Hip-Hop Rumors: Portland Fans Pissed At Snoop? 2Chainz and The Constitution!! NEW JAY Z!


I am hearing that Snoop Dogg has some majorly pissed off fans in Portland. It seems that Snoop Lion had a show in Portland a few days ago. That sounds about right. But numerous fans were pissed off that Snoop showed up to the venue like 3 hours late. A DJ tried to hold down the opening set, but things got hectic when the crowd started booing. Then they got really heated and started throwing bottles at the stage. Snoop DID show up, but he only did a 30 minute set. To be fair to Snoop, I heard this was like only the second time he has screwed up a show in Portland, but last time it was the same thing too. Maybe Snoop isn’t feeling Portland, or maybe he’s feeling their bud a little too much when he gets there. I heard the promoter is considering legal action, cause Snoop was supposed to be on at like 10pm and didn’t get on the stage til 1.


2Chainz got busted in Oklahoma City in a scenario that seems like it could be in the sequel to CB4. So the affidavit was just released and here’s what happened. Some cops pulled the bus over for bad tail lights. When they attempted to get on the bus, the cop said he could actually see a plume of smoke drifting around the bus. Damn they didn’t even stop chiefin when the cops stopped them. Anyway, the bus driver refused to open the door. The funny part is, a guy in 2Chainz entourage held up a copy of the Constitution and shook his fingers at the cops. They ended up towing the whole bus with everyone on it and they found some weed on it. They also found some other narcotics, which means 2Chainz could be facing more charges. Isn’t the Constitution written on hemp paper? Maybe they were gonna smoke that next LOL!

Future and Ciara are balling out of control. The power couple hit the VMA’s in a private helicopter, then turned around and had the nerve to buy the newest car Bentley had made. The two dropped over $400k in total to scoop up the Bentley Continental Flying Spur. I am trying not to hate on Future, since he’s doing it so big right now. But he better be careful. Don’t forget he has two babby momma’s claiming that they need more money for child support for Future’s kids. Anyway, check out the Bentley.

This is the #FUTURE @bentleyatlanta @bentleymotorspr #bentleyflyingspur

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Has Hov inked a new deal with Facebook or something? They are rolling out their new embed function on their posts. So Jay just dropped his video “Holy Grail” with Justin Timberlake using Facebook. Check it out.

  • MrNoName2K

    lol them niggas tried to be smartasses and it backfired on em lol.. that sucks

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  • brotha_man

    for people to say that 2 chains aka tity boi aka duffle bag boy is so smart he stay doing dumb $hit

    • Matt Swan

      Actually he is, but in todays rap market the ignorant N*gga gets the paper. Dude walked out of an interview as soon as they mentioned his time in a major university. You can give a n*gga some money, but you can’t buy him any sense. And Ciara will jump off future as soon as the money on both sides starts to dry up like her career has already done. She has one hit with dude and is in love. Didn’t she learn after 50, lil bow wow, and others hit it? F*ckin for beats. Damn shame

      • TALK_BOSS

        What interview was that?

      • Matt Swan

        I haven’t forgotten about it man. Still looking for it

      • brotha_man

        i actually wiki dude to see myself and it says he attended Alabama state for basket ball held a 4.0 but nowhere did it mention him actually graduating.

      • JordanFU

        Shows how negative Hip Hop can be. How is going to college, much less a major “good” college not impressive? Wanting to learn and expand your horizens is a bad thing? sounds ignorant. I feel you when you say ignorant rappers are the most succesful ones today. The dumber your raps can be the more marketable you are. I agree in a club you dont want a lyrical track, you want dumb party music. But Hip Hop isn’t just rap for clubs, its music listened to everywhere for several reasons so when large labels tend to put rap in the “party music” category it does it a disservice.

