing to see

    • MGK’sfaggysblouse

      Yeah they terror squad from the BX but are cowards who are looking for a payday after getting smashed by someone or their body guards? BX to real and tough for homos like the cameraman to be big in the BX or part of the terror squad. They must of been shook, real gangsters being afraid of a rapper? Shit doesnt happen. Plus MGK aint have any real money, they barking up the wrong tree.

      • Terrance Goodman

        Agree 200% no payday puff don’t allow others to feast they can snack only

  • Opposite Of Everyone

    circumcision is genital mutilation. If god made everyone perfect and in his image why would He wanted it hacked off at birth? “Religion Poisons Everything”

    • Synista

      Word,I tell bitches it’s extra meat to eat!

    • MGK’sfaggysblouse

      The foreskin thing i can see your point. Its a weird thing to just take off. But there are useless things in our body we do not need that only cause problems like the appendix. Its useless but can burst and do all types of damage. The gallbladder is highly useless, i had to have mine taken out cause of pancreatitus and it was making some sludge (the gallbaldder was) that blocked some tube that caused pancreatitus flare ups which are real bad and sooner or later will destroy your pancreas which you absolutely need. The foreskin on the other hand has no obvious value (i mean im hoping it doesnt take some of your length off, if it does im pissed i was circumcised cause what man doesnt want an even bigger dick?). I think now the hospitals do it or suggest you should have your baby circumicised cause you gotta clean your dick all the time cause the extra skin covers parts of it so they dont get air or something like that. Cause im not religious but im circumcised, cause it was what the hospital and medical community were doing at that time. Also from the women ive talked about it who have fucked a dude who wasnt circumicised, that they prefer a circumcised penis over a non-circumicised one which i could see their point (the few porns ive watched with a non-circumcised dick… its just weird as hell looking to me). I wonder what the biological/evolutionary reason for the foreskin. It must of done something and i doubt its something as stupid as skin that covers part of the dick. Anyone know what the function of the foreskin is or was? I know this is a f*cking strange place to ask but im curious now.

      • Opposite Of Everyone

        yeah but hospitals wouldn’t be doing in the first place it if it wasn’t for the religious link which was decided at a time when mofos knew jack about anything. I just looked it up on some medical site and they were saying fo’skin protects from infection, keeps the bell end from drying out and ‘assists glide’ during sex. anyway, sure glad my family were atheists and my shits all intact.

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  • Caliwaver

    That Martin part was funny. Why do niggas always have to say what city they from? I don’t care if u from the Bronx.

    • He was giving him a chance to WRECKONIZE before they endd up whopping MGK’s @$$! (*Also helps them “Pump Up?”)

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        I aint saying the BX dudes was punks or MGK was a punk in this incident. When BX homeboys & MGK security teams would of disappeared from both sides, that’s when we would know who would be talking the loudest and swinging and not being a punk!

      • MGK’sfaggysblouse

        Exactly, its easy to get out of a car and talk shit when you surrounded by armed guards. No love for guys who get tough when they got back up but completely switch their mindset when they solo. If you tough then be tough solo, stop relying on your homeboys to fight for you. Same situation with MGK rolling by himself and he says nothing (which is the smart thing to do, you gonna get yourself killed cause some random guy said you aint Eminem? Come now thats not worth it). Same goes with cameraman, you know he wasnt solo either. But him saying hes got good jewish lawyers so come on is such a bitch move, its saying “dont touch me cause ill sue, not how men should operate”. MGK shouldnt of even got out of the car, dont even give the guys the time of day man. You supposedly making money and actually have a career, they some bum ass possible drug dealers. You win, dont jeopardize your life, freedom and career over hoe ass dudes. I gotta admit the “Nigga you aint eminem” stuff was funny, ohh that and the blouse MGK was rocking. The dude must shop in the womans department or something, cause no way in hell that was meant for a dude to wear, not a straight man at least. Does MGK claim to be a street dude? I was under the impression he never claimed that and was just a guy from Cleveland.

      • Caliwaver

        Lol yeah I guess so. If I ever pop some shit I’m gon be like I’m from Idaho.

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  • Swiftest Fox

    That was a sweet blouse MGK was wearing

    • Dhz30


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  • Lamar Star

    Punk ass whiteboy

    • digitallife

      I bet you he’d throw hands faster than Kanye tho…lol.

      • MGK’sfaggysblouse

        so would a nine year old with cancer.

  • The Real Will Cannon

    Martin’ shut that ass up!!!

    • MGK’sfaggysblouse

      The whole i dont go to your job and X is played out. Tho this is martin so maybe he started it cause hes been around a minute. But he dealt with the dude. I hate hecklers, whats the point. Well if its a HORRIBLE act then hecklers sometimes can save the day and make it funny. Most of the time its some drunk dude who c ant shut his f*cking mouth and ruins it for everyone. If you heckle you gotta be atleast funny, unfunny hecklers need to get bitchsmacked. Any real comedian should be able to handle hecklers, Martin quieted that hoe down fast haha.

  • Golgo 13

    wtf is he wearing

  • digitallife

    Dude that shoots the videos is a troll..funny part is homie cut the video up to make it look like they took him seriously and conveniently left out the part where he was nagging for an interview. “I got a jewish lawyer” = I’m a straight bidch

  • Crenshaw on my shirt

    “Nigga ain’t Eminem, ya heard?” Lol

  • hoeyuno

    What the fucc was mgk wearing?? shit looked like the top of a expensive dress

    • brotha_man


  • MGK’sfaggysblouse

    Haha aint eminem ya heard. All the sudden Em has fans in the BX? Guys right tho, he aint no eminem. I cant believe the cameraman didnt go in on that gay ass womans shirt that homo was wearing. I mean ASAP Rocky wore a dress, but this is even worse. How does anything with eyes look at that shirt and go “Dawg im gonna kill them hoes in this, they aint even gonna know”. Arguing about money at the end is comedy. Neither of those dudes are making money, MGK prolly not making money i mean he is signed to Diddy. You know diddy owns everything MGK does, if MGK takes a shit legally Diddy owns that fecal matter. Spitting at somoeone aint a tough move, its a bitch move. Thats shit bitches do, did MGK scratch them with his nails and pull their hair too? Also if you pick for a name a famous chicago bootleg era gangter who could supposedly write his name with a tommy gun, then you best be a tough guy cause you are gonna get checked. Also just cause words were exchanged dont make either side gangster. MGK (if he was smart) wouldnt even dignify these clown ass bums with a response. You just made their day, they got you pissed off. Plus like digitiallife said, when a man talks about having jewish lawyers thats code for im not gonna fight or i cant fight but i want to annoy you enough so you hit me and i can make my money suing. Problem with that is MGK has no money. Im sure Diddy makes him walk across NY to get him some cheesecake. Come on now MGK you gotta be smart enough to know they pushing your buttons and looking for a payday. But really the only important part of this video is MGK’s womens shirt. He wear that to the VMA’s? Thats way to gay for a rapper, well a male rapper.

  • MGK’sfaggysblouse

    Haha guy sounds so hurt when they say you aint got money.

    • Crenshaw on my shirt

      That nigga did sound all emotional and shit lol

  • duh boy

    wat da fuk is this

  • newdelorean 3.0

    These niggas got no life getting at mgk like that

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      and oh the irony @ “you eating off the next N*gga” lol

      • newdelorean 3.0

        I can’t stand losers like those

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