      • Matt Swan

        I personally wouldn’t mind it if all it was were bounce, or typical Ying Yang, Lil John where you knew going in it was all about getting it in on the floor. Now we have to deal with wanna be thugs who try to make booty music while inserting their “gangsta” in there like someone cares. If you want to be a thug, be one, if you want folks on the floor do that too. I’m all for it, but don’t try to be both, your credibly is lost faster than ciaras underwear in a studio

      • Obi Won

        I remember when dudes would get embarrassed if someone brought up some old jail time, or when they used to rob. OG’s USED TO brush it off like, “nah that’s was my old life when I was young and dumb, i’m grown now & a better person”. NOWADAYS dudes like 2 Shackles brush of College life? and take pride into highlighting how they DIDNT get robbed.

      • JordanFU

        Hoes are dumb, they dont realize anything. You gotta point it out to them and talk to them like they are 5 year olds.

  • Obi Won

    2 Chains needs to rap and enjoy his time, or he’ll be back in the “trap” that he glorifies so much.
    As for Future, WOW a rapper bought a Bentley, thats never been done before. To be honest i’d rather see him at an Elementary school or hospital blowing 400k instead of feeding into the stereotypical rap image. Do something new dude

    • EniggaMA

      i hear u but those things don’t get talked about. only if oprah does it.

      • Celz

        They get mentioned just not as much.. But if you buying Bentleys for Instagram likes you should probably kill yourself.. You give back because that’s what real niccas do not because you get press..

      • Obi Won

        I was just about to say that, some run their own instagram accounts, and post dumb ish like this. Shake hands with a principal in your community schools and post. As wack as Future is, there is some kid/pre-teen that wants to be just like him.

    • JordanFU

      Future going to be broke asap. He leasing the car i bet, no matter how many times i hear he bought it, in reality i know hes leasing it and probably late on payments. Dont start buying something unless you got the money in the bank that if for some r reason you had to buy the product you were leasing/making payment plans that you would have the cash to buy it. Label execs or friends/family have got to start sitting down these rappers and explaining why you want to invest your money andnot just put it in the bank or spend it all. The NFL does it, has seminars about what to expect and positive ways to use your income (cause they dont get paid year round, get paid per game).. So they got a long time between paychecks at the end of the season. Artists (musicians) have a different issue. They get a advance, that you are supposed to live on (not be a retard and buy a several thousand dollar piece of jewelry) might get paid when their record is played or used in a movie (but probably dont have the rights to their own music). Then you got the actual money maker, touring. Which isnt really year round or super reliable as you gotta be on someones tour or host one yourself. Im wondering, do rappers in general get a piece of record sales? Or is that something you gotta have clout and a good lawyer to get? In all fairness to the record companies they do pay for everything you need to make the album, pay for all the promotion, have all the connections with radio stations or program directors so they can get their artist’s single played however many times. So really all the financial risk is taken by the record labels. The arist’s biggest risk is making horrible music and alienating your fan base and thus your ability to make music and or money. Who is future signed to? I think epic, which i honestly dont know enough to say they do or do not screw over their arists. Well let me rephrase that cause no label can screw over a artis, in the end these rappers are grown men and women who should read the contract and of course can say yes or no. Who the hell is future anyhow? Most i know about him is hes f*cking Ciara (one of several). Future gonna be broke real soon if hes buying a Bentley. I dont get buying a Bentley unless you got LOTS of cash and a car collection. Cause you aren’t driving that Bentley around town as your day to day car, these just no way. Its a rolling sign inviting car jackers to run up on it with guns drawn. Its really just as dumb as wearing a half a mil dollar chain, again just asking for it to be stolen. .

      • Matt Swan

        And both do happen..ask yung berg where in the universe is his chain?

      • johnblacksad

        LMAO… damn, poor Bergie! He’s forever a joke’s butt!

  • Ciara & Future burning through that money huh….:loud money gets quieted down soon enough.

    • JordanFU

      They act like rappers/r*&b artist careers are like 8-12 yeas. WARNING they are 98% of the time one or two hits and under 2 years. Make as much money as you can cause rap doesnt apply to any other job so you are going to start from the lowest of the low.

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  • john allen

    Old as 2 chains is he should no better! Once you get caught up there always going to be watching your every move.

    • JordanFU

      And being 30+ he should know this. Anyone should know this, it stands to reason that the police will focus on him. Anything legal they are gonna goto known criminals or anyone with a similiar record to the crime in question. I dont think its done for fun, im pretty sure they get results and find a new target

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  • Celz

    The Constitution? Maybe next time they will read it first.. I hope this is false..

    • JordanFU

      I bet its true. But on topic, how much drugs are we talking about and what? Just weed? How come they couldnt try to get rid of the drugs while being towed. Prolly a back window they could toss them out, if not bust the glass in the back and get rid of the drugs and make up some excuse like some thing fell when we were towed. Or get someone to swallow or boof it. Unless we are talking half a pound or pounds of drugs. If he had someone down with him (whos a it guilible) pay him off to claim the drugs were all his and he didnt tell 2chainz or any other people on the bus. AKA take one for the team, well if you dont got a drug charg already (cause they giving numbers in high double digits for selling everything from weed to crack.

  • Dan_Tebasco

    A 30 minute show is enough to get pissed about, but to wait 3 hours for it as well I understand the hate

    • JordanFU

      Hell yeah its understandable.

  • JordanFU

    No body likes Portland, i live in Seattle so i live close to Portland, but its a garbage city and a even worse state. Nothing to do in Oregon in general, and its racist as hell it should be in the deep south honestly. Portland is the skin head capital of the world, has no industry, and Portland is the only city thats halfway big.

    • johnblacksad

      What about Seattle tho? thinkin about moving there…

      brief pros & cons of your city?

    • SpliffThaMobbaholic

      If u dont like Portland then dont bring your bitchass down here…I love my city & so do the people who live here…I love seattle but yall got big fuckin egos…yall think u are better than everybody…theres plenty to do in my city & I cant stand when bitch ass people talk bad about my home town…we dont want your mark ass here anyways…so u can run down a flight of stairs with rusty scissors u faggot…

  • JordanFU

    What is with Kurt Kobain getting all these shout outs in Hip Hop all the sudden? What the hell is that about? I love Nirvana and they rep my hometown Seattle big time, biggest is prolly Hendrix. I mean its far enough some rapper in Texas is named Kurt Cobain or however he spells it so he can avoid a lawsuit. On the topic: F*ck Snoop, no one wants to hear your 42 year old ass still talking about gang banging even tho you got a family, are a celebrity, and make money with rap. At 40+ you should of come to the conclusion that you have a family to care for and banging isnt something you can do right now as your trying to be family man. Snoop still thinks hes 19 or something, or hes just that pathetic.

    • Jeff Active Reynolds

      i feel you on the Cobain thing. i was just wondering the same sh*t. ive heard about 3 songs mention him recently

    • deere

      When you die and get alot of media attention after it the dickriders come out, ask 2pac and Biggie. You turn into a big myth.

  • Jeff Active Reynolds

    I saw Snoop down in San Diego back in 06 and he did the same thing. he showed up late as hell and because it was a big ass festival with strict set times he had to play a short ass set. that type of sh*t pisses me off. people pay guap to go to a show and then get sh*tted on. imagine how the promoter felt tryna hold the place down for 3 hours.

  • JordanFU

    Hold up, they see a bad tail light and they want to enter the vehicle? Why? What does a broken taillight have to do with entering the bus? He saw the “plume” of smoke in the bus while he was trying to enter it. No warrant, and he didnt get enough evidence to search the inside of he vehicle until after he entered and saw this smoke. Any good lawyer is gonna get this thrown out on the basis that the cop didnt follow protocals and having a busted taillight doesnt give the police reason to search your car. They can fine you, or give a warning and tell you such and such taillight isnt working so get it fixed asap. Not this asshole, hes gotta be billy badass and and arrest a rapper cause some drugs. Whoopee, arrest the whole sale suppliers if you gotta arrest someone, dont arrest the addicts because anything they tell you is what they think you want to hear,

    • Nemo hos

      His dumbass needs to arrest the CIA, dea, border patrols, fellow pigs


    actually i live in Portland now, but origianlly from Florida born and raised and been out here like 7 years now, but its not like how they do downsouth, these fools out here have 18 and up concerts, most the ones i went to back at the crib was 21 and up and y’all know we don’t even get to the club till around 11:30 or midnight, but its way different out here though

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